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Jacob, Patriarch (2/5)
Jacoba de Settesoli, OFM Tert. (2/8)
Jacobinus (Blessed) de'Canepaci, OC (3/3)
Jacobis, Justin B (7/31)
Jacobo (Blessed) Salomone, OP (5/31)

Jacopo della Marca, OFM (11/28)
Jacopo Gangala, OFM (11/28)
Jacopone (Blessed) Benedetti da Todi, OFM (12/25)
Jacopone (Blessed) da Todi, OFM (12/25)
Jacqueline de Settesoli, OFM Tert. (2/8)

Jacqueline, V Hermit (4/1)
Jacut and Guethenoc (2/6)
Jadwiga, OSB Cist. Queen Religious (10/16)
Jamada, Laurence (Blessed) M (9/8)
Jamada, Michael (Blessed) OP Tert. M (9/8)

James (Bl.) Duckett M (4/19)
James (Blessed) Andrade, SJ M (7/15)
James (Blessed) Bell M (4/20)
James (Blessed) Benfatti, OP B (11/26)
James (Blessed) Bertoni, OSM (5/30)

James (Blessed) Bird M (3/25)
James (Blessed) Carvalho and Companions, SJ M (2/25)
James (Blessed) Fayaxida, OP Tert. M (9/8)
James (Blessed) Fenn M (2/12)
James (Blessed) Gerius, OSB Camb. (8/5)

James (Blessed) Griesinger, OP (10/11)
James (Blessed) Guidi, OSB Cam. (4/13)
James (Blessed) Hudson M (11/28)
James (Blessed) of Bitetto, OFM (4/27)
James (Blessed) of Capocci, OSA B (3/14)

James (Blessed) of Cerqueto, OSA (4/17)
James (Blessed) of Certaldo, OSB Cam. (4/13)
James (Blessed) of Dalmatia, OFM (4/27)
James (Blessed) of Illyricum, OFM (4/27)
James (Blessed) of Mantua, OP B (11/26)

James (Blessed) of Nocera, OSB (5/27)
James (Blessed) of Oldo, OFM Tert. (4/19)
James (Blessed) of Padua and Comp., OFM MM (4/9)
James (Blessed) of Sclavonia, OFM (4/27)
James (Blessed) of Strepar, OFM B (6/1)

James (Blessed) of Zara, OFM (4/27)
James (Blessed) Salès SJ M (2/7)
James (Blessed) Salomone, OP (5/31)
James (Blessed) the Almsgiver M (1/28)
James (Blessed) Thompson M (11/28)

James (Blessed) Walworth, O. Cart. M (5/11)
James and John MM (11/1)
James and Philip, Apostles (5/3)
James, Blessed Edward M (10/1)
James Intercisus M (11/27)

James Kisai, SJ M (2/6)
James Kizayemon, SJ M (2/6)
James Lacops, O. Praem. M (7/9)
James, Marian, & Companions MM (4/30)
James of Nisibis B (7/15)

James of Tarentaise B (1/16)
James of the March, OFM (11/28)
James of Toul B (6/23)
James, Peter (Blessed) OSA (6/23)
James, Roger (Blessed) OSB MM (11/15)

James the Hermit (1/28)
James the Syrian (8/6)
Jan Berchmans, SJ (11/26)
Jane (Blessed) Gerard M (6/26)
Jane (Blessed) of Bagno, OSB Cam. V (1/16)

Jane (Blessed) of Orvieto, OP Tert. V (7/23)
Jane (Blessed) of Segna V (11/17)
Jane (Blessed) of Toulouse, OC Tert. (3/31)
Jane (Blessed) Scopelli, OC V (7/9)
Jane de Lestonnac, Widow Foundress (2/2)

Jane Mary (Blessed) Bonomo, OSB V (3/1)
Jane Mary (Blessed) de Maillé, OFM Tert. V (3/29)
Jane of France, Queen (2/4)
Jane of Valois, Queen (2/4)
Januaria, Generosa, Vestina, Donata, Secunda, & Companions MM (7/17)

