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Cabeza, Mary (Blessed) de la, Widow (9/9)
Cabrini, Frances Xavier V (11/13)
Cacciafronte, John (Blessed) OSB BM (3/16)
Caccioli, Andrew (Blessed) OFM (6/3)
Cadfan of Wales, Abbot (11/1)

Cadfarch of Wales (10/24)
Cadoc BM (1/24)
Cadoc of Llancarvan BM (9/25)
Cadroe of Waulsort, OSB, Abbot (3/6)
Cadroel of Waulsort, OSB, Abbot (3/6)

Cadvael BM (1/24)
Cadwallader of Wales, King (4/20)
Cadwallador, King (11/12)
Cadwallador of Wales, King (4/20)

Caecilia (Blessed) of Ferrara, OP V (12/19)
Caecilia (Blesseds), Diana, and Amata, OP VV (6/9)
Caecilia of Rome VM (11/22)
Caecilian, Eventius, Primitivus, & four named Saturninus MM (4/16)
Caecilian of Carthage (6/3)

Caecilius, Ctesiphon, Hesychius, and Companions MM (5/15)
Caecilius of Carthage (6/3)
Caedmon (2/11)
Caedwalla of Wales, King (4/20)
Caellainn V (2/3)

Caentigern of Loch Lomand, Widow (1/7)
Caerealis and Sallustia MM (9/14)
Caerealis, Getulius, Amantius & Primitivus MM (6/10)
Caesarea V (5/15)
Caesareus, Theophilus, Germanus, & Vitalis MM (11/3)

Caesaria of Arles V (1/12)
Caesarius and Julian MM (11/1)
Caesarius, Decius (Dacius), & Companions MM (11/1)
Caesarius Nazianzen (2/25)
Caesarius of Angoulême (1/29)

Caesarius of Arles B (8/27)
Caesarius of Armenia M (12/28)
Caesarius of Clermont B (11/1)
Caesidius and Companions MM (8/31)
Cafasso, Joseph (6/23)

Cagnoald B of Laon (9/6)
Cagnou B of Laon (9/6)

Caidoc and Fricor (Adrian) HH (4/1)
Caillin of Ferns B (11/13)
Caimin of Inniskeltra, Abbot (3/24)
Caimin of Lough Derg, Abbot (3/24)
Caimnech of Kilkenny, Abbot (10/11)

Cainder of Inis Cathaig V (1/28)
Cainnech of Kilkenny, Abbot (10/11)
Cainnic of Kilkenny, Abbot (10/11)
Cairlon of Cashel B (3/24)
Cairnach, Abbot (5/16)

Caius (Blessed) of Corea (Korea), OP Tert. M (11/15)
Caius, Aggaeus, & Hermas MM (1/4)
Caius and Alexander MM (3/10)
Caius and Ampelius MM (11/20)
Caius and Crementius MM (4/16)

Caius and Crispus MM (10/4)
Caius, Expeditus, Aristonicus, & Companions MM (4/19)
Caius, Expeditus, Aristonicus, and Companions MM (4/9)
Caius Francis, OFM M (2/6)
Caius M (10/4)

Caius, Pope M (4/22)
Caius, Zoticus, Dasius, and Companions MM (10/21)
Cajetan (Blessed) Catanoso (4/4)
Cajetan of Thienna, Priest (8/7)

Calafato, Eustochium (Eustochia) OFM (1/20>
Calamanda (2/5)
Caldeira, Mark (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)
Caldia, Euphrasia, Matrona, and Companions MM (3/20)
Calepodius, Palmatius, Simplicius, & Companions M (5/10)
Caletricus of Chartres B (9/4)

Calimerius (Blessed) of Montechiaro, OP (11/28)
Calimerius of Milan BM (7/31)
Callinica and Basilissa MM (3/22)
Callinicus, Leucius, & Thyrsus MM (1/28)
Callinicus of Paphlagonia M (7/29)

Calliopa VM (6/8)
Calliope M (4/7)
Calliope VM (6/8)
Calliopus M (4/7)
Callista, Hermogenes, Theodota, and Evodius MM (8/2)

Callisthene M (10/4)
Callistus, Charisius, & Companions MM (4/16)
Callistus, Felix, and Boniface MM (12/29)
Callistus, Hermogenes, and Evodius MM (4/25)
Callistus I, Pope M (10/14)

Callistus of Huesca M (10/15)
Callixtus I, Pope M (10/14)
Calmette, Charles de la M (8/31)
Calocerus and Parthenius MM (5/19)
Calocerus of Brescia M (4/18)

Calocerus of Ravenna B (2/11)
Calogerus the Anchoret, Demetrius, and Gregory (6/18)
Cambiano, Peter (Blessed) OP M (2/2)
Camelian B (7/28)
Camilla (Bl.) Gentili V (5/18)

