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d'Abreu, Emmanuel (Blessed) & Companions, SJ MM (1/12)
d'Alignan, Benedict (Blessed) OFM B (7/8)
d'Amboise, Frances (Blessed) OC (11/4)
d'Este, Beatrix (Blessed) I, OSB V (5/10)
d'Ogna, Albert (Blessed), OP Tert. (5/7)
d'Oignies, Mary (Marie) (Blessed) Widow (6/23)
d'Ornacieux, Beatrix (Blessed) O. Cart. V (2/13)

da Cunha, Vincent (Blessed) & Companions, SJ MM (1/12)
da Todi, Jacopone (Blessed) OFM (12/25)
Da Lua, Abbot (8/4)

Dabeoc, Abbot (1/1)
Dabius of Scotland (7/22)
Dacian and Aretius (Arecius, Aregius) MM (6/4)
Dacius, Caesarius, & Companions MM (11/1)
Dadas, Maximus, and Quintilianus MM (4/13)

Dado of Rouen B (8/24)
Dafrosa M (1/4)
Dagaeus Maccairill B (8/18)
Dagaeus of Iniskin B (8/18)
Dagan of Wales M (8/27)

Daganus Maccairill B (8/18)
Daganus of Iniskin B (8/18)
Dagobert II of Austrasia, King M (12/23)
Daig Maccairill B (8/18)
Daig of Iniskin B (8/18)

Dairchilla of Wexford (of Ferns) B (6/17)
Dalby, Robert (Blessed) MM (3/16)
Dalidus of Lucca
Dallan Forghaill M (1/29)
Dallan of Cluain Dallain M (1/29)

Dalmatius of Pavia BM (12/5)
Dalmatius of Rodez B (11/13)
Damhnade V (6/13)
Damian (Blessed) dei Fulcheri (of Finario), OP (10/26)
Damian (Blessed) of Finario, OP (10/26)

Damian (Blessed) Vaz & Companions MM (6/11)
Damian and Fugatius (Phaganu, Fagan, Ffager) (5/26)
Damian M (2/12)
Damian M (5/14)
Damian of Pavia B (4/12)

Damian, Peter B Doctor (2/21)
Damien, Father (4/15)
Danei, Paul Francis, Priest (10/19)
Danes, The Martyrs under the Danes (4/10)
Daniel (Blessed) of Cambron, OSB Cist., Abbot (1/20>

Daniel (Blessed) of Villiers, OSB Cist. (12/26)
Daniel and Verda MM (2/21)
Daniel, Antony M (10/19)
Daniel, Jeremy, Isaias, Samuel, and Elias MM (2/16)
Daniel, Maurice, Leontius, & Companions MM (7/10)

Daniel of Gerona M (4/29)
Daniel of Murano, OSB Cam. Hermit (3/31)
Daniel of Padua, Deacon M (1/3)
Daniel, Prophet (7/21)
Daniel, Samuel, Angelus (Angeluccio), and Companions, OFM MM (10/10)

Dardulacha of Kildare V (2/1)
Darerca V (7/6)
Darerca, Widow (3/22)
Daria and Chrysanthus MM (10/25)
Darius, Zosimus, Paul, and Secundus MM (12/19)
Darlaugdach of Kildare V (2/1)

Darrera Izaguirre, Josefa Maria (Blessed) M (7/20)
Dasius of Dorostorum M (11/20)
Dasius, Zoticus, Caius, and Companions MM (10/21)

Dat Dominic Nicholas (Blessed) M (7/18)
Dat, John (Blessed) M (10/28)
Dathus of Ravenna B (7/3)
Datius, Julian, Vincent & 27 companions MM (1/27)

Datius M (1/14)
Datius, Reatrus (Restius), & Companions MM (1/27)
Dativus, Felix, Ampelius and Companions MM (2/11)
Datus of Ravenna B (7/3)

Dauki, Thomas OFM Tert. M (2/6)
David (Blessed) Gonson (Gunston) M (7/12)
David, Gleb) and Boris (Romanus) MM (7/24)
David I, King of Scotland (5/24)
David, King and Prophet (12/29)

