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Eadbeorht of Lindisfarne, OSB B (5/6)
Eadbert of Lindisfarne, OSB B (5/6)
Eadburh of Caistor, OSB V (6/20)
Eadfrid of Leominster, OSB (AC) (10/26)
Eadfrith of Lindisfarne, Monk B (6/4)

Eadnot of Dorchester OSB, B (10/19)
Eadsin of Canterbury B (10/28)
Ealhmund M (3/19)
Ealhmund of Hexham, OSB B (9/7)
Ealsitha of Winchester, OSB Widow (7/20)

Eanfleda of Whitby, OSB Widow (11/24)
Eanna of Arranmore, Abbot (3/21)
Eanswida of Folkestone, OSB Abbess (9/12)
Eanswide of Folkestone, OSB Abbess (9/12)
Eanswith(a) of Folkestone, OSB Abbess (9/12)

Eanswyth of Folkestone, OSB Abbess (9/12)
Easterwine of Wearmouth, OSB, Abbot (3/7)
Eata of Hexham, OSB B (10/26)
Ebba the Younger, OSB VM (4/2)

Ebbe the Younger, OSB VM (4/2)
Ebbo (Blessed) of Hamberg (Hamburg), OSB Abbot (8/27)
Ebbo of Sens, OSB B (8/27)
Ebergesilus of Cologne BM (10/24)
Eberhard (Blessed) of Einsiedeln, OSB Abbot (8/14)

Eberhard (Blessed) of Marchtal, O.Praem. (4/17)
Eberhard (Blessed) of Schaeffhausen, OSB Monk (4/7)
Eberhard (Blessed), OSB Cist. (3/20)
Eberhard of Salzburg, OSB B (6/22)
Ebertram of Saint Quentin, OSB, Abbot (1/24)

Ebregislus of Cologne BM (10/24)
Ebremundus of Fontenay, OSB Abbot (6/10)
Ebrulf of Ouche, Abbot (12/29)
Ebrulfus of Ouche, Abbot (12/29)
Ebsdorf Martyrs (2/2)

Ecclesius of Ravenna B (7/27)
Ecgwine of Worcester, OSB B (12/30)
Echa of Crayk, OSB Hermit (5/5)

Edaene of West Ireland V (7/5)
Edana of Polesworth V (7/6)
Edana of West Ireland V (7/5)
Edana of Whitby V (7/5)
Edbert of Lindisfarne, OSB B (5/6)

Edburga and Edith of Aylesbury), OSB VV (7/18)
Edburga and Edith of Bicester, OSB VV (7/18)
Edburga of Caistor, OSB V (6/20)
Edburga of Winchester, OSB V Abbess (6/15)
Edburge of Caistor, OSB V (6/20)

Edeltrude, OSB Widow (6/23)
Edern, Hermit (1/6)
Edese of Alexandria M (4/8)
Edesius of Alexandria M (4/8)
Edeyrn, Hermit (1/6)

Edfrith of Lindisfarne, Monk B (6/4)
Edgar the Peaceful, King (7/8)
Edilbertus of Kent, King (2/25)
Edilfleda, OSB Abbess V (2/8)
Edilthride, OSB Widow (6/23)

Ediltrudis, OSB Widow (6/23)
Edistius of Ravenna M (10/12)
Edith and Edburga of Bicester, OSB VV (7/18)
Edith and Edburga of Aylesbury), OSB VV (7/18)
Edith of Polesworth, OSB Widow (7/15)

Edme of Abingdon B (11/16)
Edmund Campion M (12/1)
Edmund of Abingdon B (11/16)
Edmund Rich B (11/16)
Edmund the Martyr, King (11/20)

Edward (Blessed) Catherick M (4/13)
Edward (Blessed) Fulthrop M (7/4)
Edward (Blessed) Jones M (5/6)
Edward (Blessed) Oldcorne SJ M (4/7)
Edward (Blessed) Powell M (7/30)

Edward (Blessed) Shelley M (8/30)
Edward (Blessed) Stransham M (1/21)
Edward (Blessed) Waterson M (1/7)
Edward James (Blessed) M (10/1)
Edward the Confessor, King (10/13)

