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Babolenus of Bobbio, OSB Abbot (8/31)
Babolenus of Fossés, Abbot (6/26)
Babylas BM, Urban, Prilidian & Epolonius MM (1/24)
Bacchus and Sergius MM (10/7)
Backedine, Richard B (4/3)

Bademe of Persia, Abbot M (4/10)
Bademus of Persia, Abbot M (4/10)
Baduario, Bonaventure (Blessed) O. Erem. (6/10)
Baducing, Biscop OSB B (1/12)
Baeza, John (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)

Bagnesi, Marietta (Blessed) OP V (5/27)
Bagnesi, Mary Bartholomeo (Blessed), OP V (5/27)
Bagnus of Calais, OSB B (6/20)
Bagnus of Thérouanne, OSB B (6/20)
Bain of Calais, OSB B (6/20)

Bain of Thérouanne, OSB B (6/20)
Bainus of Calais, OSB B (6/20)
Bainus of Thérouanne, OSB B (6/20)
Bairrfhionn of Killbarron, Hermit (5/21)
Baithin of Iona, Abbot (6/9)

Bajulus and Liberatus MM (12/20)
Balanus of Techsaxon (9/3)
Balbina of Rome V (3/31)
Baldassini, Ubaldus B (5/16)
Baldechilde, OSB, Queen Widow (1/30)

Baldegundis, Abbess (2/10)
Balderic of Montfaucon (10/16)
Balderic of Montfaucon (10/16)
Baldhild, OSB, Queen Widow (1/30)
Baldinucci, Antony (Blessed) SJ (11/7)

Baldrati, Alexander (Blessed) OP M (2/10)
Baldred of Glasgow B (3/6)
Baldred of Tinningham, OSB (3/6)
Balduinus of Laon M (10/16)
Baldunus of Laon M (10/16)

Baldus of Sens, Hermit (10/29)
Baldwin of Laon M (10/16)
Baldwin of Rieti, OSB Cist. Abbot (7/15)
Balikuddembe, Joseph M (6/3)
Balin of Techsaxon (9/3)

Ballachi, Simon (Blessed) OP (11/3)
Ballon of Techsaxon (9/3)
Balredus of Tinningham, OSB (3/6)
Balsam, Peter M (1/3)
Balsamie (11/16)

Balsamus (Blessed) of Cava, OSB Abbot (11/24)
Balthassar (Blessed) of Chiavari, OFM (10/17)
Balther of Tinningham, OSB (3/6)
Balto (Blessed) of Wessobrünn, OSB, Abbot (12/27)
Bandelli, Stephen (Blessed) OP (6/12)

Banka of Cornwall V (6/4)
Baptist, Peter M (2/6)
Baptista (Blessed) Mantuanus, OC (3/20)
Baptista (Blessed) Spagnuolo, OC (3/20)
Barachias of Cluain, Abbot (2/15)

Barachisius, Jonas, and Comp. MM (3/29)
Baradates, Hermit (2/22)
Baradatus, Hermit (2/22)
Barat, Madeleine Sophie V (5/25)
Barat, Mary Magdalen V (5/25)
Barbé (Blessed) Acarie, OCD Widow (4/30)

Barba'shmin and Companions MM (1/14)
Barbadigo, Gregory B (6/18)
Barbarigo, Gregory B (6/18)
Barbas of Benevento B (2/19)
Barbascemin and Companions MM (1/14)

Barbasymas and Companions MM (1/14)
Barbatian of Ravenna (12/31)
Barbatus of Benevento B (2/19)
Barbea and Sarbellius (Sharbel) MM (1/29)
Bardo of Mainz, OSB B (6/15)

Barhadbesaba, Deacon M (7/15)
Barhadbesciabas, Deacon M (7/15)
Barlaam and Josaphat (Joasaph) (11/27)
Barlaam of Khutyn, Abbot (11/6)
Barnabas, Apostle (6/11)

Barnabas, Benedict, Andrew, and Justus, OSB HH (7/9)
Barnard of Vienne, OSB B (1/23)
Barnoc, Abbot (1/7)
Barontius and Desiderius, OSB Monks (3/25)
Barontus and Desiderius, OSB Monks (3/25)