David Lewis, SJ Priest M (8/27)
David of Munkentorp, OSB B (7/15)
David of Sweden, OSB B (7/15)
David of Thessalonica, Hermit (6/26)
David of Wales B (3/1)

Davinus of Lucca
Davius of Scotland (7/22)
Day, Abbot (1/18)
Dayniol the Younger (11/22)

de Aguirre, Martin Loynaz OFM M (2/6)
de Azevedo Ignatius (Blessed), SJ M (7/15)
de Baeza, John (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)
de Beniganim, Inés (Agnes) (Blessed) OSA (1/21)
de Bonis, Bentivoglio (Blessed) OFM (1/2)
de Bono, Caspar (Blessed) O. Minim. (7/14)

de Brébeuf, John M (10/19)
de Britto, John SJ M (2/4)
de Castro, Benedict (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)
de Chiampo, Isnard (Blessed) OP (3/22)
de Croissy, Frances (Blessed) O. Carm. M (7/17)

de Duisco, Gabriel OFM Tert. M (2/6)
de Federich, Francis (Blessed) Gil OP M (1/22)
de Flageio, Ralph (Blessed) OSB Abbot (8/16)
de Fredric, Francis Gil M (11/1)
de Geremia, Peter (Blessed) OP (3/10)

de Gherardescha, Guy (Blessed) Hermit (5/20)
de Gotto, John Soan SJ M (2/6)
de Hinolosa Naveros, Maria Gabriela (Blessed) M (7/20)
de Jésus Crucifié (Blessed), O. Carm. M (7/17)
de Jacobis, Justin B (7/31)

de Justamond, Magdalen-Françoise (Blessed) OSB Cist. MM (7/16)
de Justamond, Marguerite-Eléonore (Blessed) OSB Cist. MM (7/16)
de la Cabeza, Mary (Blessed) Widow (9/9)
de la Futaye, Ralph (Blessed) OSB Abbot (8/16)
de la Roche, Alanus (Alain, Alan) (Blessed), OP (9/8)

de la Salle, John-Baptist Priest (4/7)
de la Tour, Bernard (Blessed) O. Cart. (10/30)
de Lalande, John M (10/19)
de las Casas, Philip OFM M (2/6)
de Lellis, Camillus Priest (7/14)

de Lestonnac, Jeanne (Jane, Joan), Widow Foundress (2/2)
de Loye, Susanne-Agatha OSB M (7/6)
de Loyola, Iñigo de Recalde (7/31)
de Lunel, Gerard OFM Tert. (5/24)
de Maillé, Jane Mary (Blessed) OFM Tert. V (3/29)

de Marillac, Louise Widow (3/15)
de Mas, Joaquina Vedruna Widow Foundress (5/19)
de Mavorga, John (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)
de Montaigu, Hugh (Blessed) OSB B (8/10)
de Montboissier, Peter (Blessed), OSB Abbot (12/29)

de Montfort, Louis Mary Grignion (4/28)
de Paredes, Mariana V (5/26)
de Paulo, William (Blessed) OSB Abbot (11/30)
de Pereira, Nuñez (Blessed) Alvarez (11/6)
de Ponte, Benedict (Blessed) OP (11/22)

de Porres, Martin OP (11/3)
de Quinzanis, Blessed Stephana (Stephanie) OP V (1/2)
de Rojas, Alphonsus (Blessed) OFM (3/21)
de Rossi, John Baptist (5/23)
de Ruffi, Peter (Blessed) OP M (2/2)

de Rupe, Alanus (Alain, Alan) (Blessed), OP (9/8)
de Sales, Francis B, Doctor (1/24)
de Settesoli, Jacoba (Jacqueline) OFM Tert. (2/8)
de Soubiran, Mary-Teresa V (10/20)
de Turlande, Robert, OSB Abbot (4/17)