Edwen of Anglesey V (11/6)
Edwin, King M (10/12)
Edwold of Cerne, Hermit (11/27)
Eem, Theodore van der OFM M (7/9)
Efeso of Sardinia (Cagliari) M (1/15)

Efflam of Brittany (11/6)
Efisio of Sardinia (Cagliari) M (1/15)
Efrasinnia of Polotsk V (5/23)

Egbert (Blessed) of Muensterschwarzach, OSB Abbot (11/25)
Egbert of Rathemigisi, OSB (4/24)
Egdred, Ulrick, Grimkeld, and Companions, OSB MM (4/9)
Egdunus and Companions MM (3/12)
Egelnoth the Good, OSB B (10/30)

Egelwine of Athelney (11/26)
Egidius (Blessed) of Assisi, OFM (4/23)
Egilhard of Cornelimünster, OSB M (5/25)
Egino of Augsburg, OSB Abbot (7/15)
Egobille, Nicasius, and Pientia MM (10/11)

Egon of Augsburg, OSB Abbot (7/15)
Egwin of Worcester, OSB B (12/30)
Egypt, Martyrs of (1/5)
Egypt, Martyrs of (5/21)

Eigrad (1/6)
Eilan, Hermit (1/13)
Eingan of Llanengan, Hermit (2/9)
Einganor Eneon of Llanengan, Hermit (2/9)
Einion of Llanengan, Hermit (2/9)

Ekbert (Blessed) of Muensterschwarzach, OSB Abbot (11/25)

Ela (Blessed), Widow (2/1)
Elaeth of Anglesey, King (11/10)
Eldate (2/4)
Eldrad of Novalese, OSB Abbot (3/13)

Elen Luyddog (5/22)
Elerius of Wales (11/3)
Elesbaan, King (10/24)
Elesmes, OSB, Abbot (1/30)
Eleuchadius of Ravenna B (2/14)

Eleusippus, Speusippus, Meleusippus & Leonilla MM (1/17)
Eleutherius and Anthia MM (4/18)
Eleutherius and Companions MM (10/2)
Eleutherius B (5/30)
Eleutherius of Auxerre B (8/16)

Eleutherius of Byzantium BM (2/20)
Eleutherius of Constantinople M (8/4)
Eleutherius of Paris, Deacon M (10/9)
Eleutherius of Rocca d'Arce (5/29)

Eleutherius of Spoleto, OSB Abbot (9/6)
Eleutherius of Tournai B (2/20)
Eleutherius, Pope M (5/26)

Elfgete, Savinus, Egdred, and Companions, OSB MM (4/9)
Elfleda of Glastonbury, OSB V (10/23)
Elfleda of Ramsey, OSB Abbess (10/29)
Elfleda, OSB Abbess V (2/8)
Elfreda of Glastonbury, OSB V (10/23)

Elgar of Bardsey, Hermit (6/14)
Elgiva of Shaftesbury, OSB Widow (5/18)
Elgiva, OSB Abbess V (2/8)

Elian ap Erbin (1/13)
Elian, Hermit (1/13)
Elias (Blessed) of Bourdeilles, OFM B (7/5)
Elias (Blessed) of Cologne, OSB Abbot (4/16)
Elias, Abibos, Sembeeth, & Comp. MM (3/27)

Elias and Flavian BB (7/20)
Elias, Jeremy, Isaias, Samuel, and Daniel MM (2/16)
Elias of Syracuse, OSB B (8/26)
Elias, Paul and Isidore MM (4/17)
Elias, Prophet (7/20)

Elidius of Llandaff B (2/9)
Elie (Blessed) of Bourdeilles, OFM B (7/5)
Elier of Tongres M (7/16)
Eligius of Noyon B (12/1)
Elijah, Prophet (7/20)

Elilantus, Waltram, and Lantfrid, OSB (7/10)
Elinand of Froidmont, OSB Cist. (2/3)
Eliphius of Toul M (10/16)
Elisabeth (Blessed) Bartholomea Picenardi, OSM V (2/20)
Elisabeth (Blessed) Salviati, OSB Cam. (2/11)

Elisabeth (Blessed) the Good, OFM Tert. V (11/25)
Eliseus, Prophet (6/14)
Elisha, Prophet (6/14)
Eliud of Llandaff B (2/9)
Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton (1/4)

