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Gabinus and Crispulus MM (5/30)
Gabinus of Rome M (2/19)
Gabriel (Blessed) Ferretti, OFM (11/12)
Gabriel (Blessed) Fonseca, OFM (9/3)
Gabriel (Blessed) of Saint Magdalen, OFM (9/3)

Gabriel de Duisco, OFM Tert. M (2/6)
Gabriel Lalement M (10/19)
Gabriel Mary (Blessed) (8/27)
Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows, CP (2/27)
Gabriel Possenti, CP (2/27)

Gabriel-John (Blessed) Taurin Dufresse M (9/14)
Gabrielli, Castora (Blessed) OFM Tert. Widow (6/14)
Gabrielli, Fortis (Blessed) OSB Hermit (5/13)
Gaetano (Blessed) Catanoso (4/4)
Gaetano of Thienna, Priest (8/7)

Gagelin, Francis Isidore (Blessed) M (10/17)
Galacteon and Episteme MM (11/5)
Galantini, Hippolytus (Blessed) (3/20)
Galata, Aristonicus, Rufus, & Companions MM (4/19)
Galata, Aristonicus, Rufus, and Companions MM (4/9)

Galation and Episteme MM (11/5)
Galdimus of Milan B (4/18)
Galdinus of Milan B (4/18)
Galfrido della Gheradesca, OSB, Abbot (2/15)
Galgani, Gemma V (4/11)

Gall, Abbot (10/16)
Galla (11/6)
Gallerani, Andrew (Blessed) (3/19)
Gallgo of Wales, Abbot (11/27)
Gallicanus of Embrun B (6/25)

Gallicanus of Ostia (6/25)
Gam, Matthew (Blessed) M (5/27)
Gamaliel (8/3)
Gambacorta, Clare (Blessed) OP Widow (4/17)
Gambacorta, Peter (Blessed) Founder (6/17)

Gambacorta, Theodora (Blessed) OP Widow (4/17)
Gambacorta, Thora (Blessed) OP Widow (4/17)
Gambara-Costa, Paula (Blessed) Matron (1/31)
Gamelbert of Michaelsbuch (1/27)
Gandulf (Blessed) of Binasco, OFM (4/3)

Gandulphus (Blessed) of Binasco, OFM (4/3)
Gangala, Jacopo OFM (11/28)
Gangulf of Burgundy M (5/11)
Gangulphus of Burgundy M (5/11)
Gaon of Oye, OSB Abbot (7/24)

Garavito, Peter OFM M (10/19)
Garbella, John (Blessed) OP (12/1)
Garbh V (1/1)
Garbhan, Abbot (3/26)
García, Anne (Blessed) OCD V (6/7)

Garcia, Gundisalvus (Gonsalo) OFM M (2/6)
Garcia, John C. Trinitarian (2/14)
Gardiner, Jermyn (Blessed) M (3/7)
Garembert (Blessed) of Cambrai, OSA (12/31)
Garibald of Dickelvenne, OSB B (9/7)

Garibaldus of Ratisbon B (1/8)
Garicoïts, Michael (5/14)
Garinus of Arras M (10/2)
Garnard of Elgin (11/8)
Garnat of Elgin (11/8)

Garnet of Elgin (11/8)
Garnet, Thomas SJ Priest M (6/23)
Garnier, Charles M (10/19)
Garobaldus of Regensburg B (1/8)
Gaspard Cratz, John (Blessed) & Companions, SJ MM (1/12)

Gaspare del Bufalo (1/2)
Gaston of Arras B (2/6)
Gatian of Tours B (12/18)
Gaubert of Luxeuil, OSB Abbot (5/2)
Gaucherius of Aureil, OSA Abbot (4/9)

Gaudentia and Companions VV MM (8/30)
Gaudentius and Culmatius MM (6/19)
Gaudentius of Brescia B (10/25)
Gaudentius of Gnesen, OSB B (1/5)
Gaudentius of Novara B (1/22)

Gaudentius of Ossero, OSB B (6/1)
Gaudentius of Rimini BM (10/14)
Gaudentius of Verona B (2/12)
Gaudiosus of Brescia B (3/7)
Gaudiosus of Naples B (10/27)

Gaudiosus of Salerno B (10/26)
Gaudiosus of Tarazona B (11/3)
Gaudiosus the African B (10/27)
Gaudurge, OSB Abbess (2/25)
Gaufridus (Blessed) of Savigny, OSB Abbot (9/9)

Gaultier of Aureil, OSA Abbot (4/9)
Gausmarus (Blessed) of Savigny, OSB Abbot (6/3)
Gautier (Blessed) of Himmerode, OSB Cist. (1/22)
Gazotich, Augustine (Blessed) OP B (8/3)

Gebhard of Constance B (8/27)
Gebizo of Monte Cassino OSB, Monk (10/21)
Gebuinus of Lyons B (4/18)
Gedroye, Michael (Blessed) OSA (5/4)
Gelasinus of Heliopolis M (8/26)
Gelasius, Eunician, & Companions MM (12/23)

Gelasius I, Pope (11/21)
Gelasius, Magnus, & Comp. MM (2/4)
Gelasius of Armagh B (3/27)
Gelasius of Heliopolis M (8/26)
Geminian of Modena B (1/31)

Geminus, Eugene, & Companions MM (1/4)
Geminus, Gelasius, & Comp. MM (2/4)
Geminus of Sanpaterniano (10/9)
Gemma Galgani V (4/11)
Gemus of Moyenmoutier, OSB (3/19)

Genebald of Laon B (9/4)
Genebaud of Laon B (9/4)
Genebrard M (5/15)
Generalis, Victor, and Rosula MM (9/14)
Generosa, Vestina, Donata, Secunda, & Companions MM (7/17)

Generosus of Poitou, OSB Abbot (7/16)
Generosus of Tivoli M (7/17)
Genesius, Anastasius, Placid, and Companions MM (10/11)
Genesius of Clermont B (6/3)
Genesius of Fontenelle, OSB B (11/1)

Genet of Clermont B (6/3)
Geneviève du Berry VM (5/10)
Geneviève of Paris V (1/3)
Gengoul of Burgundy M (5/11)
Gengulphus B (1/17)

Genistus of Beaulieu, OSB M (4/30)
Genitus and Genulfus (1/17)
Gennadius and Felix MM (5/16)
Gennadius of Astroga, OSB B (5/25)
Gennard of Flay, OSB Abbot (4/6)

Gennys (5/2)
Genocus and Bitheus (4/18)
Genou B (1/17)
Genovefa of Paris V (1/3)
Gentili, Camilla (Bl.) V (5/18)

Gentilis (Gentil) of Matelica, OFM M (9/4)
Genuinus of Brixen B (2/5)
Genulf B (1/17)
Genulfus and Genitus (1/17)
Geoffrey of Amiens, OSB B (11/8)

George (Blessed) Gervase, OSB M (4/11)
George (Blessed) Napper M (11/9)
George (Blessed) Swallowell M (7/26)
George and Fronto B (10/25)
George, Aurelius, & Companions MM (7/27)