Barreau de la Touche, Louis OSB M (8/31)
Barrfoin of Killbarron, Hermit (5/21)
Barrindus of Killbarron, Hermit (5/21)
Barrotti, Oddino (Blessed) OFM Tert. (7/21)
Barsabas and Companions MM (10/20)

Barsamja BM (1/30)
Barsanuphius of Gaza, Hermit (4/11)
Barsas of Edessa B (1/30)
Barsaumas BM (1/30)
Barses of Edessa B (1/30)

Barsimaeus BM (1/30)
Barso of Edessa B (1/30)
Bartholomea Capitanio V (7/26)
Bartholomew (Blessed) Aiutamicristo, OSB Cam., Hermit (1/28)
Bartholomew (Blessed) Alvarez & Companions, SJ MM (1/12)

Bartholomew (Blessed) de Vir, OSB Cist. B (6/26)
Bartholomew (Blessed) Gutierrez, OSA M (9/3)
Bartholomew (Blessed) of Breganza, OP B (10/23)
Bartholomew (Blessed) of Cervere, OP M (4/21)
Bartholomew (Blessed) of Marmoûtier, OSB B (11/11)

Bartholomew (Blessed) Pucci-Franceschi, OFM (5/23)
Bartholomew (Blessed) Xeki and Companions MM (11/27)
Bartholomew, Apostle (8/24)
Bartholomew of Durham, OSB Hermit (6/24)

Bartholomew of Farne, OSB Hermit (6/24)
Bartholomew of Grottaferrata, Abbot (11/11)
Bartholomew of Rossano, Abbot (11/11)
Bartholomew Roe, OSB, Priest M (1/21)

Basil and Emmelia (5/30)
Basil of Aix B (1/1)
Basil of Ancyra M (3/22)
Basil of Bologna B (3/6)
Basil, Peter, Andrew & Companions MM (11/28)

Basil the Blessed M (8/2)
Basil the Great B Doctor (1/2)
Basil the Younger, Hermit (3/26)
Basileus and Epitacius MM (5/23)
Basileus, Auxilius, and Saturninus MM (11/27)

Basileus of Amasea BM (4/26)
Basilian and Theotimus MM (12/18)
Basilides, Cyrinus, Nabor, and Nazarius MM (6/12)
Basilides, Evaristus & Companions MM (12/23)
Basilides, Tripos, Mandal & Companions MM (6/10)

Basiliscus of Comana M (5/22)
Basilissa and Anastasia MM (4/15)
Basilissa and Callinica MM (3/22)
Basilissa, Antony, & Companions MM (1/9)
Basilissa of Nicomedia VM (9/3)

Basilissa of Rome VM (5/20)
Basilla of Rome VM (5/20)
Basilla of Smyrna V (8/29)
Basle of Verzy, Hermit (11/26)
Basolus of Verzy, Hermit (11/26)

Bassa, Paula, & Agathonica VV MM (8/10)
Bassa, Victorinus, Claudian & VictorBassa MM (3/6)
Bassand, John (Blessed) OSB Cel. (8/26)
Bassano, John (Blessed) OSB Cel. (8/26)
Bassian, Cyrion, Agatho, and Moses MM (2/14)

Bassian of Lodi B (1/19)
Bassian of Lodi B (1/19)
Bassius, Agapitus, Dionysius, & Companions MM (11/20)
Bassius, Dionysius, Agapitus, & Companions MM (11/20)
Bassus, Antony, & Protolicus MM (2/14)

Bassus, Maximus, and Fabius MM (5/11)
Bastone, John (Blessed) del, OSB Sil. (3/24)
Bathild, OSB, Queen Widow (1/30)
Bathildis, OSB, Queen Widow (1/30)
Baud of Sens, Hermit (10/29)

Baudacarius of Bobbio, OSB (12/21)
Baudacharius of Bobbio, OSB (12/21)
Baudelius of Nîmes M (5/20)
Baudolin, Hermit (11/10)