Januarius, Alexander, Silvanus, & Companions MM (7/10)
Januarius and Felix MM (1/7)
Januarius and Protus MM (10/25)
Januarius, Faustus, and Martial MM (10/13)
Januarius, Florentius, Julia & Justa MM (7/15)

Januarius, Fortunatus, Septimus, Audactus, & Felix MM (10/24)
Januarius, Magnus, Stephen, & Companions MM (8/7)
Januarius, Massalius, & Companions MM (4/29)
Januarius, Maxima and Macaria MM (4/8)
Januarius, Saturninus, & Companions MM (1/19)

Japan, (Blessed) Martyrs of (9/8)
Jarlath of Armagh B (2/1)
Jason M (7/12)
Javouhey, Anne Marie (Nanette) (Blessed) (7/15)

Jean (Blessed) Jô, OFM (9/3)
Jean (Blessed) of the Cross de Torres, OFM (9/3)
Jean-François Regie, SJ (6/16)
Jean-Pierre (Blessed) Néel & Martin MM (2/18)
Jeanne d'Arc V (5/30)
Jeanne de Lestonnac, Widow Foundress (2/2)

Jeanne Elizabeth Bichier des Âges (Anges) V (8/26)
Jeanne-Marie (Blessed) Bonomo, OSB V (3/1)
Jeanne of France, Queen (2/4)
Jeanne of Valois, Queen (2/4)

Jeremiah, Prophet (5/1)
Jeremias and Emilas (Emile) MM (9/15)
Jeremias, Felix, Peregrinus, & Companions MM (6/17)
Jeremias, Prophet (5/1)
Jeremias, Wistremundus, Habentius, & Companions (6/7)
Jeremy and Emilas (Emile) MM (9/15)

Jeremy, Elias, Isaias, Samuel, and Daniel MM (2/16)
Jermyn (Blessed) Gardiner M (3/7)
Jerome (Blessed) Hermosilla, OP M (AC) (11/1)
Jerome (Blessed) Lu M (1/28)
Jerome (Blessed) of the Cross de Torres, OFM (9/3)

Jerome (Blessed) of Vallumbrosa, OSB Vall. (6/18)
Jerome Emiliani (2/8)
Jerome, Francis SJ (5/11)
Jerome Miani (2/8)
Jerome of Pavia B (7/19)

Jerome Weerden, OFM M (7/9)
Jerome (9/30)

Jô, Jerome (Blessed) OFM (9/3)

Joachim (Blessed) de Floris, OSB Cist. Abbot (3/30)
Joachim (Blessed) of Fiore, OSB Cist. Abbot (3/30)
Joachim (Blessed) of Sienay, OSM (4/16)
Joachim (Blessed) Piccolomini, OSM (4/16)
Joachim (Blessed) Royo, OP M (10/28)
Joachim and Ann, Parents of Mary (7/26)

Joachim Saccachibara M (2/6)
Joachim Sakakibara M (2/6)
Joachim (5/29)
Joan de Lestonnac, Widow Foundress (2/2)
Joan Elizabeth Bichier des Âges (Anges) V (8/26)

Joan of Arc V (5/30)
Joan of France, Queen (2/4)
Joan of Valois, Queen (2/4)
Joanna of France, Queen (2/4)
Joanna of Valois, Queen (2/4)

Joanna, Widow (5/24)
Joannicius of Mt. Olympus, Hermit (11/4)
Joaquina Vedruna de Mas, Widow Foundress (5/19)
Joasaph and Barlaam (11/27)
Job, Patriarch (5/10)

Jocelin, Hermit (8/6)
Joel of Pulsano, OSB, Abbot (1/25)
Jogues, Isaac Priest M (10/19)
John (Blessed) "della Pace," OFM Tert. (11/12)
John (Blessed) Alcober, OP M (12/30)

John (Blessed) Amias (or Anne) M (3/16)
John (Blessed) Angelo Porro, OSM (10/24)
John (Blessed) Baptist Thauh M (4/28)
John (Blessed) Bassano (Bassand), OSB Cel. (8/26)
John (Blessed) Beche, OSB, Abbot M (12/1)

