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Pabiali of Wales (11/1)
Pabo of Brittany (11/9)
Pacheco, Francis (Blessed) and Companions, SJ MM (6/20)
Pachome of Tabenna, Abbot (5/9)
Pachomius, Ammonius, Phileas, Hesychius, Theodore & Companions. MM (11/26)

Pachomius of Tabenna, Abbot (5/9)
Pacian of Barcelona B (0309)
Pacianus of Barcelona B (0309)
Pacificus (Blessed) of Cerano, OFM (6/8)
Pacificus (Blessed) Ramota, OFM (6/8)

Pacificus of Werden, OSB B (3/30)
Padarn of Vannes B (4/15)
Padarn of Wales (4/16)
Paduinus of Le Mans, OSB Abbot (11/15)
Paganelli, Pietro (Blessed) OSB (7/8)

Paganus (Blessed) of Lecco, OP M (12/26)
Paganus (Blessed) of Sicily, OSB Monk (2/10)
Page, Francis (Blessed) SJ M (4/20)
Paine, John Priest M (4/2)
Pair of Avranches B (4/16)

Pair of Coutances B (4/16)
Palaemon, Abbot (1/11)
Palatinus and Sycus MM (5/30)
Paldo, Taso, and Tato, OSB, Abbots (1/11)
Palea, Nicholas (Blessed), OP (2/14)

Paleara, Bernard OSB B (12/19)
Palemon, Abbot (1/11)
Palestine, Martyrs of (2/19)
Palladia, Susanna, Marciana, & Companions MM (5/24)
Palladius of Antioch, Hermit (1/28)

Palladius of Auxerre B (4/10)
Palladius of Ireland B (7/7)
Palladius of Saintes B (10/7)
Pallotti, Vincent Priest (1/22)
Palmatius, Simplicius, Felix, & Companions M (5/10)

Palotinus, Philocalus, Achaicus, & Comps. MM (3/30)
Palumbus (Blessed) of Subiaco, OSB, Hermit (1/4)
Pambo of the Nitrian Desert, Abbot (7/18)
Pamfilus, Carpus, Agathonica, and Comp. MM (4/13)
Pammachius the Senator (8/30)

Pamphilius and Companions MM (6/1)
Pamphilus of Capua B (9/7)
Pamphilus of Sulmona B (4/28)
Panacea of Quarona V (5/1)
Panassia of Quarona V (5/1)

Panattieri, Mary Magdalen (Blessed) OP V (10/13)
Pancharius of Besançon M (7/22)
Pancharius of Nicomedia M (3/19)
Pancras of Taormina BM (4/3)
Pancratius of Taormina BM (4/3)

Pandonia of Ettisley, OSB (8/26)
Pandwina of Ettisley, OSB (8/26)
Pandwyna of Ettisley, OSB (8/26)
Panexia of Quarona V (5/1)
Pannonian Martyrs (4/9)

Pantaenus of Alexandria (7/7)
Pantagapes, Philadelphus, and Companions MM (8/31)
Pantagathus of Vienne B (4/17)
Pantaleemon, Maurus, and Sergius MM (7/27)
Pantaleon the Physician M (7/27)

Pantalus of Basle BM (10/12)
Panteleemon the Physician M (7/27)
Panteleimon the Physician M (7/27)
Paolo Francesco Danei, Priest (10/19)
Papas of Lycaonia M (3/16)

Paphnutius of Jerusalem M (4/19)
Papias and Maurus MM (1/29)
Papias, Diodorus, Conon, and Claudian MM (2/26)
Papias of Hierapolis B (2/22)
Papias, Victor, Publius, & Hermas MM (11/2)

Papinianus and Mansuetus MM (11/28)
Papius, Saturninus, Germanus, & Companions MM (7/7)
Papoul of Toulouse M (11/3)
Papulus of Toulouse M (11/3)
Papylus, Carpus, Agathonica, and Comp. MM (4/13)

Paraguay, Jesuits Martyrs of (11/17)
Paramon and Companions MM (11/29)
Parasceve, Photis, Cyriaca, and Companions MM (3/20)
Pardulphus of Gueret, OSB Abbot (10/6)
Paredes, Mariana V (5/26)

Paregorius and Leo MM (2/18)
Parenzi, Peter M (5/22)
Paris of Teano B (8/5)
Parisio of Treviso, OSB Cam. (6/11)
Parisius of Treviso, OSB Cam. (6/11)