Baudry of Montfaucon (10/16)
Bauteur, OSB, Queen Widow (1/30)
Bavo of Ghent, OSB Hermit (10/1)
Bavon of Ghent, OSB Hermit (10/1)
Baya and Maura VV (11/2)
Bazas of Jerusalem B (2/19)

Bean of Aberdeen B (10/26)
Beandan, Abbot (1/11)
Beanus, Abbot (1/1)
Beanus, Adrian O. Praem. M (7/9)

Beata, Augustine, and Sanctian MM (9/6)
Beatrice, Simplicius, & Faustinus MM (7/29)
Beatrix (Blessed) d'Este I, OSB V (5/10)
Beatrix (Blessed) d'Ornacieux, O. Cart. V (2/13)
Beatrix (Blessed) II of Este (1/18)
Beatrix (Blessed) of Lens, OSB Cist., Nun (1/19)

Beatrix (Blessed) of Silva, OSB Cist. Abbess (8/16)
Beatrix (Blessed) of Valfleury, OSB Cist. V (7/29)
Beatus B (3/8)
Beatus of Beatenberg (5/9)
Beatus of Liébana, OSB Monk (2/19)

Beatus of Thun (5/9)
Bebaia and Sarbellius (Sharbel) MM (1/29)
Becan of Cork (5/26)
Becan of Kill-Beggan, Abbot (4/5)
Beccaria, Lanfranc (Blessed) OSB Vall. B (6/23)

Beccelin of Croyland, OSB Hermit (9/9)
Beche, John (Blessed) OSB, Abbot M (12/1)
Becket, Thomas BM (12/29)
Bede, Priest, Doctor (5/25)
Bede the Younger, OSB Monk (4/10)

Bee V (10/31)
Bee V (9/6)
Bega V (10/31)
Bega V (9/6)
Began of Kill-Beggan, Abbot (4/5)

Beggan of Kill-Beggan, Abbot (4/5)
Begh V (10/31)
Begha V (10/31)
Begu V (10/31)
Bélanger, Dina (Blessed) (3/22)

Belina of Troyes VM (2/19)
Bell, James (Blessed) M (4/20)
Bellaci, Thomas (Blessed) OFM (10/31)
Bellatanus (Blessed) and Savinus, OSB Cam. Hermits (5/19)
Bellaude of Meerbeke, OSB B (2/3)

Bellesini, Stephen (Blessed) OSA (2/3)
Bellino of Padua BM (11/26)
Bellinus of Padua BM (11/26)
Belludi, Luke (Blessed) OFM (2/17)
Beltran, Luis, OP (10/9)

Benedetti, Jacopone (Blessed) OFM (12/25)
Benedict (Blessed) Crispus B (3/11)
Benedict (Blessed) d'Alignan, OFM B (7/8)
Benedict (Blessed) de Castro, SJ M (7/15)
Benedict (Blessed) de Ponte, OP (11/22)

Benedict (Blessed) of Urbino, OFM Cap. (4/30)
Benedict (Blessed) Ricasoli, OSB Vall., Hermit (1/20>
Benedict (Blessed) XI, OP Pope (7/7)
Benedict, Abbot Founder (7/11)
Benedict, Andrew, Barnabas, and Justus, OSB HH (7/9)

Benedict Biscop, OSB B (1/12)
Benedict Cottolengo (4/29)
Benedict II, Pope (5/8)
Benedict, John, Matthew, Isaac, & Christinus, OSB MM (11/12)
Benedict Joseph Labre (4/16)

Benedict of Angers B (7/15)
Benedict of Aniane, OSB Abbot Hermit (2/11)
Benedict of Benevento & Companions MM (11/12)
Benedict of Cagliari, OSB B (2/17)
Benedict of Campania (3/23)

Benedict of Macerac, Abbot (10/22)
Benedict of Sebaste B (10/23)
Benedict Revelli, OSB B (2/12)
Benedict the Black, OFM (4/4)
Benedict the Bridge-Builder (4/14)

Benedict the Hermit (3/23)
Benedict the Moor, OFM (4/4)
Benedicta of Rome V (5/6)
Benedicta, Poor Clare V (3/16)
Benedicta, Priscillianus, and Priscus MM (1/4)