George Limniotes M (8/24)
George Mtasmindeli, Abbot (6/27)
George of Amastris B (2/21)
George of Antioch BM (4/19)
George of Cappadocia M (4/23)

George of Lodève, OSB (2/19)
George of Mitylene B (4/7)
George of the Black Mountains, Abbot (6/27)
George of Vienne B (11/2)
George the Great M (4/23)

George the Younger B (4/7)
Georgia of Clermont V (2/15)
Geraint, King M (8/10)
Gerald of Aurillac, Confessor (10/13)
Gerald of Beziers B (11/5)

Gerald of Clairvaux, OSB Cist. Abbot (10/16)
Gerald of Mâcon, OSB B (5/29)
Gerald of Mayo, Abbot (3/13)
Gerald of Ostia, OSB B (2/6)
Gerald of Sauve-Majeure, OSB Abbot (4/5)

Gerald of Toul B (4/23)
Gerard (Blessed) Cognoli, OFM (1/2)
Gerard (Blessed) of Bourgogne, OSB Cist. Abbot (4/28)
Gerard (Blessed) of Clairvaux, OSB Cist. (6/13)
Gerard (Blessed) of Monza, OFM Tert. (5/13)

Gerard (Blessed) of Orchimont, OSB Abbot (4/23)
Gerard (Blessed) of Sassoferrato, OSB Cam. (4/1)
Gerard (Blessed) of Tintorio (6/6)
Gerard (Blessed) of Villamagna, OFM Tert. (5/13)
Gerard de Lunel, OFM Tert. (5/24)

Gerard, Jane (Blessed) M (6/26)
Gerard Majella, C.SS.R. (10/16)
Gerard, Miles (Blessed) MM (4/30)
Gerard of Bazonches, OSB (11/4)
Gerard of Potenza B (10/30)

Gerard of Sauve-Majeure, OSB Abbot (4/5)
Gerard of Toul B (4/23)
Gerard the Pilgrim (4/28)
Gerardesca (Bl.) of Pisa, OSB Cam. Widow (5/29)
Gerarndin of Elgin (11/8)

Geraud of Sauve-Majeure, OSB Abbot (4/5)
Geraud of Toul B (4/23)
Gerbrand (Blessed) of Bloemkamp, OSB Cist. Abbot (10/13)
Gerebald of Châlons-sur-Seine B (6/12)
Gerebernus M (5/15)

Gereborn M (5/15)
Gerebrand M (5/15)
Geremia, Peter (Blessed) OP (3/10)
Gereon and Companions MM (10/10)
Gerinus of Arras M (10/2)

Gerius, James (Blessed) OSB Camb. (8/5)
Gerlac of Valkenberg, Hermit (1/5)
Gerlach of Valkenberg, Hermit (1/5)
Gerland of Caltagirone (6/18)
Gerland of Girgenti B (2/25)
Germain & Randoald (Rancald, Randaut), OSB MM (2/21)

Germain of Auxerre B (7/31)
Germain of Paris B (5/28)
Germaine and Probe VV MM (4/28)
Germaine Cousin V (6/15)
Germana of Pibrac V (6/15)

Germana of Picardy VM (9/7)
Germana, Pia, & Companions MM (1/19)
Germanicus of Smyrna M (1/19)
Germanus & Randoald OSB MM (2/21)
Germanus and Servandus MM (10/23)

Germanus, Antoninus, Zebinas, & Ennatha MM (11/13)
Germanus, Fusculus, and Companions BM (9/6)
Germanus of Auxerre B (7/31)
Germanus of Besançon BM (10/11)
Germanus of Capua B (10/30)

Germanus of Montfort, OSB Monk (11/1)
Germanus of Normandy BM (5/2)
Germanus of Paris B (5/28)
Germanus of the Isle of Man B (7/3)
Germanus, Pompeius, Hesychius, & Companions MM (7/7)

Germanus, Saturninus, Neopolus, & Celestine MM (5/2)
Germanus, Theophilus, Caesareus, & Vitalis MM (11/3)
Germerius of Toulouse B (5/16)
Germoc of Cornwall (7/24)
Gernard of Elgin (11/8)

Gernarndius of Elgin (11/8)
Gerolamo Emiliani (2/8)
Gerolamo Miani (2/8)
Gerold (Blessed) of Cologne M (10/7)
Gerold of Fontenelle, OSB B (6/14)

Geroldus (Gerold) of Einsiedeln, OSB Hermit (4/19)
Geronimo Emiliani (2/8)
Geronimo Miani (2/8)
Gerontius, Januarius, & Companions MM (1/19)
Gerontius, King M (8/10)

Gerontius of Cervia BM (5/9)
Gerosa, Vincenza V (6/4)
Gertrude (Blessed) van Oosten V (1/6)
Gertrude of Nivelles, OSB Abbess (3/17)
Gertrude of Remiremont, OSB Abbess (11/7)

Gertrude the Great, OSB V (11/16)
Geruln (Blessed) of Oudenburg, OSB Abbot (4/17)
Geruntius of Milan B (5/5)
Gervadius of Elgin (11/8)
Gervais (Blessed) of Oudenburg, OSB Abbot (4/17)

Gervase and Protase MM (6/19)
Gervase, George (Blessed) OSB M (4/11)
Gervinus (Blessed) of Oudenburg, OSB Abbot (4/17)
Gery of Sens (3/29)
Getulius, Caerealis, Amantius & Primitivus MM (6/10)

Gezelin, Hermit (8/6)
Gheradesca, Galfrido della, OSB, Abbot (2/15)
Gherardescha, Guy (Blessed) Hermit (5/20)
Ghisengi, Peter (Blessed) OSA (3/23)
Ghislain, Hermit (8/6)

Ghislain, Hermit (8/6)
Ghislain M (10/9)
Ghislieri, Michael OP Pope (4/30)
Giacinta Mariscotti, OFM Tert., V (1/30)
Giacomo della Marca, OFM (11/28)

Gianelli, Antony Mary B (6/7)
Gianna (Blessed) Beretta Molla (4/28)
Gibardus of Luxeuil, OSB Abbot (4/7)
Gibert of Luxeuil, OSB Abbot (4/7)
Gibitrudis of Faremoutiers, OSB V (10/26)

Gibrian (5/8)
Gil de Federich, Francis (Blessed) OP M (1/22)
Gilbert (Blessed) the Great, OSB Cist. Abbot (10/17)
Gilbert (Blessed) the Theologian, OSB Cist. Abbot (10/17)
Gilbert of Caithness B (4/1)

Gilbert of Hexham, OSB B (9/7)
Gilbert of Meaux B (2/13)
Gilbert of Sempringham, Founder (2/16)
Gilda-Marchaibeo of Armagh, Abbot (3/31)
Gildard of Rouen B (6/8)

Gildas and Gwinoc (AC) (10/26)
Gildas Badonicus, Abbot Bishop (1/29)
Gildas the Wise, Abbot Bishop (1/29)
Gildas the Wise, Abbot Bishop (1/29)
Giles (Blessed) of Assisi, OFM (4/23)

