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Macaille of Croghan B (4/25)
Macaille of Man B (4/27)
Macaire of Ghent (4/10)
Macanisius B (9/3)
Macaria, Januarius, and Maxima MM (4/8)

Macarius (Blessed) of Wrzburg, OSB, Abbot (12/19)
Macarius (Blessed) the Scot, OSB, Abbot (12/19)
Macarius and Eugene MM (12/20)
Macarius, Faustus, and Companions MM (9/6)
Macarius, Julian, Eunus, & Companions MM (10/30)

Macarius of Alexandria, Hermit (1/2)
Macarius of Antioch (4/10)
Macarius of Jerusalem B (3/10)
Macarius of Petra B (6/20)
Macarius the Elder of Alexandria, Hermit (1/15)

Macarius the Great, Hermit (1/15)
Macarius the Wonder-Worker, Abbot (4/1)
Macarius the Younger, Hermit (1/2)
Macarius, Zeno, Eudoxius, & Companions MM (9/4)
Macartan of Clogher B (3/26)

Macartin of Clogher B (3/26)
Macassoli, Christopher (Blessed) OFM (3/11)
MacBricc, Aedh (Aod, Aedsind, Aidus) B (11/10)
Maccai of Bute, Abbot (4/11)
Maccairill, Daig (Dagaeus, Daganus) B (8/18)

Maccaldus of Man B (4/27)
Maccallan of Lusk B (9/6)
Maccallin of Lusk B (9/6)
Maccallin of Waulsort, OSB, Abbot (1/21)
MacCartan of Clogher B (3/26)

Maccarthen of Clogher B (3/26)
MacCarthy, Tadhg (Blessed) B (10/24)
MacCartin of Clogher (8/15)
MacConaille, Cornelius OSA B (6/4)
Maccul of Man B (4/27)

Macculi of Croghan B (4/25)
Macculin of Lusk B (9/6)
Maccutinus (6/8)
MacDara, Sinach (7/16)
Macedo, Theoprepius & Comps. MM (3/27)

Macedonius Kritophagos, Hermit (1/24)
Macedonius, Patricia, and Modesta MM (3/13)
Macedonius, Theodulus and Tatian MM (9/12)
MacGroarty, Muiredach (Blessed), OSB Abbot (2/9)
Machabeo of Armagh, Abbot (3/31)

Machado, John Baptist (Blessed) SJ M (5/22)
Machai of Bute, Abbot (4/11)
Machalus of Man B (4/27)
Machar of Aberdeen B (11/12)
Machar of Iona B (11/12)

Macharius of Aberdeen B (11/12)
Macharius of Iona B (11/12)
Machell of Lianfechell, Abbot (11/15)
Machella of Man B (4/27)
Machudd of Lianfechell, Abbot (11/15)

Mackessog of Lennox BM (3/10)
MacKillop, Mary Foundress (5/25)
MacLenini, Colman B (11/24)
Maclou B (11/15)
Maclovius B (11/15)

Macnisius B (9/3)
Macoulmdus of Lusk B (9/6)
Macra of Rheims VM (1/6)
Macrina the Elder, Widow (1/14)
Macrina the Younger V (7/19)

MacRobartaigh, Muirdach (Blessed) OSB Hermit (12/22)
MacRobartaigh, Muirdach (Blessed), OSB Abbot (2/9)
Macrobius, Cassia, Paula, & Companions MM (7/20)
Macull of Croghan B (4/25)
Madalberta of Maubeuge, OSB V (9/7)

Maddalena Caterina (Blessed) Morano (3/26)
Madelaine of Verona (4/10)
Madeleine Sophie Barat V (5/25)
Madelgaire M (9/20)
Madelgarus M (9/20)

Madelgisilus, OSB Hermit (5/30)
Madeloup (12/20)
Madianus (1/31)
Madoes (1/31)
Madrona (9/4)

Madrun, Widow (4/9)
Madryne (9/4)
Maedhog-Aedhan, Abbot (4/11)
Maedoc-Edan of Ferns B (1/31)
Mael of Bardsey (5/13)

Maelmuire O'Gorman (7/3)
Maelor of Wales B (10/24)
Maelrhys (1/1)
Maelruain of Tallaght, Abbot (7/7)
Maelrubha, Abbot (4/21)

Maethlu of Anglesey (12/26)
Maethlu of Wales (12/26)
Mafalda of Portugal, Queen, OSB Cist. (5/2)
Magallanes, Francis (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)
Magalotti, Nicolino (Blessed) OFM Tertiary Hermit (11/29)

Magdalen-Françoise (Blessed) de Justamond, OSB Cist. MM (7/16)
Maggi, Sebastian (Blessed) OP (12/16)
Maghor of Man B (4/27)
Maginold of Füssen, Abbot (9/6)
Magloire of Wales B (10/24)

Maglorius of Wales B (10/24)
Magne of Füssen, Abbot (9/6)
Magnoaldus of Füssen, Abbot (9/6)
Magnobodus of Angers B (10/16)
Magnus, Donatus, & Comp. MM (2/4)

Magnus Erlendsson M (4/16)
Magnus M (1/1)
Magnus of Citta Nuova B (10/6)
Magnus of Füssen, Abbot (9/6)
Magnus of Milan B (11/5)

Magnus of Orkney M (4/16)
Magnus, Saturninus, & Castulus (2/15)
Magnus, Stephen, Vincent, & Companions MM (8/7)
Maguil, OSB Hermit (5/30)
Magundat the Persian M (1/22)

Maharsapor of Persia M (10/10)
Mahel of Bardsey (5/13)
Mahou B (11/15)
Maidoc of Fiddown, Abbot (3/23)
Maieul, OSB Abbot (5/11)

Maikov, Nil (Nilus) (4/7)
Maillé, Jane Mary (Blessed) de, OFM Tert. V (3/29)
Maimbod M (1/23)
Mainboeuf of Angers B (10/16)
Maincin of Limerick B (1/2)

Maine of Brittany, Abbot (6/21)
Maire of Bodon, Abbot (1/27)
Maixent of Poitou, Abbot (6/26)
Majali, Julian (Blessed), OSB Abbot (10/4)
Majella, Gerard, C.SS.R. (10/16)

Majolus, OSB Abbot (5/11)
Majulus of Adrumetum M (1/4)
Makar, Gregory B (3/16)
Makarios the Elder of Alexandria, Hermit (1/15)
Makarios the Great, Hermit (1/15)

Makhlouf, Charbel (Sharbel), Hermit (12/24)
Maki, John (Blessed) M (9/7)
Maki, Louis (Blessed) M (9/7)
Malachy O'More B (11/3)
Malachy, Prophet (1/14)

Malard of Chartres B (1/15)
Malcallan of Waulsort, OSB, Abbot (1/21)
Malchus, Martinian, Dionysius, & Companions MM (7/27)
Malchus of Chalcis, Hermit (10/21)
Malchus of Waterford, OSB B (4/10)

Malchus, Priscus, and Alexander MM (3/28)
Malcoldia of Asti, OSB Hermit (3/15)
Mallonius of Rouen B (10/22)
Malo B (11/15)
Malou (12/20)

Malrubius, Abbot (4/21)
Malrubius, Hermit (8/27)
Mamala, Mary (Blessed) Poor Clare Widow (3/31)
Mamelta of Persia M (10/17)
Mamertinus of Auxerre, Abbot (3/30)

Mamertius of Vienne B (5/11)
Mamertus of Vienne B (5/11)
Mamilian of Palermo B (9/15)
Mamilian of Rome M (3/12)
Mamilius, Sylvanus, Felicitas, & Companions

Mammertus of Vienne B (5/11)
Manacca, Abbess (10/14)
Manaccus of B (8/3)
Manaccus of Wales, Abbot (10/14)
Manahen, Prophet (5/24)

Manakus of Wales, Abbot (10/14)
Manchen of Limerick B (1/2)
Mancini, Catherine (Blessed) OP Tert. (1/28)
Mancius (Blessed) Araki M (7/8)
Mancius (Blessed) of St. Thomas, OP M (9/12)

Mancius of Evora M (3/15)
Mancus of B (8/3)
Mancus, Winnow, and Myrbad (5/31)
Mandal, Basilides, Tripos, & Companions MM (6/10)
Mandic, Adeodato OFM Cap. (7/30)