Parmenas M (1/23)
Parmenius, Helimenas, Chrysotelus, & Companions MM (4/22)
Parthenius and Calocerus MM (5/19)
Partypallai of Wales (11/1)
Paschal I, OSB, Pope (2/11)

Paschasia of Dijon VM (1/9)
Paschasius, Arcadius, Probus, Eutychian & Paulillus MM (11/13)
Paschasius of Nantes B (7/10)
Paschasius of Rome, Deacon (5/31)
Paschasius of Vienne B (2/22)

Paschasius Radbertus, OSB Abbot (4/26)
Pasicrates, Valentio and Comp. MM (5/25)
Pasquier of Nantes B (7/10)
Pastor and Justus MM (8/6)
Pastor of Orléans B (3/30)

Pastor of Rome (7/26)
Pastor of Skete, Hermit Abbot (8/27)
Pastor, Victorinus, and Comp. MM (3/29)
Patenson, William (Blessed) M (1/22)
Paterius of Brescia B (2/21)

Patermuthius, Copras, and Alexander MM (7/9)
Patern(us) of Vannes B (4/15)
Paternian of Bologna B (7/12)
Paternian of Fermo B (11/23)
Paternus of Abdinghof, OSB Hermit (4/10)

Paternus of Avranches B (4/16)
Paternus of Coutances B (4/16)
Paternus of St.-Pierre-le-Vif, OSB M (11/12)
Paternus of Wales (4/16)
Patiens of Metz B (1/8)

Patientia and Orentius MM (5/1)
Patricia, Macedonius, and Modesta MM (3/13)
Patrician of Scotland B (10/10)
Patricius, Menander, & Companions MM (4/28)
Patrick (Blessed) Salmon M (7/4)

Patrick (Patricius), Acatius, Menander Polyenus, & Companions MM (4/28)
Patrick, Acatius, & Companions MM (4/28)
Patrick Fleming, OFM M (11/7)
Patrick of Auvergne B (3/16)
Patrick of Bayeux B (5/24)

Patrick of Ireland B (3/17)
Patrick the Elder, Abbot (8/24)
Patrizi, Antony (Blessed) OSA (4/27)
Patrobus and Philologus (11/4)
Patroclus of Troyes M (1/21)

Patto of Werden, OSB B (3/30)
Paul (Blessed) Aybara, OP Tert. M (9/8)
Paul (Blessed) Burali d'Arezzo B (6/17)
Paul (Blessed) Doi Buong M (10/22)
Paul (Blessed) Hanh M (5/28)

Paul (Blessed) Khoan M (4/28)
Paul (Blessed) Lieou M (2/13)
Paul (Blessed) Loc M (2/13)
Paul (Blessed) Mi M (12/18)
Paul (Blessed) Navarro, SJ, & Companions MM (11/1)

Paul (Blessed) Tinh M (4/6)
Paul (Blessed) Tomaki M (9/8)
Paul and 36 Christian Soldiers MM (1/18)
Paul and Cyriacus MM (6/20)
Paul and John MM (6/26)

Paul and Nicaeas MM (8/29)
Paul, Andrew, Dionysia, & Companions MM (5/15)
Paul, Apostle, Conversion of (1/25)
Paul Aurelian (3/12)
Paul, Claudius, Hypatius, Lucillian, & Dionysius MM (6/3)

Paul, Cyril, Eugene & Companions MM (3/20)
Paul, Darius, Zosimus, and Secundus MM (12/19)
Paul, Elias, and Isidore MM (4/17)
Paul Francis Danei, Priest (10/19)
Paul, Gerontius, & Companions MM (1/19)

Paul, Helladius, & Companions MM (5/28)
Paul Ibaraki M (2/6)
Paul, Lucius, and Cyriacus MM (2/8)
Paul, Mark, Mucian, & an Unnamed Boy MM (7/3)
Paul Miki M (2/6)

Paul of Constantinople BM (6/7)
Paul of Cordova, Deacon M (7/20)
Paul of Cyprus M (3/17)
Paul of Léon (3/12)
Paul of Narbonne and Companions MM (3/22)

Paul of Prusa B (3/7)
Paul of Saint Zoilus, Deacon M (7/20)
Paul of the Cross, Priest (10/19)
Paul of Thebes (1/15)
Paul of Trois-Châteaux B (2/1)