Elizabeth Bichier des Âges (Anges) V (8/26)
Elizabeth of Hungary, Queen, OFM Tert. (11/17)
Elizabeth of Portugal, OFM Tert. Queen (7/4)
Elizabeth of Schönau, OSB V (6/18)
Elizabeth, Widow (11/5)
Elmo of Formiae BM (6/2)

Elmo-Erasmus Gonzalez, OP (4/14)
Eloff of Toul M (10/16)
Eloi of Noyon B (12/1)
Elphege of Winchester, OSB B (3/12)
Elphege the Bald, OSB B (3/12)

Elphege the Elder, OSB B (3/12)
Elphege the Martyr, OSB BM (4/19)
Elpidephorus Acindynus, Pegasius, Aphthonius, & Anempodistus MM (11/2)
Elpidius, Marcellus, Eustochius, and Companions MM (11/16)
Elpidius of Lyons B (8/31)

Elpidius the Cappadocian, Abbot (8/31)
Elsiar of Lavedan, OSB (6/4)
Elstan of Winchester, OSB B (4/6)
Elvan and Mydwyn (1/1)
Elwin (2/22)
Ely of Rebais, Abbot (8/30)

Emebert B (1/15)
Emerentia VM (1/23)
Emerentiana VM (1/23)
Emeric of Hungary, Prince (11/4)
Emerius of Bañoles, OSB, Abbot (1/27)

Emilas and Jeremias (Jeremy) MM (9/15)
Emile and Jeremias (Jeremy) MM (9/15)
Emilian Cucullatus, Abbot (11/12)
Emilian de la Gogolla, Abbot (11/12)
Emilian La Cogolla, Abbot (11/12)

Emilian, Lassa, Ammon, & Comp. MM (2/9)
Emilian of Bulgaria M (7/18)
Emilian of Lagny, OSB Abbot (3/10)
Emilian of Rennes, Hermit (10/11)
Emilian of Saujon, OSB, Monk (1/7)

Emiliana of Rome V (12/24)
Emiliani, Jerome (Geronimo, Gerolamo) (2/8)
Emilianus Cucullatus, Abbot (11/12)
Emilianus de la Gogolla, Abbot (11/12)
Emilianus La Cogolla, Abbot (11/12)

Emilius, Felix, Priamus, and Lucian MM (5/28)
Emily de Vialar V (6/17)
Eminian of Lagny, OSB Abbot (3/10)
Emma (4/19)
Emmanuel (Bl.) Ruiz and Companions MM (7/10)

Emmanuel (Blessed) d'Abreu & Companions, SJ MM (1/12)
Emmanuel (Blessed) of Cremona B (2/27)
Emmanuel (Blessed) Phung M (7/31)
Emmanuel, Quadratus (Codratus), Theodosius, & Comp. MM (3/26)
Emmanuela Torres Acosta V (10/11)
Emmelia and Basil (5/30)

Encratia of Saragossa VM (4/16)
Encratis of Saragossa VM (4/16)
Enda of Arranmore, Abbot (3/21)
Endelient V (4/29)
Endellion V (4/29)

Endeus of Arranmore, Abbot (3/21)
Endres the Apostle (11/30)
Eneco of Ona, OSB Abbot (6/1)
Eneon of Llanengan, Hermit (2/9)
Engelbert of Cologne BM (11/7)

Engelmund of Vebsen, OSB Abbot (6/21)
England, Blessed Martyrs of (5/4)
Englat of Scotland B (11/3)
Englatius of Scotland B (11/3)
Engracia of Saragossa VM (4/16)

Engratia, Frutos, and Valentine HH (10/25)
Enna of Arranmore, Abbot (3/21)
Ennatha, Germanus, Zebinas, & Antoninus MM (11/13)
Enneco of Ona, OSB Abbot (6/1)
Ennodius of Pavia B (7/17)

Enoch V (3/25)
Enoder, Abbot (4/27)
Enodoch (3/7)
Enogatus of Aleth B (1/13)
Enselmini, Helen (Blessed) Poor Clare V (11/4)
Enurchus of Orléans B (9/7)

Eoban of Utrecht, OSB M (6/5)
Eochod (1/25)

