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Fabian, Cornelius, & Companions MM (12/31)
Fabian, Pope M (1/20>
Fabiola of Rome, Widow (12/27)
Fabius, Bassus, and Maximus MM (5/11)
Fabius of Mauritania M (7/31)

Fabrician and Philibert MM (8/22)
Fachanan of Ross B (8/14)
Faciolus of Poitiers, OSB (9/7)
Facius of Verona (1/18)
Factor, Nicholas OFM (12/23)

Facundus and Primitivus MM (11/27)
Fagan and Damian (Diruvianus, Deruvian, Dyfan) (5/26)
Failbhe of Iona, Abbot (3/22)
Failbhe the Little, Abbot (3/10)
Faillan of Fosses, OSB Abbot (10/31)

Fainche V (1/1)
Faith of Agen VM (10/6)
Falco of Maastricht B (2/20)
Falconieri, Juliana OSM V (6/19)
Fanchea V (1/1)

Fandilas of Penamelaria M (6/13)
Fangi, Augustine (Blessed) OP (7/22)
Fantinus of Calabria, Abbot (8/30)
Fantucci, Mark (Blessed) OFM (4/10)
Fara, OSB Abbess V (4/3)

Farannan, Abbot (2/15)
Fare, OSB Abbess V (4/3)
Faringdon, Hugh (Blessed) OSB MM (11/15)
Faro of Meaux B (10/28)
Fasani, Antony (11/27)

Fastred (Blessed) of Cambron, OSB Cist. (4/21)
Fastrede (Blessed) de Cavamiez, OSB Cist. (4/21)
Fastrede (Blessed) of Cambron, OSB Cist. (4/21)
Fatati, Antony (Blessed) B (1/19)
Father Damien (4/15)
Fatius of Verona (1/18)

Fausta of Sirmium, Widow (12/19)
Faustian, Januarius, & Companions MM (4/29)
Faustina and Liberata VV (1/18)
Faustinian of Bologna B (2/26)
Faustino (Blessed) Miguez, Sch. P (3/8)

Faustinus and Companions MM (2/17)
Faustinus and Jovita MM (2/15)
Faustinus, Cyriacus, Marcellinus, & Comp. MM (6/5)
Faustinus of Brescia B (2/16)
Faustinus of Spello (7/29)

Faustinus Simplicius, & Beatrice (Viatrix) MM (7/29)
Faustinus, Timothy and Venustus MM (5/22)
Faustus & Companions. MM (11/26)
Faustus and Companions MM (6/24)
Faustus and Timothy MM (9/8)

Faustus, Januarius, and Martial MM (10/13)
Faustus M (10/4)
Faustus M (7/16)
Faustus, Macarius and Companions MM (9/6)
Faustus of Glanfeuil, OSB (2/15)

Faustus of Milan M (8/7)
Faustus of Syracuse, Abbot (9/6)
Fayaxida, James (Blessed) OP Tert. M (9/8)
Fazius of Verona (1/18)
Fazzio of Verona (1/18)

Feargal of Salzburg, OSB B (11/27)
Fearghal of Salzburg, OSB B (11/27)
Featherstone, Richard (Blessed) M (7/30)
Febronia of Nisibis VM (6/25)
Fechin of Fobhar (Fore), Abbot (1/20>

Fedelma and Ethenea (Ethna) (1/11)
Federich, Francis (Blessed) Gil de, OP M (1/22)
Felice II, Pope (7/29)
Felician and Primus MM (6/9)
Felician, Fortunatus, Firmus, & Candidus MM (2/2)

Felician, Hyacinth, Quintus, & Lucius MM (10/29)
Felician of Foligno BM (1/24)
Felician, Philippian & 124 companions MM (1/30)
Felician, Valentine, & Victorinus MM (11/11)
Felician, Victor, Alexander, Longinus, & Companions MM (7/21)

Felicinus of Verona B (7/19)
Felicissimus, Agapitus, Januarius, & Companions MM (8/7)
Felicissimus and Rogatian MM (10/26)
Felicissimus, Heraclius and Paulinus MM (5/26)
Felicissimus of Perugia M (11/24)