John (Blessed) Bodey M (11/2)
John (Blessed) Buoni, OSA (10/23)
John (Blessed) Buralli, OFM (3/20)
John (Blessed) Cacciafronte, OSB BM (3/16)
John (Blessed) Carey M (7/4)

John (Blessed) Cini "della Pace," OFM Tert. (11/12)
John (Blessed) Cirita, OSB Hermit (12/23)
John (Blessed) Colombini, Founder (7/31)
John (Blessed) Cornelius, SJ M (7/4)
John (Blessed) Dat M (10/28)

John (Blessed) de Baeza, SJ M (7/15)
John (Blessed) de Mavorga, SJ M (7/15)
John (Blessed) de Zafra, SJ M (7/15)
John (Blessed) del Bastone, OSB Sil. (3/24)
John (Blessed) del Prado, OFM M (5/24)

John (Blessed) Dominici de Banchini, OP B (6/10)
John (Blessed) Duckett, SJ M (9/7)
John (Blessed) Eynon, OSB M (11/15)
John (Blessed) Fernández, SJ Priest M (7/15)
John (Blessed) Fernández, SJ M (7/15)

John (Blessed) Forest, OFM M (5/22)
John (Blessed) Garbella, OP (12/1)
John (Blessed) Gaspard Cratz & Companions, SJ MM (1/12)
John (Blessed) Gradenigo, OSB Hermit (12/5)
John (Blessed) Grande (6/3)

John (Blessed) Grove M (1/24)
John (Blessed) Haile M (5/5)
John (Blessed) Hoan M (5/26)
John (Blessed) Inamura, OP Tert. M (9/8)
John (Blessed) Ingram M (7/26)

John (Blessed) Ireland M (3/7)
John (Blessed) Ivanango and Companions MM (11/27)
John (Blessed) Lantrua, OFM M (2/13)
John (Blessed) Larke M (3/7)
John (Blessed) Liccio (Licci), OP (11/14)

John (Blessed) Lockwood M (4/13)
John (Blessed) Maki M (9/7)
John (Blessed) Marinoni (12/13)
John (Blessed) Mary Mzec M (1/27)
John (Blessed) Montajana and Companions MM (11/27)

John (Blessed) Morosini, OSB Abbot (2/5)
John (Blessed) Munden M (2/12)
John (Blessed) Nelson, SJ M (2/3)
John (Blessed) Nutter M (2/12)
John (Blessed) of Angelus, OSB (1/31)

John (Blessed) of Caramola, OSB Cist. (8/26)
John (Blessed) of Cetina OFM M (5/22)
John (Blessed) of Cupramontana, OSB Cam. (4/11)
John (Blessed) of Dukla, OFM (10/1)
John (Blessed) of Fabriano, OFM (3/11)

John (Blessed) of Grace-Dieu, OSB Cist. Abbot (4/20)
John (Blessed) of Montfort, OSB Knight (5/24)
John (Blessed) of Parma, OFM (3/20)
John (Blessed) of Penna, OFM (4/3)
John (Blessed) of San Martin, SJ M (7/15)

John (Blessed) of Tossignano (7/24)
John (Blessed) of Valence, OSB Cist. B (4/26)
John (Blessed) of Vallumbrosa, OSB Vall. (3/10)
John (Blessed) of Vercelli, OP (12/1)
John (Blessed) of Vespignano (4/9)

John (Blessed) of Warneton B (1/27)
John (Blessed) Pelingotto, OFM Tert. (6/1)
John (Blessed) Pibush M (2/18)
John (Blessed) Rainuzzi, OSB (6/8)
John (Blessed) Righi, OFM (3/11)

John (Blessed) Roche M (8/30)
John (Blessed) Rochester, O. Cart. M (5/11)
John (Blessed) Rugg, OSB M (11/15)
John (Blessed) Shert M (5/28)
John (Blessed) Slade M (10/30)