Camilla (Blessed) Varani, Poor Clare Abbess (5/31)
Camillus (Blessed) Costanzi, SJ (10/12)
Camillus de Lellis, Priest (7/14)
Camillus, John B (1/10)
Camin of Inniskeltra, Abbot (3/24)

Camin of Lough Derg, Abbot (3/24)
Cammin of Inniskeltra, Abbot (3/24)
Cammin of Lough Derg, Abbot (3/24)
Campion, Edmund M (12/1)

Can, Francis Xavier (Blessed) M (11/20)
Candida of Bañoles, Widow (1/27)
Candida of Rome VM (8/29)
Candida of Wales (10/18)
Candida, Rogatus, Cassian & Lucius MM (RM) (12/1)
Candida the Elder VM (9/4)

Candida (6/1)
Candidus and Cyrion MM (0309)
Candidus, Felician, Firmus, & Fortunatus MM (2/2)
Candidus, Piperion, and Companions MM (3/11)
Candres of Maestricht B (12/1)

Canetuli, Archangelus (Blessed) OSA (4/16)
Canh, Joseph (Blessed) OP Tert. M (9/4)
Canice of Kilkenny, Abbot (10/11)
Canicus of Kilkenny, Abbot (10/11)
Canisius, Peter SJ, Priest Doctor (12/21)

Cannatus of Marseilles B (10/15)
Cannen of Wales (11/5)
Cannera of Inis Cathaig V (1/28)
Canog of Wales M (10/7)
Cantianella, Protus, Cantianius, & Cantius MM (5/31)

Cantianius, Cantianella, Protus, & Cantius MM (5/31)
Cantidian, Cantidius, and Sobel MM (8/5)
Cantidius, Cantidian, and Sobel MM (8/5)
Cantius, Cantianius, Cantianella & Protus MM (5/31)
Cantius, John (12/23)

Canute IV of Denmark, King M (1/19)
Canute Lavard M (1/7)
Caoilfionn V (2/3)
Caorlan of Cashel B (3/24)
Capillas, Francis (Blessed) Ferdinand de OP M (1/15)

Capitanio, Bartholomea V (7/26)
Capito and Meneus (Hymenaeus) MM (7/24)
Capitolina and Erotheis MM (10/27)
Cappadocian Martyrs (5/23)
Caprais of Lérins, Abbot (6/1)

Caprasius M (10/20)
Caprasius of Lérins, Abbot (6/1)
Capucci, Peter (Blessed) OP (10/21)

Caradoc of Llandaff, Abbot (4/14)
Caradog of Llandaff, Abbot (4/14)
Caralippus, Agapitus, & Companions MM (4/28)
Caran (Caranus) of Scotland B (12/24)

Carannog, Abbot (5/16)
Carannog, Abbot (5/16)
Carantoc, Abbot (5/16)
Carantock, Abbot (5/16)

Carantog, Abbot (5/16)
Caranus of Chartres M (5/28)
Cararcciolo, Francis (6/4)
Carasuma, Leo M (2/6)

Caraunus of Chartres M (5/28)
Cardozo, Laura Evangelista (Blessed) (4/2)
Cardozo, María (Blessed) (4/2)
Carey, John (Blessed) M (7/4)
Carina, Antony (Antoninus), and Melasippus MM (11/7)

Carissima of Albi V (9/7)
Carissimus, Dulcissimus, and Companions MM (7/6)
Carletti, (Angelo) Angelus OFM (4/12)
Carmelite Nuns of Compiègne (Blessed) MM (7/17)
Carnath, Abbot (5/16)

Caro of Chartres M (5/28)
Carolo Borromeo B Cardinal (11/4)
Carpone and Rufus MM (8/27)
Carponius, Evaristus, and Priscian MM (10/14)
Carpophorus and Rufus MM (8/27)

Carpophorus, Exanthus, & Companions MM (8/7)
Carpophorus, Severianus, Severus, Victorinus, and Simplicius (11/8)
Carpus, Agathonica, Agathodorus, and Comp. MM (4/13)
Carpus of Troas (10/13)
Carreri, Matthew (Blessed), OP (10/7)

Carterius M (1/8)
Carterius, Styriacus, Tobias, Eudoxius, Agapius & Comp. MM (11/2)
Carthach the Younger, Abbot (5/14)
Carthage the Younger, Abbot (5/14)
Cartholinus, Florentius, Julia & Justa MM (7/15)

Carthusian Martyrs (Blessed) (5/4)
Carvalho, James (Blessed) and Companions, SJ M (2/25)
Carvalho, Vincent (Blessed) OSA M (9/3)

Casanuova, Leonard OFM (11/26)
Casas, Philip de las OFM M (2/6)
Casilda of Briviesca V (4/9)
Caspar (Blessed) de Bono, O. Minim. (7/14)
Caspar del Bufalo (1/2)

Cassia, Paula, Julian, & Companions MM (7/20)
Cassian, John Abbot (7/23)
Cassian, Lucius, Rogatus, & Candida MM (RM) (12/1)
Cassian of Autun B (8/5)
Cassian of Nantes, OFM Cap. M (8/7)