Paul of Verdun, OSB B (2/8)
Paul, Reverianus, and Companions MM (6/1)
Paul Suzuki M (2/6)
Paul the First Hermit (1/15)
Paul the Simple, Hermit (3/7)

Paul Yuaniqui M (2/6)
Paul Yuanki M (2/6)
Paul, Zenobius, & Companions MM (12/24)
Paula (Blessed) Frassinetti, Foundress (6/11)
Paula (Blessed) Gambara-Costa, Matron (1/31)

Paula (Blessed) of Montaldo, OFM Widow (10/29)
Paula and Cyriacus MM (6/18)
Paula, Bassa, & Agathonica VV MM (8/10)
Paula, Macrobius, Cassia, & Companions MM (7/20)
Paula of Nicomedia VM (6/3)

Paula of Rome, Widow (1/26)
Paula, OSB Cam. (1/5)
Paulhen of Wales, Abbot (11/23)
Paulien (2/14)
Paulillus, Paschasius, Probus, Eutychian & Arcadius MM (11/13)

Paulillus, Secundus, Anastasius, Syndimius, Cyriacus, and Companions MM (12/19)
Paulina of Zell, OSB Widow (3/14)
Paulina, Rustica, & Companions MM (12/31)
Paulinus and Augustine, OSB (11/5)
Paulinus Aurelian (3/12)

Paulinus, Heraclius and Felicissimus MM (5/26)
Paulinus of Antioch and Companions MM (7/12)
Paulinus of Aquileia B (1/28)
Paulinus of Brescia B (4/29)
Paulinus of Brescia B (4/29)

Paulinus of Capua B (10/10)
Paulinus of Cologne M (5/4)
Paulinus of Léon (3/12)
Paulinus of Nola B (6/22)
Paulinus of Sinigaglia B (5/4)

Paulinus of Trier B (8/31)
Paulinus of Wales, Abbot (11/23)
Paulinus of York, OSB B (10/10)
Paulo, William (Blessed) OSB Abbot (11/30)
Pausilipus and Theodore MM (4/15)

Pausis, Alexander, Agapius, and Comp. MM (3/24)
Pavin of Le Mans, OSB Abbot (11/15)
Payne, John Priest M (4/2)
Pazzi, Mary Magdalene V (5/25)
Pe-Man, Laurence (Blessed) M (11/24)

Peñafort, Raymond OP (1/7)
Peblig of Wales (7/3)
Pecinna of Poitiers V (6/26)
Pedrog of Cornwall, Abbot (6/4)
Pega V (1/8)

Pegasius, Acindynus, Aphthonius, Elpidephorus & Anempodistus MM (11/2)
Pelagia, Aquila, & Theodosia MM (3/23)
Pelagia, Beronigus, and Comp. MM (10/19)
Pelagia of Antioch VM (6/9)
Pelagia of Orense VM (7/18)

Pelagia of Tarsus VM (5/4)
Pelagia V (2/12)
Pelagia, Widow (8/26)
Pelagius, Arsenius, and Silvanus MM (8/30)
Pelagius of Alexandria M (4/7)

Pelagius of Laodicea B (3/25)
Pelagius of Oviedo M (6/26)
Pelayo of Oviedo M (6/26)
Peleusius of Alexandria M (4/7)
Pelingotto, John (Blessed) OFM Tert. (6/1)

Pelletier, (Mary) Euphrasia V (4/24)
Péloguin, Lambert OSB B (5/26)
Pelras, Anne (Blessed) O. Carm. M (7/17)
Pepin (Blessed) of Landen (2/21)
Percy, Thomas (Blessed) M (8/26)

Peregrine Laziosi, OSM (5/1)
Peregrine of Auxerre BM (5/16)
Peregrinus (Blessed) and Evangelist, OSA (3/20)
Peregrinus (Blessed) of Falerone, OFM (9/6)
Peregrinus, Felix, Jeremias, & Companions MM (6/17)

Peregrinus I and Peregrinus II, OSB Cam. (6/3)
Peregrinus, Irenaeus, & Irene MM (5/5)
Peregrinus Latosius, OSM (5/1)
Peregrinus, Lucian, Pompeius, & Companions MM (7/7)
Peregrinus of Aquila BM (6/13)