Epagathus, Vetius, Sanctus, and Companions MM (6/2)
Epaphras BM (7/19)
Epaphroditus (Blessed) B (3/22)
Eparchius, Domitius, & Theodosia MM (3/23)
Ephebus, Proculus, and Apollonius MM (2/14)

Ephesus, Forty-two Martyrs of (1/12)
Ephraem of Edessa, Deacon, Doctor (6/9)
Ephraim of Edessa, Deacon, Doctor (6/9)
Ephrem of Edessa, Deacon, Doctor (6/9)
Ephysius of Sardinia (Cagliari) M (1/15)

Ephysus of Sardinia (Cagliari) M (1/15)
Epictetus, Jucundus, & Companions MM (1/9)
Epigmenius M (3/24)
Epimachus and Gordian MM (5/10)
Epiphana M (7/12)

Epiphania of Pavia, OSB B (10/6)
Epiphanius, Donatus, Rufinus, & Comp. MM (4/7)
Epiphanius of Pavia B (1/21)
Epiphanius of Salamis B (5/12)
Epipodius and Alexander MM (4/22)

Episteme and Galation MM (11/5)
Epitacius and Basileus MM (5/23)
Epolonius, Urban, Prilidian MM & Babylas BM (1/24)
Eppo (Blessed) of Mallersdorf, OSB Abbot (6/27)
Epvre of Toul B (9/15)

Erarmo of Formiae BM (6/2)
Erasmus of Antioch M (11/25)
Erasmus of Formiae BM (6/2)
Erastus of Corinth BM (7/26)
Erbin (1/13)

Erblon, OSB Abbot (3/25)
Erbyn (1/13)
Erc(us) of Cornwall (10/31)
Erc(us) of Slane (10/31)
Ercnacta of Ulster V (1/8)

Ercolano of Perugia B (11/7)
Ercongota of Faremoutiers, OSB V (7/7)
Ercongotha of Faremoutiers, OSB V (7/7)
Erconwald of London, OSB B (4/30)
Erconwald of London, OSB B (5/13)

Erembert I (Blessed) of Kremsmünster, OSB Abbot (6/24)
Erembert of Toulouse, OSB B (5/14)
Eremberta of Wierre, OSB Abbess (10/16)
Erfyl V (7/5)

Ergnad of Ulster V (1/8)
Ergoule of Brussels V (1/8)
Erhard of Ratisbon (Regensburg) B (1/8)
Erhart of Ratisbon (Regensburg) B (1/8)
Eric of Sweden, King M (5/18)

Erizzo (Blessed), OSB Vall. Abbot (2/9)
Erkemboden of Thérouanne, OSB B (4/12)
Erkengota of Faremoutiers, OSB V (7/7)
Erkenwald of London, OSB B (4/30)
Erkenwald of London, OSB B (5/13)

Erlafrid of Hirschau, OSB Abbot (11/6)
Erlandsson, Eystein B (1/26)
Erlendsson, Magnus M (4/16)
Erluph of Werden BM (2/10)
Erme of Brittany, Abbot (8/16)

Erme (1/13)
Ermel of Brittany, Abbot (8/16)
Ermelinda of Meldaert V (10/29)
Ermelindis of Meldaert V (10/29)
Ermengardis (Blessed), OSB Cist. Widow (6/1)

Ermengild of Ely, OSB, Widow (2/13)
Ermengytha of Thanet, OSB V (7/30)
Ermenilda of Ely, OSB, Widow (2/13)
Ermin of Brittany, Abbot (8/16)
Ermin of Lobbes, OSB B (4/25)

Erminilda of Ely, OSB, Widow (2/13)
Erminold of Prüfening, OSB Abbot (1/6)
Erminon of Lobbes, OSB B (4/25)
Erminus of Lobbes, OSB B (4/25)
Ermo of Formiae BM (6/2)

Ermyn of Brittany, Abbot (8/16)
Ernest of Zwiefalten, OSB Abbot (11/7)
Erotheis and Capitolina MM (10/27)
Erotis of Greece M (10/6)
Erth of Chittlehampton V (7/8)

Erth of Cornwall (10/31)
Erth of Slane (10/31)
Erthard of Scotland B (8/24)
Ervan (1/13)