Felicitas of Padua V (3/26)
Felicitas of Rome M (11/23)
Felicitas, Urbanus, Sylvanus, & Companions
Felicity and Perpetua MM (3/7)
Felicity of Rome M (11/23)

Felicula of Rome VM (6/13)
Felicula, Vitalis, and Zeno MM (2/14)
Felinus and Gratian MM (6/1)
Felix (Blessed) O'Dullany, OSB Cist. B (1/24)
Felix (Blessed) of Cîteaux, OSB Cist. (6/23)

Felix (Blessed) of Nicosia, OFM Cap. (6/1)
Felix, Anastasius, and Digna, OSB MM (6/14)
Felix and Adauctus MM (8/30)
Felix and Augebert MM (9/6)
Felix and Companions MM (3/23)

Felix and Eusebius MM (11/5)
Felix and Fortunatus MM (6/11)
Felix and Gennadius MM (5/16)
Felix and Januarius MM (1/7)
Felix and Lupicinus BB (2/3)

Felix and Maurus (6/16)
Felix and Nabor MM (7/12)
Felix, Audactus, Januarius, Fortunatus, & Septimus MM (10/24)
Felix, Caecilian, Eventius, & four named Saturninus MM (4/16)
Felix, Callistus, and Boniface MM (12/29)

Felix, Cyprian BB and Companions MM (10/12)
Felix, Cythinus, Veturius, & Companions MM (7/17)
Felix, Fortunatus, and Achilleus MM (4/23)
Felix, Fortunatus, and Comp. MM (2/26)
Felix, Hilary, Tatian, Largus, and Denis MM (3/16)

Felix, Hortulanus, Florentian & Companions BB (11/28)
Felix I, Pope M (5/30)
Felix II, Pope (7/29)
Felix, Jeremias, Peregrinus, & Companions MM (6/17)
Felix, Julia, and Jucunda MM (7/27)

Felix, Liliosa, & Companions MM (7/27)
Felix of Bologna B (12/4)
Felix of Bourges B (1/1)
Felix of Brescia B (2/23)
Felix of Cantalice, OFM Cap. (5/18)

Felix of Como B (7/14)
Felix of Dunwich B (3/8)
Felix of Fondi, OSB (11/6)
Felix of Fritzlar, OSB M (6/5)
Felix of Metz B (2/21)

Felix of Montecassino, OSB (3/23)
Felix of Nantes B (7/7)
Felix of Nola BM (11/15)
Felix of Nola M (1/14)
Felix of Pavia BM (7/15)

Felix of Pistoia, Hermit (8/26)
Felix of Rome (1/14)
Felix of Seville M (5/2)
Felix of Spoleto BM (5/18)
Felix of Sutri M (6/23)

Felix of Thibiuca BM (10/24)
Felix of Thyniss M (11/6)
Felix of Trier (Trèves) B (3/26)
Felix of Valois, Founder (11/20)
Felix of Verona B (7/19)

Felix, Philip, Martial, & Companions MM (7/10)
Felix, Priamus, Emilius, and Lucian MM (5/28)
Felix, Rogatus, Herenia, & Companions
Felix, Saturninus, Ampelius and Companions MM (2/11)
Felix, Silvius, & Companions MM (4/21)

Felix, Simplicius, Blanda, & Companions M (5/10)
Felix, Sylvanus, Zoëllus, Servilius, & Diocles MM (5/24)
Felix, Symphonius, Hippolytus and Companions MM (2/3)
Felix, Theodolus, Anesius, & Comp. MM (3/31)
Felix, Vitalis, & Companions MM (1/9)

Felix, Votus, and John, Hermits (5/29)
Fenn, James (Blessed) M (2/12)
Feock of Lesneven B (6/15)
Feock V (2/2)

Ferdinand (Blessed) of Portugal M (6/5)
Ferdinand (Blessed) of Saint Joseph Ayala, OSA MM (6/1)
Ferdinand (Blessed) the el Abanderado) M (6/5)
Ferdinand (Blessed) the Constant M (6/5)
Ferdinand (Blessed) the Standard-Bearer M (6/5)