Peregrinus of Auxerre BM (5/16)
Peregrinus of Lyons, Hermit (7/28)
Peregrinus of Modena, Hermit (8/1)
Peregrinus of Terni B (5/16)
Pereira, Nonius (Blessed) Alvarez (11/6)

Perez Godoy, Francis (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)
Perfectus of Cordova M (4/18)
Pergentinus and Laurentinus MM (6/3)
Pern of Vannes B (4/15)
Perpetua and Felicity MM (3/7)

Perpetua of Rome (8/4)
Perpetuus of Tours B (4/8)
Perreux of Cornwall, Abbot (6/4)
Perseveranda of Poitiers V (6/26)
Persia, Forty-Two Martyrs of (3/10)

Persian Martyrs (2/8)
Persian Martyrs (4/6)
Peter (Blessed) Araki-Cobioje M (7/12)
Peter (Blessed) Berna, SJ M (7/15)
Peter (Blessed) Cambiano, OP M (2/2)

Peter (Blessed) Capucci, OP (10/21)
Peter (Blessed) Cerdan, OP (4/5)
Peter (Blessed) Choa M (11/24)
Peter (Blessed) de Dueñas, OFM M (5/22)
Peter (Blessed) de Geremia, OP (3/10)

Peter (Blessed) de la Cadireta, OP M (12/20)
Peter (Blessed) de Montboissier (the Venerable), OSB Abbot (12/29)
Peter (Blessed) de Ruffi, OP M (2/2)
Peter (Blessed) Dumoulin-Borie and Vincent Diem MM (11/24)
Peter (Blessed) Duong M (12/18)

Peter (Blessed) Fontura, SJ M (7/15)
Peter (Blessed) Gambacorta, Founder (6/17)
Peter (Blessed) Ghisengi, OSA (3/23)
Peter (Blessed) Hieu M (4/28)
Peter (Blessed) II of Cava, OSB Abbot (3/13)

Peter (Blessed) James, OSA (6/23)
Peter (Blessed) Khanh M (7/12)
Peter (Blessed) Lieou M (3/17)
Peter (Blessed) Marginet, OSB Cist. (3/26)
Peter (Blessed) Massalenus, OSB Cam. (12/20)

Peter (Blessed) Nuñez, SJ M (7/15)
Peter (Blessed) of Castelnau, OSB Cist. M (1/15)
Peter (Blessed) of Gubbio, OSA (3/23)
Peter (Blessed) of Luxembourg, Cardinal B (7/4)
Peter (Blessed) of Mogliano, OFM (7/30)

Peter (Blessed) of Montepiano, OSB Vall. (4/12)
Peter (Blessed) of Pesaro, OSA (6/23)
Peter (Blessed) of Pisa, Founder (6/17)
Peter (Blessed) of Siena and Comp., OFM MM (4/9)
Peter (Blessed) of Subiaco, OSB M (12/31)

Peter (Blessed) of the Assumption, OFM M (5/22)
Peter (Blessed) of Tiferno, OP (10/21)
Peter (Blessed) of Treja, OFM (2/20)
Peter (Blessed) Petroni, O. Cart. (5/29)
Peter (Blessed) Qui M (7/31)

Peter (Blessed) Rodriguez & Companions MM (6/11)
Peter (Blessed) Sanz, OP BM (5/26)
Peter (Blessed) the Hermit (7/8)
Peter (Blessed) the Venerable, OSB Abbot (12/29)
Peter (Blessed) Thi M (12/20)

Peter (Blessed) Tu M (7/10)
Peter (Blessed) Tuan M (7/15)
Peter (Blessed) Tuy M (10/11)
Peter (Blessed) Van M (5/25)
Peter (Blessed) Wright, SJ M (5/19)

Peter Almató, OP M (11/1)
Peter, Amator (Amateur), and Louis MM (4/30)
Peter and Aphrodisius MM (3/14)
Peter and Hermogenes MM (4/17)
Peter and Marcellinus MM (6/2)

Peter Apselamus and Peter Absalon MM (1/3)
Peter Armengol, O. Merc. M (4/27)
Peter Balsam M (1/3)
Peter Baptist M (2/6)
Peter, Basil, Andrew & Companions MM (11/28)