Mandic, Leopold OFM Cap. (7/30)
Manechildis of Champagne V (10/14)
Manehildis of Champagne V (10/14)
Manes (Blessed) de Guzmán, OP (7/30)
Manez (Blessed) de Guzmán, OP (7/30)

Mang of Füssen, Abbot (9/6)
Manirus of Scotland B (12/19)
Mannea, John Serapion, Peter & Comp. MM (8/27)
Mannes (Blessed) de Guzmán, OP (7/30)
Mannonius, Euphrasius, & Companions MM (4/29)

Mansuetus and Papinianus MM (11/28)
Mansuetus, Germanus, and Companions BM (9/6)
Mansuetus of Milan B (2/19)
Mansuetus, Severus, & Companions MM (12/30)
Mantuanus, Baptista (Blessed) OC (3/20)

Manuel, Martin M (1/31)
Manuel, Sabel, and Ismael MM (6/17)
Manzi, Antony (Blessed) (2/1)
Manzoni, Antony (Blessed) (2/1)
Maolcalain of Waulsort, OSB, Abbot (1/21)

Maolmhaodhog ua Morgair B (11/3)
Maolruain of Tallaght, Abbot (7/7)
Mappalicus and Companions MM (4/17)
Mar Sabas Martyrs (3/20)
María (Blessed) Alvarado Cardozo (4/2)

María (Blessed) of St. Joseph (4/2)
Maramaldi, Guy (Blessed) OP (6/25)
Marana and Cyra MM (8/3)
Marceau of Paris B (11/1)
Marcella of Rome, Widow (1/31)

Marcella (4/1)
Marcellian and Mark MM (6/18)
Marcellina of Rome V (7/17)
Marcellinus and Peter MM (6/2)
Marcellinus, Claudius, Cyrinus, & Antoninus MM (10/25)

Marcellinus, Julian, Faustinus, & Comp. MM (6/5)
Marcellinus, Mannea, John Serapion, Peter & Comp. MM (8/27)
Marcellinus, Narcissus, and Argeus MM (1/2)
Marcellinus of Ancona B (1/9)
Marcellinus of Carthage M (4/6)

Marcellinus of Embrun BM, Vincent, & Domninus MM (4/20)
Marcellinus of Oldensee (7/14)
Marcellinus, Pope M (4/26)
Marcellus Akimetes (the Righteous), Abbot (12/29)
Marcellus, Eustochius, Elpidius, and Companions MM (11/16)

Marcellus I, Pope M (1/16)
Marcellus M (10/6)
Marcellus, Mannea, John Serapion, Peter & Comp. MM (8/27)
Marcellus of Apamaea BM (8/14)
Marcellus of Avignon B (4/9)

Marcellus of Lyons M (9/4)
Marcellus of Nicomedia M (11/26)
Marcellus of Paris B (11/1)
Marcellus of Tangier M (10/30)
Marcellus of Trèves B (9/4)

Marcellus, Publius, Julian, and Companions MM (2/19)
Marcellus the Centurion M (10/30)
Marcellus the Righteous, Abbot (12/29)
Marcellus, Venustian, & Companions MM (12/30)
Marchand, Joseph M (11/30)

Marchelm of Oldensee (7/14)
Marchioni, John Charles (1/5)
Marcia, Cyria, Valeria, & Zenais MM (6/5)
Marcian and Fortunatus MM (4/17)
Marcian and Martyrius MM (10/25)

Marcian and Nicander MM (6/17)
Marcian, Florius, Lucian, & Companions MM (10/26)
Marcian, Jovinus, Thecla, & Comp. MM (3/26)
Marcian, Mark, and Companions MM (10/4)
Marcian, Nicanor, Apollonius and Companions MM (6/5)

Marcian of Auxerre (4/20)
Marcian of Chalcis, Hermit (11/2)
Marcian of Constantinople B (1/10)
Marcian of Ravenna B (5/22)
Marcian of Syracuse BM (6/14)

Marcian of Tortona B (3/6)
Marcian, Quintus, & Companions MM (1/4)
Marciana of Toledo VM (7/12)
Marciana, Palladia, Susanna, & Companions MM (5/24)
Marciana VM (1/9)

Marcion of Auxerre (4/20)
Marcius of Mount Massicus, OSB, Hermit (10/24)
Marcolino (Blessed) Amanni, OP (1/24)
Marcolino (Blessed) of Forlì, OP (1/24)
Marconi, Mark (Blessed) dei, Hierosolymite (2/24)

Marcou, Abbot (5/1)
Marcoul, Abbot (5/1)
Marculf, Abbot (5/1)
Marculf of Oldensee (7/14)
Marculfus, Abbot (5/1)

Marcus of Mount Massicus, OSB, Hermit (10/24)
Mardonius and Migdonius MM (12/23)
Mardonius, Musonius, Eugene, & Metellus MM (1/24)
Mareas and Companions MM (4/22)
Mareria, Philippa (Blessed) Poor Clare (2/16)

Mares, Sabas, Sembeeth, & Comp. MM (3/27)
Margaret (Blessed) Colonna, Poor Clare V (12/30)
Margaret (Blessed) of Amelia, OSB V (4/20)
Margaret (Blessed) of Città di Castello V (4/13)
Margaret (Blessed) of Hohenfels, OSB V (12/26)

Margaret (Blessed) of Lorraine, OFM Widow (11/6)
Margaret (Blessed) of Louvain V (8/31)
Margaret (Blessed) of Ravenna V (1/23)
Margaret (Blessed) of Savoy, OP Tert., Widow (11/23)
Margaret (Blessed) of Vau-le-Duc, OSB Cist. V (6/4)

Margaret (Blessed) Plantagenet Pole M (5/28)
Margaret Clitherow M (3/25)
Margaret Mary Alacoque V (10/16)
Margaret of Antioch VM (7/20)
Margaret of Cortona, OFM Tert. (2/22)

Margaret of England, OSB Cist. V (2/3)
Margaret of Faenza, OSB Vall. Abbess (8/26)
Margaret of Hungary, OP V Queen (1/26)
Margaret of Scotland, Queen (11/16)
Margaret of the Latins VM (7/20)

Margaret the Barefooted, Widow (8/27)
Margaret Ward M (8/30)
Margarita of Antioch VM (6/9)
Margarita of Cascia, OSA Widow (5/22)
Marginet, Peter (Blessed) OSB Cist. (3/26)

Marguerite (Blessed) la Fière V (8/31)
Marguerite (Blessed) of Lorraine, OFM Widow (11/6)
Marguerite Bourgeoys, Foundress (1/19)
Marguerite-Eléonore (Blessed) de Justamond, OSB Cist. MM (7/16)
Mari and Addai (Addeus) BB (8/5)

Maria (Bl.) Sagrario, OC VM (8/15)
Maria Aegyptica, Hermit (4/2)
Maria Angela (Blessed) Olaizola Garagarza M (7/20)
Maria Bertilla Boscardin V (10/20)
Maria Cecilia (Blessed) Cendoya Araquistain M (7/20)

Maria Crocifisa di Rosa V (12/14)
Maria Engracla (Blessed) Lecuona Ararnburu M (7/20)
Maria Gabriela (Blessed) de Hinolosa Naveros M (7/20)
Maria Goretti, VM (7/6)
Maria Iñes (Blessed) Zudaire Galdeano (7/20)

Maria Restituta (Blessed) Kafka M (3/30)
Maria VM (6/18)
Maria-Desolata Torres Acosta V (10/11)
Maria-Domenica Mazzarello V (5/14)
Marian, James, & Companions MM (4/30)

Marian of Auxerre (4/20)
Mariana (Blessed) of Jesus, O. Merc. V (4/27)
Mariana de Paredes y Flores V (5/26)
Mariana of Jesus V (5/26)
Mariana of Quito V (5/26)

Mariani, Raniero OFM (11/3)
Mariano of Ravenna B (5/22)
Marianus (Blessed) Scotus, OSB Hermit (12/22)
Marianus, Diodorus, & Companions MM (12/1)
Marianus O'Gorman (7/3)

Marianus Scotus (Blessed), OSB Abbot (2/9)
Marie (Blessed) d'Oignies, Widow (6/23)
Marie (Blessed) of the Incarnation, OSU (4/30)
Marie Bernarde Soubirous V (4/16)
Marie Francoise Martin V (10/1)