Ferdinand de Capillas, Francis (Blessed) OP M (1/15)
Ferdinand III, King of Castile (5/30)
Ferdinand of Angels B (6/27)
Ferdinand of Aragon B (6/27)
Feredarius of Iona, Abbot (5/18)

Fergéol of Grenoble BM (1/16)
Fergal of Salzburg, OSB B (11/27)
Ferguisius of Downpatrick B (3/30)
Fergus B (11/27)
Fergus of Downpatrick B (3/30)

Fergusianus B (11/27)
Fergustus B (11/27)
Fergustus of Downpatrick B (3/30)
Fermanus of Fermo, OSB Abbot (3/11)
Fernández, Antony (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)

Fernández, Dominic (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)
Fernández, John (Blessed) SJ Priest M (7/15)
Fernández, John (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)
Fernandez, Ambrose (Blessed) SJ M (3/14)
Fernandez, Joseph (Blessed) OP M (7/24)

Ferreolus and Ferrutio MM (6/16)
Ferreolus of Grenoble BM (1/16)
Ferreolus of Uzès B (1/4)
Ferrer, Vincent OP Priest (4/5)
Ferretti, Gabriel (Blessed) OFM (11/12)

Ferrutio and Ferreolus MM (6/16)
Ferrutius of Mainz M (10/28)
Festus and John MM (12/21)

Ffager and Damian (Diruvianus, Deruvian, Dyfan) (5/26)
Ffraid of Kildare V (2/1)
Ffraid of Kildare V (2/1)

Fiacc B (10/12)
Fiace B (10/12)
Fiach B (10/12)
Fiachan of Lismore (4/29)
Fiachina of Lismore (4/29)

Fianchne of Lismore (4/29)
Fiari of Agen B (4/25)
Fibitius of Trèves B (11/5)
Fidanza, Giovanni (John) OFM B Doctor (7/15)
Fidati, Simon (Blessed) OSA (2/3)

Fidelis M (3/23)
Fidelis of Como M (10/28)
Fidelis of Mérida B (2/7)
Fidelis of Sigmaringen, OFM Cap. M (4/24)
Fidelmia and Ethenea (Ethna) (1/11)

Fidentian, Secundus, & Varicus (Valericus) MM (11/15)
Fidentius of Padua B (11/16)
Fidharleus of Rathin, Abbot (10/1)
Fidolus of Aumont, Abbot (5/16)
Fiech B (10/12)

Fiech of Lesneven B (6/15)
Fière, Marguerite (Blessed) V (8/31)
Fieschi di Negro, Catherine (9/15)
Filby, William (Blessed) MM (5/30)
Filippini, Lucy V (3/25)

Fillan, Abbot (1/19)
Fina of San Gimignano V (3/12)
Finan Cam, Abbot (4/7)
Finan Lobhar, Abbot (3/16)
Finan of Iona B (2/17)
Finan of Kinnitty, Abbot (4/7)

Finan the Leper, Abbot (3/16)
Finbar of Wexford, Abbot (7/4)
Finch, John (Blessed) M (4/20)
Findan of Rheinau, OSB Hermit (11/15)
Finden of Clonard B (12/12)

Fingar, Phiala & Comp. MM (3/23)
Fingen of Metz (2/5)
Finian of Clonard B (12/12)
Finian of Taghmon, Abbot (10/21)
Finlag, Abbot (1/3)

Finlugh, Abbot (1/3)
Finnian Cam, Abbot (4/7)
Finnian Lobhar, Abbot (3/16)
Finnian of Clonard B (12/12)
Finnian of Kinnitty, Abbot (4/7)

Finnian the Leper, Abbot (3/16)
Fintan of Clonenagh, Abbot (2/17)
Fintan of Doon, Abbot (1/3)
Fintan of Rheinau, OSB Hermit (11/15)
Fintan of Taghmon, Abbot (10/21)

Finton of Taghmon, Abbot (10/21)
Fionnchu of Bangor, Abbot (11/28)
Fioretti, Peter OFM Cap. (5/21)