Peter Canisius (Kanis), SJ, Priest Doctor (12/21)
Peter Celestine V, Pope, Hermit (5/19)
Peter Chrysologus B, Doctor (7/30)
Peter Claver, SJ Priest (9/9)
Peter Damian B Doctor (2/21)

Peter, Dorotheus (Dorothea), and Gorgonius (Goroon) M (9/9)
Peter Fioretti, OFM Cap. (5/21)
Peter Garavito, OFM M (10/19)
Peter Gonzalez, OP (4/14)
Peter Igneus, OSB Vall., Cardinal B (2/8)

Peter, John Serapion, Mannea, & Comp. MM (8/27)
Peter, Julian (Juliana) and Companions MM (8/7)
Peter Louis Mary Chanel, Priest M (4/28)
Peter, Lucius, Mark & Theodosius MM
Peter, Marcian, Jovinus, & Comp. MM (3/26)

Peter Martyr of Alexandria BM (11/26)
Peter Martyr, OP M (4/29)
Peter Martyr, OP M (4/29)
Peter Morrone, Pope, Hermit (5/19)
Peter Nolasco, Founder (1/28)

Peter of Alcántara, OFM M (10/19)
Peter of Alexandria BM (11/26)
Peter of Anagni, OSB B (8/3)
Peter of Assche, OFM M (7/9)
Peter of Atroa, Abbot (1/1)

Peter of Braga BM (4/26)
Peter of Canterbury, OSB Abbot (1/6)
Peter of Damascus BM (10/4)
Peter of Juilly, OSB (6/23)
Peter of Lampsacus & Companions MM (5/15)

Peter of Mariengaarden, O. Praem (11/13)
Peter of Mount Athos (6/12)
Peter of Nicomedia M (3/12)
Peter of Osma, OSB B (8/2)
Peter of Pavia B (5/7)

Peter of Perugia, OSB Abbot (7/10)
Peter of Poitiers B (4/4)
Peter of Sebastea B (1/9)
Peter of Siardus, O. Praem (11/13)
Peter of Tarentaise, OSB Cist. B (5/8)

Peter of Trevi (8/30)
Peter of Verona, OP M (4/29)
Peter Orseolo (Urseolus), OSB, Hermit (1/10)
Peter, Otto, & Companions, OFM MM (1/16)
Peter Parenzi M (5/22)

Peter Regalatus (Regalado), OFM (5/13)
Peter, Severus, and Leucius MM (1/11)
Peter Sukejiro, OFM Tert. M (2/6)
Peter the Deacon, OSB (3/12)
Peter the Scribe (Mavimenus) M (2/21)

Peter the Spaniard (3/11)
Peter Thomas, OC BM (1/28)
Peter Truat M (12/18)
Peter, Wallabonso, Sabinianus, & Companions (6/7)
Peter Xukexico, OFM Tert. M (2/6)

Peter-Francis (Blessed) Néron M (11/3)
Petroc of Cornwall, Abbot (6/4)
Petrock of Cornwall, Abbot (6/4)
Petronax of Monte Cassino, OSB Abbot (5/6)
Petroni, Peter (Blessed) O. Cart. (5/29)

Petronilla (Bl.) of Moncel, Poor Clare Abbess (5/14)
Petronilla of Rome VM (5/31)
Petronius of Avignon B (1/10)
Petronius of Bologna B (10/4)
Petronius of Verona B (9/6)

Pewlin of Wales, Abbot (11/23)
Pezaine of Poitiers V (6/26)
Phaebadius of Agen B (4/25)
Phaganu and Damian (Diruvianus, Deruvian, Dyfan) (5/26)
Phal of Aumont, Abbot (5/16)

Pharaïldis of Ghent V (1/4)
Pharnacius, Firminus, Firmus, & Companions MM (6/24)
Phebade of Agen B (4/25)
Pherbutha of Persia VM (4/22)
Phiala, Gwinear (Fingar, Guigner, Gwinnear), & Comp. MM (3/23)

Philadelphus, Cyrinus, and Alphius MM (5/10)
Philadelphus, Menalippus, and Companions MM (8/31)
Philastrius of Brescia B (7/18)
Phileas, Ammonius, Hesychius, Pachomius, Theodore & Companions. MM (11/26)
Phileas BM, Philoromus, and Companions MM (2/4)

Philemon and Apollonius MM (3/8)
Philemon and Apphia (Appia) MM (11/22)
Philemon and Domninus MM (3/21)
Philetus, Lydia, and Companions MM (3/27)
Philibert and Fabrician MM (8/22)

