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Aaron, Julius, and Companions MM (7/3)
Aaron of Brittany, Abbot (6/22)
Aaron of Cracoa (Blessed), OSB B (10/9)

Abachum, Martha, Marius (Maris), & Audifax MM (1/19)
Abban of Abingdon (AC) (5/13)
Abban of Kill-Abban, Abbot (3/16)
Abban of Wexford, Abbot (10/27)
Abbo of Fleury OSB, Abbot M (11/13)

Abbot, Henry (Blessed) M (7/4)
Abbots of Cluny (4/29)
Abdas of Persia BM (5/16)
Abdechalas, Simeon, Ananias, & Companions MM (4/21)
Abdiesus the Deacon M (4/22)

Abdon and Sennen MM (7/30)
Abel of Rheims, OSB B (8/5)
Abel, Patriach (1/2)
Abel, Thomas (Blessed) M (7/30)
Abellon, Andrew (Blessed) OP (5/15)

Abercius of Hierapolis BM (10/22)
Abibas (8/3)
Abibo (8/3)
Abibos, Joseph Abbot (9/15)
Abibos, Sembeeth, Mares, & Comp. MM (3/27)

Abibus of Edessa M (11/15)
Abilius of Alexandria B (2/22)
Ablebert B (1/15)
Abo M (1/8)
Abonde the Sacristan (4/14)

Abondius B, Hermit (4/2)
Abraames of Harran B (2/14)
Abraamios of Arbela BM (2/5)
Abrad of Isenhagen, OSB Cist. (11/11)
Abraham Kidunia (Kidunaia) (3/16)

Abraham of Arbela BM (2/5)
Abraham of Ephesus B (10/28)
Abraham of Harran B (2/14)
Abraham of Rostov, Abbot (10/29)
Abraham of Saint-Cyrgues, Abbot (6/15)

Abraham, Patriarch (10/9)
Abraham the Child, Hermit (10/27)
Abraham the Poor, Hermit (10/27)
Abrahamite Monks M (7/8)
Abreu Emmanuel (Blessed) & Companions, SJ MM (1/12)

Abrosima of Persia M (4/22)
Abrosimus of Persia M (4/22)
Absalon, Peter M (1/3)
Abudemius of Tenedos M (7/15)
Abudimus of Tenedos M (7/15)

Abundias B, Hermit (4/2)
Abundius and Irenaeus MM (8/26)
Abundius B, Hermit (4/2)
Abundius the Sacristan (4/14)

Acacius Agathangelos B (3/31)
Acacius and Aceolus (Acelus, Acheul) MM (5/1)
Acacius and Companions MM (6/22)
Acacius, Hirenarchus (Hiernarchus), and Companions MM (11/27)
Acacius of Amida B (4/9)

Acacius of Byzantium M (5/8)
Acacius of Miletus M (7/28)
Acarie, Barbé (Blessed) OCD Widow (4/30)
Acatius, Menander & Companions MM (4/28)
Acato of Byzantium M (5/8)

Acca, OSB B (AC) (10/20)
Accursius, Adjutus, & Companions, OFM MM (1/16)
Acelus and Acacius (Acius, Ache) MM (5/1)
Aceolus and Acacius (Acius, Ache) MM (5/1)
Acepsimas of Cyrrhus, Hermit (11/3)

Acepsimas of Hnaita (Honit) BM (4/22)
Acesimus of Hnaita (Honit) BM (4/22)
Achaicus, Palotinus, & Comps. MM (3/30)
Acharius of Noyon B (11/27)
Achart of Jumièges, OSB Abbot (9/15)

Achatius Agathangelos B (3/31)
Achatius and Companions MM (6/22)
Ache and Aceolus (Acelus, Acheul) MM (5/1)
Acheric and William, OSB (11/3)
Acheul and Acacius (Acius, Ache) MM (5/1)

Achillas and Amoes, OSB, Hermits (1/17)
Achillas of Alexandria B (11/7)
Achilles of Thessaly B (5/15)
Achilleus and Amoes, OSB, Hermits (1/17)
Achilleus, Fortunatus, and Felix MM (4/23)

Achillius of Thessaly B (5/15)
Acindynus, Pegasius, Aphthonius, Elpidephorus & Anempodistus MM (11/2)
Acindynus, Victor, Zoticus, Zeno, & Comp. MM (4/20)
Acisclus and Victoria MM (11/17)
Acius and Aceolus (Acelus, Acheul) MM (5/1)

Acosta, Emmanuela Torres V (10/11)
Acosta, Maria-Desolata V (10/11)
Acosta, Simon (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)
Acquaviva, Rudolph (Blessed), &amo Four Comps., SJ (7/27)
Acry of Tours, OSB Abbot (4/11)

Actinea and Graecina (Gracinea) VV MM (6/16)
Acyllinus, Laetantius, Januaria, & Companions MM (7/17)

Adéodat of Nevers B (6/19)
Adalard, OSB, Abbot (1/2)
Adalard the Younger, OSB (7/15)
Adalbald of Ostrevant M (2/2)

Adalbero (Blessed) of Augsburg, OSB B (4/28)
Adalbero (Blessed) of Liége B (1/1)
Adalbero of Wuerzburg B (10/6)
Adalbert and Guido of Casauria, OSB (11/25)

Adalbert of Egmond, OSB (6/25)
Adalbert of Magdeburg, OSB B (6/20)
Adalbert of Prague, OSB BM (4/23)
Adaler M (6/5)
Adalfere, OSB (4/12)

Adalfericus, OSB (4/12)
Adalgis of Novara B (10/7)
Adalgis of Novara, Priest Hermit (6/2)
Adalgott (Blessed) of Dissentis, OSB Abbot (10/26)
Adalgrin of Baume, OSB (6/4)

Adalhard, OSB, Abbot (1/2)
Adalsindis of Bèze, Abbess (5/3)
Adalsindis of Hamay, OSB V (12/25)
Adaltrude (11/14)
Adam (Blessed) of Saxony, OSB Cist. (12/22)

Adam and Eve (12/24)
Adam of Caithness, OSB Cist. B (9/15)
Adam of Fermo, OSB Abbot (5/16)
Adamnan of Coldingham, OSB, Monk (1/31)
Adamnan of Iona, Abbot (9/23)

Adauctus and Felix MM (8/30)
Adauctus, Januarius, Fortunatus, Septimus, & Felix MM (10/24)
Adauctus M (10/4)
Adauctus M (2/7)
Adaucus M (2/7)

Addai and Mari BB (8/5)
Addeus and Mari BB (8/5)
Adegrin of Baume, OSB (6/4)
Adela of Messines, OSB Widow (9/8)
Adela of Pfalzel, OSB Abbess Widow (12/24)

Adela, Queen Widow (2/24)
Adelaide of Bellich, OSB Abbess V (2/5)
Adelaide of La Cambre, OSB Cist. V (6/15)
Adelard, OSB, Abbot (1/2)
Adelbert of Prague, OSB BM (4/23)

Adelelmus (Blessed) of Engelberg, OSB Abbess (2/25)
Adelelmus of Flanders, Hermit (4/27)
Adelelmus, OSB, Abbot (1/30)
Adelgis of Novara, Priest Hermit (6/2)
Adelgund of Maubeuge, OSB, Abbess (1/30)

Adelheidis (Blessed) of Tennenbach, OSB Cist. V (12/27)
Adelheim of Séez, OSB B (11/10)
Adelhelm (Blessed) of Engelberg, OSB Abbess (2/25)
Adelin and Domitian of Lobbes, OSB (6/15)
Adelin of Dinant, OSB, Abbot (2/3)

Adelina of Moriton, OSB V (10/20)
Adeloga of Kitzingen, OSB V (2/2)
Adelphius of Metz B (8/29)
Adelphus of Metz B (8/29)
Adeltrudis of Maubeuge, OSB Abbess (2/25)