Benen of Ireland B (11/9)
Benet Biscop, OSB B (1/12)
Benet the Bridge-Builder (4/14)
Benevenuto of Osimo, OFM B (3/22)
Benevenuto Scotivoli, OFM B (3/22)

Bénezet the Bridge-Builder (4/14)
Benfatti, James (Blessed) OP B (11/26)
Beniganim, Inés (Agnes) (Blessed) de OSA (1/21)
Benignus and Evagrius MM (4/3)
Benignus and John, OSB (7/21)

Benignus of Breslau, OSB Cist. M (6/20)
Benignus of Dijon M (11/1)
Benignus of Flay, OSB Abbot (3/20)
Benignus of Ireland B (11/9)
Benignus of Milan B (11/20)

Benignus of Todi M (2/13)
Benignus Visdomini, OSB Vall. Abbot (7/17)
Benildis of Cordova M (6/15)
Benincasa (Blessed) of Montechiello, OSM (5/11)
Benincasa, Catherine of Siena, OP V (4/29)

Benincasa of Cava, OSB, Abbot (1/10)
Benjamin the Deacon M (3/31)
Benno (Blessed) of Metz, OSB B (8/3)
Benno (Blessed) of Osnabrück, OSB B (7/12)
Benno of Meissen B (6/16)

Benoît the Bridge-Builder (4/14)
Bentivoglio (Blessed) de Bonis, OFM (1/2)
Benvenuta (Blessed) Bojani, OP Tert. V (10/30)
Benvenuto (Blessed) of Gubbio, OFM (6/27)
Benvenutus (Bl.) of Recanati, OFM (5/21)

Benvenutus of Osimo, OFM B (3/22)
Benvenutus Scotivoli, OFM B (3/22)
Beoadh B (3/8)

Beoc, Abbot (1/1)
Beocca, Ethor (Hethor) and Comp., OSB MM (4/10)
Beorhtweald, OSB, Abbot (1/9)
Beornstan of Winchester OSB B (11/4)
Beornwald of Bampton (12/21)

Berach of Cluain, Abbot (2/15)
Berachius of Cluain, Abbot (2/15)
Berard Paleara, OSB B (12/19)
Berard, Peter, & Companions, OFM MM (1/16)
Berarius I of Le Mans B (10/17)
Berchan Fer-da-Leithe B (4/6)

Berchan of Glasnevin (of Dublin) (10/12)
Berchan of Kirkwall B (4/6)
Bercharius of Moûtier-en-Der, OSB Abbot M (10/16)
Berchmans, John (Jan) SJ (11/26)
Bercht of Sithiu, OSB Abbot (9/4)

Berctuald, OSB, Abbot (1/9)
Bere, Richard (Blessed) M (8/31)
Beregisus of Saint-Hubert (10/2)
Berencardus of Saint Papoul, OSB (5/26)
Berengarius (Blessed) of Formbach, OSB Abbot (10/29)

Berenger of Saint Papoul, OSB (5/26)
Berenice M (10/4)
Berenwald of Bampton (12/21)
Beretta Molla, Gianna (Blessed) (4/28)
Berhard B (4/1)

Berhtwald of Sarum, OSB B (1/22)
Berhtwald, OSB, Abbot (1/9)
Berikjesu, Jonah, and Comp. MM (3/29)
Berka, Zdislava (Zedislava) OP, Matron (1/1)
Berlinda of Meerbeke, OSB B (2/3)

Berlindis of Meerbeke, OSB B (2/3)
Berna, Peter (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)
Bernach of Carn-Engyle (4/7)
Bernach the Irishman (4/7)
Bernacus of Carn-Engyle (4/7)

Bernacus the Irishman (4/7)
Bernadette Soubirous V (4/16)
Bernard (Bl.) the Penitent, OSB Monk (4/19)
Bernard (Blessed) de la Tour, O. Cart. (10/30)
Bernard (Blessed), Mary, and Gracia, OSB Cist. MM (6/1)

Bernard (Blessed) of Baden (7/15)
Bernard (Blessed) of Corleone, OFM Cap. (1/19)
Bernard (Blessed) of Lippe, OSB Cist., B (1/23)
Bernard (Blessed) of Rodez, OSB Card. (7/19)
Bernard (Blessed) of Ruthenis, OSB Card. (7/19)