Marie Guyard Martin, Widow (4/30)
Marie Rose Durocher (Blessed) (10/6)
Marie Sainte-Cecile (Blessed) of Rome (3/22)
Marietta (Blessed) Bagnesi, OP V (5/27)
Marillac, Louise de Widow (3/15)

Marina (Blessed) of Spoleto V (6/18)
Marina (Blessed) Vallarina V (6/18)
Marina of Antioch VM (6/9)
Marina of Antioch VM (7/20)
Marina of Orense VM (7/18)

Marina of the Latins VM (7/20)
Marina V (2/12)
Marina VM (6/18)
Marinoni, John (Blessed) (12/13)
Marinus of Maurienne, OSB M (11/24)

Marinus of Rome MM (12/26)
Marinus of San Marino, Hermit Deacon (9/4)
Marinus, Theodotus, and Sedolpha MM (7/5)
Marinus, Vimius, and Zimius, OSB (6/12)
Marinus VM (6/18)

Maris, Martha, Abachum & Audifax MM (1/19)
Mariscotti, Hyacintha (Clarice, Giacinta) OFM Tert., V (1/30)
Marius, Martha, Abachum & Audifax MM (1/19)
Marius of Bodon, Abbot (1/27)
Marius (12/31)

Mark (Blessed) Caldeira, SJ M (7/15)
Mark (Blessed) dei Marconi, Hierosolymite (2/24)
Mark (Blessed) Fantucci, OFM (4/10)
Mark (Blessed) of Montegallo, OFM (3/20)
Mark (Blessed) of Scala, OSB Abbot (11/13)

Mark and Marcellian MM (6/18)
Mark and Robustian MM (8/31)
Mark and Stephen of Antioch MM (11/22)
Mark and Timothy MM (3/24)
Mark, Arabia, & Theusitas MM (3/13)

Mark BM and Cyril of Heliopolis M (3/29)
Mark Crisin M (9/4)
Mark, Evangelist (4/25)
Mark, Evangelist (4/25)
Mark Körösy M (9/4)

Mark, Marcian, and Companions MM (10/4)
Mark, Mucian, an Unnamed Boy, & Paul MM (7/3)
Mark of Arethusa BM (3/29)
Mark of Galilee BM (4/28)
Mark of Jerusalem BM (10/22)

Mark of Lucera B (6/14)
Mark of Mount Massicus, OSB, Hermit (10/24)
Mark, Pope (10/7)
Mark, Quintus, Quintilla, Quartilla, & Comp. MM (3/19)
Mark, Rufinus, Valerius and Companions MM (11/16)

Mark, Theodosius, Lucius, & Peter MM
Marko Krizevcanin M (9/4)
Maro, Eutyches, and Victorinus MM (4/15)
Maro of Beit-Marun, Abbot (2/14)
Marole B (4/23)

Marolus B (4/23)
Maron of Beit-Marun, Abbot (2/14)
Marotas, Narses, Elias, & Comp. MM (3/27)
Maroveus of Precipiano OSB, Abbot (10/22)
Marquard, Bruno, & Comp. MM (2/2)

Mars, Abbot (4/13)
Marsden, William (Blessed) M (4/25)
Marshall, Thomas (Blessed) OSB, Abbot M (12/1)
Martha (Blessed) Wang M (7/29)
Martha, Marius (Maris), Abachum & Audifax MM (1/19)

Martha of Astorga VM (2/23)
Martha, Saula, and Companions VV MM (10/20)
Martha V (7/29)
Martia and Rufinus MM (6/21)
Martial, Januarius, and Faustus MM (10/13)

Martial, Saturninus, and Companions MM (8/22)
Martial, Urban, Julia, & Companions MM (4/16)
Martial, Vitalis, Alexander, & Companions MM (7/10)
Martin (Blessed) and Jean-Pierre Néel MM (2/18)
Martin (Blessed) Tho MM (11/8)

Martin (Blessed) Tinh MM (11/8)
Martin de Porres, OP (11/3)
Martin I, Pope M (4/13)
Martin Loynaz de Aguirre, OFM M (2/6)
Martin Loynaz of the Ascension, OFM M (2/6)

Martin Manuel M (1/31)
Martin, Marie (Blessed) OSU (4/30)
Martin, Marie Francoise V (10/1)
Martin of Arades, OSB (11/26)
Martin of Braga B (3/20)

Martin of León, OSA (1/12)
Martin of Mount Massicus, OSB, Hermit (10/24)
Martin of Tongres B (6/21)
Martin of Tours B (11/11)
Martin of Trèves BM (7/19)

Martin of Vertou, Abbot (10/24)
Martin, Richard (Blessed) M (8/30)
Martina of Rome VM (1/30)
Martinengo, Mary Magdalen (Blessed) OFM Cap. V (7/27)
Martinian B (1/2)

Martinian, Dionysius, John, & Companions MM (7/27)
Martinian of Caesarea (2/13)
Martinian, Saturian, Maxima and Companions MM (10/16)
Martinian the Hermit (2/13)
Martinus and Declan (12/1)

Martius, Abbot (4/13)
Martory of Valeria M (1/23)
Martyrius and Marcian MM (10/25)
Martyrius of Valeria M (1/23)
Martyrius, Sisinnius, and Alexander MM (5/29)

Martyrs of Alexandria (1/28)
Martyrs of Antioch (3/11)
Martyrs of China and Cochin-China (11/24)
Martyrs of Germany (10/15)
Martyrs of Japan (2/6)

Martyrs of September (Blessed) (8/31)
Martyrs under the Danes (4/10)
Mary (Blessed), Bernard, and Gracia, OSB Cist. MM (6/1)
Mary (Blessed) d'Oignies, Widow (6/23)
Mary (Blessed) de la Cabeza, Widow (9/9)

Mary (Blessed) Dufour, O. Carm. M (7/17)
Mary (Blessed) Hanisset, O. Carm. M (7/17)
Mary (Blessed) Mamala, Poor Clare Widow (3/31)
Mary (Blessed) of Pisa, Widow, OP Tertiary (1/28)
Mary (Blessed) of the Incarnation (Mme Acarie), OCD Widow (4/30)

Mary (Blessed) Saint-Henri, OSB Cist. MM (7/16)
Mary (Blessed) Trésel, O. Carm. M (7/17)
Mary and Flora VM (11/24)
Mary Ann (Blessed) Piedcourt, O. Carm. M (7/17)
Mary Bartholomeo (Blessed) Bagnesi, OP V (5/27)

Mary Christina (Blessed), Queen (1/31)
Mary di Rosa V (12/14)
Mary Dominic Mazzarello V (5/14)
Mary Euphrasia Pelletier V (4/24)
Mary Frances of Naples V (10/6)

Mary MacKillop, Foundress (5/25)
Mary Magdalen (Blessed) Albrizzi, OSA V (5/15)
Mary Magdalen (Blessed) dei Panattieri, OP V (10/13)
Mary Magdalen (Blessed) Fontaine and Companions (6/26)
Mary Magdalen (Blessed) Lidoin, O. Carm. M (7/17)

Mary Magdalen (Blessed) Martinengo, OFM Cap. V (7/27)
Mary-Magdalen (Blessed) of Canossa V (5/14)
Mary Magdalen (Blessed) of Carpi, OSM V (6/10)
Mary Magdalen Barat V (5/25)
Mary Magdalen Postel (7/17)

Mary Magdalene de'Pazzi V (5/25)
Mary Magdalene (7/22)
Mary of Alpheus, Matron (4/9)
Mary of Bodon, Abbot (1/27)
Mary of Cleophas, Matron (4/9)

Mary of Clopas, Matron (4/9)
Mary of Egypt, Hermit (4/2)
Mary Rose (Blessed), OSB M (7/6)
Mary Salome (10/22)
Mary Soledad V (10/11)

Mary the Slave VM (11/1)
Mary Victoria (Blessed) Fornari-Strata, Foundress (9/12)
Mary-Magdalen (Blessed) du Saint-Sacrement, OSB Cist. MM (7/16)
Mary-Teresa de Soubiran V (10/20)
Marys, The Three (5/25)