Escrivano, Gregory (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)
Eskil (Eskill) BM (6/12)
Esperance of Troyes V (4/26)
Esso (Blessed) of Beinwil, OSB, Abbot (12/27)
Este, Beatrix (Blessed) I, OSB V (5/10)
Esterwine of Wearmouth, OSB, Abbot (3/7)

Etaoin of West Ireland V (7/5)
Eternus of Évreux B (7/15)
Etha of Crayk, OSB Hermit (5/5)
Ethbin of Kildare, Abbot (10/19)
Ethelbert and Ethelred of Kent MM (10/17)

Ethelbert of East Anglia M (5/20)
Ethelbert of Kent, King (2/25)
Ethelbricht and Ethelred of Kent MM (10/17)
Ethelburga and Ina (9/8)
Ethelburga of Barking V (10/12)

Ethelburga of Faremoutiers, OSB Abbess (7/7)
Ethelburga of Lyminge, OSB Matron Abbess (4/5)
Etheldreda, OSB Widow (6/23)
Etheldritha of Croyland, OSB V (8/2)
Etheldwitha of Winchester, OSB Widow (7/20)

Ethelfleda, OSB Abbess V (2/8)
Ethelfreda of Croyland, OSB V (8/2)
Ethelgitha of Northumbria, OSB Abbess (8/22)
Ethelnoth the Good, OSB B (10/30)
Ethelred and Ethelbricht (Ethelbert) of Kent MM (10/17)

Ethelred of Bardney, OSB King (5/4)
Ethelred of Rievaulx, OSB Cist. Abbot (2/3)
Ethelreda, OSB Widow (6/23)
Ethelwald of Farne, OSB (3/23)
Ethelwald of Lindisfarne, OSB B (2/12)

Ethelwald the Hermit, OSB (3/23)
Ethelwin of Lindsey B (5/3)
Ethelwold of Lindisfarne, OSB B (2/12)
Ethenea and Fidelmia (Fedelma) (1/11)
Etherius of Auxerre B (7/27)

Etherius of Lyons B (8/27)
Etherius of Nicomedia M (6/18)
Etherius of Vienne B (6/14)
Ethilwald of Lindisfarne, OSB B (2/12)
Ethna and Fidelmia (Fedelma) (1/11)

Ethor, Beocca, and Comp., OSB MM (4/10)
Etienne of Grandmont, OSB, Abbot (2/8)
Etienne of Muret, OSB, Abbot (2/8)
Etto of Dompierre, OSB B (7/10)
Etto of Fescau, OSB B (7/10)

Eubulus of Caesarea M (3/7)
Eucherius of Lyons B (11/16)
Eucherius of Orléans, OSB B (2/20)
Eudes of Corméry, OSB Abbot (11/20)
Eudo of Corméry, OSB Abbot (11/20)

Eudon of Corméry, OSB Abbot (11/20)
Eudoxius, Styriacus, Carterius, Tobias, Agapius & Comp. MM (11/2)
Eudoxius, Zeno, Macarius & Companions MM (9/4)
Eufridus of Alba, OSB (10/11)
Eugendus, Abbot (1/1)

Eugene and Apollonius MM (7/23)
Eugene and Macarius MM (12/20)
Eugene, Antony, Theodore & Comp. MM (7/29)
Eugene BM (11/15)
Eugene, Cottidus, and Companions MM (9/6)

Eugene III (Blessed), OSB Cist. Pope (7/8)
Eugene, Marcian, & Companions MM (1/4)
Eugene, Mardonius, Musonius, & Metellus MM (1/24)
Eugene of Florence (11/17)
Eugene of Milan B (12/30)

Eugene of Toledo B (11/13)
Eugene, Paul, Cyril, & Companions MM (3/20)
Eugene, Vindemialis, & Longinus MM (5/2)
Eugenia (Blessed) of Matera, OSB Abbess (11/22)
Eugenia of Rome VM (12/25)

Eugenian of Autun BM (1/8)
Eugenius I, Pope (6/2)
Eugenius of Toledo B (11/13)
Eulalia of Barcelona VM (2/12)
Eulalie Durocher (Blessed) (10/6)