John (Blessed) Sordi, OSB BM (3/16)
John (Blessed) Soreth, OC (7/30)
John (Blessed) Speed (2/4)
John (Blessed) Spence (2/4)
John (Blessed) Storey M (6/1)

John (Blessed) Tavalli (7/24)
John (Blessed) the Saxon, OSB Monk (2/22)
John (Blessed) the Spaniard, O. Cart. (6/25)
John (Blessed) Thorne, OSB MM (11/15)
John (Blessed) Tomaki, OP Tert. M (9/8)

John (Blessed) Zakoly B (2/3)
John (Francis) Bernardone, Founder (10/4)
John and Benignus, OSB (7/21)
John and Crispus MM (8/18)
John and Cyrus MM (1/31)

John and Festus MM (12/21)
John and James MM (11/1)
John and Paul MM (6/26)
John Angeloptes B (11/27)
John Baptist (Blessed) Cou M (11/7)

John Baptist (Blessed) Lo M (7/29)
John Baptist (Blessed) Machado, SJ M (5/22)
John Baptist (Blessed) Spagnuolo, OC (3/20)
John Baptist de Rossi (5/23)
John Baptist of the Conception, C. Trinitarian (2/14)

John Baptist Vianney, Priest (8/4)
John Berchmans, SJ (11/26)
John Bosco, Priest Founder (1/31)
John Boste, Priest M (7/24)
John Calybites (Calabytes), Hermit (1/15)

John Camillus the Good (Bonus) B (1/10)
John Cantius (of Kanty, Kanti, Kenty) (12/23)
John Cassian, Abbot (7/23)
John Charles (Blessed) Cornay M (2/8)
John Charles Marchioni (1/5)

John Climacus, Abbot (3/30)
John Colobus, Hermit (10/17)
John de Atarés, Hermit (5/29)
John de Brébeuf M (10/19)
John de Britto, SJ M (2/4)

John de Craticula, OSB Cist. B (2/1)
John de Lalande M (10/19)
John de Ortega, Hermit (6/2)
John di Fidanza, OFM B Doctor (7/15)
John Dvorák, C.SS.R. (3/15)

John, Eustace, and Antony MM (4/14)
John, Felix, and Votus, Hermits (5/29)
John Fisher of Rochester BM (6/22)
John Francis Regis, SJ (6/16)
John Garcia, C. Trinitarian (2/14)

John Gualbert (Gualberto), OSB Vall. Abbot (7/12)
John Henry (Venerable) Newman (2/21)
John Houghton, O Cart. M (5/4)
John I of Naples B (6/22)
John I, Pope M (5/18)

John IV of Naples B (6/22)
John Jones, OFM Priest M (7/12)
John Kemble, Priest MM (8/22)
John Kimoia OFM Tert. M (2/6)
John Kisaka OFM Tert. M (2/6)

John Leonardi, Priest (10/9)
John Lloyd, Priest M (7/22)
John Maria Muzeyi M (6/3)
John Mary du Lau BM (8/31)
John, Matthew, Isaac, Christinus, & Benedict OSB MM (11/12)

John, Merulus & Antony, OSB MM (1/17)
John Nepomucen M (5/16)
John Nepomucene Neumann B (1/5)
John of Ávila, Priest (5/10)
John of Autun B (10/29)

John of Beverley, OSB B (5/7)
John of Bridlington, OSA (10/11)
John of Bridlington, OSA (10/21)
John of Capistrano, OFM 1456. (10/23)
John of Châlon B (5/9)

John of Chinon, Hermit (6/27)
John of Cologne, OP M (7/9)
John of Constantinople, Abbot (4/27)
John of Edessa, Hermit (7/21)
John of Egypt (3/27)

John of God, Religious (3/8)
John of Holar B (3/8)
John of Lodi, OSB B (9/7)
John of Lycopolis (3/27)
John of Matera, OSB Abbot (6/20)

John of Matha (2/8)
John of Mathera, OSB Abbot (6/20)
John of Nicomedia M (9/7)
John of Panaca, Hermit (3/19)
John of Parma, OSB Abbot (5/22)

