St. Patrick Catholic Church
Plans for Church Repairs

October 28, 2007

Brothers and Sisters,

As you can see, the renovations on the Church are finished and at last we have the entire Church back. I first want to thank you for all your patience during the last four months. I know at times it has been dusty, crowded, and confusing, never really sure which door would be open or which side you would be sitting on. When you thought you had it figured out, we would find a new way to make it interesting. You have all been so wonderful and supportive.

There is still some minor work to be done, but it will no longer affect the nave of the church. During the construction we discovered the original marble floor in the vestibule. I could not cover it up again and I am working on getting the damaged part repaired and once that is done we will be finished.

To celebrate our newly renovated, clean and freshly painted church and to give thanks to God for the best parishioners in the archdiocese, there will be a Mass of thanksgiving on Sunday, November 4 at the noon Mass. The Mass will be offered for your intentions and in thanksgiving to God for all of you. Please mark your calendars and join the choir and our priests and deacon for this celebration.

God bless,
Msgr. Sal

Additional construction updates and photos are available on our renovation webpage.