Adeodato Mandic, OFM Cap. (7/30)
Adeodatus Aribert, O. Praem (11/13)
Adeodatus I, Pope (11/8)
Adeodatus of Mariengarden, O. Praem (11/13)
Aderald of Troyes (10/20)

Adhelm of Sherborne, OSB B (5/25)
Adimari, Ubald (Blessed) OSM (4/9)
Adjoutr of Vernon, OSB Hermit (4/30)
Adjutor of Vernon, OSB Hermit (4/30)
Adjutor, Victurus, Victor, Victorinus, Quartus, & Comp. MM (12/18)

Adjutus, Accursius, & Companions, OFM MM (1/16)
Adjutus of Micy, Abbot (12/19)
Adolph B (6/17)
Adolphus of Osnabrück, OSB Cist. B (2/11)
Adomnan of Iona, Abbot (9/23)
Adrian (Blessed) of Dalmatia, OP M (12/21)

Adrian and Caidoc, Hermits (4/1)
Adrian Beanus, O. Praem. M (7/9)
Adrian III, Pope (7/8)
Adrian M and Natalia (9/8)
Adrian of Canterbury, OSB, Abbot (1/9)

Adrian of Maestricht M (3/19)
Adrian of Nicomedia M (8/26)
Adrian van Hilvarenbeek M (7/9)
Adulf B (6/17)
Adulph, B (6/17)

Aduri of Orense, OSB B (1/26)
Adventor, Solutor, and Octavius MM (11/20)

Catherina of Alexandria VM (11/25)
Ædilberct and Ethelred of Kent MM (10/17)
Ædilberct of Kent, King (2/25)
Ædilburh of Faremoutiers, OSB Abbess (7/7)

Aed of Clogher (8/15)
Aedan of Ferns B (1/31)
Aedan of Lindisfarne B (8/31)
Aedesius of Alexandria M (4/8)

Aedh MacBricc B (11/10)
Aedh of Ferns B (1/31)
Aedhan, Abbot (4/11)
Aedilauld of Lindisfarne, OSB B (2/12)
Aedsind MacBricc B (11/10)

Aelfheah the Martyr, OSB BM (4/19)
Ælflaed, OSB Abbess V (2/8)
Ælfryth of Croyland, OSB V (8/2)
Ælgifu of Shaftesbury, OSB Widow (5/18)
Ælgytha of Shaftesbury, OSB Widow (5/18)

Aelred of Rievaulx, OSB Cist. Abbot (2/3)
Aemilian Cucullatus, Abbot (11/12)
Aemilian de la Gogolla, Abbot (11/12)
Aemilian, Dionysus, & Sebastian MM (2/8)
Aemilian La Cogolla, Abbot (11/12)

Aemilio of Saujon, OSB, Monk (1/7)
Aemilius and Castus MM (5/22)
Aemilius M (10/6)
Aengus McNisse B (9/3)
Aengus the Culdee, Abbot B (3/11)

Æthelberht of Kent, King (2/25)
Æthelburh of Barking V (10/12)
Æthelthryth, OSB Widow (6/23)
Æthelweald of Lindisfarne, OSB B (2/12)

Afan of Wales B (11/16)
Affrosa M (1/4)
Afra of Augsburg VM (8/5)
Afra of Brescia VM (5/24)
Africa, Martyrs in (1/6)

Africa, Martyrs of (2/11)
African Martyrs (4/5)
Africanus, Audactus Januarius, Fortunatus, & Septimus MM (10/24)
Africanus, Terence, Pompeius, & Comp. MM (4/10)
Africus of Comminges (11/16)

Agèrle, of Châlon B (3/17)
Agabius of Verona B (8/4)
Agabus the Prophet (2/13)
Agace of Amida B (4/9)
Agamund, Ulrick, Grimkeld, and Companions, OSB MM (4/9)

Aganus of Airola, OSB Abbot (2/16)
Agape, Chionia (Chione) and Irene VV MM (4/3)
Agape of Terni VM (2/15)
Agape, Sabinus & Donatus MM (1/25)
Agapes, Indes, Domna, and Theophila MM (12/28)

Agapitus, Eusebius & Companions MM (4/28)
Agapitus I, Pope (4/22)
Agapitus, Januarius, Magnus, & Companions MM (8/7)
Agapitus of Palestrina M (8/18)
Agapitus of Ravenna B (3/16)

Agapitus of Synnada B (3/24)
Agapius of Caesarea M (11/20)
Agapius, Secundinus, and Companions MM (4/29)
Agapius, Timolaus, Dionysius, and Comp. MM (3/24)
Agapius, Tobias, Carterius, Styriacus, Eudoxius, & Comp. MM (11/2)

Agario of Byzantium M (5/8)
Agatha (Blessed) Lin VM (2/18)
Agatha Hildegard of Carinthia, Widow (2/5)
Agatha of Catania VM (2/5)
Agathangelus (Blessed) of Vendôme, OFM Cap. M (8/7)

Agathangelus and Clement MM (1/23)
Agatho and Triphina MM (7/5)
Agatho, Cyrion, Bassian, and Moses MM (2/14)
Agatho of Egypt, Abbot Hermit (10/21)
Agatho, Pope (1/10)

Agathodorus, Agathonica, Carpus and Comp. MM (4/13)
Agathonica, Agathodorus, Carpus and Comp. MM (4/13)
Agathonica, Paula, & Bassa VV MM (8/10)
Agathonicus, Zoticus, and Companions MM (8/22)
Agathopedes and Theodulus MM (4/4)

Agathopodes and Philo, Deacons (4/25)
Agathopus and Philo, Deacons (4/25)
Agathopus and Theodulus MM (4/4)
Agathopus, Basilides, & Companions MM (12/23)
Agathus of Byzantium M (5/8)

Ageranus of Beze, OSB M (5/21)
Agericus of Tours, OSB Abbot (4/11)
Agericus of Verdun B (12/1)
Agery of Tours, OSB Abbot (4/11)
Âges, (Joan, Jeanne) Elizabeth Bichier V (8/26)

Aggaeus, Hermas, & Caius MM (1/4)
Aggaeus, Prophet (7/4)
Aggeus, Prophet (7/4)
Agia of Mons, OSB Widow (4/18)
Agilbert, Agoard, and Others MM (6/24)

Agilbert of Paris, OSB B (10/11)
Agileus of Carthage M (10/15)
Agilo (Blessed) of Sithiu, OSB Abbot (8/27)
Agilulph of Cologne, OSB BM (7/9)
Agilus of Rebais, Abbot (8/30)

Aglibert of Paris, OSB B (10/11)
Agnellus (Blessed) of Pisa, OFM (3/13)
Agnes (Blessed) de Beniganim, OSA (1/21)
Agnes (Blessed) De VM (2/18)
Agnes (Blessed) of Bagno, OSB Cam. (9/4)

Agnes (Blessed) of Bavaria, Poor Clare V (11/11)
Agnes of Assisi, Poor Clare V (11/16)
Agnes of Montepulciano, OP V (4/20)
Agnes of Poitiers, Abbess (5/13)
Agnes VM (1/21)

Agoard, Agilbert, and Others MM (6/24)
Agofredus of Saint-Leufroy, OSB Abbot (6/21)
Agostini, Zefirino (Bl.) (4/6)
Agrecius of Trèves (Trier) B (1/13)
Agrepe B (2/1)

Agreve B (2/1)
Agricola and Vitalis MM (11/4)
Agricola, Concordius, Navalis & Valentine MM (12/16)
Agricola of Avignon B (8/31)
Agricola of Châlon B (3/17)

Agricola of Nevers B (2/26)
Agricola of Tongres B (2/5)
Agricolus of Avignon B (8/31)
Agrippina of Rome VM (6/23)
Agrippinus of Alexandria B (1/30)

Agrippinus of Autun B (7/9)
Agrippinus of Como B (6/17)
Agrippinus of Naples B (11/9)
Agritius of Trèves (Trier) B (1/13)
Aguirre, Martin Loynaz OFM M (2/6)