Firmatus, William Hermit (4/24)
Firmian of Fermo, OSB Abbot (3/11)
Firmina of Amelia VM (11/24)
Firminus and Gorgonius MM (3/11)
Firminus, Firmus, Cyriac, & Companions MM (6/24)

Firminus of Amiens, Abbot (3/11)
Firminus of Fermo, OSB Abbot (3/11)
Firminus of Gabales B (1/19)
Firminus of Metz B (8/18)
Firminus of Uzès B (10/11)

Firminus of Viviers B (3/29)
Firmus and Gorgonius MM (3/11)
Firmus and Rusticus MM (8/9)
Firmus, Cyriac, Longinus, & Companions MM (6/24)
Firmus, Fortunatus, Felician, & Candidus MM (2/2)

Firmus M (6/1)
Firmus of Tagaste B (7/31)
Fisher, John BM (6/22)
Fitzherbert, William B (6/8)

Flaccus (Blessed) Albinus, OSB Abbot (5/19)
Flageio, Ralph (Blessed) OSB Abbot (8/16)
Flannan of Killaloe B (12/18)
Flavia Domitilla, Euphrosyna, & Theodora VV MM (5/7)
Flavian and Elias BB (7/20)

Flavian of Acquapendente M (12/22)
Flavian of Civita Vecchia M (1/28)
Flavian of Constantinople BM (2/18)
Flavius, Augustus, and Augustine MM (5/7)
Flavius Clemens M (6/22)

Fleming, (Christopher) Patrick OFM M (11/7)
Flora and Mary VM (11/24)
Flora, Eugene, Antony, & Comp. MM (7/29)
Flora of Kildare V (1/29)
Florbert of Ghent, OSB Abbot (11/1)

Florence, Modestus, and Tiberius of Agde MM (11/10)
Florence of Carthagena, Abbess (6/20)
Florentian, Felix, Hortulanus, & Companions BB (11/28)
Florentina of Carthagena, Abbess (6/20)
Florentinus of Trèves B (10/16)

Florentius and Eutychius (5/23)
Florentius, Cassius, and Companions MM (10/10)
Florentius, Catulinus, Julia & Justa MM (7/15)
Florentius, Diocletius, & Sisinius MM (5/11)
Florentius, Julian, Faustinus, & Comp. MM (6/5)

Florentius of Burgundy M (10/27)
Florentius of Orange B (10/17)
Florentius of Seville (2/23)
Florentius of Strassburg B (11/7)
Florentius of Thessalonica M (10/13)

Florentius of Vienne BM and B (1/3)
Florian of Austria M (5/4)
Floribert of Ghent, OSB Abbot (11/1)
Floribert of Liége B (4/27)
Floridus and Laurus MM (8/18)

Florius, Lucian, & Companions MM (10/26)
Florus and Laurus MM (8/18)
Florus, Demetrius, and Honoratus MM (12/22)
Florus of Lodève B (11/3)
Flos, Quintian, & Companions MM (12/31)

Flosculus of Orléans B (2/2)
Flou of Orléans B (2/2)
Flour of Lodève B (11/3)
Foelan, Abbot (1/19)
Foellan, Abbot (1/19)

Foi of Agen VM (10/6)
Foilan, Abbot (1/19)
Foillan, Abbot (1/19)
Foillan of Fosses, OSB Abbot (10/31)
Folquet (Blessed) of Toulouse, OSB Cist. B (12/25)

Fonseca, Gabriel (Blessed) OFM (9/3)
Fontaine, Mary Magdalen (Blessed) and Companions (6/26)
Fontana, Antoninus B (10/31)
Fontura, Peter (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)
Forannan, Abbot (4/30)

Ford, Thomas (Blessed) M (5/28)
Forest, John (Blessed) OFM M (5/22)
Forkernus of Trim (2/17)
Fornari-Strata, Mary Victoria (Blessed) Foundress (9/12)
Fort of Bordeaux BM (5/16)

Fortchern of Trim (2/17)
Fortis (Blessed) Gabrielli, OSB Hermit (5/13)
Fortunata of Caesarea VM (10/14)
Fortunatus and Felix MM (6/11)
Fortunatus and Hermagoras MM (7/12)