Mas, Joaquina Vedruna de, Widow Foundress (5/19)
Massa Candida MM (8/24)
Massalenus, Peter (Blessed) OSB Cam. (12/20)
Massalius, Euphrasius, & Companions MM (4/29)
Massylitan Martyrs (4/9)

Materiana, Widow (4/9)
Maternian B (1/2)
Maternus of Cologne B (9/14)
Maternus of Milan B (7/18)
Matha, John (2/8)

Mathilde (Blessed) of Spanheim, OSB V (2/26)
Mathildis of Saxony, Queen, Widow (3/14)
Mathurin of Sens (11/1)
Matilda (Blessed) of Spanheim, OSB V (2/26)
Matilda of Portugal, Queen, OSB Cist. (5/2)

Matilda of Saxony, Queen, Widow (3/14)
Matinian B (1/2)
Matrona, Juliana, Euphemia, and Companions MM (3/20)
Matrona of Thessalonica VM (3/15)
Matrona (9/4)

Matronianus of Milan, Hermit (12/14)
Mattei, Catherine (Blessed) OP Tert. V (9/4)
Matthew (Blessed) Alonso Leziniana, OP M (1/22)
Matthew (Blessed) Alvarez, OP Tert. M (9/8)
Matthew (Blessed) Gam M (5/27)

Matthew (Blessed) of Albano, OSB Cardinal B (12/25)
Matthew (Blessed) of Girgenti, OFM B (2/3)
Matthew (Blessed) Phung M (5/26)
Matthew Carreri (Blessed), OP (10/7)
Matthew, Isaac, Christinus, John, & Benedict OSB MM (11/12)

Matthew of Beauvais M (3/27)
Matthia (Blessed) dei Nazzarei, Abbess (12/30)
Matthias (Blessed) of Arima M (5/22)
Matthias Kalemba M (6/3)
Matthias MurumbaM (6/3)

Matthias of Jerusalem, Apostle B (5/14)
Matthias of Miyako M (2/6)
Mattiuzzi, Odericus (Blessed) OFM (2/3)
Maturinus of Sens (11/1)
Maturus, Sanctius, Epagathus, and Companions MM (6/2)

Maud of Saxony, Queen, Widow (3/14)
Maughold B (12/28)
Maughold of Man B (4/27)
Mauguille, OSB Hermit (5/30)
Maunanus of Cornwall (12/18)

Maunoir, Julian (Blessed) SJ (1/28)
Maur, OSB, Abbot (1/15)
Maura and Baya VV (11/2)
Maura and Fusca VM (2/13)
Maura and Timothy MM (5/3)

Maura of Constantinople VM (11/30)
Maurantius of Douai, OSB (5/5)
Maurice (Blessed) Csaky, OP (3/20)
Maurice (Blessed) of Hungary, OP (3/20)
Maurice, Leontius, Daniel & Companions MM (7/10)

Maurice of Carnoet, OSB Cist. Abbot (10/13)
Maurinus of Cologne, Abbot M (6/10)
Mauron of Douai, OSB (5/5)
Mauront of Douai, OSB (5/5)
Maurontius of Douai, OSB (5/5)

Maurontius, OSB, Abbot (1/9)
Maurontus of Marseilles OSB B (10/21)
Maurontus, OSB, Abbot (1/9)
Mauruntius, Abbot (5/5)
Mauruntius, OSB, Abbot (1/9)

Maurus (Blessed) Scott, OSB, M (5/30)
Maurus and Companions MM (8/22)
Maurus and Felix (6/16)
Maurus and Papias MM (1/29)
Maurus of Bodon, Abbot (1/27)

Maurus of Cesena, OSB B (1/20>
Maurus of Verdun B (11/8)
Maurus of Verona B (11/21)
Maurus, OSB, Abbot (1/15)
Maurus, Pantaleemon, and Sergius MM (7/27)

Maurus, Rabanus (Blessed) OSB B (2/4)
Mauvier of Ménat, OSB Abbot (7/22)
Mauxe and Victorinus (Venerand) MM (5/25)
Mavilus of Adrumetum M (1/4)
Mavorga, John (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)

Mawgan B (12/28)
Mawnan of Cornwall (12/18)
Maxellendis of Caudry VM (11/13)
Maxentia of Beauvais VM (11/20)
Maxentius of Poitou, Abbot (6/26)

Maxima and Montanus MM (3/26)
Maxima, Donatilla, and Secunda VV MM (7/30)
Maxima, Januarius, and Macaria MM (4/8)
Maxima M (10/1)
Maxima, Martinian, Saturian, and Companions MM (10/16)

Maxima of Fréjus V (5/16)
Maxima of Rome M (8/31)
Maximian, Lucian of Beauvais, and Julian MM (1/8)
Maximian, Malchus, Martinian, & Companions MM (7/27)
Maximian of Syracuse, OSB B (6/9)

Maximianus of Ravenna B (2/22)
Maximilian Mary Kolbe (8/14)
Maximilian of Lorch BM (10/12)
Maximilian of Lorch BM (10/29)
Maximilian of Rome M (3/12)

Maximilian of Theveste (Tebessa) M (3/12)
Maximinus and Juventinus MM (1/25)
Maximinus of Aix B (6/8)
Maximinus of Trèves (Trier) B (5/29)
Maximus and Olympiades MM (4/15)

Maximus and Victorinus (Venerand) MM (5/25)
Maximus, Bassus, and Fabius MM (5/11)
Maximus, Cassius, Victorinus, & Companions MM (5/15)
Maximus, Claudius, & Cutia MM (2/18)
Maximus, Dadas and Quintilianus MM (4/13)

Maximus, Macrobius, Cassia, & Companions MM (7/20)
Maximus of Alexandria B (12/27)
Maximus of Aquila M (10/20)
Maximus of Cumae M (10/30)
Maximus of Ephesus M (4/30)

Maximus of Jerusalem B (5/5)
Maximus of Naples BM (6/10)
Maximus of Nola B (1/15)
Maximus of Padua B (8/2)
Maximus of Pavia B (1/8)

Maximus of Riez B (11/27)
Maximus of Turin B (6/25)
Maximus of Verona B (5/29)
Maximus, Secundinus, & Fructuosus MM (2/18)
Maximus, Theodore, and Scelpiodotus MM (9/15)

Maximus, Tiburtius, and Valerius MM (4/14)
May of Bodon, Abbot (1/27)
Mayeule, OSB Abbot (5/11)
Maynard of Einsiedeln, OSB Hermit M (1/21)
Mayne, Cuthbert M (11/30)

Mazota of Abernethy V (12/23)
Mazzarello, Mary Dominic V (5/14)
Mazzinghi, Angelus (Blessed) Agostini OC (8/16)
Mbanga (Mbaga) Tuzinde M (6/3)
McAedh, Celsus (Ceallach, Cellach) B (4/7)

McBricc, Aedh (Aod, Aedsind, Aidus) B (11/10)
McCarthy, Thaddeus (Blessed) B (10/24)
McConchailleach, Cornelius OSA B (6/4)
McFeredach, Mura (Muran, Murames, Muranus, Muru) Abbot (3/12)
McNisse, Aengus B (9/3)

McO'Laoighse, Colman (Columbanus) Abbot (5/15)
McRoi, Colman Abbot (6/16)
Meadhran of Benchor (Bangor) B (9/15)
Mechtilde (Blessed) of Spanheim, OSB V (2/26)
Mechtilde, O.Cist. V (11/16)

Mechtildis, Hermit (4/12)
Mechtildis of Edelstetten (Diessen), OSB Abbess V (5/31)
Mechtildis of Saxony, Queen, Widow (3/14)
Meda of Limerick V (1/15)
Medan, Croidan, and Degan (6/4)

Medana of Polesworth V (7/6)
Medana of Whitby V (7/5)
Medard of Noyon B (6/8)
Medericus of Autun, OSB Abbot (8/29)
Medici, Roland (Blessed) Hermit (9/15)

Medon of Péronne B (2/7)
Medrald of Vendôme, OSB Abbot (2/23)
Medran and Odran (7/7)
Méen of Brittany, Abbot (6/21)
Megingaud (Blessed) of Weingarten, OSB Abbot (4/2)

