St. Patrick Catholic Church
Plans for Church Repairs

May 13, 2007

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

I am writing to let you know that before the end of May repairs in the Church will begin. The first phase will go from May to approximately August. During this period, plaster repair and paint will begin in the Sanctuary, the north and south side aisles, and the choir loft. The rose window over the organ will also be repaired and the exterior repairs will also begin.

The second phase will go until the end of October during which the Sanctuary marble floor will be repaired and the entire church will be plastered and painted.

The last phase, we hope, will be completed by December 1. At that time the floor will be replaced. The pews will be removed in sections, hopefully in quarters and then replaced.

The organ has been covered for protection from dirt and dust from any mishaps which could occur and will not be used until all the repairs are completed. During this time we will be using the piano which is in the church. Also while work is going on in the sanctuary, we will be using a temporary altar which will be placed on floor level.

As you can see the work is going to be extensive and somewhat inconvenient. I am asking for your patience during this period. We are all going to be inconvenienced, but when the work is completed we will have a new floor and newly painted church and our sanctuary will be repaired. For the last two years I know you have noticed rugs in various parts of the church, and they were put down to hide the cracks which occurred from the construction of the new building on the south side of the church. The damage done in our church will be repaired. The work will be scheduled to ensure that daily and weekly Masses will continue with minimal disruption.

We have also repaired the roof during the past two months. We had leaks in three different parts of the church and wanted them repaired before the painting started inside. There have been other problems discovered by the roofers, like rotted wood and broken slate. These are being replaced.

The restrooms and meeting room which will be built between the church and rectory should also begin in the next few weeks.

We will be in a state of repair and building until December. When all the projects are finished, we will all look back and realize it was well worth it.

I thank you for your patience during this time and ask for your prayers. I will continue to come to you with updates on the inside and outside of our historic church.

Thank you for spiritual support during this time and please know how much I appreciate it.

May God continue to bless Saint Patrick's and each of you.

--Monsignor Sal