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Saints and Sainthood

N.B. In using any book as a reference, it should be considered that the latest Roman calendar of saints was published in 1969, which effectively supersedes the Roman Martyrology of 1584. For the most part, the change means that the dates of many feast days has been moved closer to the actual date of their death (dies natalis), and that calendars vary from location to location to honor the many saints that are of special local significance, but which are no longer celebrated by the Church Universal. Below are the major references used in preparing the biographies, some with annotations regarding their particular usefulness. An asterisk (*) precedes the work of an author that is a primary source for these biographies. Other works are further identified in the text.

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The scope of the book extends beyond that of iconography, but provides many useful insights into the meaning assigned to liturgical symbols by Medieval writers and artists.

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Presents the attributes of the saints in the accepted forms, as well as Christian iconography and symbolism.

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While the Fifth Edition is more accurate and is based on more current hagiographic research, this edition contains a very useful calendar and an excellent introduction on sainthood in general.

Belting, H. (1994). Likeness and image: A history of the image before the era of art. E. Jephcott (tr.). Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.

An excellent book that traces the use of icons in the Church and their development. The author tends to be skeptical about the motives of theologians, but offers many insights into reading icons.

Bentley, J. (1986). A calendar of saints: The lives of the principal saints of the Christian year. NY: Facts on File.

This is a beautifully conceived book, printed after the latest revision of the Roman calendar in 1969, which details the life of a saint or saint(s) for each day of the year. Most of the major saints celebrated in the United States are included, as are many of the lesser known ones. The lovely four-color reproductions of paintings of the saints makes this an especially attractive book for family usage, as will the sayings of the saints, which are sprinkled throughout this edition.

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Bond provides brief lives of saints who were popular enough to have had churches dedicated to them in the Middle Ages. His iconographic examples are take from little- known English sources.

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This book has been compiled from information contained in the Lives of the saints, but has been updated (the original edition was publishedin 1878) with new saints and those whose feasts are special to the United States. Care must be taken when using this particular book, since the feast days of many of the saints were adjusted when the Roman calendar was revised; however, the descriptions of the lives of the saints and, especially, the reflection which follows each can provide profitable material for meditation.

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This is probably the most useful book to choose to own on the Irish saints. The author provides a great deal of historical context in which to place the lives of the saints.

Davies, J. G. (1952). Daily life in the early Church: Studies in the Church social history of the first five centuries. London: Lutterworth Press.

Excellent book that provides a basis for understanding many of the current devotions in the Church. The author provides wonderful biographies of several early saints.

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A delightful book that dispels some of the misconceptions about the presumed incompatibility of sanctity and married life. While many saints became "holy" only after the death of a spouse, or lived as celibates within the bonds of marriage, still others lived normally in the married state and still managed to lead a life of holiness, which often sanctified others as well as themselves.

Among those discussed within the book are Saints Thomas More, Augustine, Margaret of Scotland, Louis of France, Elizabeth of Hungary, Catherine of Genoa, Monica, Paulinus of Nola, Frances of Rome, Elizabeth Bayley Seton, Nicholas of Flüe, and Blesseds Anna Maria Taigi, Frederick Ozanam, and Marie (Madame Acarie) of the Incarnation. Certainly this is not an exhaustive, but rather a thoughtful, study. Delany also includes several individuals whose causes are still being promoted.

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This Dominican sister writes with great love about her older brothers and sisters in the Order of Preachers. Many of them are not recognized as saints, but all of them provide wonderful examples for our consideration.

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Farmer provides much wonderful information on many of the obscure saints, especially those of the British Isles and Ireland. The major flaw is that many of the feast days given are not the generally observed ones, or not those of the Roman Calendar. Otherwise, the information is generally accurate.

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This set of two books appears to be written by an Episcopalian. The information is good, but it does include many holy non-Catholic individuals.

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This is a very interesting book to read, especially from our perspective of sevreal decades. In many ways it is more of a condemnation of our secularism than a real study of the saints, but it is a fascinating book for anyone interested in the saints--and becoming a saint--to read.
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