Megingaud of Würzburg, OSB B (3/16)
Megingoz of Würzburg, OSB B (3/16)
Meginrat of Einsiedeln, OSB Hermit M (1/21)
Meingaud of Huy M (2/8)
Meinge of Châlons-sur-Marne B (8/5)

Meingold of Huy M (2/8)
Meingos (Blessed) of Weingarten, OSB Abbot (4/2)
Meingosus (Blessed) of Weingarten, OSB Abbot (4/2)
Meinhard (Blessed) of Yxkill, OSA B (4/12)
Meinrad of Einsiedeln, OSB Hermit M (1/21)

Meinwerk (Blessed) of Paderborn B (6/5)
Mel of Armagh and Melchu BB MM (2/6)
Melaine B of Rennes (11/6)
Melan of Viviers B (6/15)
Melangell V (5/27)

Melania the Elder, Widow (6/8)
Melania the Younger, Widow, and Pinian (12/31)
Melanius B of Rennes (11/6)
Melantius B (1/16)
Melas B (1/16)

Melasippus, Antony (Antoninus), and Carina MM (11/7)
Melchior Grodziecki (Grondech) M (9/4)
Melchizedek, Priest (3/25)
Melchno of Armagh and Melchu BB MM (2/6)
Melchu and Melchno (Mel) of Armagh BB MM (2/6)

Meldon of Péronne B (2/7)
Meletius M (5/24)
Meletius of Antioch B (2/12)
Meleusippus, Speusippus, Eleusippus, & Leonilla MM (1/17)
Melior (Blessed) of Vallumbrosa, Hermit (3/26)

Melitina of Marcianopolis M (9/15)
Melito of Sardis B (4/1)
Mella of Doire-Melle, Abbess Widow (4/25)
Mellini, Luke (Blessed) OSB Cel. Abbot (8/24)
Mellion B of Rennes (11/6)

Mellitus of Canterbury, OSB B (4/24)
Mellon of Rouen B (10/22)
Mellonius of Rouen B (10/22)
Melorius of Cornwall M (10/1)
Melorus Melar of Cornwall M (10/1)

Memmius of Châlons-sur-Marne B (8/5)
Memorian of Trèves, OSB B (7/5)
Memorius and Companions MM (9/7)
Menalippus, Pantagapes, and Companions MM (8/31)
Menander, Polyenus, & Companions MM (4/28)

Menas of Egypt M (11/11)
Menefrida of Cornwall V (7/24)
Ménéhould of Champagne V (10/14)
Menele of Ménat, OSB Abbot (7/22)
Meneleus of Ménat, OSB Abbot (7/22)

Meneus and Capito MM (7/24)
Menge of Châlons-sur-Marne B (8/5)
Mengold of Huy M (2/8)
Mengold of Würzburg, OSB B (3/16)
Menignus the Dyer M (3/15)

Menna of Egypt M (11/11)
Mennas of Egypt M (11/11)
Mennas of Santomena, Hermit (11/11)
Menou of Quimper B (7/12)
Menulphus of Quimper B (7/12)

Mérald of Vendôme, OSB Abbot (2/23)
Méraut of Vendôme, OSB Abbot (2/23)
Merculialis of Forli B (5/23)
Mercurius of Caesarea M (11/25)
Mercury of Caesarea M (11/25)

Mere of Bodon, Abbot (1/27)
Merewenna of Rumsey, OSB Abbess (5/13)
Meriadec II of Vannes B (6/7)
Meriadec of Vannes B (6/7)
Meriadoc II of Vannes B (6/7)

Meriadoc of Vannes B (6/7)
Meriasek of Vannes B (6/7)
Merici, Angela V (1/27)
Merililaun M (5/18)
Merinus, Hermit (1/6)

Merinus of Benchor (Bangor) B (9/15)
Merolilaun M (5/18)
Merre of Aix M (11/13)
Merry of Autun, OSB Abbot (8/29)
Merryn of Benchor (Bangor) B (9/15)

Merryn of Polesworth V (7/6)
Merryn of Whitby V (7/5)
Merryn (7/7)
Merulus, Antony, & John, OSB MM (1/17)
Merwenna of Rumsey, OSB Abbess (5/13)

Merwinna of Rumsey, OSB Abbess (5/13)
Mesmin and Companions MM (9/7)
Mesopotamian Martyrs (5/23)
Mesrob the Teacher B (2/19)
Mesrop the Teacher B (2/19)

Messalina VM (1/24)
Metelli, Michelina (Blessed) OFM Tert. Widow (6/20)
Metellus, Musonius, Eugene, & Mardonius MM (1/24)
Methodius B and Cyril, Monk (2/14)
Methodius I of Constantinople B (6/14)

Metranus of Alexandria M (1/31)
Metras of Alexandria M (1/31)
Metras of Alexandria VM (2/9)
Metre of Aix M (11/13)
Metrobius, Paul, & Companions MM (12/24)

Metrophanes of Byzantium B (6/4)
Meuris and Thea VV MM (12/19)
Meuthin of Wales, Hermit (12/26)
Mevenus of Brittany, Abbot (6/21)
Mewan of Brittany, Abbot (6/21)

Mi, Paul (Blessed) M (12/18)
Miani, Jerome (Geronimo, Gerolamo) (2/8)
Micah, Prophet (1/15)
Michaeas, Prophet (1/15)
Michael (Blessed) Gedroye, OSA (5/4)

Michael (Blessed) Ho-Dinh-Hy M (5/22)
Michael (Blessed) Jamada, OP Tert. M (9/8)
Michael (Blessed) Pini, OSB Cam., Hermit (1/27)
Michael (Blessed) Takexita and Companions MM (11/27)
Michael (Blessed) Tomaki M (9/8)

Michael Cozaki M (2/6)
Michael Garicoïts (5/14)
Michael Ghislieri, OP Pope (4/30)
Michael of Ecuador (2/9)
Michael of Sanctis, O. Trin. (4/10)

Michael of Synnada B (5/23)
Michael of the Saints, O. Trin. (4/10)
Michael the Archangel, Apparition of (5/8)
Michael Ulumbijski (5/7)
Michelina (Blessed) Metelli, OFM Tert. Widow (6/20)

Michelina (Blessed) of Pesaro, OFM Tert. Widow (6/20)
Mida of Limerick V (1/15)
Middleton, Antony (Blessed) M (5/6)
Migdonius and Mardonius MM (12/23)
Migliore (Blessed) of Vallumbrosa, Hermit (3/26)

Miguel Agustin (Blessed) Pro, Priest M (11/23)
Miguel Cordero Muñoz (2/9)
Miguel of Ecuador (2/9)
Miguez, Faustino (Blessed) Sch. P (3/8)
Mikasa, Joseph M (6/3)

Miki, Paul M (2/6)
Milburga of Wenlock, OSB Abbess (2/23)
Milburgh of Wenlock, OSB Abbess (2/23)
Mildgytha, OSB V (2/23)
Miles (Blessed) Gerard MM (4/30)

Milhey, Nizilon, and Kukley MM (4/14)
Miliani, Conrad (Bl.) OFM (4/19)
Millan Cucullatus, Abbot (11/12)
Millan de la Gogolla, Abbot (11/12)
Millan La Cogolla, Abbot (11/12)

Millory (Blessed) of Vallumbrosa, Hermit (3/26)
Milner, Ralph (Blessed) M (7/7)
Milo (Blessed) of Fontenelle, OSB Hermit (8/18)
Milo (Blessed) of Selincourt, O. Praem. (7/16)
Milo of Benevento B (2/23)

Minervinus, Simplician, & Companions MM (12/31)
Minh, Philip (Blessed) M (7/3)
Minias of Florence M (10/25)
Miniato of Florence M (10/25)
Minnborinus of Cologne, OSB Abbot (7/18)

Mirin of Benchor (Bangor) B (9/15)
Miro (Blessed) of Vich, OSA (9/12)
Mitre of Aix M (11/13)
Mitrius of Aix M (11/13)
Mkasa, Joseph M (11/16)

Mkasa, Joseph M (6/3)
Mlada (Blessed) of Prague, OSB Abbess (2/8)
Mo-Chaomhog of Leamokevoge, Abbot (3/13)
Mobeoc, Abbot (1/1)
Mobhi of Glasnevin (of Dublin) (10/12)