Aguy of Tours, OSB Abbot (4/11)
Aguy of Verdun B (12/1)

Aia of Mons, OSB Widow (4/18)
Aibert of Crespin, OSB (4/7)
Aibert of Kent, King (2/25)
Aicard of Jumièges, OSB Abbot (9/15)
Aichardus (Blessed) of Clairvaux, OSB Cist. (9/15)

Aichardus of Jumièges, OSB Abbot (9/15)
Aid of Achad-Finglas, Abbot (4/11)
Aid of Clogher (8/15)
Aidan of Ferns B (1/31)
Aidan of Lindisfarne B (8/31)

Aidan of Mayo B (10/20)
Aidus MacBricc B (11/10)
Aieul of Bourges B (5/22)
Aignan of Orléans B (11/17)
Aigulf of Bourges B (5/22)

Aigulf of Lérins, OSB Abbot M (9/3)
Aigulphus of Bourges B (5/22)
Aigulphus of Lérins, OSB Abbot M (9/3)
Ail of Rebais, Abbot (8/30)
Ailbe of Emly B (9/12)
Ailbhe of Emly B (9/12)

Aile of Rebais, Abbot (8/30)
Ailred of Rievaulx, OSB Cist. Abbot (2/3)
Aimo (Blessed) Taparelli, OP (8/18)
Aimo of Meda (2/13)
Aimo of Savigny, OSB (4/30)

Aimon of Savigny, OSB (4/30)
Aimonius of Meda (2/13)
Airaldus, O.Cart. B (1/2)
Airy of Tours, OSB Abbot (4/11)
Airy of Verdun B (12/1)

Aisle of Rebais, Abbot (8/30)
Aithalas of Persia M (4/22)
Aithilahas of Persia M (4/22)
Aizan M (10/1)
Ajutre of Vernon, OSB Hermit (4/30)

Ala, OSB Abbot (11/25)
Alacoque, Margaret Mary V (10/16)
Alacrinus (Blessed) of Casamari, OSB Cist. B (1/5)
Aladius of Toul B (10/1)
Alain (Blessed) de Rupe (de la Roche), OP (9/8)

Alain, OSB Abbot (11/25)
Alan (Blessed) de Rupe (de la Roche), OP (9/8)
Alanus (Blessed) de Rupe (de la Roche), OP (9/8)
Alanus (Blessed) of Sassovivo, OSB Hermit (7/18)
Alanus and Aldrus (Alorus) BB (10/26)

Alanus, OSB Abbot (11/25)
Alard, OSB, Abbot (1/2)
Alban Bartholomew Roe, OSB, Priest M (1/21)
Alban of Great Britain M (6/22)
Alban of Mainz M (6/21)

Albaro (Blessed) of Cordova, OP (2/9)
Albaud of Toul B (10/1)
Albergati, Nicholas (Blessed) O. Cart. B (5/9)
Alberic (Blessed) of Gladbach, OSB (12/24)
Alberic (Blessed) of Ocri, OSB Cam. Hermit (8/29)

Alberic of Cîteaux, OSB, Abbot (1/26)
Alberic of Stavelot, OSB Abbot (10/28)
Alberic of Utrecht, OSB B (11/14)
Albert (Blessed) d'Ogna, OP Tert. (5/7)
Albert (Blessed) of Bergamo, OP Tert. (5/7)

Albert (Blessed) of Bologna, OSB Vall. Abbot (5/20)
Albert (Blessed) of Haigerloch, OSB Monk (11/26)
Albert (Blessed) of Pontida, OSB Abbot (9/4)
Albert (Blessed) of Sassoferrato, OSB Cam. (10/25)
Albert (Blessed) the Farmer, OP Tert. (5/7)

Albert of Brabant BM (11/21)
Albert of Butrio, OSB Abbot (9/4)
Albert of Cashel B (1/19)
Albert of Como, OSB B (6/3)
Albert of Crespin, OSB (4/7)

Albert of Gambron, OSB Abbot (12/29)
Albert of Genoa, OSB Cist. (7/8)
Albert of Louvain BM (11/21)
Albert of Montecorvino B (4/5)
Albert of Ratisbon (Regensburg) B (1/8)

Albert of Trapani, OC (8/7)
Albert Quadrelli B (7/4)
Albert the Great, OP B Dr. (11/15)
Alberta of Agen VM (3/11)
Alberti, Bertha (Blessed) OSB Vall., Abbess (3/24)

Albertinus of Fonteavellana, OSB (8/31)
Albertoni, Louise (Blessed) Widow (1/31)
Albertus Magnus, OP B Dr. (11/15)
Albeus of Emly B (9/12)
Albinus of Brixen B (2/5)

Albinus of Buraburg (of Fritzlar), OSB B (10/26)
Albinus of León, OSB B (9/4)
Albinus of Lyons B (9/15)
Albinus of Mainz M (6/21)
Albinus of Quimper B (10/16)

Albrizzi, Mary Magdalen (Blessed) OSA V (5/15)
Albuin of Buraburg (of Fritzlar), OSB B (10/26)
Alburga of Wilton, OSB Widow (12/25)
Alchmund M (3/19)
Alcmund M (3/19)

Alcmund of Hexham, OSB B (9/7)
Alcober, John (Blessed) OP M (12/30)
Alcuin (Blessed) of York, OSB Abbot (5/19)
Alda (Blessed), OSB Vall. (4/26)
Aldate (2/4)

Aldea, Francisca (Blessed) (7/20)
Aldebrandus of Fossombrone B (5/1)
Aldegrin of Baume, OSB (6/4)
Aldegundis of Maubeuge, OSB, Abbess (1/30)
Aldelmus of Sherborne, OSB B (5/25)

Aldemar the Wise, OSB, Abbot (3/24)
Aldericus B (1/7)
Aldericus of Sens, OSB B (10/10)
Aldetrudis of Maubeuge, OSB Abbess (2/25)
Aldhelm of Sherborne, OSB B (5/25)

Aldo (Blessed) of Hasnon, OSB (3/31)
Aldobrandesca (Blessed), OSB Vall. (4/26)
Aldric B (1/7)
Aldric of Sens, OSB B (10/10)
Aldrus and Alanus BB (10/26)

Aldwin of Rouen B (8/24)
Aleidis (Blessed) of Dijon, Widow (4/4)
Alena of Brussels VM (6/24)
Alermius of Lyons B (8/27)
Alessio of Rome (7/17)

Aleth (Blessed) of Dijon, Widow (4/4)
Alethe (Blessed) of Dijon, Widow (4/4)
Alexander (Blessed) Baldrati, OP M (2/10)
Alexander (Blessed) of Foigny, OSB Cist. (5/3)
Alexander (Blessed) of Lugo, OP M (2/10)

Alexander (Blessed) Rawlins M (4/7)
Alexander (Blessed) Vincioli, OFM B (5/3)
Alexander Akimetes, Abbot (2/23)
Alexander and Ammonius MM (2/9)
Alexander and Antonina MM (5/3)

Alexander and Caius MM (3/10)
Alexander and Companions MM (2/9)
Alexander and Companions MM (4/24)
Alexander and Epipodius MM (4/22)
Alexander and Theodore MM (3/17)

Alexander, Attalus, Blandina and Companions MM (6/2)
Alexander Briant M (12/1)
Alexander, Copras, and Patermuthius MM (7/9)
Alexander, Felician, Longinus, & Companions MM (7/21)
Alexander, Felix, Philip, & Companions MM (7/10)

Alexander, Heraclius, & Companions MM (10/22)
Alexander, Hyacinth, and Tiburtus MM (9/9)
Alexander I, Pope M (5/3)
Alexander M (1/30)
Alexander M (3/27)