Giles (Blessed) of Lorenzana, OFM (1/28)
Giles (Blessed) of Santarem, OP (5/14)
Giles (Blessed) of Saumur B (4/23)
Giles Mary (Blessed) of Saint Joseph, OFM (2/7)
Gillebert of Limerick B (2/4)

Gilles (Blessed) of Saumur B (4/23)
Gimignano of Modena B (1/31)
Giolla Iosa of Armagh B (3/27)
Giorgio of Cappadocia M (4/23)
Giorgio the Great M (4/23)

Gioua-Mac-Liag of Armagh B (3/27)
Giovanna (Blessed) of Orvieto, OP Tert. V (7/23)
Giovanni (Blessed) Colombini, Founder (7/31)
Giovanni di Fidanza, OFM B Doctor (7/15)
Girald of Fontenelle, OSB, Abbot (12/29)

Girard of Fontenelle, OSB, Abbot (12/29)
Giraud of Fontenelle, OSB, Abbot (12/29)
Girlani, Archangela (Blessed) OC V (2/13)
Girolama, Francis SJ (5/11)
Gislain, Hermit (8/6)

Gisle, Hermit (8/6)
Gislenus M (10/9)
Giuliani, Veronica OFM Cap. Abbess (7/9)
Giulietta and Cyricus MM (6/16)
Giulietta of Caesarea, Widow M (7/30)

Giulio of Novara (1/31)
Giuseppe Moscati (11/16)
Giustiniani, Laurence B (9/4)
Giustiniani, Nicholas (Blessed) OSB (11/21)
Gizur of Iceland B (5/28)

Gladusa, Hermit (3/29)
Gladys, Hermit (3/29)
Glaphyra V (1/13)
Glastian of Kinglassie B (1/28)
Gleb and Boris (Romanus) MM (7/24)

Glev and Boris (Romanus) MM (7/24)
Glunshallaich (6/3)
Gluvias (5/2)
Glyceria of Trajanopolis VM (5/13)
Glycerius of Nicomedia M (12/21)

Glywys (5/2)
Gnoffi, William (Blessed) Hermit (4/16)
Goar of Aquitaine, Priest (7/6)
Gobain, OSB M (6/20)
Goban Gobhnena of Old-Leighlin (5/23)

Goban, OSB M (6/20)
Gobnait of Ballyvourney V (2/11)
Gobnata of Ballyvourney V (2/11)
Gobnet of Ballyvourney V (2/11)
Gobrian of Vannes B (11/16)

Godard of Rouen B (6/8)
Godeberta of Noyon, Abbess V (4/11)
Godebertha of Noyon, Abbess V (4/11)
Godefried of Mervel, OFM M (7/9)
Godehard of Hildesheim, OSB B (5/4)

Godeleine of Ghistelles M (7/6)
Godeleva of Ghistelles M (7/6)
Godeliva of Ghistelles M (7/6)
Godelive of Ghistelles M (7/6)
Godelva of Ghistelles M (7/6)

Godfrey (Blessed) of Cappenberg, O. Praem. (1/13)
Godfrey of Amiens, OSB B (11/8)
Godo of Oye, OSB Abbot (7/24)
Godrey van Duynsen M (7/9)
Godric of Finchale, OSB, Hermit (5/21)

Godwin of Stavelot, OSB Abbot (10/28)
Goeznoveus B (10/25)
Gofor of Llanover (5/9)
Gohard(us) of Nantes B and Companions MM (6/25)
Gollen of Denbighshire (5/21)

Golvinus of Rennes B (7/9)
Golwen of Rennes B (7/9)
Gombert of Senones, OSB B (2/21)
Gomer of Lier, Hermit (10/11)
Gomidas (Blessed) Keumurjian M (11/5)

Gomides (Blessed) Keumurjian M (11/5)
Gommaire of Lier, Hermit (10/11)
Gondelbert of Senones, OSB B (2/21)
Goneri of Brittany (7/18)
Gonsalo Garcia, OFM M (2/6)

Gonsalou, Hermit (11/5)
Gonsalvo (Blessed) of Amarante, OP (1/16)
Gonson, David (Blessed) M (7/12)
Gontram, King (3/28)
Gontran, King (3/28)

Gonzaga, Aloysius SJ (6/21)
Gonzales (Blessed) of Amarante, OP (1/16)
Gonzalez, Peter OP (4/14)
Gonzalez, Roque (Roch) SJ M (11/17)
Gonzalo (Blessed) of Silos, OSB (12/20)

Goran (4/7)
Gorazd, Nahum, Sabas, & Angelarius (7/17)
Gordian and Epimachus MM (5/10)
Gordinus of Cappadocia M (1/3)
Gordius of Cappadocia M (1/3)

Goretti, Maria VM (7/6)
Gorgonius and Firmus (Firminus) MM (3/11)
Gorgonius M (9/9)
Gorgonius, Peter, and Dorotheus (Dorothea) M (9/9)
Gorkum, 19 Martyrs of (7/9)

Gormcal of Ardoilen, Abbot (8/5)
Gormgal of Ardoilen, Abbot (8/5)
Goroon, Peter, and Dorotheus (Dorothea) M (9/9)
Gosbert of Osnabruck, OSB B (2/13)
Goscelinus of Turin, OSB Abbot (2/12)

Goslin of Turin, OSB Abbot (2/12)
Goswin (Blessed) of Chemnion, OSB Cist. (10/27)
Goswin of Anchin, OSB Abbot (10/9)
Gothard of Hildesheim, OSB B (5/4)
Gothian (11/1)
Gotteschalk M (6/7)

Gottfried of Amiens, OSB B (11/8)
Gotthard of Hildesheim, OSB B (5/4)
Gottlief, OSB Abbot (6/7)
Gotto, John Soan SJ M (2/6)
Gottschalk M (6/7)

Gouernou B (10/25)
Goule of Brussels V (1/8)
Goupil, René M (10/19)
Goussaud, Hermit (11/5)
Goustan, OSB (11/27)

Govan of Wales, Matron (12/28)
Govan, OSB M (6/20)
Goven of Wales, Matron (12/28)
Gowan of Wales, Matron (12/28)
Gozzelinus of Turin, OSB Abbot (2/12)

Gozzolini, Silvester OSB Abbot (11/26)
Grace and Probus of Cornwall (7/5)
Grace and Probus (4/5)
Gracia (Blessed), Bernard, and Mary, OSB Cist. MM (6/1)
Gracinea and Actinea VV MM (6/16)

Gradenigo, John (Blessed) OSB Hermit (12/5)
Graecina and Actinea VV MM (6/16)
Grande, John (Blessed) (6/3)
Grata of Bergamo, Widow (5/1)
Gratia (Blessed) of Cattaro, OSA (11/16)

Gratian and Felinus MM (6/1)
Gratus of Aosta B (9/7)
Gratus of Oloron B (10/11)
Gredifael of Wales (11/13)
Green, Thomas (Blessed) M (1/21)