Mochaemhog of Leamokevoge, Abbot (3/13)
Mochelloc of Kilmallock (3/26)
Mochoemoc of Leamokevoge, Abbot (3/13)
Mocholmoc of Dromore B (6/7)
Mochua, Abbot (1/1)

Mochua of Timahoe (12/24)
Mochuda the Younger, Abbot (5/14)
Mochumma of Aberdeen B (11/12)
Mochumma of Iona B (11/12)
Mocius of Byzantium M (5/13)

Modan, Abbot (2/4)
Modan of Aberdeen B (11/14)
Modanic of Aberdeen B (11/14)
Moderamnus of Berceto OSB B (10/22)
Moderan of Berceto OSB B (10/22)

Modesta of Oehren, OSB Abbess (11/4)
Modesta, Patricia, and Macedonius MM (3/13)
Modestus and Ammonius MM (2/12)
Modestus and Julian MM (2/12)
Modestus, Castulus, Zoticus, Rogatus, & Comp. MM (1/12)

Modestus, Deacon M (2/12)
Modestus of Salzburg, OSB B (2/5)
Modestus of Trèves B (2/24)
Modestus, Tiberius of Agde, and Florence MM (11/10)
Modivene of Polesworth V (7/6)

Modomnoc O'Neil B (2/13)
Modomnock O'Neil B (2/13)
Modwenna of Polesworth V (7/6)
Modwenna of Whitby V (7/5)
Moedoc of Ferns B (1/31)

Moeliai of Nendrum, Abbot (6/23)
Moelray of Nendrum, Abbot (6/23)
Mogue, Abbot (4/11)
Mogue of Ferns B (1/31)
Moi, Augustine (Blessed) M (12/18)

Molacca of Fermoy, Abbot (1/20>
Molagga of Fermoy, Abbot (1/20>
Molaisse of Leighlin B (4/18)
Molignus of Wexford (of Ferns) B (6/17)
Moling of Wexford (of Ferns) B (6/17)

Molla, Gianna (Blessed) Beretta (4/28)
Molling of Wexford (of Ferns) B (6/17)
Molluog of Mortlach B (6/25)
Moloag of Mortlach B (6/25)
Moloc of Mortlach B (6/25)

Molonachus of Lismore B (6/25)
Molua, Abbot (8/4)
Molua of Mortlach B (6/25)
Mommolinus of Noyon, OSB B (10/16)
Monacella V (5/27)

Monas of Milan B (10/12)
Moncan, Abbot (1/1)
Mond of Argyle, Abbot (4/15)
Monessa of Ireland V (9/4)
Mongrovejo, Turibius (Toribio, Turribius) B (3/23)

Monica, Matron (8/27)
Moninne of Whitby V (7/5)
Moninne V (7/6)
Monitor of Orlèans B (11/10)
Mono of Scotland M (10/18)

Monon of Scotland M (10/18)
Montaigu, Hugh (Blessed) OSB B (8/10)
Montajana, John (Blessed) and Companions MM (11/27)
Montan of Lorraine, Hermit B (11/14)
Montanus and Maxima MM (3/26)

Montanus, Lucius, &Companions MM (2/24)
Montanus of Gaeta M (6/17)
Montboissier, Peter de (Blessed), OSB Abbot (12/29)
Montesmarti, Reginald (Blessed) OP (4/9)
Montfort, Louis Mary Grignion (4/28)

Monyna of Polesworth V (7/6)
Moran of Berceto OSB B (10/22)
Morandus of Cluny, OSB (6/3)
Morano, Maddalena Caterina (Blessed) (3/26)
Morbioli, Louis (Blessed) OC Tert. (11/16)

More, Thomas M (6/22)
Morgair, Maolmhaodhog B (11/3)
Morgan B (12/28)
Moricus (Blessed) (3/30)
Moroc of Scotland B (11/8)

Morosini, John (Blessed) OSB Abbot (2/5)
Morrone, Peter Pope, Hermit (5/19)
Morse, Henry Priest, SJ M (2/1)
Morwenna of Cornwall V (7/8)
Moscati, Giuseppe (Joseph) (11/16)

Moses B (2/7)
Moses, Bassian, Agatho, and Cyrion MM (2/14)
Moses of Africa M (12/18)
Moses of Rome M
Moseus and Ammonius MM (1/18)

Motalogus of Kilmallock (3/26)
Mottelog of Kilmallock (3/26)
Movean of Inis-Coosery Abbot (7/22)
Moysetes of Africa M (12/18)
Mtasmindeli, George Abbot (6/27)

Mucian, Mark, an Unnamed Boy, & Paul MM (7/3)
Mucian Mary Wiaux (1/30)
Mucius, Luke, Parmenius, & Companions MM (4/22)
Mucius of Byzantium M (5/13)
Mucius, Silvanus, and Luke MM (2/6)

Muirchu (6/8)
Muirdach (Blessed) MacRobartaigh, OSB Hermit (12/22)
Muirdach MacRobartaigh (Blessed), OSB Abbot (2/9)
Muiredach MacGroarty (Blessed), OSB Abbot (2/9)
Mullins of Wexford (of Ferns) B (6/17)

Mummolinus of Noyon, OSB B (10/16)
Mun of Lough Ree B (2/6)
Munchin of Limerick B (1/2)
Mund of Argyle, Abbot (4/15)
Munde, of Argyle, Abbot (4/15)

Munden, John (Blessed) M (2/12)
Mundus of Argyle, Abbot (4/15)
Mundus of Taghmon, Abbot (10/21)
Munessa of Ireland V (9/4)
Mungo of Glasgow B (1/14)

Munnu of Taghmon, Abbot (10/21)
Mura McFeredach, Abbot (3/12)
Murames McFeredach, Abbot (3/12)
Muran McFeredach, Abbot (3/12)
Muranus McFeredach, Abbot (3/12)

Murialdo, Leonardo Priest (3/30)
Murlach of Mortlach B (6/25)
Muru McFeredach, Abbot (3/12)
Murumba, Matthias M (6/3)
Musa of Rome V (4/24)

Musaka, Joseph M (6/3)
Musonius, Mardonius, Eugene, & Metellus MM (1/24)
Mustiola and Ireneaus (Ireneo) MM (7/3)
Muzeyi, John Maria M (6/3)
Mydwyn and Elvan (1/1)

Myllin of Wexford (of Ferns) B (6/17)
Mylor of Cornwall M (10/1)
Myrbad, Mancus and Winnow (5/31)
Mzec, John (Blessed) Mary M (1/27)

Néron, Peter-Francis (Blessed) M (11/3)
Naamat of Vienne B (11/17)
Nabor and Felix MM (7/12)
Nabor, Basilides, Cyrinus, and Nazarius MM (6/12)
Nacanixi, Leo (Blessed) and Companions MM (11/27)

Nadjran Martyrs (10/24)
Nagran Martyrs (10/24)
Nahum, Gorazd, Sabas, & Angelarius (7/17)
Nahum, Prophet (12/1)
Naisen, Louis (Blessed) M (6/12)

Nam-Thung, Andrew (Blessed) M (2/18)
Namace of Clermont B (10/27)
Namasius of Vienne B (11/17)
Namat of Vienne B (11/17)
Namatius of Clermont B (10/27)

Namatius of Vienne B (11/17)
Namphanion and Companions MM (7/4)
Namphasius, OSB (11/12)
Namphisius, OSB (11/12)
Namphosius, OSB (11/12)

Namphrase, OSB (11/12)
Nanette (Blessed) Javouhey (7/15)
Nantere (Blessed) of St-Mihiel OSB, Abbot (10/30)
Nanterius (Blessed) of St-Mihiel OSB, Abbot (10/30)
Nantier (Blessed) of St-Mihiel OSB, Abbot (10/30)

Napoleon of Alexandria M (8/15)
Napper, Blessed George M (11/9)
Narbonne (11/13)
Narcissus, Argeus, and Marcellinus MM (1/2)
Narcissus of Jerusalem B (10/29)

Narcissus, Urban, & Ampliatus MM (10/31)
Narnus of Bergamo B (8/27)
Narses, Elias, Abibos, & Comp. MM (3/27)
Narses Lampronazi (Lambronazzi, Lampronats) B (7/17)
Narses of Sahgerd B and Companions MM (11/20)

