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March 3

Anselm of Nonantola, OSB, Abbot (AC)
Died 803. Brother-in-law of the Lombard King Aistulph, and duke of Friuli, Anselm became a monk and founded the abbey of Fanano near Modena, Italy--then a second at Nonantola. Both monasteries included hospitals and hostels. Aistulph's successor, King Desiderius banished Anselm to Montecassino, but after seven years he was restored to Nonantola by Charlemagne (Benedictines).

Blessed Jacobinus de'Canepaci, OC (AC)
Born near Vercelli, Piedmont, Italy, in 1438; died 1508; cultus confirmed in 1845. A Carmelite lay-brother in Vercelli (Benedictines).

Non, Widow (AC)
(also known as Nonnita)

6th century. Non is an obscure Irish saint of noble birth, who resided at a convent in Ty Gwyn near present-day St. David's in Wales. She is said to have been the unwed mother of Saint David (Dewi), after being seduced by a local chieftain named Sant. Some say she was married to Sant either before or after the birth of David. She was said to have later gone to Cornwall and to have ended her days at a convent in Brittany (Benedictines, Delaney, Encyclopedia).

Titian of Brescia B (RM)
Died c. 536. St. Titian is said to have been a German by birth, who became bishop of Brescia (Benedictines).

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