Green, Thomas (Blessed) O.Cart. (6/15)
Grego, Andrew (Blessed) OP (1/19)
Gregory (Blessed) Celli, OSA (5/4)
Gregory (Blessed) Escrivano, SJ M (7/15)
Gregory (Blessed) Lopez, Hermit (7/20)

Gregory (Blessed) of Nonantula, OSB Abbot (8/3)
Gregory (Blessed) of Verucchio, OSA (5/4)
Gregory and Dominic (Blesseds), OP (4/26)
Gregory Barbadigo B (6/18)
Gregory Barbarigo B (6/18)

Gregory Decapolites (11/20)
Gregory, Demetrius, and Calogerus the Anchoret (6/18)
Gregory II, Pope (2/11)
Gregory Makar B (3/16)
Gregory Nazianzen B Doctor (1/2)

Gregory of Auxerre B (12/19)
Gregory of Burtscheid, OSB Abbot (11/4)
Gregory of Einsiedeln, OSB Abbot (11/8)
Gregory of Elvira B (4/24)
Gregory of Girgenti B (11/23)

Gregory of Langres B (1/4)
Gregory of Nyssa B (0309)
Gregory of Ostia, OSB B (5/9)
Gregory of Sinai M (11/14)
Gregory of Sinai (11/27)

Gregory of Spoleto M (12/24)
Gregory of Tours B (11/17)
Gregory Palamas M (11/14)
Gregory Thaumaturgus B (11/17)
Gregory the Great, Pope Doctor (9/3)

Gregory the Wonder-Worker B (11/17)
Gregory VII (Hildebrand), OSB Pope (5/25)
Gregory X (Blessed), Pope (1/10)
Griesinger, James (Blessed) OP (10/11)
Grimbald of Winchester, OSB Abbot (7/8)

Grimkeld, Ulrick, Agamund (Argamund), and Companions, OSB MM (4/9)
Grimonia of Picardy VM (9/7)
Grodziecki, Melchior M (9/4)
Grondech, Melchior M (9/4)
Grove, John (Blessed) M (1/24)

Gruthuysen, Robert (Blessed) OSB Cist. Abbot (4/29)
Grwst of Wales (12/1)
Guala (Blessed) of Bergamo, OP B (9/3)
Guala (Blessed) of Brescia, OP B (9/3)

Gualbert, John OSB Vall. Abbot (7/12)
Gualberto, John OSB Vall. Abbot (7/12)
Gualdo (Blessed), OFM Tert. (5/11)
Gualfardus, OSB Cam. Hermit (4/30)
Gualfredo della Gheradesca, OSB, Abbot (2/15)

Gualterius (Blessed) of Himmerode, OSB Cist. (1/22)
Guardian Angels (10/2)
Guarinus of Palestrina, OSA B (2/6)
Guarinus, OSB Cist. B (1/6)
Guasacht of Granard B (1/24)

Gudula of Brussels V (1/8)
Gudule of Brussels V (1/8)
Guendelindis of Niedermünster, OSB V (3/28)
Guenhael of Landevenec, Abbot (11/3)
Guénot, Theodore (Blessed) M (11/4)
Guerembaldus of Hirschau, OSB (11/10)

Guerin of Arras M (10/2)
Guerin, OSB Cist. B (1/6)
Gueroc, Abbot (2/17)
Guethenoc and Jacut (2/6)
Guevrock, Abbot (2/17)

Guibert of Gembloux, OSB Abbot (5/23)
Guibertus of Gembloux, OSB Abbot (5/23)
Guiborat of St. Gall, OSB VM (5/2)
Guidi, James (Blessed) OSB Cam. (4/13)
Guido (Blessed) Vignotelli, OFM Tert. (6/16)

Guido and Adalbert of Casauria, OSB (11/25)
Guido, Modestus, & Crescentia MM (6/15)
Guido of Anderlecht (of Laeken) (9/12)
Guido of Pomposa, OSB Abbot M (3/31)
Guidon of Anderlecht (of Laeken) (9/12)

Guidoni, Philippa (Blessed) OSB Abbess (8/29)
Guier of Liskeard, Hermit (4/4)
Guigner, Phiala & Comp. MM (3/23)
Guinevra VM (11/3)
Guinizo of Monte Cassino, OSB (5/26)

Guinoc of Scotland B (4/13)
Guinochus of Scotland B (4/13)
Guion of Pomposa, OSB Abbot M (3/31)
Guislain M (10/9)
Guitart, Francis (Blessed) Coll OP (5/19)

Gulstan of Rhuys, OSB (11/29)
Gumbert of Senones, OSB B (2/21)
Gumersindus and Servusdei MM (1/13)
Gummarus of Lier, Hermit (10/11)
Gundebert M (4/20)

Gundebert of Senones, OSB B (2/21)
Gundechar (Blessed) B (8/2)
Gundelindis of Niedermünster, OSB V (3/28)
Gundenis of Carthage VM (7/18)
Gundisalvus (Blessed) of Amarante, OP (1/16)

Gundisalvus (Blessed) of Lagos OSA, Confessor (10/21)
Gundisalvus (Blessed) of Silos, OSB (12/20)
Gundisalvus Garcia, OFM M (2/6)
Gundisalvus of Las Junias, OSB Cist. (10/10)
Gundleus, Hermit (3/29)

Gundulphus of Bourges B (6/17)
Gunifort of Pavia M (8/22)
Gunston, David (Blessed) M (7/12)
Gunther of Niederaltaich, OSB (10/9)
Gunthiern of Brittany (7/3)

Gunthrammus, King (3/28)
Guntramnus, King (3/28)
Gurias the Ascetic M (11/15)
Gustan of Rhuys, OSB (11/29)
Guthagon, Hermit (7/3)

Guthlac of Croyland, OSB Hermit (4/11)
Gutierrez, Bartholomew (Blessed) OSA M (9/3)
Guy (Blessed) de Gherardescha, Hermit (5/20)
Guy (Blessed) Maramaldi, OP (6/25)
Guy (Blessed) of Vicogne, O Praem. (3/31)

Guy (Blessed) Vignotelli, OFM Tert. (6/16)
Guy and Adalbert of Casauria, OSB (11/25)
Guy, Modestus, & Crescentia MM (6/15)
Guy of Acqui B (6/2)
Guy of Anderlecht (of Laeken) (9/12)

Guy of Baume, OSB Abbot (6/18)
Guy of Pomposa, OSB Abbot M (3/31)
Gwaladys, Hermit (3/29)
Gwen and Fragan (7/5)
Gwen of Quimper B (10/16)

Gwen of Wales (10/18)
Gwen (10/18)
Gwendolen and Brothen (10/18)
Gwendoline and Brothen (10/18)
Gwenfrewi VM (11/3)

Gwengustle V (6/4)
Gwerir of Liskeard, Hermit (4/4)
Gwinear, Phiala & Comp. MM (3/23)
Gwinnear, Phiala & Comp. MM (3/23)
Gwinoc and Aneurin (Gildas) (AC) (10/26)