Bernard (Blessed) Scammacca, OP (2/16)
Bernard of Abbeville, OSB Abbot (4/14)
Bernard of Arce (10/14)
Bernard of Bagnorea B (10/20)
Bernard of Calvó, OSB Cist. B (10/24)

Bernard of Capua B (3/12)
Bernard of Carinola B (3/12)
Bernard of Castro B (10/20)
Bernard of Menthon, OSA (5/28)
Bernard of Montjoux, OSA (5/28)

Bernard of Offida, OFM Cap. (8/22)
Bernard of Thiron, OSB Abbot (4/14)
Bernard of Vienne, OSB B (1/23)
Bernard Paleara, OSB B (12/19)
Bernardino (Blessed) Amici, OFM (11/27)

Bernardino of Siena, OFM Priest (5/20)
Bernardino Realino, SJ (7/3)
Bernardinus (Blessed) of Fossa, OFM (11/27)
Bernardo degli Uberti, OSB Val. Card. B (12/4)
Bernardone, Francis, Founder (10/4)

Bernardone, John (Francis), Founder (10/4)
Berno of Cluny, OSB, Abbot (1/13)
Bernold (Blessed) of Ottobeuren, OSB (11/25)
Bernward of Hildesheim, OSB B (11/20)
Beronigus, Pelagia, and Comp. MM (10/19)

Berrio-Ochoa, Valentine OP M (11/1)
Berruyer, Philip B (1/9)
Berry, Geneviève VM (5/10)
Bertaud, Hermit (6/16)
Bertelin of Croyland, OSB Hermit (9/9)

Bertha (Blessed) de'Alberti, OSB Vall., Abbess (3/24)
Bertha (Blessed) of Cavriglia, OSB Vall., Abbess (3/24)
Bertha (Blessed) of Marbais, OSB Cist. Widow (7/18)
Bertha and Rupert (5/15)
Bertha of Avenay, OSB Abbess M (5/1)

Bertha of Blangy, OSB Widow (7/4)
Berthaldus, Hermit (6/16)
Berthanc Fer-da-Leithe B (4/6)
Berthanc of Kirkwall B (4/6)
Bertharius of Monte Cassino OSB, Abbot M (10/22)

Berthelm of Croyland, OSB Hermit (9/9)
Berthoald of Cambrai B (10/13)
Berthold (Blessed) of Engelberg, OSB Abbot (11/3)
Berthold (Blessed) of Garsten, OSB Abbot (7/27)
Berthold, Hermit (6/16)

Berthold of Mount Carmel, OC Founder (3/29)
Berthold of Parma OSB, Confessor (10/21)
Berthwald, OSB, Abbot (1/9)
Bertila of Chelles, OSB V (11/5)
Bertilia of Maroeuil (Marolles), Widow (1/3)

Bertilla Boscardin V (10/20)
Bertilla of Chelles, OSB V (11/5)
Bertillo (Blessed) of Dijon, OSB (3/26)
Bertilo (Blessed) of Dijon, OSB (3/26)
Bertin of Sithiu, OSB Abbot (9/4)

Bertinus of Sithiu, OSB Abbot (9/4)
Bertinus the Younger, OSB (5/2)
Bertoldo of Parma OSB, Confessor (10/21)
Bertoni, James (Blessed) OSM (5/30)
Bertoul, OSB Abbot (2/5)

Bertrán, Louis (Blessed), OP M (7/29)
Bertram of Croyland, OSB Hermit (9/9)
Bertram of Ilam (8/10)
Bertram of Saint Quentin, OSB, Abbot (1/24)
Bertrand (Blessed) of Garrigue, OP (9/6)

Bertrand, Louis, OP (10/9)
Bertrand of Aquileia BM (6/6)
Bertrand of Comminges B (10/16)
Bertrand of Grandselve, OSB Cist. Abbot (10/23)
Bertrand of Saint Quentin, OSB, Abbot (1/24)