Eulampia and Eulampius MM (10/10)
Eulampius and Eulampia MM (10/10)
Eulogius and Companions MM (7/3)
Eulogius M, Fructuosus BM, and Augurius M (1/21)
Eulogius of Córdova M (3/11)

Eulogius of Edessa B (5/5)
Eunician, Zeticus, & Companions MM (12/23)
Eunus, Macarius, Julian, & Companions MM (10/30)
Euphebius of Naples B (5/23)
Euphemia (Blessed) of Andechs, OSB Abbess (6/17)

Euphemia, Theodosia, Derphuta, and Companions MM (3/20)
Euphemian, Widow Hermit (10/29)
Euphemianus, Widow Hermit (10/29)
Euphrasia, Matrona, Euphemia, and Companions MM (3/20)
Euphrasia of Constantinople V (3/13)

Euphrasia Pelletier V (4/24)
Euphrasinne of Polotsk V (5/23)
Euphrasius B (1/14)
Euphrasius, Hesychius, and Companions MM (5/15)
Euphrasius, Mannonius, & Companions MM (4/29)

Euphraxia of Constantinople V (3/13)
Euphronius of Autun B (8/3)
Euphronius of Tours B (8/4)
Euphrosyna, Flavia Domitilla, & Theodora VV MM (5/7)
Euphrosyne of Polotsk V (5/23)

Euphrosyne VM (1/1)
Euporus, Gelasius, & Companions MM (12/23)
Euprepis and Castulus MM (11/30)
Eupsychius of Caesarea M (4/9)
Eupsychius of Caesarea (9/7)

Eupsyque of Caesarea M (4/9)
Eurfyl V (7/5)
Eurosia of Jaca VM (6/25)
Eusebia of Bergamo VM (10/29)
Eusebia of Hamay, OSB, Abbess (3/16)

Eusebius (Blessed) of Murano, OSB Cam., Hermit (2/10)
Eusebius and Felix MM (11/5)
Eusebius, Aphrodisius, & Companions MM (4/28)
Eusebius, Hermes, Severus, & Philip of Heraclea MM (10/22)
Eusebius M (10/4)

Eusebius, Neon, & Comp. MM (4/24)
Eusebius, Nestabus, Zeno, and Nestor MM (9/8)
Eusebius of Aschia, Hermit (2/15)
Eusebius of Cremona, Abbot (3/5)
Eusebius of Mount Coryphe, Hermit (1/23)

Eusebius of Mount Saint Victor, OSB M (1/31)
Eusebius of Palestine M (8/14)
Eusebius of Rome (8/14)
Eusebius of Saint Gall, OSB M (1/31)
Eusebius of Samosata BM (6/21)

Eusebius of Vercelli B (8/2)
Euseus of Serravalle, Hermit (2/15)
Eusignius of Antioch M (8/5)
Eustace (10/12)
Eustace, Antony, and John MM (4/14)

Eustace, Cresconius, Crescentian, & Companions BB (11/28)
Eustace of Antioch B (7/16)
Eustace of Flay, OSB Cist. Abbot (9/7)
Eustace of Galatia M (7/28)
Eustace of Luxeuil, Abbot (3/29)

Eustace, Thespesius, and Anatolius MM (11/20)
Eustadiola of Moyen-Moutier, OSB Abbess (6/8)
Eustasius of Luxeuil, Abbot (3/29)
Eustathius and Companions MM (3/14)
Eustathius of Antioch B (7/16)

Eustathius of Galatia M (7/28)
Eusterius of Salerno B (10/19)
Eustochia Calafato, OFM (1/20>
Eustochium (Blessed) of Padua, OSB V (2/13)
Eustochium Calafato, OFM (1/20>

Eustochium of Messina, OFM (1/20>
Eustochium of Tarsus VM (11/2)
Eustochium V (9/28)
Eustochius, Elpidius, Marcellus, and Companions MM (11/16)
Eustolia and Sopatra VV (11/9)

Eustorgius II of Milan B (6/6)
Eustorgius of Nicomedia M (4/11)
Eustosius, Demetrius, Anianus, and Comp. MM (11/10)
Eustreberta of Pavilly, OSB Abbess (2/10)
Euthalia of Lentini VM (8/27)