Narseus, Philip, Zeno, & Companions MM (7/15)
Narzales, Acyllinus, Laetantius, & Companions MM (7/17)
Natalene M (11/10)
Natalia, Felix, & Companions MM (7/27)
Natalia of Nicomedia, Widow (12/1)

Natalis (Blessed) Pinot M (2/21)
Natalis, Abbot (1/27)
Natalis of Milan B (5/13)
Nathalan of Aberdeen B (1/19)
Nauphary, OSB (11/12)

Navalis, Valentine, Concordius, & Agricola MM (12/16)
Navarrete, Alphonsus (Blessed) OP M (6/1)
Navarro, Paul (Blessed) SJ, & Companions MM (11/1)
Nazarius and Celsus MM (7/28)
Nazarius, Cyrinus, Nabor, and Basilides MM (6/12)

Nazzarei, Matthia (Blessed) dei Abbess (12/30)
Neachtain (5/2)
Nebridius of Egara B (2/9)
Nectan of Hartland M (6/17)
Nectarius Kephalas B (11/9)

Nectarius of Constantinople B (10/11)
Nectarius of Vienne B (5/5)
Néel, John Peter (Jean-Pierre) (Blessed) & Martin MM (2/18)
Negro, Catherine Fieschi di (9/15)
Nehemias of Arran, Abbot (6/14)

Nelson, John (Blessed) SJ M (2/3)
Nemesius and Pothmius (Potamius) MM (2/20)
Nemesius of Alexandria M (12/19)
Nemorius and Companions MM (9/7)
Nennidhius, Abbot (1/17)

Nennius, Abbot (1/17)
Nennoc V (6/4)
Nennoca V (6/4)
Nennocha V (6/4)
Nennus of Arran, Abbot (6/14)

Nenooc V (6/4)
Nenus of Arran, Abbot (6/14)
Neon, Leontius, & Comp. MM (4/24)
Neophytus of Nicaea M (1/20>
Neopolus of Alexandria M (8/15)
Neopolus, Saturninus, Germanus & Celestine MM (5/2)

Neot of Cornwall, OSB Hermit (7/31)
Neoterius, Theophilus, Ammon, & Companions MM (9/8)
Nepomucen, John M (5/16)
Nepotian of Attino (5/4)
Nepotian of Clermont B (10/22)

Nereus, Saturninus, and Companions MM (10/16)
Neri, Philip Founder (5/26)
Nerses Lampronazi (Lambronazzi, Lampronats) B (7/17)
Nerses of Sahgerd B and Companions MM (11/20)
Nestabus, Zeno, Eusebius, and Nestor MM (9/8)

Nestor of Gaza M (9/8)
Nestor of Perge BM (2/26)
Nestor, Zeno, Eusebius, and Nestabus MM (9/8)
Netter, Thomas (Blessed), OC (11/2)
Neumann, John Nepomucene B (1/5)

Nevolo (Blessed) of Faenza, OSB Cam. Hermit (7/27)
Nevsky, Alexander (11/23)
Newman, John Henry (Venerable) (2/21)
Newport, Richard (Blessed) M (5/30)
Neyrot, Antony (Blessed) OP M (4/10)

Nghi, Blessed Joseph MM (11/8)
Ngondwe, Pontain M (6/3)
Nicaeas and Paul MM (8/29)
Nicander and Hermas MM (11/4)
Nicander and Marcian MM (6/17)

Nicander, Hieron, Hesychius & Companions MM (11/7)
Nicander the Physician M (3/15)
Nicanor M (1/10)
Nicanor, Marcian, Apollonius and Companions MM (6/5)
Nicarete of Constantinople V (12/27)

Nicasius, Quirinus, and Pientia MM (10/11)
Nicephorus of Antioch M (2/9)
Nicephorus of Constantinople BM (3/13)
Niceras of Constantinople V (12/27)
Niceta and Aquilina MM (7/24)

Nicetas of Bithynia B (3/20)
Nicetas of Constantinople (10/6)
Nicetas of Medikion, Abbot (4/3)
Nicetas of Novgorod B (1/31)
Nicetas of Pereaslav M (5/24)

Nicetas of Remesiana B (6/22)
Nicetas the Goth M (9/15)
Nicetas the Great M (9/15)
Nicetius of Besançon B (2/8)
Nicetius of Lyons B (4/2)

Nicetus of Vienne B (5/5)
Nicholas (Blessed) Albergati, O. Cart. B (5/9)
Nicholas (Blessed) Dinnis, SJ M (7/15)
Nicholas (Blessed) Giustiniani, OSB (11/21)
Nicholas (Blessed) of Forca-Palena (10/1)

Nicholas (Blessed) of Neti, OSB Cist. (4/1)
Nicholas (Blessed) of Prussia, OSB (2/23)
Nicholas (Blessed) of Vangadizza, OSB Cam. (2/21)
Nicholas (Blessed) of Vaucelles, OSB Cist. Abbot (5/31)
Nicholas (Blessed) Palea "the Prior," OP (2/14)

Nicholas (Blessed) Saggio, O. Minim. (2/12)
Nicholas (Blessed) the Prior, OP (2/14)
Nicholas Boccasini, OP (7/7)
Nicholas Factor, OFM (12/23)
Nicholas Herman (2/12)

Nicholas Hermanssön B (7/24)
Nicholas, Hugolinus, Donulus, and Companions, OFM MM (10/10)
Nicholas I, Pope (11/13)
Nicholas Janssen Poppel, OFM M (7/9)
Nicholas of Bari B (12/6)

Nicholas of Flüe, Hermit (3/22)
Nicholas of Mariengarden, O. Praem (11/13)
Nicholas of Myra B (12/6)
Nicholas Owen M (3/22)
Nicholas Peregrinus (6/2)

Nicholas Pieck M (7/9)
Nicholas Studites, Abbot (2/4)
Nicholas Tavelic, O. Praem (11/13)
Nicholas the Mystic B (5/15)
Nicholas the Pilgrim (6/2)

Nicholas van Heeze, OFM M (7/9)
Nicodemus M (8/3)
Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain M (7/14)
Nicolino (Blessed) Magalotti, OFM Tertiary Hermit (11/29)
Nicomedes of Rome M (9/15)

Nicomedia, Martyrs of MM (12/25)
Nicon Metanoite (11/26)
Nicon and Companions MM (3/23)
Nicostratus, Antiochus and Companions MM (5/21)
Nicostratus, Castorius, & Companions MM (7/7)

Nicostratus, Simpronian, Claudius, Castorius, and Simplicius (11/8)
Nidgar (Blessed) of Augsburg, OSB B (4/15)
Nidger (Blessed) of Augsburg, OSB B (4/15)
Nifaki, Dominic (Blessed) M (9/8)
Nifaki, Francis (Blessed) M (9/8)

Nifaki, Louis (Blessed) OP Tert. M (9/8)
Nighton of Hartland M (6/17)
Nikon Metanoite (11/26)
Nil Maikov (4/7)
Nils Hermanssön B (7/24)

Nilus of Sora (4/7)
Nilus the Elder, Abbot (11/12)
Nilus the Wise, Abbot (11/12)
Ninnoc V (6/4)
Ninnocha V (6/4)

Niolette, Poor Clare V (3/6)
Nitgar (Blessed) of Augsburg, OSB B (4/15)
Nithard of Corbie, OSB M (2/4)
Nivard (Blessed) of Vaucelles, OSB Cist. (2/7)
Nizien of Lyons B (4/2)

Nizier of Besançon B (2/8)
Nizier of Lyons B (4/2)
Nizilon, Kukley, and Milhey MM (4/14)
Noel (Blessed) Pinot M (2/21)
Noel Chabanel M (10/19)

Noint of Merida Abbot M (10/22)
Noitburgis of Cologne, OSB V (10/31)
Nolasco, Peter, Founder (1/28)
Nominanda, Serotina, & Companions MM (12/31)
Non, Widow (3/3)

Nona and Celsa VV (2/3)
Nonius (Blessed) Alvarez de Pereira (11/6)
Nonna of Nazianzen, Matron (8/5)
Nonnita, Widow (3/3)
Nonnosus of Mount Soracte, OSB (8/31)

Nonosa, Zosima & Eutropius MM (7/15)
Norbert (6/6)
North American Martyrs (3/16)
North American Martyrs (10/19)
Nostrianus of Naples B (2/14)