Alexander, Malchus, and Priscus MM (3/28)
Alexander, Martyrius, and Sisinnius MM (5/29)
Alexander, Maximus, & Cutia MM (2/18)
Alexander Nevsky (11/23)
Alexander of Alexandria B (2/26)

Alexander of Bergamo M (8/26)
Alexander of Corinth M (11/24)
Alexander of Fermo BM (1/11)
Alexander of Fiesole M (6/6)
Alexander of Salonica M (11/9)

Alexander of Verona B (6/4)
Alexander, Pausis, Agapius, and Comp. MM (3/24)
Alexander Sauli, Barnabite B (10/11)
Alexander, Silvanus, Januarius, & Companions MM (7/10)
Alexandra, Caldia, Euphrasia, and Companions MM (3/20)

Alexandria Martyrs (3/21)
Alexandrian Martyrs MM (8/10)
Alexandrian Martyrs (5/13)
Alexandrina (Blessed) di Letto, Poor Clare (4/3)
Alexis of Rome (7/17)

Alexius of Rome (7/17)
Aleydis (Blessed) of Dijon, Widow (4/4)
Aleydis of La Cambre, OSB Cist. V (6/15)
Alfanus of Salerno, OSB B (10/9)
Alfere, OSB (4/12)

Alferius, OSB (4/12)
Alfield, Thomas (Blessed) M (7/6)
Alfred (Blessed) Bessette (1/6)
Alfreda of Croyland, OSB V (8/2)
Alfrick of Canterbury, OSB B (11/16)

Alfrida of Croyland, OSB V (8/2)
Alfwold of Sherborne B (3/25)
Algis of Novara, Priest Hermit (6/2)
Algise of Novara, Priest Hermit (6/2)
Algyva of Shaftesbury, OSB Widow (5/18)

Alice (Blessed) of Dijon, Widow (4/4)
Alice (Blessed) Rich, OSB V (8/24)
Alice of Bellich, OSB Abbess V (2/5)
Alice of La Cambre, OSB Cist. V (6/15)
Alipius of Tagaste B (8/18)

Aliprandus of Ciel d'Oro, OSB Abbot (7/24)
Alkeld V (3/27)
Allan, Hermit (1/13)
Alleaume, OSB, Abbot (1/30)
Allowin of Ghent, OSB Hermit (10/1)

Allucio of Pescia (10/23)
Allyre of Clermont B (7/7)
Almachius, Hermit M (1/1)
Almató, Peter OP M (11/1)
Alnobert of Séez, OSB B (5/16)

Alodia and Nunilo VV MM (10/22)
Alojzije (Blessed) of Zagreb, Cardinal M
Alojzije (Blessed) Stepinac, Cardinal M
Alonso (Blessed) Leziniana, OP M (1/22)
Alonso Rodriguez, SJ (10/30)

Alorus and Alanus BB (10/26)
Aloysius (Blessed) of Zagreb, Cardinal M
Aloysius (Blessed) Rabata, OC (5/11)
Aloysius (Blessed) Stepinac, Cardinal M
Aloysius Gonzaga, SJ (6/21)

Alpais (Blessed) of Cudot V (11/3)
Alphaeus and Zachaeus MM (11/17)
Alphaeus (5/26)
Alphege of Winchester, OSB B (3/12)
Alphege the Bald, OSB B (3/12)

Alphege the Elder, OSB B (3/12)
Alphege the Martyr, OSB BM (4/19)
Alpherius, OSB (4/12)
Alphius, Cyrinus, and Philadelphus MM (5/10)
Alphonso of Toledo B (1/23)

Alphonsus (Blessed) de Mena, OP M (6/1)
Alphonsus (Blessed) de Rojas, OFM (3/21)
Alphonsus (Blessed) de Vaena, SJ M (7/15)
Alphonsus (Blessed) Navarrete, OP M (6/1)
Alphonsus of Astorga, OSB B (1/26)

Alphonsus Rodriguez, SJ (10/30)
Alpin of Lyons B (9/15)
Alradus (Blessed) of Isenhagen, OSB Cist. (11/11)
Altfrid of Hildesheim, OSB B (8/15)
Althryda of Croyland, OSB V (8/2)

Altinus of Orlèans BM (10/19)
Alto of Altomünster, OSB, Abbot (2/9)
Aluinus of León, OSB B (9/4)
Alvarado Cardozo, Laura Evangelista (Blessed) (4/2)
Alvarado Cardozo, María (Blessed) (4/2)

Alvarez (Blessed) of Cordova, OP (2/9)
Alvarez, Bartholomew (Blessed) & Companions, SJ MM (1/12)
Alvarez de Pereira, Nuñez (Blessed) (11/6)
Alvarez, Francis (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)
Alvarez, Matthew (Blessed) OP Tert. M (9/8)

Alvitus of León, OSB B (9/4)
Alypius of Adrianopolis, Hermit (11/26)
Alypius of Tagaste B (8/18)

Amabilis of Auvergne (of Riom) (11/1)
Amadeus (Blessed) of Clermont, OSB Cist. (1/14)
Amadeus (Blessed) of Lausanne, OSB Cist. B (1/28)
Amadeus (Blessed) of Portugal, OFM (8/10)
Amadeus IX (Blessed) of Savoy (3/30)

Amador of Guarda (3/27)
Amadour of Auxerre B (5/1)
Amaethlu of Anglesey (12/26)
Amaethlu of Wales (12/26)
Amalburga of Münsterbilsen, OSB V (7/10)

Amalburga of Maubeuge, OSB Widow (7/10)
Amand(us) of Maastricht, OSB Abbot B (2/6)
Amand(us) of Moissac, OSB, Abbot B (2/6)
Amandin (11/7)
Amandus of Bergamo (4/6)

Amandus of Bordeaux B (6/18)
Amandus of Nantes, OSB, Abbot (2/6)
Amanni, Marcolino (Blessed) OP (1/24)
Amantius, Getulius, Caerealis, & Primitivus MM (6/10)
Amantius, Landoald, and Companions (3/19)

Amantius of Como B (4/8)
Amantius, Zoticus, Irenaeus, Hyacinth, & Comp. MM (2/10)
Amarand of Albi, OSB B (11/7)
Amaranthus of Albi M (11/7)
Amarinus, OSB, Abbot M (1/25)

Amasius of Teano B (1/23)
Amaswinthus of Málaga, Abbot (12/22)
Amata (Blessed) of San Sisto, OP V (6/10)
Amata (Blesseds), Diana, and Caecilia, OP VV (6/9)
Amata of Assisi, OP V (2/20)

Amateur, Peter and Louis MM (4/30)
Amator of Autun B (11/26)
Amator of Auxerre B (5/1)
Amator of Guarda (3/27)
Amator, Peter and Louis MM (4/30)

Amatre of Auxerre B (5/1)
Amatus (Blessed) Ronconi, OSB (5/8)
Amatus of Nusco, OSB B (8/31)
Ambrose (Blessed) Fernandez, SJ M (3/14)
Ambrose (Blessed) of Siena, OP (3/20)

Ambrose (Blessed) Sansedoni (Sassedoni), OP (3/20)
Ambrose (Blessed) Traversari, OSB Cam. Abbot (11/20)
Ambrose Autpert(us), OSB Abbot (7/19)
Ambrose of Agaune, Abbot (11/2)
Ambrose of Alexandria (3/17)

Ambrose of Cahors B (10/16)
Ambrose of Ferentino M (8/16)
Ambrose of Milan B Doctor (12/7)
Ambrose of Sens B (9/3)
Amedeus (Blessed) of Portugal, OFM (8/10)

Amelberga of Münsterbilsen, OSB V (7/10)
Amelberga of Maubeuge, OSB Widow (7/10)
Amelberga of Susteren, OSB Abbess (11/21)
Amelius and Amicus MM (10/12)
Amias, John (Blessed) M (3/16)