Fortunatus and Lucian MM (6/13)
Fortunatus and Marcian MM (4/17)
Fortunatus, Arontius (Orontius) & Sabinian (Savinian) MM (8/27)
Fortunatus, Felician, Firmus, & Candidus MM (2/2)
Fortunatus, Felix, & Companions MM (4/21)

Fortunatus, Felix, and Achilleus MM (4/23)
Fortunatus, Felix and Comp. MM (2/26)
Fortunatus of Spoleto (6/1)
Fortunatus of Todi B (10/14)
Fortunatus, Revocatus, and Vitalis MM (1/9)

Fortunatus, Septimus, Audactus, Januarius, & Felix MM (10/24)
Fortunatus the Philosopher (6/18)
Forty Maidens Martyred at Antioch (12/24)
Forty Martyrs of England and Wales (10/25)
Forty Martyrs of Sebaste (3/10)

Foster of Arras B (2/6)
Four Crowned Martyrs (11/8)
Fournet, Andrew Hubert Founder (5/16)
Foy of Agen VM (10/6)

Fragan and Gwen (Blanche) (7/5)
Franca of Piacenza, OSB Cist. Abbess (4/26)
Franca Visalta, OSB Cist. Abbess (4/26)
Frances (Blessed) Brideau, O. Carm. M (7/17)
Frances (Blessed) d'Amboise, OC (11/4)

Frances (Blessed) de Croissy, O. Carm. M (7/17)
Frances of Rome, Widow (3/9)
Frances Xavier Cabrini V (11/13)
Francesco Borja, SJ (10/10)
Franchi, Andrew (Blessed) OP B (5/30)

Franchy, Monk (5/16)
Francis (Blessed) Alvarez, SJ M (7/15)
Francis (Blessed) Aranha, SJ M (7/15)
Francis (Blessed) Chien M (6/25)
Francis (Blessed) Coll Guitart, OP (5/19)

Francis (Blessed) Colmenario (4/24)
Francis (Blessed) Diaz, OP M (10/20)
Francis (Blessed) Dickenson M (4/30)
Francis (Blessed) Ferdinand de Capillas, OP M (1/15)
Francis (Blessed) Gil de Federich, OP M (1/22)

Francis (Blessed) Magallanes, SJ M (7/15)
Francis (Blessed) Nifaki M (9/8)
Francis (Blessed) of Fabriano, OFM (4/22)
Francis (Blessed) of Jesus, OSA M (9/3)
Francis (Blessed) Ortego, OSA M (9/3)

Francis (Blessed) Pacheco and Companions, SJ MM (6/20)
Francis (Blessed) Page, SJ M (4/20)
Francis (Blessed) Perez Godoy, SJ M (7/15)
Francis (Blessed) Ronci, OSB Cel. (6/4)
Francis (Blessed) Serrano, OP M (10/20)

Francis (Blessed) Venimbene, OFM (4/22)
Francis Antony of Lucera (11/27)
Francis Blanco, OFM M (2/6)
Francis Borgia y Aragon, SJ (10/10)
Francis, Caius OFM M (2/6)

Francis Cararcciolo (6/4)
Francis de la Rochefoucauld BM (8/31)
Francis de Sales B, Doctor (1/24)
Francis di Girolama, SJ (5/11)
Francis Gil de Fredric M (11/1)

Francis Isidore (Blessed) Gagelin M (10/17)
Francis Jerome, SJ (5/11)
Francis of Assisi, Founder (10/4)
Francis of Miyako, OFM Tert. M (2/6)
Francis of Nagasaki, OFM Tert. M (2/6)

Francis of Paola, Hermit (4/2)
Francis of St. Michael, OFM M (2/6)
Francis Regis (Blessed) Clet, C.M. M (2/17)
Francis Titelmans (Blessed), OFM Cap. (10/4)
Francis Trung (Blessed) M (10/6)

Francis Xavier (Blessed) Can M (11/20)
Francis Xavier Bianchi, Barn. (1/31)
Francis-Xavier (Blessed), O. Carm. M (7/17)
Francisca (Blessed) Aldea (7/20)
Francisco Febres Cordero Muñoz (2/9)