de Vaena, Alphonsus (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)
de Veuster, Joseph (4/15)
de Vialar, Emily V (6/17)
de Villeneuve, Roseline (Blessed) O. Cart. V (1/17)
de Vir, Bartholomew (Blessed) OSB Cist. B (6/26)

de Zafra, John (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)
de Zudaira, Stephen (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)
De, Agnes (Blessed) VM (2/18)
de'Alberti, Bertha (Blessed) OSB Vall., Abbess (3/24)
de'Canepaci, Jacobinus (Blessed) OC (3/3)

de'Cerchi, Humiliana (Blessed) OFM Tert. (5/19)
de'Gallerani, Andrew (Blessed) (3/19)
de'Medici, Roland (Blessed) Hermit (9/15)
de'Merici, Angela, OSU V (1/27)
de'Miliani, Conrad (Bl.) OFM (4/19)

de'Patrizi, Antony (Blessed) OSA (4/27)
de'Pazzi, Mary Magdalene V (5/25)
de'Vigri, Catherine, Poor Clare V (0309)

Decius, Andrew, Dionysia, & Companions MM (5/15)
Decius, Caesarius, & Companions MM (11/1)
Declan and Martinus (12/1)
Declan of Ardmore B (7/24)
Decorosus of Capua B (2/15)
Decuman of Wales M (8/27)
Deel, Abbot (1/18)

Degan, Medan, and Croidan (6/4)
degli Albertoni, Louise (Blessed) Widow (1/31)
degli Uberti, Bernardo OSB Val. Card. B (12/4)
dei Fulcheri, Damian (Blessed), OP (10/26)
dei Marconi, Mark (Blessed), Hierosolymite (2/24)

dei Nazzarei, Matthia (Blessed) Abbess (12/30)
dei Panattieri, Mary Magdalen (Blessed) OP V (10/13)
dei Ricci, Catherine OP V (2/13)
Deicola, Abbot (1/18)
Deicola (4/18)

Deicolus, Abbot (1/18)
Deicuil, Abbot (1/18)
Deifer of Bodfari, Abbot (3/7)
Deiniol the Younger (11/22)
Deirdre of Limerick V (1/15)

del Bastone, John (Blessed) OSB Sil. (3/24)
del Bufalo, Caspar (Gaspare) (1/2)
del Prado, John (Blessed) OFM M (5/24)
della Chiesa, Antony (Blessed) OP (7/28)
della Gheradesca, Galfrido OSB, Abbot (2/15)

Delle, Abbot (1/18)
Delphinus of Bordeaux B (12/24)
Demetria VM (6/21)
Demetrian of Cyprus B (11/6)
Demetrius (Blessed) of Tiflis and Comp. MM (4/9)

Demetrius and Blaise MM (11/29)
Demetrius and Honorius MM (11/21)
Demetrius, Anianus, Eustosius and Comp. MM (11/10)
Demetrius, Concessus, Hilary & Comp. MM (4/9)
Demetrius, Gregory, and Calogerus the Anchoret (6/18)

Demetrius, Honoratus, and Florus MM (12/22)
Demetrius of Africa M (8/14)
Demetrius of Alexandria B (10/9)
Demetrius of Rostov B (10/28)
Democritus, Secundus, and Dionysius MM (7/31)

Denain (3/16)
Denick of Caithness B (11/13)
Denis, Hilary, Tatian, Felix, and Largus MM (3/16)
Denis of Paris BM (10/9)
Denis of Paris BM (10/9)

Denis Sebuggwago (Sebuggwawo)M (6/3)
Dentelin (3/16)
Dentlin (3/16)

Deocarus, OSB Abbot (6/7)
Deochar, OSB Abbot (6/7)
Deodatus of Blois, Abbot (4/24)
Deodatus of Jointures, OSB B (6/19)
Deodatus of Lagny, OSB (2/3)

Deodatus of Nevers B (6/19)
Deodatus of Nola B (6/27)
Deogratias of Carthage B (3/22)
Derfel Cadarn (4/5)
Derfel Gadarn (4/5)