John of Pavia B (8/27)
John of Pinna, Hermit (3/19)
John of Pulsano, OSB Abbot (6/20)
John of Réomé, Abbot (1/28)
John of Ratzeburg BM (11/10)

John of Ravenna B (1/12)
John of Reomay, Abbot (1/28)
John of Ribera (Rivera) B (1/6)
John of Rila M (10/19)
John of Rochester BM (6/22)

John of Rome M (6/23)
John of Sahagun, OSA (6/12)
John of Saint Facundo, OSA (6/12)
John of Syracuse, OSB B (10/23)
John of the Cross, OCD, Priest Doctor (12/14)

John of the Goths B (6/26)
John of the Grating, OSB Cist. B (2/1)
John of Tuy, Hermit (6/24)
John of Verona B (6/6)
John Ogilvie, SJ M (3/10)

John Paine (Payne), Priest M (4/2)
John Peter (Blessed) Néel & Martin MM (2/18)
John Plessington, Priest M (7/19)
John Rigby M (6/21)
John Robinson (Blessed) M (10/1)

John Sarkander, SJ M (3/17)
John Scholasticus, Abbot (3/30)
John, Serapion, Constantine, & Companions MM (7/27)
John Serapion, Peter, Mannea, & Comp. MM (8/27)
John Soan de Gotto, SJ M (2/6)

John Stone, OSA Priest M (12/27)
John the Almsgiver B (1/23)
John the Baptist, Beheading of (8/29)
John the Baptist, The Birth of (6/24)
John the Divine, Apostle and Evangelist (12/27)

John the Dwarf (Colobus), Hermit (10/17)
John the Georgian, Abbot (7/12)
John the Good (Bonus) B (1/10)
John the Hagiorite, Abbot (7/12)
John the Iberian, Abbot (7/12)

John the Sage (1/28)
John the Silent B (5/13)
John the Syrian, Hermit (3/19)
John Theristus, Monk (2/24)
John Thwing, OSA (10/11)

John Thwing, OSA (10/21)
John van Hoornaer, OFM M (7/9)
John van Oosterwyk, OSA M (7/9)
John Vincent, OSB B (12/21)
John Wall, OFM Priests M (8/22)

John Zedazneli, Abbot, and Companions (11/4)
John-Baptist de la Salle, Priest (4/7)
John-Louis (Blessed) Bonnard M (5/1)
John (4/18)
Johnson, Robert (Blessed) M (5/28)

Jolenta (Blessed) of Poland, Widow (6/12)
Jonah, Berikjesu, and Comp. MM (3/29)
Jonas, Barachisius, and Comp. MM (3/29)
Jonas of Demeskenyanos, Hermit (2/11)
Jonas the Gardener, Hermit (2/11)

Jones, Edward (Blessed) M (5/6)
Jones, John OFM Priest M (7/12)
Jorandus of Kergrist, OSB Hermit (11/2)
Jordan (Blessed) Forzatei, OSB Abbot (8/7)
Jordan (Blessed) of Pisa, OP (3/6)

Jordan (Blessed) of Pulsano, OSB Abbot (9/4)
Jordan (Blessed) of Saint Stephen, OP M (9/8)
Jordan (Blessed) of Saxony, OP (2/15)
Joris of Cappadocia M (4/23)
Joris the Great M (4/23)

Jorjes, Dominic (Blessed) M (3/14)
Jornet e Ibars (Ihars), Teresa of Jesus V (8/26)
José Orioli (3/23)
Josaphat and Barlaam (11/27)
Josaphat of Poland BM (11/12)

Josaphat Polotsk BM (11/12)
Josbert (Blessed) of St-Bertin, OSB (11/30)
Josbert Roseus (Blessed), OSB (11/30)
Joscelin, Hermit (8/6)
Joscius (Blessed) of St-Bertin, OSB (11/30)

Joscius Roseus (Blessed), OSB (11/30)
Josefa Maria (Blessed) Darrera Izaguirre M (7/20)
Joseph (Blessed) Canh, OP Tert. M (9/4)
Joseph (Blessed) Fernandez, OP M (7/24)
Joseph (Blessed) Heiu (Hien, Yeun), OP M (6/27)