Cassian, Peter, Thecla, & Comp. MM (3/26)
Cassius, Florentius, and Companions MM (10/10)
Cassius, Severinus, & Companions MM (8/7)
Cassius, Victorinus, Maximus, & Companions MM (5/15)
Cassyon of Autun B (8/5)

Castañeda, Hyacinth (Blessed) and Companions, OP MM (11/7)
Castor and Dorotheus MM (3/28)
Castor and Stephen MM (4/27)
Castor of Apt B (8/31)
Castor, Victor, and Rogatian MM (12/28)

Castor (2/13)
Castora (Blessed) Gabrielli, OFM Tert. Widow (6/14)
Castori, Prudentia (Blessed) OSA V (5/6)
Castorius, Simpronian, Claudius, Nicostratus, and Simplicius (11/8)
Castorius, Victorinus, & Companions MM (7/7)

Castrensis of Capua B (2/11)
Castritian of Milan B (12/1)
Castro, Benedict (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)
Castulus and Euprepis MM (11/30)
Castulus, Magnus, & Saturninus (2/15)

Castulus of Rome M (3/26)
Castulus, Zoticus, Rogatus, Modestus, & Comp. MM (1/12)
Castus M (10/6)

Catald of Taranto B (5/10)
Cataldus of Taranto B (5/10)
Catamanu of Wales, Abbot (11/1)
Catanoso, Gaetano (Cajetan) (Blessed) (4/4)

Catellus of Castellamare B (1/19)
Caterinetta of Genoa, Widow (9/15)
Cathal of Taranto B (5/10)
Cathaluds of Taranto B (5/10)

Catherick, Edward (Blessed) M (4/13)
Catherine (Bl.) of Cardona V (5/21)
Catherine (Blessed) Mancini, OP Tert. (1/28)
Catherine (Blessed) Mattei, OP Tert. V (9/4)

Catherine (Blessed) of Pallanza, OSA V (4/6)
Catherine (Blessed) of Parc-aux-Dames, OSB Cist. V (5/4)
Catherine (Blessed) of Racconigi, OP Tert. V (9/4)
Catherine (Blessed) Soiron, O. Carm. M (7/17)
Catherine de'Vigri, Poor Clare V (0309)

Catherine dei Ricci, OP V (2/13)
Catherine di Benincasa, OP V (4/29)
Catherine Fieschi di Negro (9/15)
Catherine Labouré V (11/28)
Catherine of Alexandria VM (11/25)

Catherine of Bologna, Poor Clare V (0309)
Catherine of Genoa, Widow (9/15)
Catherine of Palma, OSA V (4/1)
Catherine of Siena, OP V (4/29)
Catherine of Sweden, Bridg. V (3/24)

Catherine of Vadstena, Bridg. V (3/24)
Catherine Tomas (Thomas), OSA V (4/1)
Cathmael BM (1/24)
Catman of Wales, Abbot (11/1)
Cattaldo of Taranto B (5/10)

Catulinus, Januarius, Julia & Justa MM (7/15)
Catus, Pia, & Companions MM (1/19)
Cauleas, Antony B (2/12)
Cavestany y Anduaga Teresa Maria (Blessed) M (7/20)

Ceadda of Lichfield B (3/2)
Ceallach McAedh B (4/7)
Ceallach of Armagh B (4/7)
Ceallach of Killala BM (5/1)

Ceara of Kilkeary V (1/5)
Cearan the Devout, Abbot (6/14)
Cecilia of Rome VM (11/22)
Cecilius of Carthage (6/3)

Cecilius of Granada B (2/1)
Cecily of Rome VM (11/22)
Cedd, OSB B (1/7)
Cedd, OSB B (10/26)

Ceilach of Armagh B (4/1)
Ceitho of Wales (11/1)
Celerina, Ignatius, and Laurentinus MM (2/3)
Celerinus of Carthage M (2/3)
Celestine I, Pope (4/6)

Celestine, Neopolus, Germanus & Saturninus MM (5/2)
Celia of Rome VM (11/22)
Celina of Laon, Matron (10/21)
Cellach McAedh B (4/7)
Cellach of Armagh B (4/1)

Cellach of Armagh B (4/7)
Celli, Gregory (Blessed) OSA (5/4)
Cellog of Kilmallock (3/26)
Celsa and Nona VV (2/3)
Celsus and Clement MM (11/21)

Celsus and Nazarius MM (7/28)
Celsus McAedh B (4/7)
Celsus of Armagh B (4/7)
Cendoya Araquistain, Maria Cecilia (Blessed) M (7/20)
Censurius of Auxerre B (6/10)

Ceolfrid, Abbot (9/25)
Ceollach B (10/6)
Ceolwulf, OSB, King, Monk (1/15)
Ceolwulph, OSB, King, Monk (1/15)
Ceowulf, OSB, King, Monk (1/15)