Notburga of Cologne, OSB V (10/31)
Notburga of Tyrol V (9/14)
Nothelm of Canterbury B (10/17)
Notker Balbulus, OSB (4/6)
Notker the Stammerer, OSB (4/6)

Nourrice (11/16)
Novatus of Rome (6/20)
Noyala of Brittany VM (7/6)
Nuñes (Blessed) Alvarez de Pereira (11/6)
Nuñez (Blessed) Alvarez de Pereira (11/6)

Nuñez, Peter (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)
Numerian of Trèves, OSB B (7/5)
Nunctus of Merida Abbot M (10/22)
Nunilo and Alodia VV MM (10/22)
Nutter, John (Blessed) M (2/12)

Nympha, Respicius, and Tryphon MM (11/10)
Nymphora, Mark & Arabia MM (3/13)

O'Braoin, Dunchaid Abbot (1/16)
O'Dullany, Felix (Blessed) OSB Cist. B (1/24)
O'Gorman, Maelmuire (Marianus) (7/3)
O'More, Malachy B (11/3)

O'Morgair, Christian (Croistan) B (6/12)
O'Neil, Domnoc (Dominic) B (2/13)
O'Neil, Modomnoc (Modomnock) B (2/13)
O'Toole, Laurence OSA B (11/14)
O'Tuathail, Lorcan OSA B (11/14)

Obdulia of Toledo V (9/4)
Obitius of Brescia, OSB (2/4)
Octavianus (Blessed) of Savona, OSB B (8/6)
Octavianus and Companions MM (3/22)

Octavius, Solutor, and Adventor MM (11/20)
Ocysellus and Victoria MM (11/17)
Oda (Blessed) of Rivroelles, O.Praem. V (4/20)
Oda of Amay, Widow (10/23)
Oda of Brabant (11/3)

Oda of Canterbury, OSB B (7/4)
Oda the Good, OSB B (7/4)
Oddino (Blessed) Barrotti, OFM Tert. (7/21)
Odericus (Blessed) Mattiuzzi, OFM (2/3)
Odericus (Blessed) of Pordenone, OFM (2/3)

Odger & Wiro, Plechelm (Pleghelm), OSB MM (5/8)
Odhran of Iona, Abbot (10/27)
Odilo (Blessed) of Stavelot, OSB Abbot (10/15)
Odilo of Cluny, OSB, Abbot (1/1)
Odo (Blessed) of Cambrai, OSB B (6/19)

Odo (Blessed) of Massy, OSB Abbot (6/7)
Odo (Blessed) of Novara, O. Cart. (1/14)
Odo of Beauvais, OSB B (1/28)
Odo of Canterbury, OSB B (7/4)
Odo of Corméry, OSB Abbot (11/20)

Odo of Urgell B (7/7)
Odo the Good, OSB B (7/4)
Odoric (Blessed) Mattiuzzi, OFM (2/3)
Odoric (Blessed) of Pordenone, OFM (2/3)
Odran and Medran (7/7)

Odran M (2/19)
Odrian of Waterford B (5/8)
Odrowatz, Ceslas (Blessed) OP (7/17)
Odulf of Stavoren, OSA (6/12)
Odulphus of Stavoren, OSA (6/12)

Odulvald of Melrose, Abbot (5/26)
Oengoba the Culdee, Abbot B (3/11)
Oengus the Culdee, Abbot B (3/11)
Offa of Benevento, OSB Abbess (12/31)
Ogilvie, John SJ M (3/10)
Ogmund of Holar B (3/8)

Oidilwald of Farne, OSB (3/23)
Oidilwald the Hermit, OSB (3/23)
Ola of Norway, King M (7/29)
Olaf of Norway, King M (7/29)
Olaizola Garagarza, Maria Angela (Blessed) M (7/20)

Olao of Norway, King M (7/29)
Olav of Sweden, King M (7/30)
Olave of Norway, King M (7/29)
Olcan of Derken B (2/20)
Oldcorne, Edward (Blessed), SJ M (4/7)

Oldegar of Tarragona, OSA B (3/6)
Olegari of Tarragona, OSA B (3/6)
Olfe of Amiens V (1/31)
Oliva of Anagni V (6/3)
Oliva of Brescia VM (3/5)

Oliva of Palermo VM (6/10)
Olive of Palermo VM (6/10)
Oliver of Portonuovo, OSB (2/3)
Oliverius of Portonuovo, OSB (2/3)
Olivia of Palermo VM (6/10)

Ollala of Barcelona VM (2/12)
Ollegarius of Tarragona, OSA B (3/6)
Olympiades and Maximus MM (4/15)
Olympiades of Rome M (12/1)
Olympius of Enos B (6/12)

Omer of Thérouanne, OSB B (9/9)
Oncho of Clonmore (2/8)
Onchuo of Clonmore (2/8)
Onesimus M (2/16)
Onesimus of Soissons B (5/13)

Onesiphorus and Porphyrius MM (9/6)
Onofrio of Egypt, Hemit (6/12)
Ontkommena (7/20)
Ontkommer (7/20)
Onuphrius of Egypt, Hemit (6/12)

Oosterwyk, John van OSA M (7/9)
Opportuna of Montreuil, OSB V, Abbess (4/22)
Optatian of Brescia B (7/14)
Optatus, Lupercus, Successus, & Companions MM (4/16)
Optatus of Auxerre B (8/31)

Optatus of Milevis B (6/4)
Oran of Iona, Abbot (10/27)
Orange, 32 Blessed Martyrs of (7/6)
Ordoño of Sahagún, OSB B (2/23)
Ordonius of Sahagún, OSB B (2/23)

Orentius and Patientia MM (5/1)
Orentius, Heros, Pharnacius, & Companions MM (6/24)
Orentius of Auch B (5/1)
Orestes of Cappadocia M (11/9)
Orgonne of Maubeuge, OSB, Abbess (1/30)

Oria of San Millán, OSB V (3/11)
Orientius of Auch B (5/1)
Oringa (Blessed) of the Cross, OSA V (1/4)
Oriol, Joseph (3/23)
Orioli, José (3/23)

Orlando (Blessed) of Vallombrosa, OSB Vall. Hermit (5/20)
Ormond of Mairé, Abbot (1/23)
Ornacieux, Beatrix (Blessed) O. Cart. V (2/13)
Orontius, Fortunatus, & Sabinian (Savinian) MM (8/27)
Orontius, Vincent, and Victor MM (1/22)

Orora and Bradan (10/20)
Orosia of Jaca VM (6/25)
Orseolo, Peter OSB, Hermit (1/10)
Orsiesius the Cenobite, Abbot Hermit (6/15)
Orsisius the Cenobite, Abbot Hermit (6/15)

Orso of Aosta, Archdeacon (2/1)
Ortego, Francis (Blessed) OSA M (9/3)
Osanna (Blessed) of Mantua, OP Tert. V (6/18)
Osanna (Blessed) of Mantua, OP Tert. V (6/18)
Osberga V (3/30)

Osburga V (3/30)
Osee, Prophet (7/4)
Osmail B (6/16)
Osmanna of Brieuc V (9/9)
Osmanna of Jouarre, OSB V (6/18)

Ossana (Blessed) of Cattaro, OP Tert. V (4/27)
Osyth of Chich, OSB M (10/7)
Oteger & Wiro, Plechelm (Pleghelm), OSB MM (5/8)
Otger & Wiro, Plechelm (Pleghelm), OSB MM (5/8)
Othmar of Saint-Gall, OSB Abbot (11/16)

Otmar of Saint-Gall, OSB Abbot (11/16)
Otteran of Iona, Abbot (10/27)
Otto (Blessed) of Heidelberg, OSB Hermit (12/28)
Otto, Accursius, & Companions, OFM MM (1/16)
Ouardon of Brittany B (11/29)

Ouen of Rouen B (8/24)
Our Lady of the Rosary (10/7)
Ours of Aosta, Archdeacon (2/1)
Ours of Ravenna B (4/13)
Outril(le) of Bourges B (5/20)

Owen, Nicholas M (3/22)
Owen of Aberdaron (1/6)
Owen of Rouen B (8/24)
Oye of La Ferté (4/24)
Oyend, Abbot (1/1)
Ozanam, Frédèric (Blessed) (9/9)

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