Philip (Blessed) Latini, OFM Cap. (1/19)
Philip (Blessed) Minh M (7/3)
Philip (Blessed) Suzanni, OSA (5/24)
Philip and James, Apostles (5/3)
Philip Berruyer B (1/9)

Philip de las Casas, OFM M (2/6)
Philip, Eutychian, Hesychius, and Companions MM (8/31)
Philip Evans, SJ M (7/22)
Philip Howard M (10/19)
Philip, Martial, Vitalis, & Companions MM (7/10)

Philip Neri, Founder (5/26)
Philip of Fermo BM (10/22)
Philip of Gortyna B (4/11)
Philip of Jesus, OFM M (2/6)
Philip of Moscow BM (1/9)

Philip of Vienne B (2/3)
Philip of Zell, OSB Hermit (5/3)
Philip, Severus, Eusebius, & Hermes of Heraclea MM (10/22)
Philip, Zeno, Narseus, & Companions MM (7/15)
Philippa (Blessed) Guidoni, OSB Abbess (8/29)

Philippa (Blessed) Mareria, Poor Clare (2/16)
Philippian, Felician, & 124 companions MM (1/30)
Philo and Agathopodes (Agathopus), Deacons (4/25)
Philocalus, Achaicus, Palotinus, & Comps. MM (3/30)
Philogonius of Antioch B (12/20)

Philologus and Patrobus (11/4)
Philomena of San Severino V (7/5)
Philomena (8/11)
Philomenus of Ancrya M (11/29)
Philomenus, Theodotus, and Clementinus MM (11/14)

Philonilla and Zenais (Zenaida) MM (10/11)
Philoromus M, Phileas BM, and Companions MM (2/4)
Philoterus of Nicomedia M (5/19)
Philotheus, Domninus, Theotimus, Sylvanus & Comp. MM (11/5)

Phlegon, Herodion, and Asyncritus MM (4/8)
Phocas of Sinope BM (7/14)
Phoebe of Cenchreae (9/3)
Photina, Joseph, Victor, and Companions MM (3/20)
Photinus, Sanctus, Vetius, and Companions MM (6/2)

Photis, Parasceve, Cyriaca, and Companions MM (3/20)
Photius BM (2/6)
Photius, Photis, Parasceve, and Companions MM (3/20)
Phung, Emmanuel (Blessed) M (7/31)
Phung, Matthew (Blessed) M (5/26)

Pia, Germana & Companions MM (1/19)
Piat of Tournai M (10/1)
Piato of Tournai M (10/1)
Piaton of Tournai M (10/1)
Piblig of Wales (7/3)

Pibush, John (Blessed) M (2/18)
Piccolomini, Bonizella (Blessed) Widow (5/6)
Piccolomini, Joachim (Blessed) OSM (4/16)
Picenardi, Elisabeth (Blessed) Bartholomea OSM V (2/20)
Pickering, Thomas (Blessed) OSB M (5/9)

Pieck, Nicholas M (7/9)
Piedcourt, Mary Ann (Blessed) O. Carm. M (7/17)
Pientia, Nicasius, Quirinus, and Scubiculus MM (10/11)
Pierina (Blessed) Shabaq al-Rayes V (3/23)
Pierius of Alexandria (11/4)

Pierozzi, Antonino OP B (5/10)
Pietro (Blessed) Paganelli, OSB (7/8)
Pigmenius of Rome M (3/24)
Pigmentius of Rome M (3/24)
Pignatelli, Joseph SJ (11/28)

Pinchon, William B (7/29)
Pini, Michael (Blessed) OSB Cam., Hermit (1/27)
Pinian(us) and Melania the Younger, Widow (12/31)
Pinnock (11/6)
Pinot, Noel or Natalis (Blessed) M (2/21)

Pinytus of Crete B (10/10)
Pionius and Companions MM (2/1)
Pior, Hermit (1/17)
Piperion, Candidus, and Companions MM (3/11)
Pippin (Blessed) of Landen (2/21)

Pirmin of Reichenau, OSB B (11/3)
Pirminius of Reichenau, OSB B (11/3)
Pirotti, Pompilio (Pompilius) Mary Sc. P. (7/15)
Pius V, OP Pope (4/30)
Placid (Blessed) of Val d'Ocre, OSB Cist. Abbot (6/12)