Derfel Gdarn (4/5)
Derlugdach of Kildare V (2/1)
Dermot, Abbot (1/10)
Dermot, Abbot (1/18)
Derphuta, Juliana, and Companions MM (3/20)

Deruvian and Fugatius (Phaganu, Fagan, Ffager) (5/26)
Deruvianus M (5/14)

Desideratus of Bourges B (5/8)
Desideratus of Clermont B (2/10)
Desideratus of Fontenelle, OSB (12/18)
Desideratus of Gourdon, Hermit (4/30)
Desiderius (Blessed) of Thérouanne B (1/20>

Desiderius and Barontius, OSB Monks (3/25)
Desiderius of Auxerre B (10/27)
Desiderius of Cahors, B (11/15)
Desiderius of Langres BM (5/23)
Desiderius of Lonrey OSB, Monk (10/19)

Desiderius of Vienne BM (5/23)
Désiré of Clermont B (2/10)
Desle, Abbot (1/18)
Deusdedit I, Pope (11/8)
Deusdedit of Brescia B (12/10)

Deusdedit of Canterbury, OSB B (7/14)
Deusdedit of Monte Cassino, OSB Abbot (10/9)
Deusdedit of Rome (8/10)
Devereux B (11/14)
Devinicus of Caithness B (11/13)

Devota of Corsica VM (1/27)
Dewi of Wales B (3/1)
Deynan, Antony M (2/6)
Deyniolen the Younger (11/22)

di Benincasa, Catherine of Siena, OP V (4/29)
di Fidanza, Giovanni (John) OFM B Doctor (7/15)
di Girolama, Francis SJ (5/11)
di Negro, Catherine (9/15)
di Rosa, Mary V (12/14)

Diaconus M (3/14)
Diana (Blesseds), Caecilia, and Amata, OP VV (6/9)
Diarmaid, Abbot (1/10)
Diarmis, Abbot (1/18)
Diaz (Blessed) of Cádiz, OFM Cap. (3/24)

Diaz, Francis (Blessed) OP M (10/20)
Diaz of Alcalà, OFM (11/13)
Dichu of Ulster (4/29)
Dichul, Abbot (1/18)
Dickenson, Francis (Blessed) M (4/30)

Dickenson, Roger (Blessed) M (7/7)
Dictinus of Astorga B (7/24)
Dicuil, Abbot (1/18)
Dicuil (4/18)

Didacus (Blessed) de Azevedo, OSB Cist. B (2/6)

Didacus (Blessed) of Cádiz, OFM Cap. (3/24)
Didacus of Alcalà, OFM (11/13)
Didier (Blessed) of Thérouanne B (1/20>

Didier of Cahors, B (11/15)
Didier of Jointures, OSB B (6/19)
Didier of Langres BM (5/23)
Didier of Nevers B (6/19)
Didius & Companions. MM (11/26)

Didymus and Theodora MM (4/28)
Dié of Jointures, OSB B (6/19)
Dié of Nevers B (6/19)
Diego (Blessed) de Azevedo, OSB Cist. B (2/6)
Diego (Blessed) of Cádiz, OFM Cap. (3/24)

Diego Kisai, SJ M (2/6)
Diego Kizayemon, SJ M (2/6)
Diego of Alcalà, OFM (11/13)
Diem, Vincent (Blessed) MM (11/24)
Diemoda (Blessed) of Wessobrunn, OSB Hermit (3/29)

Diemuda (Blessed) of Wessobrunn, OSB Hermit (3/29)
Diemut (Blessed) of Wessobrunn, OSB Hermit (3/29)
Diermit, Abbot (1/18)
Diethger (Blessed) of Metz, OSB B (4/29)
Dieudonné of Nevers B (6/19)

Digain of Cornwall (11/21)
Digat of Wales (11/1)
Digna, Felix, and Anastasius, OSB MM (6/14)
Dillo of Llandaff B (2/9)
Dillon of Llandaff B (2/9)

Dima Dubh of Connor B (1/6)
Diman Dubh of Connor B (1/6)
Dimas Dubh of Connor B (1/6)
Dina (Blessed) Bélanger (3/22)
Dingad of Wales (11/1)