Gwithian (11/1)
Gwrnerth and Llewellwyn (LLywelyn) (4/7)
Gwyn, Richard M (10/17)
Gwynllyw of Newport, Hermit (3/29)
Gwynnin of Holywood B (1/21)
Gwythian (11/1)

Habacuc, Prophet (1/15)
Habbakuk, Prophet (1/15)

Habentius, Wistremundus, Jeremias, & Companions (6/7)
Haberilla (Blessed) of Mehrerau, OSB (1/30)
Habet-Deus BM (2/17)
Habrilia (Blessed) of Mehrerau, OSB (1/30)
Hadelin of Crespin, OSB Abbot (6/27)

Hadelin of Dinant, OSB, Abbot (2/3)
Hadelin of Séez, OSB B (11/10)
Hadelinus and Domitian of Lobbes, OSB (6/15)
Hadeloga of Kitzingen, OSB V (2/2)
Hadrian M and Natalia (9/8)

Hadulph of Saint-Vaast, OSB B (5/19)
Haeddi and Companions, OSB MM (4/9)
Haeddi of Winchester, OSB B (7/7)
Haggai, Prophet (7/4)
Haile, John (Blessed) M (5/5)

Hallvard of Oslo M (5/15)
Hallward of Oslo M (5/15)
Halward of Oslo M (5/15)
Hamon of Savigny, OSB (4/30)
Hanani, Prophet (3/27)

Hanh, Paul (Blessed) M (5/28)
Hanisset, Mary (Blessed) O. Carm. M (7/17)
Hanno of Verona B (5/13)
Hanse, Everard (Blessed) M (7/30)
Harding, Stephen OSB Cist. Abbot (4/17)

Hardoin of Brittany B (11/29)
Harduin (Blessed) of Fontenelle, OSB Monk (4/20)
Harold of Gloucester M (3/25)
Harrington, William (Blessed) M (2/18)
Hart, William (Blessed) M (3/15)

Hartmann (Blessed) of Brixen B (12/23)
Hartwig (Blessed) of Salzburg B (6/14)
Haruch of Werden, OSB B (7/15)
Harvey of Brittany, Abbot (6/17)
Hatebrand of Olden-Klooster, OSB Abbot (7/30)

Hatto (Blessed) of Ottobeuren, OSB (7/4)
Havoie (4/14)
Hayhurst, Richard (Blessed) M (8/29)
Hebedjesus the Deacon M (4/22)
Hedda and Companions, OSB MM (4/9)

Hedda of Winchester, OSB B (7/7)
Hedweg (4/14)
Hedwig, OSB Cist. Queen Religious (10/16)
Heeze, Nicholas van OFM M (7/9)
Hegesippus (4/7)

Heiritha of Chittlehampton V (7/8)
Heiu, Joseph (Blessed) OP M (6/27)
Helanus of Reims, Hermit (10/7)
Helconides of Thessalonica VM (5/28)
Heldrad of Novalese, OSB Abbot (3/13)

Helen (Blessed) Enselmini, Poor Clare V (11/4)
Helen (Blessed) of Poland, Widow (6/12)
Helen (Blessed) Valentini, Widow (4/23)
Helen of Auxerre V (5/22)
Helen of Carnarvon (5/22)

Helen of Hungary, OP V (11/9)
Helen of Sköfde, Widow M (7/31)
Helen of Skövde, Widow M (7/31)
Helena (Blessed) Kafka M (3/30)
Helena, Widow (8/18)

Helerous of Tongres M (7/16)
Helia of Öhren, OSB Abbess (6/20)
Heliada of Öhren, OSB Abbess (6/20)
Heliane (4/20)
Heliconis of Thessalonica VM (5/28)

Helier of Tongres M (7/16)
Helimenas, Chrysotelus, Luke, & Companions MM (4/22)
Helinand of Froidmont, OSB Cist. (2/3)
Heliodorus and Companions MM (11/21)
Heliodorus of Altinum B (7/3)

Heliodorus, Venustus & Comp. MM (5/6)
Helladius and Theophilus MM (1/8)
Helladius, Crescens, & Companions MM (5/28)
Helladius of Auxerre B (5/8)
Helladius of Toledo B (2/18)
Hélory, Ivo (Ives, Ybus, Yvo) OFM Tert. (5/19)

Helwisa (Blessed) of Coulombs, OSB V (2/11)
Hélye, Thomas (Blessed) (10/19)
Hemerford, Thomas (Blessed) M (2/12)
Hemming of Finland BM (5/22)
Henares, Dominic (Blessed) OP M (6/25)
Henedina, Justina, & Justa MM (5/14)

Henry (Blessed) Abbot M (7/4)
Henry (Blessed) of Albano, OSB Cist. B Card. (7/4)
Henry (Blessed) of Cologne, OP (10/23)
Henry (Blessed) of Gheest, OSB Cist. (4/4)
Henry (Blessed) of Marburg, OP (10/23)

Henry (Blessed) of Treviso (6/10)
Henry (Blessed) of Villers, OSB Cist. (4/4)
Henry (Blessed) of Zwiefalten, OSB (11/4)
Henry (Blessed) the Shoemaker (6/9)
Henry (Blessed) Zdik, O. Praem. B (6/25)

Henry Michael (Blessed) Buche (6/9)
Henry Morse, Priest, SJ M (2/1)
Henry of Auxerre, OSB (6/24)
Henry of Cocket (Coquet Island), OSB, Hermit (1/16)
Henry of Finland BM (1/19)

Henry of Hungary, Prince (11/4)
Henry of Sweden, King M (5/18)
Henry of Uppsala BM (1/19)
Henry Walpole, SJ M (4/7)

Heraclas of Alexandria B (7/14)
Heraclius, Alexander, & Companions MM (10/22)
Heraclius and Zosimus MM (3/11)
Heraclius, Felicissimus, and Paulinus MM (5/26)
Heraclius of Sens B (6/8)
Herband of Brittany (6/11)

Herbert of Cologne B (3/16)
Herbert of Derwentwater, OSB Hermit (3/20)
Herbert of Tours, OSB B (10/30)
Herbland, OSB Abbot (3/25)
Herculanus (Blessed) of Piegare, OFM (6/1)

Herculanus of Perugia B (11/7)
Herculanus of Porto M (9/4)
Herebald of Brittany (6/11)
Herena, Donatus, Justus, and Comp. MM (2/25)
Herenia, Felicitas, Urbanus, & Companions

Hereswitha of Chelles, OSB Widow (9/3)
Heribald of Auxerre, OSB B (4/25)
Heribert of Cologne B (3/16)
Heric of Auxerre, OSB (6/24)
Herlier of Tongres M (7/16)

Herlindis and Relindis, OSB Abbbesses (10/12)
Herluin (Blessed) of Bec, OSB Abbot (8/26)
Hermacrates, Hermippus & Hermolaus MM (7/27)
Hermagoras and Fortunatus MM (7/12)
Herman (Blessed) of Zähringen, OSB (3/25)