Amici, Bernardino (Blessed) OFM (11/27)
Amicus and Amelius MM (10/12)
Amicus of Monte Cassino, OSB, Monk (11/3)
Amicus of Rambara, OSB (11/2)
Ammia, Rufina, and Theodotus MM (8/31)

Ammon, Emilian, Lassa, & Comp. MM (2/9)
Ammon the Great, Abbot (10/4)
Ammon, Theophilus, Neoterius & Companions MM (9/8)
Ammon, Zeno, Ptolemy, Ingen, and Theophilus MM (12/20)
Ammonius and Alexander MM (2/9)

Ammonius and Dionysius MM (2/14)
Ammonius and Modestus MM (2/12)
Ammonius and Moseus MM (1/18)
Ammonius, Phileas, Hesychius, Pachomius, Theodore & Companions. MM (11/26)
Amnichad (Blessed) of Fulda, OSB, Hermit (1/30)

Amnuchad (Blessed) of Fulda, OSB, Hermit (1/30)
Amo of Toul B (10/23)
Amoes and Achillas (Achilleus), OSB, Hermits (1/17)
Amolvinus of Lobbes, OSB, Abbot-Bishop (2/7)
Amon of Toul B (10/23)

Amos, Prophet (3/31)
Ampelius and Caius MM (11/20)
Ampelius, Dativus, Felix, and Companions MM (2/11)
Ampelius of Milan B (7/7)
Amphian of Lycia M (4/2)

Amphianus of Lycia M (4/2)
Amphibalus of Verulam M (6/24)
Amphilochius, Chronidas & Comps. MM (3/27)
Amphilochius of Iconium B (11/23)
Amphion of Cilicia B (6/12)

Ampliatus, Urban, & Narcissus MM (10/31)
Amulwinus of Lobbes, OSB, Abbot-Bishop (2/7)
Amunia of San Millán, OSB Widow (3/11)

Anacletus, Pope M (4/26)
Ananias and Companions MM (2/25)
Ananias of Arbela M (12/1)
Ananias of Damascus M (1/25)
Ananias, Prophet (3/27)

Ananias, Simeon, Abdechalas, & Companions MM (4/21)
Anastasia and Basilissa MM (4/15)
Anastasia and Cyril MM (10/28)
Anastasia of Sirmium M (12/25)
Anastasia the Patrician VM (3/10)

Anastasius and Companions MM (5/11)
Anastasius, Felix, and Digna, OSB MM (6/14)
Anastasius I of Antioch B (4/21)
Anastasius I, Pope (12/19)
Anastasius II of Antioch, BM (12/21)

Anastasius II of Pavia B (5/30)
Anastasius, Julian, & Companions MM (1/9)
Anastasius of Brescia B (5/20)
Anastasius of Castel Sant'Elia, OSB, Abbot (1/11)
Anastasius of Cluny, OSB (10/16)

Anastasius of Lérida (5/11)
Anastasius of Pannonhalma, OSB B (11/12)
Anastasius of Saint Sabas M (3/20)
Anastasius of Sens B (1/7)
Anastasius, Paulillus, Secundus, Syndimius, Cyriacus, and Companions MM (12/19)

Anastasius, Placid, Genesius and Companions MM (10/11)
Anastasius the Fuller M (9/7)
Anastasius the Persian M (1/22)
Anastasius the Sinaite (4/21)
Anatolia and Audax MM (7/9)

Anatolius of Alexandria B (7/3)
Anatolius of Cahors B (2/7)
Anatolius of Constantinople B (7/3)
Anatolius of Salins B (2/3)
Anatolius, Photius, Photis, and Companions MM (3/20)

Anatolius, Thespesius, and Eustace MM (11/20)
Ancina, Juvenal (Blessed) Cong. Orat. B (9/12)
Andeol of Lyons B (10/15)
Andeolus of Smyrna M (5/1)
Anderton, Robert (Blessed) M (4/25)

Andleby, William (Blessed) M (7/4)
André (Blessed) Bessette (1/6)
Andrade, James (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)
Andragasyna, OSB Abbess (10/14)
Andreas the Apostle (11/30)

Andreolus of Smyrna M (5/1)
Andrew (Bl.) Hibernon, OFM (4/18)
Andrew (Blessed) Abellon, OP (5/15)
Andrew (Blessed) Caccioli, OFM (6/3)
Andrew (Blessed) de'Gallerani (3/19)

Andrew (Blessed) Dotti, OSM (9/3)
Andrew (Blessed) Dung Lac M (12/26)
Andrew (Blessed) Franchi, OP B (5/30)
Andrew (Blessed) Grego, OP (1/19)
Andrew (Blessed) Nam-Thung M (2/18)

Andrew (Blessed) of Antioch, OSA (11/30)
Andrew (Blessed) of Baudiment, OSB Cist. Abbot (11/10)
Andrew (Blessed) of Conti, OFM (2/15)
Andrew (Blessed) of Montereale, OSA (4/12)
Andrew (Blessed) of Peschiera, OP (1/19)

Andrew (Blessed) of Rinn M (7/12)
Andrew (Blessed) of Strumi, OSB Vall. (3/10)
Andrew (Blessed) the Ligurian, OSB Vall. Abbot (3/10)
Andrew and Aponius MM (2/10)
Andrew and Hypatius MM (8/29)

Andrew Avellino, Theatine (11/10)
Andrew, Benedict, Barnabas, and Justus, OSB HH (7/9)
Andrew Bobola, SJ M (5/21)
Andrew Corsini, OC B (2/4)
Andrew, Dionysia, Decius, & Companions MM (5/15)

Andrew Hubert Fournet, Founder (5/16)
Andrew Kagwa (Kaggwa) M (6/3)
Andrew of Crete B (7/4)
Andrew of Crete M (10/20)
Andrew of Elnon, OSB, Abbot (2/6)

Andrew of Fiesole, OSB Abbot (8/22)
Andrew of Florence B (2/26)
Andrew of Ireland, OSB Abbot (8/22)
Andrew of Jerusalem) B (7/4)
Andrew of Trèves (Trier) B (1/13)

Andrew of Tuscany, OSB Abbot (8/22)
Andrew, Peter, Basil, & Companions MM (11/28)
Andrew the Apostle (11/30)
Andrew the Calybite M (10/20)
Andrew Wouters, OFM M (7/9)

Andrew Zorard M (7/17)
Andronicus and Athanasia, Hermit (10/9)
Andronicus, Tarachus (Tharacus), and Probus MM (10/11)
Anectus M (6/27)
Anempodistus, Pegasius, Aphthonius, Elpidephorus & Acindynus MM (11/2)

Anesius, Felix, Cornelia, & Comp. MM (3/31)
Aneurin and Gwinoc (AC) (10/26)
Angadreme, OSB Abbess (10/14)
Angadresima, OSB Abbess (10/14)
Angadrisma, OSB Abbess (10/14)

Angela (Blessed) of Foligno, OSF (1/4)
Angela Merici V (1/27)
Angela of Brescia, OSU V (1/27)
Angelarius, Gorazd, Nahum, & Sabas (7/17)
Angelelmus of Auxerre B (7/7)

Angelina (Blessed) of Marsciano, OFM Tert. Widow (7/15)
Angelo Carletti, OFM (4/12)
Angelo of Jerusalem, OC M (5/5)
Angeluccio, Daniel, Samuel, and Companions, OFM MM (10/10)
Angelus (Blessed) Agostini Mazzinghi, OC (8/16)

Angelus (Blessed) of Acri, OFM Cap. (10/30)
Angelus (Blessed) of Borgo San Sepolcro, OSA (2/15)
Angelus (Blessed) of Foligno, OSA Erem. (8/27)
Angelus (Blessed) of Furci, OSA (2/6)
Angelus (Blessed) of Gualdo, OSB Cam. (2/14)

Angelus (Blessed) of Masaccio, OSB Cam. M (5/8)
Angelus (Blessed) Portasole, OP B (2/22)
Angelus (Blessed) Sinesio, OSB Abbot (11/27)
Angelus, Daniel, Samuel, and Companions, OFM MM (10/10)
Angelus of Chivasso, OFM (4/12)