Dinnis, Nicholas (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)
Dino of Fiesole B (10/22)

Diocles, Servilius, Felix, Sylvanus & Zoëllus MM (5/24)
Diocletius, Sisinius, & Florentius MM (5/11)
Diodorus and Rhodopianus, Deacons MM (5/3)
Diodorus, Marianus & Companions MM (12/1)
Diodorus, Papias, Conon, and Claudian MM (2/26)

Diogenes and Timothy MM (4/6)
Diomedes, Julian, Philip, and Companions MM (8/31)
Diomedes of Tarsus M (8/16)
Dionysia, Paul, Andrew, & Companions MM (5/15)
Dionysius (Blessed) and Redemptus of the Cross, OCD M (11/29)

Dionysius (Blessed) the Carthusian, O. Cart. (3/12)
Dionysius and Ammonius MM (2/14)
Dionysius and Socrates MM (4/19)
Dionysius, Bassius, Agapitus, & Companions MM (11/20)
Dionysius, John, Serapion, & Companions MM (7/27)

Dionysius, Lucillian, Claudius, Hypatius, & Paul MM (6/3)
Dionysius of Alexandria B (11/17)
Dionysius of Alexandria B (10/9)
Dionysius of Augsburg BM (2/26)
Dionysius of Corinth B (4/8)

Dionysius of Milan B (5/25)
Dionysius of Paris M (10/9)
Dionysius of Vienne B (5/8)
Dionysius, Pope (12/26)
Dionysius, Romulus, Agapius, and Comp. MM (3/24)

Dionysius Sebuggwago (Sebuggwawo)M (6/3)
Dionysius, Secundus, and Democritus MM (7/31)
Dionysius the Areopagite BM (10/9)
Dionysius the Great B (11/17)
Dionysus, Aemilian, & Sebastian MM (2/8)

Dioscorides of Smyrna M (5/10)
Dioscorides, Paul, & Companions MM (5/28)
Dioscorus and Themistocles of Lycia M (12/21)
Dioscorus of Kynopolis M (5/18)
Diruvianus and Fugatius (Phaganu, Fagan, Ffager) (5/26)

Disen of Bingen, OSB B (9/8)
Disibod of Bingen, OSB B (9/8)
Disibode of Bingen, OSB B (9/8)
Dismas the Good Thief (3/25)
Diuma B (5/5)

Dmitry of Rostov B (10/28)
Dmitry Tutalo B (10/28)
Doan, Dominic (Blessed), OP M (AC) (10/26)
Docco, Abbot (11/27)
Dochau (2/15)

Dochow (2/15)
Docmael of Wales (6/14)
Docuinus, Monk (11/7)
Docus BM (1/24)
Doda and Bova, OSB VV (4/24)

Dodo (Blessed) of Asch, Hermit (3/30)
Dodo of Wallers, OSB Abbot (10/1)
Dodolinus of Vienne B (4/1)
Dodon (Blessed) of Asch, Hermit (3/30)
Dogfael of Wales (6/14)

Dogmael of Wales (6/14)
Dogmeel of Wales (6/14)
Doguinus, Monk (11/7)
Dogwel of Wales (6/14)
Dogwyn (2/15)
Doi Buong, Paul (Blessed) M (10/22)

Domangard of Maghera, Hermit (3/24)
Dometius the Persian & Companions M (8/7)
Domhnall of Ogilvy (7/15)
Dominator of Brescia B (11/5)

Domingo of Silos, OSB Abbot (12/20)
Dominguito del Val M (8/31)
Dominic (Blessed) Doan, OP M (AC) (10/26)
Dominic (Blessed) Fernández, SJ M (7/15)
Dominic (Blessed) Henares, OP M (6/25)

Dominic (Blessed) Jorjes M (3/14)
Dominic (Blessed) Nicholas Dat M (7/18)
Dominic (Blessed) Nifaki M (9/8)
Dominic (Blessed) of Comacchio, OSB (6/21)
Dominic (Blessed) of Nagasaki, OFM M (9/8)