Herman, Nicholas (2/12)
Hermann (Blessed) of Scheda, O. Praem. Abbot (12/23)
Hermann Joseph, O. Praem. (4/7)
Hermas, Aggaeus, & Caius MM (1/4)
Hermas and Nicander MM (11/4)

Hermas of Rome B (5/9)
Hermas, Serapion, and Polyaenus MM (8/18)
Hermas, Victor, Publius, & Papias MM (11/2)
Hermel of Brittany, Abbot (8/16)
Hermeland, OSB Abbot (3/25)

Hermellus of Constantinople M (8/3)
Hermenegild, King M (4/13)
Hermenegild of Salcedo, OSB (11/5)
Hermengaudius of Urgell B (11/3)
Hermenland, OSB Abbot (3/25)

Hermes, Aggaeus, & Caius MM (1/4)
Hermes of Rome M (12/31)
Hermes, Serapion, and Polyaenus MM (8/18)
Hermes, Severus, Eusebius, & Philip of Heraclea MM (10/22)
Hermes the Exorcist M (12/31)

Hermes (1/13)
Hermias of Cappadocia M (5/31)
Hermione of Ephesus V (9/4)
Hermippus, Hermolaus, & Hermacrates MM (7/27)
Hermogenes and Peter MM (4/17)

Hermogenes, Caius, Expeditus, & Companions MM (4/19)
Hermogenes, Caius, Expeditus, and Companions MM (4/9)
Hermogenes, Evodius, and Callistus MM (4/25)
Hermogenes, Evodius, Theodota, and Callista MM (8/2)
Hermogius of Tuy, OSB B (6/26)

Hermolaus, Hermippus & Hermacrates MM (7/27)
Hermosilla, Jerome (Blessed) OP M (AC) (11/1)
Hermylus and Stratonicus MM (1/13)
Hermylus of Constantinople M (8/3)
Hernan of Brittany (9/15)

Herodion, Asyncritus and Phlegon MM (4/8)
Heron of Antioch BM (10/17)
Heros, Pharnacius, Firminus, & Companions MM (6/24)
Herst, Richard (Blessed) M (8/29)
Herundo, Redempta, and Romula VV (7/23)

Hervé of Brittany, Abbot (6/17)
Hervé of Anjou, Hermit (7/18)
Herve (4/16)
Herveus of Anjou, Hermit (7/18)
Herveus of Brittany, Abbot (6/17)

Herygh of Cornwall (10/31)
Herygh of Slane (10/31)
Hesperus, Zoe, Cyriacus, & Theodulus MM (5/2)
Hesso (Blessed) of Beinwil, OSB, Abbot (12/27)
Hesteria of Bergamo VM (8/10)

Hesychius, Ammonius, Phileas, Pachomius, Theodore & Companions. MM (11/26)
Hesychius, Hieron, Nicander, & Companions MM (11/7)
Hesychius, Indaletius, and Companions MM (5/15)
Hesychius, Leonides, and Companions MM (8/31)
Hesychius of Dorostorum M (6/15)

Hesychius, Papius, Saturninus, & Companions MM (7/7)
Hesychius, Priest (3/28)
Hethor, Beocca, and Comp., OSB MM (4/10)
Hetto of Dompierre, OSB B (7/10)
Hetto of Fescau, OSB B (7/10)

Hia of Cornwall VM (2/3)
Hibernon, Andrew (Bl.) OFM (4/18)
Hidulphus of Lobbes, OSB (6/23)
Hien, Joseph (Blessed) OP M (6/27)
Hierlath of Armagh B (2/1)

Hiernarchus, Acacius, and Companions MM (11/27)
Hieron, Nicander, Hesychius & Companions MM (11/7)
Hieronides, Serapion, & Companions (9/12)
Hierotheus of Athens B (10/4)
Hieu of Tadcaster V (8/31)

Hieu, Peter (Blessed) M (4/28)
Hilaria, Serotina, & Companions MM (12/31)
Hilarinus M and Donatus BM (8/7)
Hilarion and Proclus MM (7/12)
Hilarion of Gaza, Abbot (10/21)

Hilary and Quieta MM (11/28)
Hilary and Valentine MM (11/3)
Hilary, Demetrius, Concessus, & Comp. MM (4/9)
Hilary M and Donatus BM (8/7)
Hilary of Arles B (5/5)

Hilary of Carcassone B (6/3)
Hilary of Galeata, Abbot (5/15)
Hilary of Mende B (10/25)
Hilary of Pavia B (5/16)
Hilary of Poitiers B, Dr. (1/13)

Hilary of Toulouse B (5/20)
Hilary of Volturno, OSB Abbess (11/21)
Hilary, Tatian, Felix, Largus, and Denis MM (3/16)
Hilda (Hild) of Whitby, OSB Abbess (11/17)
Hildebert of Ghent, OSB (4/4)

Hildebrand of Fossombrone B (5/1)
Hildebrand, OSB Pope (5/25)
Hildegard (Blessed), Empress (4/30)
Hildegrin of Châlons-sur-Marne B (6/19)
Hildegund (or Joseph), OSB Cist. V (4/20)

Hildegund of Meer, O. Praem., Widow (2/6)
Hildegund of Mehre, O. Praem., Widow (2/6)
Hildelid of Barking, OSB Abbess (3/24)
Hildelida of Barking, OSB Abbess (3/24)
Hildelitha of Barking, OSB Abbess (3/24)

Hildeltha of Barking, OSB Abbess (3/24)
Hildemar (Blessed) of Arrouaise, OSA M (1/13)
Hildemarca of Fecamp, OSB Abbess (10/25)
Hilderbrand (Blesseds) and Stephen, OSB Cist. MM (4/11)
Hildilid of Barking, OSB Abbess (3/24)

Hilduard of Dickelvenne, OSB B (9/7)
Hillonius of Solignac, OSB, Abbot (1/7)
Hilsindis, OSB Abbess (5/4)
Hilvarenbeek, Adrian van M (7/9)
Hilward of Dickelvenne, OSB B (9/7)

Himelin of Vissenaeken (3/10)
Himerius of Cremona B (6/17)
Himerius of Immertal, Abbot (11/12)
Himmanna (Blessed) of Loss, OSB Cist., Abbess (10/21)
Hinolosa Naveros, Maria Gabriela (Blessed) M (7/20)

Hippolytus (Blessed) Galantini (3/20)
Hippolytus, Felix, Symphonius, and Companions MM (2/3)
Hippolytus of Antioch M (1/30)
Hippolytus of Porto BM (8/22)
Hippolytus of Saint-Claude, OSB B (11/28)

Hirenarchus, Acacius, and Companions MM (11/27)
Ho-Dinh-Hy, Michael (Blessed) M (5/22)
Hoan, John (Blessed) M (5/26)
Hoarzon of Brittany B (11/29)
Hofbauer, Clement Maria C.SS.R. (3/15)