Cera of Kilkeary V (1/5)
Ceran of Clonmacnoise, Abbot (9/9)
Ceran of Cluain Mocca Nois, Abbot (9/9)
Ceran the Younger, Abbot (9/9)
Ceraunus of Chartres M (5/28)

Cerbonius of Piombino B (10/10)
Cerbonius of Verona B (10/10)
Cerchi, Humiliana (Blessed) OFM Tert. (5/19)
Cercyre VM (4/29)
Cerdan, Peter (Blessed) OP (4/5)

Cerneuf the Gardener M (2/23)
Ceronne (11/15)
Cesarello, Julian (Blessed) OFM (5/11)
Ceslas (Blessed) Odrowatz, OP (7/17)
Ceslas (Blessed) of Poland, OP (7/17)

Cethach of Oran B (6/16)
Cethagh of Oran B (6/16)
Cetheus of Aquila BM (6/13)
Cettin of Oran B (6/16)

Chabanel, Noel M (10/19)
Chad of Lichfield B (3/2)
Chaeremon, Ischyion, and Other Martyrs MM (12/22)
Chaeremon M (10/4)
Chaffre of Carmery OSB, Abbot (10/19)
Chainoaldus B of Laon (9/6)

Chanel, Peter Louis Mary Priest M (4/28)
Charalampias and Companions MM (2/18)
Charbel Makhlouf the Maronite, Hermit (12/24)
Charisius, Callistus, & Companions MM (4/16)
Chariton and Zeno MM (9/3)

Charlemagne (Blessed), Emperor (1/28)
Charles (Blessed) of Sayn, OSB Cist., Abbot (1/29)
Charles Borromeo B Cardinal (11/4)
Charles de la Calmette M (8/31)
Charles Garnier M (10/19)

Charles Lwanga and Companions MM (6/3)
Charles of Sezze, OFM (1/5)
Chef of Vienne, Abbot (10/29)
Chelidonia of Subiaco, OSB V (10/13)
Cheron of Chartres M (5/28)

Chevreux, Augustine Ambrose OSB M (8/31)
Chiampo, Isnard (Blessed) de OP (3/22)
Chiarito (Blessed) Voglia (5/25)
Chien, Francis (Blessed) M (6/25)
Chier of Kilkeary V (10/16)

Chiesa, Antony (Blessed) OP (7/28)
Chilianus, Colman, and Totnan MM (7/8)
Chillen of Aubigny (11/13)
Chillianus of Aubigny (11/13)
Chillien, Colman, and Totnan MM (7/8)

Chillien of Aubigny (11/13)
Chimura, Antony (Blessed) and Companions MM (11/27)
Chione, Agape, and Irene VV MM (4/3)
Chionia, Agape, and Irene VV MM (4/3)
Choa, Peter (Blessed) M (11/24)

Chrétien, Rose (Blessed) O. Carm. M (7/17)
Christeta, Sabina, & Vincent, MM (10/27)
Christian (Blessed) of Auxerre B (11/22)
Christian (Blessed) of Douai (4/7)
Christian (Blessed) of Perugia, OP (12/1)

Christian O'Morgair B (6/12)
Christian of Clogher B (6/12)
Christiana (Blessed) of the Cross, OSA V (1/4)
Christiana of Termonde V (7/24)
Christina (Blessed) Bruzo (Bruso) V (11/6)

Christina (Blessed) Ciccarelli, OSA V (1/18)
Christina (Blessed) of Aquila, OSA V (1/18)
Christina (Blessed) of Spoleto, Penitent (2/13)
Christina (Blessed) of Stommeln V (11/6)
Christina Mirabilis V (7/24)

Christina of Bolsena VM (7/24)
Christina of Markgate, OSB Hermit (12/26)
Christina of Persia VM (3/13)
Christina of Tuscany VM (7/24)
Christina of Tyre VM (7/24)

Christina the Astonishing V (7/24)
Christinus, John, Matthew, Isaac, & Benedict OSB MM (11/12)
Christopher (Blessed) Macassoli, OFM (3/11)
Christopher (Blessed) of Portugal M (11/12)
Christopher (Blessed) of Romagnola, OFM (10/31)

Christopher (Blessed), OP (3/1)
Christopher Buxton (Blessed) M (10/1)
Christopher Fleming, OFM M (11/7)
Chrodegang of Metz B (3/6)
Chronidas, Amphilochius, & Comps. MM (3/27)

Chrysanthus and Daria MM (10/25)
Chrysogonus of Aquileia M (11/24)
Chrysolius the Armenian BM (2/7)
Chrysologus, Peter B, Doctor (7/30)
Chrysotelus, Luke, Mucius & Companions MM (4/22)

Cianan of Damleag B (11/24)
Ciar of Kilkeary V (1/5)
Ciaran of Clonmacnoise, Abbot (9/9)
Ciaran of Cluain Mocca Nois, Abbot (9/9)
Ciaran the Devout, Abbot (6/14)