Dominic (Blessed) of Pisa, OSB Cam. (4/20)
Dominic (Blessed) Tuoc M, OP Tert. (4/2)
Dominic (Blessed) Vernagalli, OSB Cam. (4/20)
Dominic (Blessed) Xuyen, OP M (AC) (10/26)
Dominic (Blesseds) and Gregory, OP (4/26)

Dominic del Val M (8/31)
Dominic Lauricatus, OSB Hermit (10/14)
Dominic Loricatus, OSB Hermit (10/14)
Dominic O'Neil B (2/13)
Dominic of Brescia B (12/20)

Dominic of Silos, OSB Abbot (12/20)
Dominic of Sora, OSB, Abbot (1/22)
Dominic Savio (3/9)
Dominic, Victor, & Companions MM (12/29)
Dominica and Indractus of Glastonbury MM (2/5)

Dominica of Campania VM (7/6)
Dominica of Rome, Widow (8/31)
Dominici de Banchini, John (Blessed) OP B (6/10)
Dominina M (10/4)
Domitian and Eutychius MM (12/28)

Domitian and Hadelinus (Adelin) of Lobbes, OSB (6/15)
Domitian of Huy B (5/7)
Domitius of Amiens (10/23)
Domitius of Phrygia M (7/5)
Domitius, Pelagia, & Theodosia MM (3/23)

Domitius the Persian & Companions M (8/7)
Domna, Theophila, Agapes and Indes MM (12/28)
Domnina and Another VV MM (4/14)
Domnina of Anazarbus M (10/12)
Domninus and Philemon MM (3/21)

Domninus, Marcellinus, & Vincent MM (4/20)
Domninus of Grenoble B (11/5)
Domninus of Parma M (10/9)
Domninus, Theotimus, Philotheus, Sylvanus & Comp. MM (11/5)
Domninus, Victor and Companions MM (3/30)

Domnio and Companions MM (4/11)
Domnio of Bergamo M (7/16)
Domnio of Rome (12/28)
Domnoc O'Neil B (2/13)
Domnolus of Le Mans B (5/16)

Domnus, Leo, Nicholas, and Companions, OFM MM (10/10)
Domnus of Vienne B (11/3)
Dona of Fiesole B (10/22)
Donagh of Fiesole B (10/22)
Donald of Ogilvy (7/15)

Donard of Maghera, Hermit (3/24)
Donas of Rheims B (10/14)
Donat of Fiesole B (10/22)
Donata, Paulina, & Companions MM (12/31)
Donata, Vestina, Secunda, & Companions MM (7/17)

Donatian and Rogatian MM (5/24)
Donatian of Châlons-sur-Marne B (8/7)
Donatian of Rheims B (10/14)
Donatian, Praesidius, and Companions BM (9/6)
Donatien of Rheims B (10/14)

Donatilla, Maxima, and Secunda VV MM (7/30)
Donatus and Primus MM, Deacons (2/9)
Donatus, Arcontius, and Quintius MM (9/4)
Donatus B and Hilarinus (Hilary) M (8/7)
Donatus, Epiphanius, Rufinus, & Comp. MM (4/7)

Donatus, Honorius, & Companions MM (12/30)
Donatus, Justus, Herena, and Comp. MM (2/25)
Donatus, Magnus, & Comp. MM (2/4)
Donatus of Besançon, OSB B (8/7)
Donatus of Corfu (10/29)

Donatus of Euraea B (4/30)
Donatus of Fiesole B (10/22)
Donatus, Sabinus & Agape MM (1/25)
Donatus, Secundian, Romulus, & Comp. MM (2/17)

Donatus, Victorius, and Polyeuctus MM (5/21)
Donazianus of Rheims B (10/14)
Donivald of Ogilvy (7/15)
Donnan and Companions MM (4/17)
Donnino of Parma M (10/9)

Donulus, Nicholas, Hugolinus, and Companions, OFM MM (10/10)
Donwen V (1/25)
Donwenna V (1/25)