Franco of Asserigo, OSB Hermit (6/5)
Francoveus, Monk (5/16)
Francuccia (Blessed) Bezzoli, OSB V (3/12)
Francus of Asserigo, OSB Hermit (6/5)
Frassinetti, Paula (Blessed) Foundress (6/11)

Fredegand of Dorne, OSB Abbot (7/17)
Fredegand of Kerkelodor, OSB Abbot (7/17)
Frédèric (Blessed) Ozanam (9/9)
Frederick (Blessed) of Arras, OSB, Monk (1/6)
Frederick (Blessed) of Hirschau, OSB Abbot (5/7)

Frederick (Blessed) of Ratisbon, OSA (11/29)
Frederick (Blessed) of Saint-Vanne, OSB, Monk (1/6)
Frederick of Liège B (5/27)
Frederick of Utrecht BM (7/18)

Fredeswinda of Oxford, OSB (10/19)

Fredric, Francis Gil M (11/1)
Fregaut of Dorne, OSB Abbot (7/17)
Fregaut of Kerkelodor, OSB Abbot (7/17)

Fremund of Dunstable M (5/11)
Frevisse of Oxford, OSB (10/19)

Frezal of Mende (9/4)
Fricor and Caidoc, Hermits (4/1)

Fridebert of Hexham, OSB B (12/23)
Frideswide of Oxford, OSB (10/19)
Fridolin of Säckingen, OSB, Abbot (3/6)
Fridrich of Utrecht BM (7/18)
Frithbert of Hexham, OSB B (12/23)

Frithona of Canterbury, OSB B (7/14)
Frithubeorht of Hexham, OSB B (12/23)
Frodobert, OSB Abbot (1/8)
Frodulphus of Barjon, OSB Hermit (4/21)
Fromundus of Coutances, OSB B (10/24)
Fronto and George B (10/25)

Fronto, Felix, Caecilian, & four named Saturninus MM (4/16)
Fronto of Nitria, Hermit (4/14)
Frontom of Nitria, Hermit (4/14)
Frou of Barjon, OSB Hermit (4/21)
Frowin (Blessed) of Bellevaux, OSB Cist. Abbot (2/17)

Frowin II (Blessed) of Engelberg, OSB Abbot (3/7)
Fructuosus B, Augurius and Eulogius MM (1/21)
Fructuosus of Braga B Abbot (4/16)
Fructuosus, Secundinus, & Maximus MM (2/18)
Fructus, Valentine and Engratia HH (10/25)

Frugentius of Fleury, OSB M (9/3)
Frumentius of Ethiopia B (10/27)
Frumentius, Victorian, and Companions MM (3/23)
Frutos, Valentine and Engratia HH (10/25)

Fugatius and Damian (Diruvianus, Deruvian, Dyfan) (5/26)
Fulan, Abbot (1/19)
Fulbert of Chartres B (4/10)
Fulcheri, Damian (Blessed), OP (10/26)
Fulcran of Lodève B (2/13)
Fulgentius of Ecija B (1/16)

Fulgentius of Ruspe B (1/1)
Fulk (Blessed) of Toulouse, OSB Cist. B (12/25)
Fulk of Castrofurli (5/22)
Fulk of Fontenelle, OSB Abbot (10/10)
Fulk of Pavia B (10/26)

Fulrad of Saint-Denis, OSB Abbot (7/16)
Fulthrop, Edward (Blessed) M (7/4)
Fursa of Lagny, OSB, Abbot (1/16)
Fursa of Pérrone, OSB, Abbot (1/16)
Fursey of Lagny, OSB, Abbot (1/16)

Fursey of Pérrone, OSB, Abbot (1/16)
Fusca V and Maura MM (2/13)
Fusculus, Laetus, and Companions BM (9/6)
Fuster, Antony (Blessed) OP (4/5)
Futaye, Ralph (Blessed) OSB Abbot (8/16)

Fyncana and Fyndoca VV MM (10/13)
Fyndoca and Fyncana VV MM (10/13)

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