Bertuin of Maloigne, OSB B (11/11)
Bertuin of Malonne, OSB B (11/11)
Bertuin of Namur, OSB B (11/11)
Bertulf, OSB Abbot (2/5)
Bertulph, OSB Abbot (2/5)

Bertwald, OSB, Abbot (1/9)
Berward of Hildesheim, OSB B (11/20)
Besa, Abbot (12/23)
Bessarion of Egypt, Hermit (6/17)
Bessette, André (Alfred) (Blessed) (1/6)

Bethelm of Croyland, OSB Hermit (9/9)
Bethlin of Croyland, OSB Hermit (9/9)
Bettelin of Croyland, OSB Hermit (9/9)
Bettelin of Ilam (8/10)
Betto of Auxerre, OSB B (2/24)

Beuno of Wales, Abbot (4/21)
Beunor of Wales, Abbot (4/21)
Beuve and Doda, OSB VV (4/24)
Beuvon of Provence, Hermit (5/22)
Bezzoli, Justina (Francuccia) (Blessed) OSB V (3/12)

Biagio of Sebaste BM (2/3)
Bianchi, Francis Xavier, Barn. (1/31)
Bianor and Sylvanus MM (7/10)
Biblides, Attalus, Alexander, and Companions MM (6/2)
Biblig of Wales (7/3)

Bichier des Âges, (Joan, Jeanne) Elizabeth V (8/26)
Bie of Liébana, OSB Monk (2/19)
Bieuzy of Brittany M (11/24)
Bilfred of Lindisfarne, OSB Hermit (3/6)
Bilhild of Altenmünster, OSB Widow (11/27)

Billfrith of Lindisfarne, OSB Hermit (3/6)
Bird, James (Blessed) M (3/25)
Birgitta of Sweden, Religious (7/23)
Birillus of Catania B (3/21)
Birnstan of Winchester OSB B (11/4)

Birrstan of Winchester OSB B (11/4)
Biscop Baducing, OSB B (1/12)
Biscossi, Sibyllina (Blessed) OP Tert. (3/23)
Biscossi, Sybillina (Blessed) OP Tert. (3/23)
Biteus of Inis-Coosery Abbot (7/22)
Bitheus and Genocus (4/18)

Bladulph of Bobbio, Monk (1/2)
Bladus of the Isle of Man B (7/3)
Blaesilla of Rome, Widow (1/22)
Blaise (Blessed) of Auvergne, OP (4/5)

Blaise and Demetrius MM (11/29)
Blaise of Sebaste BM (2/3)
Blaithmac of Iona M (1/19)
Blaithmaic of Iona M (1/19)
Blaithmale of Iona M (1/19)

Blanca (Blessed), OSB Vall. (4/26)
Blanche and Fragan (7/5)
Blanche of Wales (10/18)
Blanco, Francis, OFM M (2/6)
Blanda, Simplicius, Felix, & Companions M (5/10)

Blandina M (6/2)
Blase of Sebaste BM (2/3)
Blasien of Sebaste BM (2/3)
Blasius of Sebaste BM (2/3)
Blath of Kildare V (1/29)

Blathmac of Iona M (1/19)
Blesilla of Rome, Widow (1/22)
Blevileguetus of Quimperlé B (11/7)
Blidulf of Bobbio, Monk (1/2)
Blier of Seganne (6/11)

Blinlivet of Quimperlé B (11/7)
Blitharius of Seganne (6/11)
Blitmund of Bobbio, Abbot (1/3)

Boadin, OSB, Hermit (1/11)
Bobinus of Troyes, OSB B (1/31)
Bobo of Provence, Hermit (5/22)
Bobola, Andrew SJ M (5/21)

Bobouan (6/2)
Boccasini, Nicholas OP (7/7)
Bodagisil, Abbot (12/18)
Bodey, John (Blessed) M (11/2)

Bodfan (6/2)
Boetharius of Chartres B (8/2)
Boethian of Pierrepont, OSB M (5/22)
Bogumilus of Gnesen, OSB Cam. B (6/10)
Boisil of Melrose, Abbot (2/23)