Euthymius of Alexandria, Deacon M (5/5)
Euthymius of Nicomedia M (12/24)
Euthymius of Perugia (8/29)
Euthymius of Sardis BM (3/11)
Euthymius the Great, Abbot (1/20>

Euthymius the Illuminator, Abbot (5/13)
Euthymius the New, Abbot (10/15)
Euthymius the Thessalonian, Abbot (10/15)
Euthymius the Younger, Abbot (10/15)
Eutropia, Leonis, and Lybe MM (6/15)
Eutropia of Africa M (10/30)

Eutropia of Auvergne, Widow (9/15)
Eutropius and Tigirius MM (1/12)
Eutropius of Orange B (5/27)
Eutropius of Saintes BM (4/30)
Eutropius, Zosima & Nonosa MM (7/15)

Eutyches, Maro, and Victorinus MM (4/15)
Eutychian, Arcadius, Paschasius, Probus, & Paulillus MM (11/13)
Eutychian, Hesychius, Leonides, and Companions MM (8/31)
Eutychius and Companions MM (3/14)
Eutychius and Domitian MM (12/28)

Eutychius and Florentius (5/23)
Eutychius, Honorius, and Stephen MM (11/21)
Eutychius of Alexandria and Companions MM (3/26)
Eutychius of Constantinople B (4/6)
Eutychius of Ferentino M (4/15)

Eutychius of Phrygia (8/24)
Eutychius of Rome M (2/4)
Eutychius, Polius and Timothy MM (5/21)
Eva (Blessed) of Liége V (5/26)
Evagrius and Benignus MM (4/3)

Evagrius M (10/1)
Evagrius of Constantinople B (3/6)
Evagrius, Priscian and Companions MM (10/12)
Eval of Cornwall B (11/20)
Evan of Ayrshire, Hermit (8/18)

Evangelist (Blessed) and Peregrinus, OSA (3/20)
Evans, Philip SJ M (7/22)
Evaristus, Basilides, & Companions MM (12/23)
Evaristus, Carponius, and Priscian MM (10/14)
Evaristus, Pope M (10/26)

Evasius of Asti BM (12/1)
Eve and Adam (12/24)
Eve M (9/6)
Evellius of Pisa M (5/11)
Eventius and Theodulus MM (5/3)

Eventius, Primitivus, Apodemius, & four named Saturninus MM (4/16)
Everard (Blessed) Hanse M (7/30)
Everard of Salzburg, OSB B (6/22)
Evergislus of Cologne BM (10/24)
Everild of Everingham, OSB Abbess (7/9)

Everildis of Everingham, OSB Abbess (7/9)
Everistus, Carponius, and Priscian MM (10/14)
Evermarus of Tongres M (5/1)
Evermod of Ratzeburg, O. Praem. B (2/17)
Evermund of Fontenay, OSB Abbot (6/10)

Evertius of Orléans B (9/7)
Evodius, Hermogenes, and Callistus MM (4/25)
Evodius, Hermogenes, Theodota, and Callista MM (8/2)
Evodius of Antioch BM (5/6)
Evodius of Le Puy B (11/12)

Evortius of Orléans B (9/7)
Evrard (Blessed) of Schaeffhausen, OSB Monk (4/7)
Evre of Toul B (9/15)
Evronie of Troyes V (7/15)
Evroul of Ouche, Abbot (12/29)

Evroult of Ouche, Abbot (12/29)
Evurtius of Orléans B (9/7)
Ewen of Aberdaron (1/6)
Exanthus, Cassius, Severinus, & Companions MM (8/7)
Expeditus, Aristonicus, Rufus, & Companions MM (4/19)

Expeditus, Aristonicus, Rufus, and Companions MM (4/9)
Expeditus (4/19)
Exuerantia of Troyes V (4/26)
Exuperance of Troyes V (4/26)
Exuperantius, Marcellus, & Companions MM (12/30)

Exuperantius of Cingoli B (1/24)
Exuperantius of Ravenna B (5/30)
Exuperius, Zoe, Cyriacus, & Theodulus MM (5/2)
Eynon, John (Blessed) OSB M (11/15)
Eyre of Toul B (9/15)

Eystein Erlandsson B (1/26)
Ezechiel, Prophet (4/10)
Ezekiel, Prophet (4/10)

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