Angelus of Jerusalem, OC M (5/5)
Anges, (Joan, Jeanne) Elizabeth Bichier V (8/26)
Angilbert of Centula, OSB, Abbot (2/18)
Anglinus of Stavelot, OSB Abbot (10/28)
Angradesma, OSB Abbess (10/14)

Anianus, Demetrius, Eustosius and Comp. MM (11/10)
Anianus of Alexandria B (4/25)
Anianus of Llanengan, Hermit (2/9)
Anianus of Orléans B (11/17)
Anicetus M (6/27)

Anicetus, Pope M (4/17)
Anmchadh (Blessed) of Fulda, OSB, Hermit (1/30)
Ann and Joachim, Parents of Mary (7/26)
Anna Francesca Boscardin V (10/20)
Anna Maria (Blessed) Taigi, Matron (6/9)

Anna Maria Redi, OCD V (3/11)
Anne (Blessed) García, OCD V (6/7)
Anne (Blessed) of Saint Batholomew, OCD V (6/7)
Anne (Blessed) Pelras, O. Carm. M (7/17)
Anne (Euphemian, Euphemianus), Widow Hermit (10/29)

Anne, John (Blessed) M (3/16)
Anne Marie (Nanette) (Blessed) Javouhey (7/15)
Anne Mary (Blessed) Thouret, O. Carm. M (7/17)
Anne of Constantinople V Hermit (7/23)
Anno of Verona B (5/13)

Annobert of Séez, OSB B (5/16)
Annon of Verona B (5/13)
Ansano of Milan B (9/3)
Ansanus the Baptizer M (12/1)
Ansbald of Prüm, OSB Abbot (7/12)

Ansbert of Fontenelle, OSB B (2/9)
Anschar B (2/3)
Anscharius B (2/3)
Ansegisus of Fontenelle, OSB Abbot (7/20)
Anselm of Canterbury, OSB B, Doctor (4/21)

Anselm of Nonantola, OSB, Abbot (3/3)
Ansfrid of Utrecht, OSB B (5/11)
Ansfridus of Utrecht, OSB B (5/11)
Ansgar B (2/3)
Ansilio of Lagny, OSB (10/11)

Anskar B (2/3)
Anskar B (2/3)
Ansovinus of Camerino B (3/13)
Anstrude of Laon, OSB V (10/17)
Anstrudis of Laon, OSB V (10/17)

Ansuerus and Companions, OSB MM (7/17)
Ansurius of Orense, OSB B (1/26)
Antel of Besançon BM (6/17)
Anthelm(us) of Belley, O. Cart. B (6/26)
Antheros, Pope M (1/3)

Antherus, Pope M (1/3)
Anthia and Eleutherius MM (4/18)
Anthimus of Nicomedia BM (4/27)
Anthimus of Rome M (5/11)
Antholian(us) of Auvergne M (2/6)

Anthony Mary Claret B, Founder (10/24)
Anthony Mary Zaccaria, Priest (7/5)
Anthony of Padua, OFM Doctor, Priest (6/13)
Anthusa, Athanasius, and Companions MM (8/22)
Anthusa of Constantinople V (7/27)

Anthusa the Younger VM (8/27)
Antible of Besançon BM (6/17)
Antidius of Besançon BM (6/17)
Antimus of Brantôme, OSB, Abbot (1/28)
Antinogenes, Stercatius and Victor MM (7/24)

Antioch, Forty Maidens Martyred at (12/24)
Antioch, Ten Martyrs (11/6)
Antiochus and Cyriacus MM (7/15)
Antiochus, Nicostratus, and Companions MM (5/21)
Antiochus of Lyons B (10/15)

Antipas of Pergamus BM (4/11)
Antoinette (Blessed) of Florence, OFM Widow (2/28)
Antoinette (Blessed) Roussel, O. Carm. M (7/17)
Antonia (Blessed) of Brescia, OP V (10/27)
Antonia (Blessed) of Florence, OFM Widow (2/28)

Antonia, Tertullia, and Companions MM (4/29)
Antonia VM (6/12)
Antonina and Alexander MM (5/3)
Antonina VM (6/12)
Antonino Pierozzi, OP B (5/10)

Antoninus and Aristaeus MM (9/3)
Antoninus Fontana B (10/31)
Antoninus, Marcellinus, Claudius, & Quirinus MM (10/25)
Antoninus, Melasippus, and Carina MM (11/7)
Antoninus of Florence, OP B (5/10)

Antoninus of Pamia M (8/31)
Antoninus of Rome M (8/22)
Antoninus of Sorrento, OSB Abbot (2/14)
Antoninus, Zebinas, Germanus & Ennatha MM (11/13)
Antony (Blessed) Baldinucci, SJ (11/7)

Antony (Blessed) Bonfadini, OFM (12/1)
Antony (Blessed) Correa, SJ M (7/15)
Antony (Blessed) de'Patrizi, OSA (4/27)
Antony (Blessed) della Chiesa, OP (7/28)
Antony (Blessed) Fatati B (1/19)

Antony (Blessed) Fernández, SJ M (7/15)
Antony (Blessed) Fuster, OP (4/5)
Antony (Blessed) Ixida M (9/3)
Antony (Blessed) Kimura (Chimura) and Companions MM (11/27)
Antony (Blessed) Manzoni (Manzi) (2/1)

Antony (Blessed) Middleton M (5/6)
Antony (Blessed) Neyrot, OP M (4/10)
Antony (Blessed) of Amandola, OSA (1/28)
Antony (Blessed) of Pavoni, OP M (4/9)
Antony (Blessed) of Saint Bonaventure, OFM M (9/8)

Antony (Blessed) of Saint Dominic, OP Tert. M (9/8)
Antony (Blessed) of Saxony and Companions, OFM (2/12)
Antony (Blessed) of Stroncone, OFM (2/7)
Antony (Blessed) of Torre, OSA (7/24)
Antony (Blessed) Primaldi and Comp. MM (8/14)

Antony (Blessed) Quinh-Nam M (11/24)
Antony (Blessed) Suarez, SJ M (7/15)
Antony (Blessed) Turriani (Turriano), OSA (7/24)
Antony (of the Caves), Abbot (7/10)
Antony, Abbot (1/17)

Antony, Anastasius, & Companions MM (1/9)
Antony, Bassus, & Protolicus MM (2/14)
Antony Daniel M (10/19)
Antony Deynan, OFM Tert. M (2/6)
Antony du Rocher, OSB Abbot (5/4)
Antony, Eustace, and John MM (4/14)

Antony Fasani (11/27)
Antony Kauleas (Cauleas) B (2/12)
Antony Mary Claret B, Founder (10/24)
Antony Mary Gianelli B (6/7)
Antony Mary Pucci, Priest (1/12)

Antony, Melasippus, and Carina MM (11/7)
Antony, Merulus & John, OSB MM (1/17)
Antony of Froidemont, OSB (0309)
Antony of Lérins, Hermit (12/28)
Antony of Padua, OFM Doctor, Priest (6/13)

Antony, Theodore & Comp. MM (7/29)
Antony van Hoornaer, OFM M (7/9)
Antony van Weert, OFM M (7/9)
Antony van Willehad, OFM M (7/9)
Anysia of Salonika M (12/30)

Anysius of Salonika B (12/30)

Aod MacBricc B (11/10)
Aoustrille of Bourges B (5/20)
Aout of Bourges B (5/22)

Aparicio, Sebastian (Blessed) OFM (2/25)
Aper of Toul B (9/15)
Aphian of Lycia M (4/2)
Aphraates of Antioch, Hermit (4/7)
Aphrodisius and Companions MM (4/30)