Joseph (Blessed) Luu M (5/2)
Joseph (Blessed) Nghi MM (11/8)
Joseph (Blessed) of Freising, OSB B (1/17)
Joseph (Blessed) Thi M (10/24)
Joseph (Blessed) Tshang M (7/29)

Joseph (Blessed) Tshang-Ta-Pong M (3/12)
Joseph Abibos, Abbot (9/15)
Joseph Barsabas the Just (7/20)
Joseph Benedict Cottolengo (4/29)
Joseph Cafasso (6/23)

Joseph de Veuster (4/15)
Joseph, Husband of Mary (3/19)
Joseph Labre (4/16)
Joseph Marchand M (11/30)
Joseph Mary Tommasi, Cardinal (1/1)

Joseph Mikasa (Mkasa, Musaka) Balikuddembe M (6/3)
Joseph Mkasa M (11/16)
Joseph Moscati (11/16)
Joseph of Antioch M (2/15)
Joseph of Arimathea (3/17)

Joseph of Leonissa, OFM Cap. (2/4)
Joseph of Palestine (7/22)
Joseph of Poland BM (11/12)
Joseph of the Studium B (6/14)
Joseph of Volokolamsk (9/9)

Joseph or Hildegund, OSB Cist. V (4/20)
Joseph Oriol (3/23)
Joseph Peter (Blessed) Vyen, OP Tert. M (7/3)
Joseph Pignatelli, SJ (11/28)
Joseph Polotsk BM (11/12)

Joseph the Hymnographer B (6/14)
Joseph the Worker (5/1)
Joseph, Victor, Sebastian, and Companions MM (3/20)
Josippus of Antioch M (2/15)
Jouery of Sens (3/29)

Jovinian of Auxerre M (5/5)
Jovinus, Thecla, Cassian & Comp. MM (3/26)
Jovita and Faustinus MM (2/15)
Jucunda, Julia, and Felix MM (7/27)
Jucunda of Reggio V (11/25)

Jucundian of Africa M (7/4)
Jucundus of Bologna B (11/14)
Jucundus, Secundus, & Companions MM (1/9)
Judas Lebbaeus, Apostles
Judas Quiriacus of Ancona BM (5/4)

Judas Thaddeus, Apostles
Jude Lebbaeus, Apostles
Jude Thaddeus, Apostles
Judith (Blessed) of Diessenberg, OSB, Abbess (12/22)

Julia (Blessed) of Certaldo, OSA V (2/15)
Julia (Julie) Billiart V (4/8)
Julia, Catulinus, Januarius, & Justa MM (7/15)
Julia, Felix, and Jucunda MM (7/27)
Julia Frances Catherine Postel (7/17)
Julia Louise de Jesus (Blessed), O. Carm. M (7/17)

Julia M (10/1)
Julia of Corsica VM (5/22)
Julia of Egypt VM (10/7)
Julia of Troyes VM (7/21)
Julia, Quintilian, Publius & Companions MM (4/16)

Julian (Blessed) Cesarello de Valle, OFM (5/11)
Julian (Blessed) Maunoir, SJ (1/28)
Julian (Blessed) of Saint Augustine, OFM (4/8)
Julian and Caesarius MM (11/1)
Julian and Modestus MM (2/12)

Julian and Theodulus of Caesarea MM (2/17)
Julian, Basilissa, & Companions MM (1/9)
Julian, Cyriacus, Faustinus, & Comp. MM (6/5)
Julian, Eunus, Macarius & Companions MM (10/30)
Julian, Lucian of Beauvais, and Maximian MM (1/8)

Julian, Lucius and Quintian MM (5/23)
Julian M (3/23)
Julian Majali (Blessed), OSB Abbot (10/4)
Julian, Marcellus, Publius, and Companions MM (2/19)
Julian, Maximus, Paula, & Companions MM (7/20)