Ciaran the Younger, Abbot (9/9)
Ciccarelli, Christina (Blessed) OSA V (1/18)
Cicco (Blessed) of Pesaro, OFM Tert. (8/4)
Cilinia of Laon, Matron (10/21)
Cillene of Iona, Abbot (7/3)

Cini, John (Blessed) OFM Tert. (11/12)
Cinnia of Ulster V (2/1)
Cior of Kilkeary V (1/5)
Cirino the Jailer M (3/30)
Cirita, John (Blessed) OSB Hermit (12/23)

Citha of Lucca V (4/27)
Ciwa V (2/8)
Ciwg V (2/8)
Clair, OSB, Abbot (1/1)
Clare (Blessed) Gambacorta, OP Widow (4/17)

Clare (Blessed) of Agolanti, OFM Tert., Widow (2/10)
Clare (Blessed) of Pisa, OP Widow (4/17)
Clare (Blessed) of Rimini, OFM Tert., Widow (2/10)
Clarentius of Vienne B (4/26)
Claret, Anthony (Antony) Mary B, Founder (10/24)

Clarice Mariscotti, OFM Tert., V (1/30)
Claritus (Blessed) Voglia (5/25)
Clarus of Aquitaine BM (6/1)
Clarus of Marmoutier, Hermit (11/8)
Clarus of Nantes B (10/10)

Clarus of Rouen, OSB M (11/4)
Clarus of Seligenstadt, OSB Hermit (2/1)
Clarus, OSB, Abbot (1/1)
Classicus, Secundinus, & Maximus MM (2/18)
Clateus of Brescia BM (6/4)

Claude (Blessed) de la Colombière, SJ (2/15)
Claudia, Hermit (3/29)
Claudia, Matron (8/7)
Claudian, Diodorus, Conon, and Papias MM (2/26)
Claudian, Victor, Victorinus, & Bassa MM (3/6)

Claudius, Justus, Jucundinus & Comp. MM (7/21)
Claudius, Lucillian, Hypatius, Paul & Dionysius MM (6/3)
Claudius, Lupercus, & Victorius MM (10/30)
Claudius, Marcellinus, Cyrinus, & Antoninus MM (10/25)
Claudius, Nicostratus, & Companions MM (7/7)

Claudius, Praepedigna, & Cutia MM (2/18)
Claudius, Simpronian, Nicostratus, Castorius, and Simplicius (11/8)
Claver, Peter SJ Priest (9/9)
Cledwyn of Wales (11/1)
Cleer of Wales (10/23)

Clement (Blessed) of Dunblane, OP (3/19)
Clement (Blessed) of Okhrida and Companions (7/17)
Clement (Blessed) of Saint Elpidio, OSA (4/8)
Clement (Blessed) Slovensky and Companions (7/17)
Clement and Agathangelus MM (1/23)

Clement and Celsus MM (11/21)
Clement I, Pope M (11/23)
Clement Maria Hofbauer, C.SS.R. (3/15)
Clement of Metz B (11/23)
Clement of the Paris Schools (3/20)

Clementia (Blessed) of Oehren, OSB Widow (3/21)
Clementinus, Theodotus, and Philomenus MM (11/14)
Cleodius of Wales (10/23)
Cleomenes, Agathopus, & Companions MM (12/23)
Cleopatra of Syria, Widow (10/19)

Cler of Marmoutier, Hermit (11/8)
Clerus of Antioch M (1/7)
Clet, Francis Regis (Blessed) C.M. M (2/17)
Clether of Wales (10/23)
Cletus, Pope M (4/26)

Clinius of Pontecorvo, OSB Abbot (3/30)
Clitanus of Wales (10/23)
Clitherow, Margaret M (3/25)
Clodoald of Nogent, Abbot (9/7)
Clodulf of Metz B (6/8)

Clodulphus of Metz B (6/8)
Clodulphus of Nogent, Abbot (9/7)
Clothilde of France, Queen Widow (6/3)
Clotilda of France, Queen Widow (6/3)
Clotilde of France, Queen Widow (6/3)

Clou of Metz B (6/8)
Cloud of Metz B (6/8)
Cloud of Nogent, Abbot (9/7)
Clydog of Wales (10/23)
Clydwyn of Wales (11/1)

Cnut IV of Denmark, King M (1/19)
Coaimhghin of Glendalough, Abbot (6/3)
Codocus BM (1/24)
Codratus and Companions MM (3/10)
Codratus, Apollo, and Isacius MM (4/21)

Codratus, Theodosius, Emmanuel & Comp. MM (3/26)
Coel of Inniscoel, Abbot (5/22)
Coemgen of Glendalough, Abbot (6/3)
Coenburga of Wimborne (9/3)
Cofen of Wales, Matron (12/28)

Cogitosus of Kildare (4/18)
Cognoli, Gerard (Blessed) OFM (1/2)
Cointha of Alexandria VM (2/8)
Colan of Denbighshire (5/21)
Colchu of Clonmacnoise, Abbot (2/20)