Hoilde (4/30)
Holy Innocents MM (12/28)
Homobonius of Cremona (11/13)
Homobonus of Cremona (11/13)
Honesti, Romuald, OSB, Abbot Founder (6/19)

Honestus of Nîmes M (2/16)
Honorata of Pavia V (1/1)
Honoratus, Demetrius, and Florus MM (12/22)
Honoratus, Fortunatus, Arontius & Sabinian MM (8/27)
Honoratus of Amiens B (5/16)

Honoratus of Arles B (1/16)
Honoratus of Fondi, Abbot (1/16)
Honoratus of Milan B (2/8)
Honoratus of Toulouse B (12/21)
Honoratus of Vercelli B (10/28)

Honoratus, Secundus, & Companions MM (12/29)
Honore of Arles B (1/16)
Honorius and Demetrius MM (11/21)
Honorius, Donatus, & Companions MM (12/30)
Honorius, Eutychius and Stephen MM (11/21)

Honorius of Amiens B (5/16)
Honorius of Brescia B (4/24)
Honorius of Buzancais M (1/9)
Honorius (9/30)
Hoornaer, Antony van OFM M (7/9)

Hoornaer, John van OFM M (7/9)
Hormisdas, Pope (8/6)
Horne, William (Blessed) and Companions, O.Cart. MM (8/4)
Horres, Theodora, & Mark MM (3/13)
Hortulanus, Felix, Florentian & Companions BB (11/28)

Hosanna (Blessed) of Cattaro, OP Tert. V (4/27)
Hosanna (Blessed) of Mantua, OP Tert. V (6/18)
Hosanna (Blessed) of Mantua, OP Tert. V (6/18)
Hosea, Prophet (7/4)
Hospitius of Cap-Saint-Hospice, Hermit (5/21)
Höss, Crescentia (Blessed) OFM Tert. V (4/5)

Hou of Bourges B (5/22)
Hou (4/30)
Houghton, John O Cart. M (5/4)
Howard, Philip M (10/19)
Howard, William (Blessed) M (12/29)

Hrodbert of Salzburg, OSB B (3/29)
Hroznata (Blessed) of Bohemia, O. Praem. M (7/19)
Huardo of Brittany B (11/29)
Hubert of Brétigny, OSB (5/30)
Hubert of Liège B (11/3)

Hudson, James (Blessed) M (11/28)
Hugbert of Brétigny, OSB (5/30)
Hugh (Blessed) de Montaigu, OSB B (8/10)
Hugh (Blessed) Faringdon, OSB MM (11/15)
Hugh (Blessed) of Fosse, O. Praem. (2/10)

Hugh (Blessed) of Mâcon, OSB Cist. B (10/10)
Hugh (Blessed) of Marchiennes, OSB Abbot (6/11)
Hugh (Blessed) of Vaucelles, OSB Cist. (3/29)
Hugh of Ambronay OSB, Abbot (10/21)
Hugh of Anzy-le-Duc, OSB (4/20)

Hugh of Avalon, O.Cart. B (11/17)
Hugh of Bonnevaux, OSB Cistercian, Abbot (4/1)
Hugh of Cluny, OSB Abbot (4/29)
Hugh of Grenoble, OSB B (4/1)
Hugh of Lincoln, O.Cart. B (11/17)

Hugh of Lincoln (8/27)
Hugh of Noara, OSB Cist. Abbot (11/17)
Hugh of Rouen, OSB B (4/9)
Hugh the Great of Cluny, OSB Abbot (4/29)
Hugh the Great, OSB Abbot (4/29)

Hugolinus (Blessed) of Cortona, OSA (3/22)
Hugolinus (Blessed) of Gualdo, OSA (1/1)
Hugolinus (Blessed) Zefferini, OSA (3/22)
Hugolinus, Domnus, Leo, and Companions, OFM MM (10/10)
Humbert (Blessed) of Romans, OP (7/14)

Humbert of Fritzlar, OSB (10/26)
Humbert of Marolles, OSB Abbot (3/25)
Humbert of the East Angles BM (11/20)
Humiliana (Blessed) de'Cerchi, OFM Tert. (5/19)
Humilis (Blessed) of Bisignano, OFM (11/26)

Humilis (Blessed) of Bisignano, OFM (11/27)
Humilitas of Faenza, OSB Vall. Widow (5/22)
Humility of Faenza, OSB Vall. Widow (5/22)
Humphrey, Laurence (Blessed) M (7/7)
Humphrey of Egypt, Hemit (6/12)

Humphrey of Pruem, OSB B (3/8)
Huna of Ely, OSB Monk (2/13)
Hunfrid of Pruem, OSB B (3/8)
Hung, Laurence M (4/27)
Hunger of Utrecht B (12/22)

Hunna of Alsace, Matron (4/15)
Hurst, Richard (Blessed) M (8/29)
Huva of Alsace, Matron (4/15)
Huva of Brittany, Abbot (6/17)

Hya of Cornwall VM (2/3)
Hyacinth (Blessed) Castañeda and Companions, OP MM (11/7)
Hyacinth, Alexander, and Tiburtus MM (9/9)
Hyacinth M (7/26)
Hyacinth of Cappadocia M (7/3)
Hyacinth of Paphlagonia M (7/17)

Hyacinth, Quintus, Felician & Lucius MM (10/29)
Hyacinth, Zoticus, Irenaeus, Amantius & Comp. MM (2/10)
Hyacintha Mariscotti, OFM Tert., V (1/30)
Hydoc (5/5)
Hydroc (5/5)

Hydulphus of Lobbes, OSB (6/23)
Hyginus, Pope M (1/11)
Hymelin of Vissenaeken (3/10)
Hymenaeus and Capito MM (7/24)
Hypatius and Andrew MM (8/29)

Hypatius, Leontius, and Theodulus MM (6/18)
Hypatius, Lucillian, Claudius, Paul & Dionysius MM (6/3)
Hypatius of Bithynia, Abbot (6/17)
Hypatius of Gangra BM (11/14)
Hywyn of Aberdaron (1/6)

Ia and Companions MM (8/4)
Ia of Cornwall VM (2/3)
Ibar of Meath (of Beg-Eri) B (4/23)
Ibaraki, Louis M (2/6)

Ibaraki, Paul M (2/6)
Ibars, Teresa of Jesus V (8/26)
Iberius of Meath (of Beg-Eri) B (4/23)
Ibhar of Meath (of Beg-Eri) B (4/23)

Ida (Blessed) of Argensolles, OSB Cist., Abbess (1/13)
Ida (Blessed) of Bologna, Widow (4/13)
Ida (Blessed) of Hohenfels, OSB V (2/24)
Ida (Blessed) of Louvain, OSB Cist. V (4/13)
Ida (Blessed) of Nivelles, OSB Widow (5/8)

Ida (Blessed) of Toggenburg, OSB (11/3)
Ida of Herzfeld, Widow (9/4)
Ida of Limerick V (1/15)
Idaberga of Caistor, OSB V (6/20)
Ide of Limerick V (1/15)