Aphrodisius and Peter MM (3/14)
Aphrodisius, Caralippus, & Companions MM (4/28)
Aphthonius, Acindynus, Pegasius, Elpidephorus & Anempodistus MM (11/2)
Apian of Lycia M (4/2)
Apodemius, Primitivus, & four named Saturninus MM (4/16)

Apollinaris and Cyriacus MM (6/21)
Apollinaris of Hierapolis B (1/8)
Apollinaris of Monte Cassino, OSB, Abbot (11/27)
Apollinaris of Ravenna BM (7/23)
Apollinaris Syncletica V (1/5)

Apollinaris the Apologist B (1/8)
Apolline of Alexandria VM (2/9)
Apollo, Isacius and Crotates (Codratus) MM (4/21)
Apollo of Heliopolis, Abbot (1/25)
Apollonia of Alexandria VM (2/9)

Apollonius and Eugene MM (7/23)
Apollonius and Leontius (Leontinus) BB MM (3/19)
Apollonius and Philemon MM (3/8)
Apollonius, Ephebus, and Proculus MM (2/14)
Apollonius, Marcian, Nicanor, and Companions MM (6/5)

Apollonius of Alexandria M (4/10)
Apollonius of Benevento B (7/8)
Apollonius of Brescia B (7/7)
Apollonius of Sardis M (7/10)
Apollonius the Apologist M (4/18)

Aponius and Andrew MM (2/10)
Apphia and Philemon MM (11/22)
Appia and Philemon MM (11/22)
Appian, Donatus, Honorius, & Companions MM (12/30)
Appian of Lycia M (4/2)

Apre of Toul B (9/15)
Apronia of Troyes V (7/15)
Apronian the Executioner M (2/2)
Aprus of Toul B (9/15)
Apselamus, Peter M (1/3)

Aquila and Prisca (Priscilla) (7/8)
Aquila and Severian MM (1/23)
Aquila, Eparchius & Theodosia MM (3/23)
Aquila of Nîmes M (5/20)
Aquilina and Niceta MM (7/24)

Aquilina of Syria VM (6/13)
Aquilinus and Victorian MM (5/16)
Aquilinus, Geminus, & Comp. MM (2/4)
Aquilinus, Geminus, & Companions MM (1/4)
Aquilinus of Evreux B (10/19)

Aquilinus of Milan M (1/29)
Aquinas, Thomas OP Priest, Doctor (1/28)

Arabia, Horres, & Nymphora MM (3/13)
Arabian Martyrs (2/22)
Araki, Mancius (Blessed) M (7/8)
Araki-Cobioje, Peter (Blessed) M (7/12)
Araldus (Blessed) of Isenhagen, OSB Cist. (11/11)

Aranha, Francis (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)
Arator, Fortunatus, & Companions MM (4/21)
Arator of Verdun B (9/6)
Arbogast of Strasbourg B (7/21)
Arcadius of Mauretania M (1/12)

Arcadius, Paschasius, Probus, Eutychian & Paulillus MM (11/13)
Archangela (Blessed) Girlani, OC V (2/13)
Archangelo (Blessed) Canetuli, OSA (4/16)
Archangelus (Blessed) of Bologna, OSA (4/16)
Archangelus (Blessed) of Calafatimi, OFM (7/30)

Archard of Jumièges, OSB Abbot (9/15)
Archelais, Thecla, and Susanna VV MM (1/18)
Archelaus of Mesopotamia B (12/26)
Archinimus, Armogastes, and Saturus MM (3/29)
Archippus of Colossi (3/20)

Arcontius of Viviers BM (1/19)
Arcontius, Quintius, and Donatus MM (9/4)
Ardagne of Tournus, OSB Abbot (2/11)
Ardagnus of Tournus, OSB Abbot (2/11)
Ardaing of Tournus, OSB Abbot (2/11)

Ardalion the Actor M (4/14)
Ardan of Tournus, OSB Abbot (2/11)
Ardanus of Tournus, OSB Abbot (2/11)
Ardo of Aniane, OSB Abbot (3/7)
Ardoin of Ceprano (7/28)

Arduinus of Ceprano (7/28)
Arduinus of Rimini, OSB Hermit (8/15)
Ardwyne of Ceprano (7/28)
Arecius and Dacian MM (6/4)
Aregius and Dacian MM (6/4)

Arègle of Châlon B (3/17)
Aresius, Rogatus & Companions MM (6/10)
Aretas and Companions MM (10/1)
Aretas and Martyrs of Nagran (10/24)
Aretius and Dacian MM (6/4)

Argamund, Ulrick, Grimkeld, and Companions, OSB MM (4/9)
Argariarga of Brieuc V (9/9)
Argariarga of Jouarre, OSB V (6/18)
Argeus, Narcissus, and Marcellinus MM (1/2)
Arialdus of Milan M (6/27)

Arianus, Theoticus, and Companions MM (3/8)
Aribert, Adeodatus O. Praem (11/13)
Aribert of Como, OSB B (6/3)
Arilda of Gloucestershire VM (10/30)
Aristaeus and Antoninus MM (9/3)

Aristarchus of Salonika BM (8/4)
Aristides the Athenian (8/31)
Aristion of Salamis M (2/22)
Aristolubus M (3/15)
Aristonicus, Rufus, Galata, & Companions MM (4/19)

Aristonicus, Rufus, Galata, and Companions MM (4/9)
Armael of Brittany, Abbot (8/16)
Armagillus of Brittany, Abbot (8/16)
Armagilus of Brittany, Abbot (8/16)
Armahel of Brittany, Abbot (8/16)

Armail of Brittany, Abbot (8/16)
Armand of Mairé, Abbot (1/23)
Armel of Brittany, Abbot (8/16)
Armengol of Urgell B (11/3)
Armengol, Peter O. Merc. M (4/27)

Armenian, Forty Martyrs (3/10)
Armentarius of Antibes B (1/30)
Armentarius of Pavia B (1/30)
Armogastes, Archinimus and Saturus MM (3/29)
Armonius, Irenaeus, Serapion, and Theodore MM (3/26)

Arnald (Blessed) of Padua, OSB M (3/14)
Arnaud (Blessed) of Padua, OSB M (3/14)
Arnold (Blessed) of Padua, OSB M (3/14)
Arnold of Gemblours, OSB Abbot (11/30)
Arnold of Julich (7/8)

Arnold of Metz B (7/18)
Arnoul of Metz B (7/18)
Arnoul of Soissons, OSB B (8/15)
Arnulf of Eynesbury, Hermit (8/22)
Arnulf of Metz B (7/18)

Arnulf of Soissons, OSB B (8/15)
Arnulfus (Arnulf) of Toul B (11/15)
Arnulfus of Novalese, OSB M (10/31)
Arnulphus of Soissons, OSB B (8/15)
Arontius, Fortunatus, & Sabinian (Savinian) MM (8/27)

Arpinus of Naples B (11/9)
Arrigo (Blessed) of Treviso (6/10)
Arsacius of Nicomedia (8/16)
Arsenius of Corfu B (1/19)
Arsenius, Pelagius, and Silvanus MM (8/30)
Arsenius the Deacon, Hermit (7/19)

Arsenius the Great, Hermit (7/19)
Arsenius the Roman, Hermit (7/19)
Artaldus of Belley (Blessed), O.Cart. B (10/7)
Artemas of Lystra B (10/30)
Artemas of Pozzuoli M (1/25)

Artemia, Attica, and Constance VV MM (2/18)
Artemius M (10/20)
Artemius of Clermont B (1/24)
Artemius of Sens B (4/28)
Arthaud of Belley (Blessed), O.Cart. B (10/7)

Arthemius of Clermont B (1/24)
Arthmael of Brittany, Abbot (8/16)
Arwald and Arwald MM (4/22)
Arzel of Brittany, Abbot (8/16)

Asaph of Wales B (5/11)
Asclas of Antinoe M (1/23)
Asclepiades of Antioch BM (10/18)
Ascrick of Pannonhalma, OSB B (11/12)
Ascylus and Victoria MM (11/17)
Asella of Rome V (12/6)