Coleta, Poor Clare V (3/6)
Colette, Poor Clare V (3/6)
Colgan of Clonmacnoise, Abbot (2/20)
Colgu of Clonmacnoise, Abbot (2/20)
Collen of Denbighshire (5/21)

Colman, Kilian, and Totnan (Tadhg) MM (7/8)
Colman MacLenini B (11/24)
Colman McO'Laoighse, Abbot (5/15)
Colman McRoi, Abbot (6/16)
Colman of Cloyne B (11/24)

Colman of Dromore B (6/7)
Colman of Kilmacduagh B (10/29)
Colman of Kilroot B (10/17)
Colman of Lindisfarne B (2/18)
Colman of Lismore B (1/23)

Colman of Senboth-Fola, Abbot (10/27)
Colman of Stockerau (of Melk) M (10/13)
Colman (11/20)
Colmcille (6/9)
Colmenario, Francis (Blessed) (4/24)

Coloman of Stockerau (of Melk) M (10/13)
Colomannus of Stockerau (of Melk) M (10/13)
Colombini, John (Giovanni) (Blessed) Founder (7/31)
Colonna, Margaret (Blessed) Poor Clare V (12/30)
Colum (6/9)

Columba (Blessed) of Rieti, OP Tert. V (5/20)
Columba of Cornwall VM (11/13)
Columba of Sens, VM (12/31)
Columba (6/9)
Columbanus Junior M (11/21)

Columbanus McO'Laoighse, Abbot (5/15)
Columbanus of Ghent, Hermit (2/2)
Columbanus of Luxeuil, OSB Abbot (11/23)
Columbus (Blessed) of Toulouse, OP (11/8)
Columbus (6/9)

Columcille (6/9)
Columkill (6/9)
Combs (6/9)
Comgall, Abbot (5/11)
Comgan of Scotland, Abbot (10/13)

Comin of Iona, Abbot (6/9)
Cominus of Iona, Abbot (6/9)
Comnatan V (1/1)
Conaire of Inis Cathaig V (1/28)
Conald of Inniscoel, Abbot (5/22)

Conall of Inniscoel, Abbot (5/22)
Conan (Conon) of Iona B (1/26)
Concessa of Carthage M (4/8)
Concessus, Demetrius, Hilary & Comp. MM (4/9)
Conchobar McConchailleach (MacConaille), OSA B (6/4)

Concord McConchailleach (MacConaille), OSA B (6/4)
Concordius of Spoleto M (1/1)
Concordius, Valentine, Navalis & Agricola MM (12/16)
Condé, OSB, Hermit (10/21)
Cond&egrav;de, OSB, Hermit (10/21)

Condedus, OSB, Hermit (10/21)
Congall of Iabnallivin (7/27)
Congar, Abbot (11/27)
Congar, Monk (11/7)
Conindrus and Romulus BB (12/28)

Conleat of Kildare B (5/10)
Conleth of Kildare B (5/10)
Connat V (1/1)
Conogan of Quimper B (10/16)
Conon (Father) and Conon (Son) MM (5/29)

Conon of Mandona M (3/6)
Conon of Nesi, Abbot (3/28)
Conon, Papias, Diodorus, and Claudian MM (2/26)
Conrad (Bl.) Ascoli, OFM (4/19)
Conrad (Bl.) de'Miliani, OFM (4/19)

Conrad (Blessed) of Bavaria, OSB Cist. (2/15)
Conrad (Blessed) of Frisach, OP (11/24)
Conrad (Blessed) of Heisterbach, OSB Cist. (11/25)
Conrad (Blessed) of Hessen, OSB Cist. Abbot (6/1)
Conrad (Blessed) of Hildesheim, OFM (4/14)

Conrad (Blessed) of Mondsee, OSB, Abbot M (1/16)
Conrad (Blessed) of Ottobeuren, OSB Abbot (7/27)
Conrad (Blessed) of Seldenburen, OSB M (5/2)
Conrad of Constance B (11/26)
Conrad of Parzham, OFM Cap. (4/21)

Conrad of Piacenza, OFM Tert. (2/19)
Conrad of Trèves BM (6/1)
Conradin (Blessed) of Brescia, OP (11/1)
Conran B (2/14)
Consortia V (6/22)

Constabilis of Cava, OSB, Abbot (2/17)
Constance, Attica, and Artemia VV MM (2/18)
Constans of Rhuys, OSB (11/29)
Constantian of Javron, Abbot (12/1)
Constantine II of Scotland, King M (4/2)

Constantine of Beauvais B (6/15)
Constantine of Carthage M (3/11)
Constantine of Gap B (4/12)
Constantine of Monte Cassino, OSB Abbot (7/21)
Constantine of Scotland M (3/11)