Idesbald of Dunes, OSB Cist. Abbot (4/18)
Iduberga (Blessed) of Nivelles, OSB Widow (5/8)
Idus of Leinster B (7/14)
Ignatius (Blessed) de Azevedo and Companions, SJ MM (7/15)
Ignatius, Laurentinus, and Celerina MM (2/3)

Ignatius of Antioch BM (10/17)
Ignatius of Constantinople B (10/23)
Ignatius of Laconi (5/11)
Ignatius of Loyola, Priest Founder (7/31)
Ignatius of Rostov B (5/28)
Ihars, Teresa of Jesus V (8/26)

Iia of Cornwall VM (2/3)
Ildefonsus of Toledo B (1/23)
Ildephonse of Toledo B (1/23)
Ildephonsus of Toledo B (1/23)
Illadan of Rathlihen B (6/10)

Illathan of Rathlihen B (6/10)
Illidius of Clermont B (7/7)
Illtud, Abbot (11/6)
Illtut, Abbot (11/6)
Illtyd, Abbot (11/6)

Illuminata of Todi V (11/29)
Illuminatus of San Severino, OSB (5/11)
Illuminatus, OFM (5/11)
Ilona of Hungary, OP V (11/9)
Iltut, Abbot (11/6)

Imaina (Blessed) of Loss, OSB Cist., Abbess (10/21)
Imaine (Blessed) of Loss, OSB Cist., Abbess (10/21)
Imana (Blessed) of Loss, OSB Cist., Abbess (10/21)
Imelda (Blessed) Lambertini, OP V (5/12)
Imerius of Immertal, Abbot (11/12)

Imier of Cremona B (6/17)
Imier of Immertal, Abbot (11/12)
Imma of Karlburg, OSB Abbess (11/25)
Immina of Karlburg, OSB Abbess (11/25)
Imre of Hungary, Prince (11/4)

Ina and Ethelburga (9/8)
Inamura, John (Blessed) OP Tert. M (9/8)
Inan of Ayrshire, Hermit (8/18)
Indaletius, Secundius, and Companions MM (5/15)
Indes, Domna, Agapes and Theophila MM (12/28)

Indractus and Dominica of Glastonbury MM (2/5)
Inés (Blessed) de Beniganim, OSA (1/21)
Ingen, Ptolemy, Theophilus, Zeno, and Ammon MM (12/20)
Ingenuinus of Brixen B (2/5)
Ingram, John (Blessed) M (7/26)

Iñigo de Recalde de Loyola (7/31)
Iñigo of Ona, OSB Abbot (6/1)
Inischolus, Faustian, & Companions MM (4/29)
Injuriosus and Scholastica (5/25)
Innocent (Blessed) V, OP Pope (6/22)

Innocent I, Pope (7/28)
Innocent, Jeremias, Peregrinus, & Companions MM (6/17)
Innocent of Le Mans B (6/19)
Innocent of Tortona B (4/17)
Innocent, Sebastia (Sabbatia) & Companions MM (7/4)

Iolladhan of Rathlihen B (6/10)
Iona Martyrs (1/12)
Ipazio, Leontius, and Theodulus MM (6/18)
Irchard of Scotland B (8/24)
Ireland, John (Blessed) M (3/7)

Iremonger, William (Blessed) SJ M (1/24)
Irenaeus and Abundius MM (8/26)
Irenaeus and Quintian MM (4/1)
Irenaeus, Hyacinth, Amantius, Zoticus, & Comp. MM (2/10)
Irenaeus of Sirmium BM (3/24)

Irenaeus, Peregrinus & Irene MM (5/5)
Irenaeus, Serapion, Theodore, and Armonius MM (3/26)
Irene, Chionia (Chione), and Agape VV MM (4/3)
Irene, Irenaeus, & Peregrinus MM (5/5)
Irene of Gaza (2/26)

Irene VM (10/20)
Irene VM (4/5)
Irene (2/21)
Ireneaus and Mustiola MM (7/3)
Ireneo and Mustiola MM (7/3)

Irmengard (Blessed) of Chiemsee, OSB Abbess (7/16)
Irmina of Oehren, OSB Abbess V (12/24)
Isaac, Christinus, John, Matthew, & Benedict OSB MM (11/12)
Isaac I the Great B (9/9)
Isaac Jogues, Priest M and Companions MM (10/19)

Isaac of Constantinople, Abbot (5/30)
Isaac of Cordova M (6/3)
Isaac of Monteluco, Hermit (4/11)
Isaac of Spoleto, Hermit (4/11)
Isaac, Patriarch (3/25)

Isaac, Sapor (Shapur), and Companions BM (11/30)
Isabel of Portugal, OFM Tert. Queen (7/4)
Isabelle (Blessed) of France, Poor Clare (2/26)
Isacius, Apollo, and Crotates (Codratus) MM (4/21)
Isadora of Egypt V (5/1)

Isaiah, Prophet (7/6)
Isaias (Blessed) Boner, OSA (2/8)
Isaias, Elias, Jeremy, Samuel, and Daniel MM (2/16)
Isaias, Prophet (7/6)
Isaias, Sabas, &Companions MM (1/14)

Isauri of Orense, OSB B (1/26)
Isaurus, Innocent, Felix, & Companions MM (6/17)
Isberga of Aire, OSB B (5/21)
Ischirion and Companions MM (6/1)
Ischyion, Chaeremon, and Other Martyrs MM (12/22)

Ischyrion and Companions MM (6/1)
Isenger of Verdun B (3/21)
Isfrid, O. Praem. (6/15)
Isidora of Egypt V (5/1)
Isidore, Elias, and Paul MM (4/17)

Isidore of Alexandria (1/15)
Isidore of Antioch BM (1/2)
Isidore of Chios M (5/15)
Isidore of Nitria B (1/2)
Isidore of Pelusium, Abbot (2/4)

Isidore of Seville B, Doctor (4/4)
Isidore the Egyptian (1/15)
Isidore the Farmer (5/15)
Ismael B (6/16)
Ismael, Sabel, and Manuel MM (6/17)

Isnard(o) (Blessed) de Chiampo, OP (3/22)
Israel (11/6)
Istvan of Hungary, King (8/16)
Istvan Pongracz, SJ M (9/4)
Ita of Limerick V (1/15)

Ithamar of Rochester B (6/10)
Itisberga of Aire, OSB B (5/21)
Itta (Blessed) of Nivelles, OSB Widow (5/8)
Ivan of Bohemia, Hermit (6/24)
Ivanango, John (Blessed) and Companions MM (11/27)

Ives Hélory, OFM Tert. (5/19)
Ives of Cornwall VM (2/3)
Ivetta (Blessed) of Huy, Widow (1/13)
Ivia of Huntingdonshire, Hermit B (4/24)
Ivo Hélory, OFM Tert. (5/19)

Ivo of Chartres, OSA B (5/23)
Ivo of Huntingdonshire, Hermit B (4/24)
Ixida, Antony (Blessed) M (9/3)

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