Bojani, Benvenuta (Blessed) OP Tert. V (10/30)
Bolcan of Derken B (2/20)
Bolonia VM (10/16)
Bona and Doda, OSB VV (4/24)
Bona of Pisa (5/29)

Bonannus (Blessed), OSB Cel. (1/1)
Bonaventure (Blessed) Baduario, O. Erem. (6/10)
Bonaventure (Blessed) of Potenza, OFM (10/26)
Bonaventure (Blessed) Tolomei, OP (12/27)
Bonaventure (Blessed) Tornielli, OSM (3/31)

Bonaventure of Miyako, OFM Tert. M (2/6)
Bonaventure, OFM B Doctor (7/15)
Bonavita (Blessed), OFM Tert. (3/1)
Bond of Sens, Hermit (10/29)
Boner, Isaias (Blessed) OSA (2/8)

Bonet of Clermont, OSB B (1/15)
Bonfadini, Antony (Blessed) OFM (12/1)
Boniface (Blessed) of Savoy, O. Cart. B (7/14)
Boniface (Blessed) of Valperga B (4/25)
Boniface (Blessed) of Villers, OSB Cist. (6/4)

Boniface and Thecla MM (8/30)
Boniface BM and Companions, OSB MM (6/5)
Boniface, Callistus, and Felix MM (12/29)
Boniface Curitan (Kyrin, Kyrstin) B (3/14)
Boniface I, Pope (9/4)

Boniface IV, Pope (5/8)
Boniface of Ferentino B (5/14)
Boniface of Lausanne, O. Cist. B (2/19)
Boniface of Querfurt, OSB Cam. BM (6/19)
Boniface of Ross B (3/14)
Boniface of Tarsus M (5/14)

Bonis, Bentivoglio (Blessed) de OFM (1/2)
Bonitus of Clermont, OSB B (1/15)
Bonitus of Monte Cassino, OSB Abbot (7/7)
Bonizella (Blessed) Piccolomini, Widow (5/6)
Bonnard, John-Louis (Blessed) M (5/1)

Bono, Caspar (Blessed) O. Minim. (7/14)
Bonomo, Jane Mary (Blessed) OSB V (3/1)
Bonomo, Jeanne-Marie (Blessed) OSB V (3/1)
Bononius of Locedio, OSB Cam. Abbot (8/30)
Bont of Clermont, OSB B (1/15)

Borgia y Aragon, Francis SJ (10/10)
Boris and Glev (David, Gleb) MM (7/24)
Borja, Francesco SJ (10/10)
Borromeo, Charles B Cardinal (11/4)
Bosa of York, OSB B (0309)

Boscardin, Ann Francis V (10/20)
Boscardin, Maria Bertilla V (10/20)
Bosco, John Priest Founder (1/31)
Bosgrave, Thomas (Blessed) M (7/4)
Boste, John Priest M (7/24)

Boswell of Melrose, Abbot (2/23)
Botolph, OSB Abbot (6/17)
Botulf, OSB Abbot (6/17)
Botulph, OSB Abbot (6/17)
Botvid of Sweden M (7/28)

Botwid of Sweden M (7/28)
Bourg, Stephen du O. Cart. (1/4)
Bourgeoys, Marguerite Foundress (1/19)
Boutrosiya (Blessed) Shabaq al-Rayes V (3/23)
Bova and Doda, OSB VV (4/24)

Brébeuf, John M (10/19)
Brachio (2/9)
Bradan and Orora (Crora) (10/20)
Branca of Cornwall V (6/4)
Brancasino, Sanctes (Blessed) OFM (8/14)

Brandan, Abbot (1/11)
Brannoc, Abbot (1/7)
Brannock, Abbot (1/7)
Branwalader B (1/19)
Branwalator B (1/19)

Branwallader B (1/19)
Braulio of Saragossa B (3/26)
Breaca of Cornwall V (6/4)
Breague of Cornwall V (6/4)
Breandan, Abbot (1/11)

Bregowine of Canterbury, OSB B (8/26)
Bregwin of Canterbury, OSB B (8/26)
Brelade B (1/19)
Brenach of Carn-Engyle (4/7)
Brenach the Irishman (4/7)