Dora of Caesarea VM (2/6)
Dorbhene of Iona, Abbot (10/28)
Dorcas, Widow (10/25)
Dorothea of Caesarea VM (2/6)
Dorothea, Peter, and Gorgonius (Goroon) M (9/9)

Dorotheus and Castor MM (3/28)
Dorotheus of Tyre M (6/5)
Dorotheus, Peter, and Gorgonius (Goroon) M (9/9)
Dorotheus the Archimandrite, Abbot (6/5)
Dorotheus the Younger, Abbot (1/5)

Dorothy of Caesarea VM (2/6)
Dorothy of Montau, Widow (10/30)
Dositheus of Gaza, Monk (2/23)
Dotti, Andrew (Blessed) OSM (9/3)
Dotto, Abbot (4/9)

Douai, Blessed Martyrs of (10/29)
Dounan and Companions MM (4/17)
Drausin of Soissons B (3/7)
Drausius of Soissons B (3/7)
Drausius of Soissons B (3/7)

Drel of Wales (6/15)
Dreux of Sebourg, Hermit (4/16)
Drillo of Wales (6/15)
Droctonius of Paris, Abbot (3/10)
Droctoveus of Paris, Abbot (3/10)

Drogo (Blessed) of Baume, OSB (4/2)
Drogo of Sebourg, Hermit (4/16)
Drotté of Paris, Abbot (3/10)
Drugo of Sebourg, Hermit (4/16)
Druon of Sebourg, Hermit (4/16)

Drusus, Theotimus, & Companions MM (12/24)
Druthmar of Lorsch, OSB Abbot (2/15)
du Berry, Geneviève VM (5/10)
du Bourg, Stephen O. Cart. (1/4)
du Rocher, Antony OSB Abbot (5/4)

Du, Thomas (Blessed) M, OP Tert. (5/31)
Dubric B (11/14)
Dubricius B (11/14)
Dubritius B (11/14)
Dubtach of Armagh B (10/7)

Duchesne, Rose-Philippine ISH V (11/17)
Duckett, James (Bl.) M (4/19)
Duckett, John (Blessed) SJ M (9/7)
Dufour, Mary (Blessed) O. Carm. M (7/17)
Dufresse, Gabriel-John (Blessed) M (9/14)

Duisco, Gabriel OFM Tert. M (2/6)
Dula the Slave VM (3/25)
Dulas of Cilicia M (6/15)
Dulcardus of Micy, Hermit (10/25)
Dulcet of Agen B (10/16)

Dulcidius of Agen B (10/16)
Dulcis of Agen B (10/16)
Dulcissimus, Crescentius, and Companions MM (7/6)
Dumhade of Iona, Abbot (5/25)
Dumhaid of Iona, Abbot (5/25)

Dumoulin-Borie, Peter (Blessed) M (11/24)
Dunchad of Iona, Abbot (5/25)
Dunchadh of Iona, Abbot (5/25)
Dunchaid O'Braoin, Abbot (1/16)
Dung Lac, Andrew (Blessed) M (12/26)

Dunstan of Canterbury, OSB B (5/19)
Dunwen V (1/25)
Duong, Peter (Blessed) M (12/18)
Durocher, Eulalie (Blessed) (10/6)
Durocher, Marie Rose (Blessed) (10/6)

Duthac of Ross B (3/8)
Duynsen, Godrey van M (7/9)
Dvorák, John C.SS.R. (3/15)
Dwyn V (1/25)
Dwynwen of Glasgow, Widow (7/18)

Dwynwen V (1/25)
Dye, Abbot (1/18)
Dyfan and Fugatius (Phaganu, Fagan, Ffager) (5/26)
Dyfan M (5/14)
Dyfig B (11/14)

Dyfnan (4/24)
Dyfnog (2/13)
Dyfrig B (11/14)
Dymphna of Gheel VM (5/15)
Dympna of Gheel VM (5/15)

Dympne of Gheel VM (5/15)

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