Constantine, Serapion, & Companions MM (7/27)
Constantinople, Martyrs of (2/8)
Constantius (Blessed) of Fabriano, OP (2/25)
Constantius and Companions MM (1/29)
Constantius of Gap B (4/12)

Constantius of Rome (11/30)
Constantius, Simplicius, & Victorian MM (8/26)
Contardo of Este (4/16)
Contardo the Pilgrim (4/16)
Contestus of Bayeux B (1/19)

Contran, King (3/28)
Conus of Lucania, OSB (6/3)
Conval of Strathclyde (5/18)
Convoyon of Redon, OSB, Abbot (1/5)
Conwoion of Redon, OSB, Abbot (1/5)

Copras, Patermuthius, and Alexander MM (7/9)
Corbican (6/26)
Corbington, Ralph (Blessed) SJ MM (9/7)
Corbinian of Freising B (9/8)
Corbmac of Durrow, Abbot (6/21)

Corby, Ralph (Blessed) SJ MM (9/7)
Cordero Muñoz, Francisco Febres (2/9)
Cordula VM (10/22)
Corebus of Messina M (4/18)
Corfu Martyrs (4/29)

Cormac of Cashel, King B (9/14)
Cornay, John Charles (Blessed) M (2/8)
Cornelia, Theodolus, Anesius, Felix, & Comp. MM (3/31)
Cornelius, Flos, & Companions MM (12/31)
Cornelius, John (Blessed) SJ M (7/4)

Cornelius McConchailleach (MacConaille), OSA B (6/4)
Cornelius of Chambéry, OSA B (6/4)
Cornelius of Lemniec, OSA B (6/4)
Cornelius the Centurion B (2/2)
Cornelius van Wyk, OFM M (7/9)

Corona (Blessed) of Elche, OSB V (4/24)
Corona and Victor MM (5/14)
Correa, Antony (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)
Correa, Louis (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)
Corsini, Andrew OC B (2/4)

Corsini, Thomas (Blessed) OSM (6/23)
Cosmas Tachegia, OFM Tert. M (2/6)
Cosmas Takeya, OFM Tert. M (2/6)
Cosmas Zaquira, OFM Tert. M (2/6)
Costanzi, Camillus (Blessed) SJ (10/12)

Cotenda, Thomas (Blessed) and Companions MM (11/27)
Cottam, Thomas (Blessed) M (5/30)
Cottidus, Eugene and Companions MM (9/6)
Cottolengo, Joseph Benedict (4/29)
Cou, John Baptist (Blessed) M (11/7)

Cousin, Germaine V (6/15)
Cozaki, Michael M (2/6)
Cozaki, Thomas M (2/6)
Craton and Companions MM (2/15)
Cratz, John (Blessed) Gaspard & Companions, SJ MM (1/12)

Credan (5/11)
Credanus (5/11)
Credus (5/11)
Crementius and Caius MM (4/16)
Crescens BM (6/27)

Crescens, Dioscorides, & Companions MM (5/28)
Crescens, Eustace, Cresconius, & Companions BB (11/28)
Crescens M (10/1)
Crescens of Myra M (4/15)
Crescentia (Blessed) Höss, OFM Tert. V (4/5)

Crescentian, Felix, Hortulanus, & Companions BB (11/28)
Crescentian of Rome M (11/24)
Crescentian of Saldo M (6/1)
Crescentian of Sassari M (5/31)
Crescentian, Victor, Rosula, and Generalis MM (9/14)

Crescentiana M (5/5)
Crescentius of Florence (4/19)
Crescentius of Perugia M (9/14)
Crescentius, Romulus of Fiesole BM, and Companions MM (7/6)
Crescentius, Secundus, & Companions MM (12/29)

Cresconius, Crescentian, Felix, & Companions BB (11/28)
Crewenna (2/1)
Crisin, Mark M (9/4)
Crispin and Crispinian MM (10/25)
Crispin I and II of Pavia B (1/7)

Crispin of Viterbo, OFM Cap. (5/21)
Crispinian and Crispin MM (10/25)
Crispulus and Gabinus MM (5/30)
Crispulus and Restitutus MM (6/10)
Crispus and Caius MM (10/4)

Crispus and John MM (8/18)
Crispus, Benedict (Blessed) B (3/11)
Cristiolus of Wales (11/3)
Crockett, Blessed Ralph M (10/1)
Croidan, Medan, and Degan (6/4)

Croissy, Frances (Blessed) O. Carm. M (7/17)
Croistan O'Morgair B (6/12)
Croistan of Clogher B (6/12)
Croman of Roscrea, Abbot (4/28)
Cronan Beg B (1/7)

Cronan of Roscrea, Abbot (4/28)
Cronan the Tanner (6/3)
Cronan the Wise B (2/9)
Crora and Bradan (10/20)
Crotates, Isacius, and Apollo MM (4/21)

Csaky, Maurice (Blessed) OP (3/20)
Ctesiphon, Euphrasius, and Companions MM (5/15)
Cuénot, Stephen (Blessed) BM (2/8)
Cuan, Abbot (1/1)
Cuaran the Wise B (2/9)