Brendan of Birr, Abbot (11/29)
Brendan the Voyager, Abbot (5/16)
Bretannion of Tomi B (1/25)
Brevile, Hermit (6/17)
Breward B (1/19)

Briant, Alexander M (12/1)
Briavel, Hermit (6/17)
Brice of Tours B (11/13)
Brictio of Tours B (11/13)
Brictius of Martola B (7/9)

Bride of Kildare V (2/1)
Bride of Kildare V (2/1)
Brideau, Frances (Blessed) O. Carm. M (7/17)
Bridget of Kildare V (2/1)
Bridget of Sweden, Religious (7/23)

Brieuc, Abbot B (5/1)
Briga of Kilbride V (1/21)
Brigid of Kilbride V (1/21)
Brigid of Kildare V (2/1)
Brigid of Kildare V (2/1)

Brigid V (2/1)
Brigit of Kildare V (2/1)
Brihtwald of Sarum, OSB B (1/22)
Brihtwald, OSB, Abbot (1/9)
Brillus of Catania B (3/21)

Brintan of Winchester OSB B (11/4)
Brioc, Abbot B (5/1)
Briocus, Abbot B (5/1)
Brites (Blessed) of Silva, OSB Cist. Abbess (8/16)
Brithun of Beverly, OSB Abbot (5/15)

Brithwald, OSB, Abbot (1/9)
Brithwin of Beverly, OSB Abbot (5/15)
Brithwold of Sarum, OSB B (1/22)
Britius of Tours B (11/13)
Brito of Trèves B (5/5)

Britonius of Trèves B (5/5)
Britto, John SJ M (2/4)
Britwin of Beverly, OSB Abbot (5/15)
Brixius of Tours B (11/13)
Brocard of Mount Carmel, OC (8/31)

Brocolelli, Lucy (Blessed) OP V (11/15)
Bromana of Glen-Seichis V (4/2)
Bron of Cassel B (6/8)
Bronach of Glen-Seichis V (4/2)
Bronacha of Glen-Seichis V (4/2)

Bronanna of Glen-Seichis V (4/2)
Bronislava (Blessed) of Poland, O.Praem. V (8/30)
Brothen and Gwendolen (Gwendoline) (10/18)
Browne, William (Blessed) M (9/4)
Bruck, Louis (Ludwig) M (4/30)

Bruder Klaus of Flüe, Hermit (3/22)
Bruna (Blessed), OSB Vall. (4/26)
Bruno, Marquard, OSB B & Comp. MM (2/2)
Bruno of Cologne B (10/11)
Bruno of Ottobeuren, OSB (12/24)

Bruno of Querfurt, OSB Cam. BM (6/19)
Bruno of Segni, OSB B (7/18)
Bruno of Würzburg B (5/27)
Bruno, Priest Founder (10/6)
Bruno the Great B (10/11)

Bruso, Christina (Blessed) V (11/6)
Bruzo, Christina (Blessed) V (11/6)
Brynach of Carn-Engyle (4/7)
Brynach the Irishman (4/7)
Brynoth of Scara B (5/9)

Brynstan of Winchester OSB B (11/4)
Bryynach of Carn-Engyle (4/7)
Bryynach the Irishman (4/7)

Buche, Henry Michael (Blessed) (6/9)
Bufalari, Lucy (Blessed) OSA V (7/27)
Bufalo, Caspar (Gaspare) del (1/2)
Bugga, OSB Abbess (2/25)
Bulgaria, Martyrs of (7/23)

Bulgaria, Seven Apostles (7/17)
Buo of Ireland (2/5)
Burali, Paul (Blessed) d'Arezzo B (6/17)
Buralli, John (Blessed) OFM (3/20)

Burchard (Bl.) of Bellevaus, OSB Cist. Abbot (4/19)
Burchard (Blessed) of Mallersdorf, OSB Abbot (6/25)
Burchard of Würzburg, OSB B (10/14)
Burckard of Würzburg, OSB B (10/14)
Burgundofara, OSB Abbess V (4/3)

Buriana of Cornwall V (6/4)
Buxton, Blessed Christopher M (10/1)
Byblig of Wales (7/3)
Byrnwald of Bampton (12/21)

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