Julian of Anazarbus M (3/16)
Julian of Antioch M (3/16)
Julian of Cagliari M (1/7)
Julian of Cuenca B (1/28)
Julian of Egypt and Companions MM (2/16)

Julian of Le Mans BM (1/27)
Julian of Lyons M (2/13)
Julian of Sora M (1/27)
Julian of Syria (6/9)
Julian of Toledo B (3/8)

Julian, Peter, and Companions MM (8/7)
Julian, Philip, Eutychian, and Companions MM (8/31)
Julian Sabas the Elder, Hermit (1/17)
Julian the Elder, Hermit (1/17)
Julian the Hospitaler (2/12)

Julian the Poor Man (2/12)
Julian, Vincent, Datius, & 27 companions MM (1/27)
Juliana (Blessed) of Mount Cornillon, OSA V (4/5)
Juliana (Blessed) of Norwich, OSB Hermit (5/13)
Juliana (Blessed) Puricelli, OSA (8/14)

Juliana and Cyrenia MM (11/1)
Juliana and Leo MM (8/18)
Juliana, Euphemia, Theodosia, and Companions MM (3/20)
Juliana Falconieri, OSM V (6/19)
Juliana of Bologna, Widow (2/7)

Juliana of Nicomedia VM (2/16)
Juliana of Pavilly, OSB Abbess (10/11)
Juliana, Peter, and Companions MM (8/7)
Juliette (Blessed) Verolot, O. Carm. M (7/17)
Julitta (Blessed) of Heiligenthal, OSB Cist. Abbess (11/29)

Julitta and Cyricus MM (6/16)
Julitta of Caesarea, Widow M (7/30)
Julius, Aaron, and Companions MM (7/3)
Julius, Catus, Pia, Germana & Companions MM (1/19)
Julius I, Pope (4/12)

Julius of Dorostorum and Companions MM (5/27)
Julius of Gelduba M (12/20)
Julius of Novara (1/31)
Julius the Veteran and Companions MM (5/27)
Junian, Hermit (10/16)

Jurmin (2/23)
Justa and Rufina VV MM (7/19)
Justa, Januarius, Florentius, & Catulinus MM (7/15)
Justa, Justina, & Henedina MM (5/14)
Justamond, Magdalen-Françoise (Blessed) OSB Cist. MM (7/16)

Justamond, Marguerite-Eléonore (Blessed) OSB Cist. MM (7/16)
Justin de Jacobis B (7/31)
Justin Martyr (6/1)
Justin of Chieti (1/1)
Justin the Philosopher (6/1)

Justina (Blessed) Bezzoli, OSB V (3/12)
Justina, Aureus, and Companions MM (6/16)
Justina, Justa, & Henedina MM (5/14)
Justina of Constantinople VM (11/30)
Justina of Padua VM (10/7)

Justina of Padua, VM (10/7)
Justinian, Lawrence B (9/4)
Justus and Pastor MM (8/6)
Justus and Rufina VV MM (7/19)
Justus, Andrew, Barnabas, and Benedict, OSB HH (7/9)

Justus, Claudius, Jucundinus & Comp. MM (7/21)
Justus, Herena, Donatus, and Comp. MM (2/25)
Justus, Jucundinus, Claudius, & Comp. MM (7/21)
Justus of Beauvais M (10/18)
Justus of Canterbury, OSB B (11/10)

Justus of Lyons B (8/31)
Justus of Lyons B (10/14)
Justus of Rome M (7/14)
Justus of Trieste M (11/2)
Justus of Urgell B (5/28)

Jutta (Blessed) of Diessenberg, OSB, Abbess (12/22)
Jutta (Blessed) of Heiligenthal, OSB Cist. Abbess (11/29)
Jutta (Blessed) of Huy, Widow (1/13)
Jutta of Kulmsee, Widow (5/5)

Juvenal (Blessed) Ancina, Cong. Orat. B (9/12)
Juvenal of Beneventum M (5/7)
Juvenal of Narni B (5/3)
Juvenalis of Narni B (5/3)
Juventinus and Maximinus MM (1/25)
Juventius M (6/1)
Juventius of Pavia B (2/8)

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