Ashley, Ralph (Blessed) SJ M (4/7)
Asicus of Elphin B (4/27)
Asicus of Raholp B (4/14)
Askega, Swethin, Elfgete, and Companions, OSB MM (4/9)
Aspasius of Auch B (1/2)

Aspren of Naples B (8/3)
Aspronas of Naples B (8/3)
Assic of Elphin B (4/27)
Assicus of Elphin B (4/27)
Asteria of Bergamo VM (8/10)

Astericus of Pannonhalma, OSB B (11/12)
Asterius of Amasea B (10/30)
Asterius of Ostia M (10/21)
Asterius of Petra B (6/10)
Astius, Pompeius, Hesychius, & Companions MM (7/7)

Astricus of Pannonhalma, OSB B (11/12)
Astrik of Pannonhalma, OSB B (11/12)
Asurius of Orense, OSB B (1/26)
Asyncritus, Herodion, and Phlegon MM (4/8)

Athaeus of Wales, Hermit (12/26)
Athanasia and Andronicus, Hermit (10/9)
Athanasia of Constantinople, Matron (8/14)
Athanasius and Zosimus MM (1/3)
Athanasius, Anthusa and Companions MM (8/22)
Athanasius of Alexandria B Doctor (5/2)

Athanasius of Jerusalem M (7/5)
Athanasius of Modon B (1/31)
Athanasius of Naples B (7/15)
Athanasius of Nicomedia, Abbot (2/22)
Athanasius of Sorrento B (1/26)

Athanasius the Athonite, Abbot (7/5)
Atheim, OSB B (1/8)
Athelm, OSB B (1/8)
Athenodorus of Mesopotamia M (11/11)
Athenodorus of Pontus BM (10/18)

Athenogenes BM (7/16)
Athilda V (3/27)
Attala of Taormina, OSB Abbot (4/3)
Attalas of Bobbio, Abbot (3/10)
Attalus, Alexander, Blandina and Companions MM (6/2)

Attalus, Fabian, & Companions MM (12/31)
Attalus of Taormina, OSB Abbot (4/3)
Attho of Pistoia, OSB Vall. B (5/22)
Attica, Constance, and Artemia VV MM (2/18)
Atticus of Constantinople B (1/8)

Atticus of Phrygia M (11/6)
Attinus of Orlèans BM (10/19)
Attinus of Orlèans BM (10/19)
Atto of Oca, OSB B (6/1)
Atto of Pistoia, OSB Vall. B (5/22)

Aubert of Fontenelle, OSB B (2/9)
Aubierge of Faremoutiers, OSB Abbess (7/7)
Aubin of Lyons B (9/15)
Aubrey of Cîteaux, OSB, Abbot (1/26)
Auctus, Taurion and Thessalonica MM (11/7)

Audactus, Januarius, Fortunatus, Septimus, & Felix MM (10/24)
Audas of Persia BM (5/16)
Audax and Anatolia MM (7/9)
Aude (Blessed), OSB Vall. (4/26)
Audemar of Saint-Gall, OSB Abbot (11/16)

Audifax, Martha, Abachum & Marius (Maris) MM (1/19)
Audoënus of Rouen B (8/24)
Audomarus of Thérouanne, OSB B (9/9)
Audrey, OSB Widow (6/23)
Audry B (1/7)

Audry of Sens, OSB B (10/10)
Augebert and Felix MM (9/6)
Augulus BM (2/7)
Augurius BM (2/7)
Augurius M, Fructuosus BM, and Eulogius M (1/21)

Augusta of Treviso VM (3/27)
Augustalis of Gaul B (9/7)
Augustine (Blessed) Fangi, OP (7/22)
Augustine (Blessed) Gazotich, OP B (8/3)
Augustine (Blessed) Moi M (12/18)

Augustine (Blessed) of Lucera, OP B (8/3)
Augustine (Blessed) of Novello, OSA (5/19)
Augustine (Blessed) Schöffler M (5/1)
Augustine Ambrose Chevreux, OSB M (8/31)
Augustine and Paulinus, OSB (11/5)

Augustine, Augustus, and Flavius MM (5/7)
Augustine Erlandsson B (1/26)
Augustine of Canterbury B (5/27)
Augustine, Sanctian, and Beata MM (9/6)
Augustine Webster, O. Cart. M (5/4)

Augustus, Flavius, and Augustine MM (5/7)
Augustus of Bourges (10/7)
Aulaire of Barcelona VM (2/12)
Aulazia of Barcelona VM (2/12)
Aule BM (2/7)

Aura of Cordova, Widow M (7/19)
Aurea of Cordova, Widow M (7/19)
Aurea of Ostia VM (8/24)
Aurea of Paris, Abbess (10/4)
Aurea of San Millán, OSB V (3/11)

Aurelia of Strassburg, OSB V (10/15)
Aurelian of Arles B (6/16)
Aurelian of Limoges B (5/10)
Aurelian of Lyons, OSB B (7/4)
Aurelius and Publius BM (11/12)

Aurelius, Natalia, & Companions MM (7/27)
Aurelius of Carthage B (7/20)
Aureus, Justina, and Companions MM (6/16)
Ausonius of Angouleme BM (5/22)
Auspicius of Toul B (7/8)

Auspicius of Trèves B (7/8)
Austegildis of Mons, OSB Widow (4/18)
Austin Erlandsson B (1/26)
Austin of Canterbury B (5/27)
Austreberta of Pavilly, OSB Abbess (2/10)

Austregisilus of Bourges B (5/20)
Austremonius of Clermont B (11/1)
Austru of Laon, OSB V (10/17)
Autal of Gaul B (9/7)
Autbert of Landevenec, OSB Monk (2/1)

Autbodus of Laon (11/20)
Authaire of La Ferté (4/24)
Autonomus of Bithynia BM (9/12)
Auxanus of Milan B (9/3)
Auxentius of Bithynia, Hermit (2/14)

Auxentius of Mopsuetia B (12/18)
Auxibius of Cyprus B (2/19)
Auxilius, Basileus, and Saturninus MM (11/27)

Ava of Dinant, OSB Abbess (4/29)
Ave of Dinant, OSB Abbess (4/29)
Avellino, Andrew, Theatine (11/10)
Aventinus of Bagnères M (6/7)
Aventinus of Chartres B (2/4)

Aventinus of Troyes, Hermit (2/4)
Averil of Everingham, OSB Abbess (7/9)
Avertanus of Limoges, OC (2/25)
Avertinus, Deacon (5/5)
Avia of Dinant, OSB Abbess (4/29)

Avitus II of Clermont B (2/21)
Avitus M (1/27)
Avitus of León, OSB B (9/4)
Avitus of Micy, Abbot (12/19)
Avitus of Micy, Abbot (6/17)

Avitus of Vienne B (2/5)
Avoice, OSB Cist. Queen Religious (10/16)
Avy of Micy, Abbot (6/17)

Aybara, Paul (Blessed) OP Tert. M (9/8)
Aybert of Crespin, OSB (4/7)
Aye of Mons, OSB Widow (4/18)
Ayeul of Rebais, Abbot (8/30)
Aymon of Savigny, OSB (4/30)

Ayou of Lérins, OSB Abbot M (9/3)
Ayoul of Bourges B (5/22)
Ayoul of Lérins, OSB Abbot M (9/3)
Ayraldus, O.Cart. B (1/2)
Ayran of Beze, OSB M (5/21)
Ayrman of Beze, OSB M (5/21)
Ayutre of Vernon, OSB Hermit (4/30)

Azadames, Azades, Tharba, and Companions MM (4/22)
Azadanes, Azades, Tharba, and Companions MM (4/22)
Azades, Tharba, Azadanes, and Companions MM (4/22)
Azevedo Ignatius (Blessed), SJ M (7/15)

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