Cuby of Caenarvon, Abbot B (11/8)
Cufitella, William (Blessed) OFM Tert., Hermit (4/7)
Culmatius and Gaudentius MM (6/19)
Cumgar, Abbot (11/27)
Cumgar, Monk (11/7)

Cumian of Bobbio, OSB B (6/9)
Cumian the Fada, Abbot (11/12)
Cumine the White, Abbot (10/6)
Cummian of Bobbio, OSB B (6/9)
Cummian the Fada, Abbot (11/12)

Cummin of Bobbio, OSB B (6/9)
Cummin the Fada, Abbot (11/12)
Cunegund, OSB V (5/4)
Cunegunde(s) of Poland, OFM Tert. V (7/24)
Cunera V (6/12)

Cungar, Abbot (11/27)
Cunha, Vincent (Blessed) da & Companions, SJ MM (1/12)
Cunibert of TrŠves B (11/12)
Cuno of Trèves BM (6/1)
Curé d'Ars, Priest (8/4)

Curcodomus of Auxerre, Deacon (5/4)
Curig of Wales B (6/16)
Curitan, Boniface B (3/14)
Curonotus of Iconium BM (9/12)
Curvinus the Wise B (2/9)

Cuthbert Mayne M (11/30)
Cuthbert of Canterbury, OSB B (10/26)
Cuthbert of Lindisfarne, OSB B (3/20)
Cuthburga of Wimborne, Widow OSB Abbess (9/3)
Cuthman (Cuthmann) of Steyning, Hermit (2/8)

Cutia, Alexander, & Praepedigna MM (2/18)
Cwick V (2/8)
Cybi of Caenarvon, Abbot B (11/8)
Cyneburga, Cyneswide, & Tibba (3/6)
Cynehelm, King M (7/17)

Cyneswide, Cyneburga, & Tibba (3/6)
Cynfarch Oer of Wales (9/8)
Cynfran of Wales (11/11)
Cyngar, Abbot (11/27)
Cyngar, Monk (11/7)

Cynibild (3/2)
Cynidr, Abbot (4/27)
Cynllo of Wales (7/17)
Cynwl of Wales, Hermit (4/30)
Cyprian, Felix BB and Companions MM (10/12)

Cyprian of Brescia B (4/21)
Cyr and Julitta (Giulietta) MM (6/16)
Cyra and Marana MM (8/3)
Cyra of Kilkeary V (1/5)
Cyrenia and Juliana MM (11/1)

Cyria, Valeria, Zenais, & Marcia MM (6/5)
Cyriac, Firmus, Longinus, & Companions MM (6/24)
Cyriaca and Companions VV MM (5/19)
Cyriaca of Rome, Widow (8/31)
Cyriaca, Photis, Parasceve, and Companions MM (3/20)

Cyriacus and Antiochus MM (7/15)
Cyriacus and Apollinaris MM (6/21)
Cyriacus and Julitta (Giulietta) MM (6/16)
Cyriacus and Paul MM (6/20)
Cyriacus and Paula MM (6/18)

Cyriacus, Exuperius, Zoe, & Theodulus MM (5/2)
Cyriacus, Lucius, and Paul MM (2/8)
Cyriacus, Marcellinus, Faustinus, & Comp. MM (6/5)
Cyriacus of Ancona BM (5/4)
Cyriacus of Constantinople B (10/27)

Cyriacus, Paulillus, Secundus, Anastasius, Syndimius, and Companions MM (12/19)
Cyriacus, Tarcisius, Zoticus, and Comp. MM (1/31)
Cyricus and Julitta (Giulietta) MM (6/16)
Cyril and Anastasia MM (10/28)
Cyril M (10/2)

Cyril, Monk, and Methodius B (2/14)
Cyril of Alexandria B, Doctor (6/27)
Cyril of Antioch B (7/22)
Cyril of Caesarea M (5/29)
Cyril of Constantinople, OC (3/6)

Cyril of Crete BM (7/9)
Cyril of Heliopolis M and Mark BM (3/29)
Cyril of Trèves B (5/19)
Cyril, Paul, Eugene & Companions MM (3/20)
Cyril, Rogatus, Felix, & Companions

Cyrilla of Cyrene M (7/5)
Cyrilla of Rome VM (10/28)
Cyrinus, Alphius, and Philadelphus MM (5/10)
Cyrinus, Basilides, Nabor, and Nazarius MM (6/12)
Cyrinus, Marcellinus, Claudius, & Antoninus MM (10/25)

Cyrinus of Rome M (10/25)
Cyrinus, Primus, and Theogenes MM (1/3)
Cyrion and Candidus MM (0309)
Cyrion, Bassian, Agatho, and Moses MM (2/14)
Cyrus and John MM (1/31)

Cyrus of Carthage B (7/14)
Cythinus, Veturius, Felix, & Companions MM (7/17)

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