Placid, Genesius, Anastasius, and Companions MM (10/11)
Placid of Autun, OSB Abbot (5/7)
Placida of Verona V (10/11)
Placidus of Autun, OSB Abbot (5/7)
Plait of Autun, OSB Abbot (5/7)

Plato of Ancyra M (7/22)
Plato of Sakkudion, Abbot (4/4)
Platonides and Companions MM (4/6)
Plautilla of Rome, Widow (5/20)
Plechelm & Otger (Odger, Oteger), OSB MM (5/8)

Plechelm of Guelderland B (7/15)
Pleghelm & Otger (Odger, Oteger), OSB MM (5/8)
Plegmund of Canterbury, OSB B (8/2)
Plumtree, Thomas (Blessed) M (1/4)
Podius of Florence, OSA B (5/28)

Poemen of Skete, Hermit Abbot (8/27)
Poemon of Skete, Hermit Abbot (8/27)
Pol Aurelian (3/12)
Pol of Léon (3/12)
Pole, Margaret (Blessed) Plantagenet M (5/28)

Polin of Wales, Abbot (11/23)
Polius, Timothy, and Eutychius MM (5/21)
Pollio of Pannonia and Companions MM (4/28)
Polyaenus, Serapion, and Hermas (Hermes) MM (8/18)
Polycarp of Rome BM (2/23)

Polycarp of Smyrna BM (2/23)
Polychronius BM (2/17)
Polyenus, Menander, & Companions MM (4/28)
Polyeuctus of Melitene M (2/13)
Polyeuctus, Victorius, and Donatus MM (5/21)

Pompeius, Hesychius, Papius, & Companions MM (7/7)
Pompeius of Pavia B (12/14)
Pompeius, Terence, Africanus, & Comp. MM (4/10)
Pompilio Mary Pirotti, Sc. P. (7/15)
Pompilius Mary Pirotti, Sc. P. (7/15)

Pomponius of Naples B (4/30)
Pongracz, Istvan (Stephen) SJ M (9/4)
Pontain Ngondwe M (6/3)
Ponte, Benedict (Blessed) OP (11/22)
Pontian, Attalus, & Companions MM (12/31)

Pontian of Spoleto M (1/19)
Ponticus, Biblides, Attalus, and Companions MM (6/2)
Pontius (Blessed) of Faucigny, OSB, Abbot (11/26)
Pontius of Carthage, Deacon (3/8)
Pontius of Cimiez M (5/14)

Pope Gregory III (12/10)
Pope Saint Damasus I (12/11)
Poppel, Nicholas Janssen OFM M (7/9)
Poppo of Stavelot, OSB, Abbot (1/25)
Porlakr, OSA B (12/23)

Porphyrius and Onesiphorus MM (9/6)
Porphyrius and Seleucius MM (2/16)
Porphyrius of Camerino M (5/4)
Porphyrius of Ephesus M (11/4)
Porphyrius of Gaza B (2/26)

Porphyrius the Actor M (9/15)
Porphyry of Gaza B (2/26)
Porras, Raphaela Maria V (1/6)
Porres, Martin de OP (11/3)
Portasole, Angelus (Blessed) OP B (2/22)

Portianus of Miranda, Abbot (11/24)
Possenti, Gabriel CP (2/27)
Possessor of Verdun B (5/11)
Possidius of Calama B (5/16)
Postel, Julia Frances Catherine (7/17)

Postel, Mary Magdalen (7/17)
Potamioena the Younger VM (6/7)
Potamius and Nemesius MM (2/20)
Potamon of Heraclea BM (5/18)
Potentian and Sabinian MM (12/31)

Potentiana of Rome VM (5/19)
Potentienne (4/17)
Pothinus, Sanctius, Epagathus, and Companions MM (6/2)
Pothmius and Nemesius MM (2/20)
Potitus M (1/13)

Powell, Edward (Blessed) M (7/30)
Prado, John (Blessed) OFM M (5/24)
Praejectus of Clermont BM (1/25)
Praepedigna, Alexander, & Cutia MM (2/18)
Praesidius, Mansuetus, and Companions BM (9/6)

Praetextatus of Rouen (2/24)
Pragmatius of Autun B (11/22)
Praxedes of Rome V (7/21)
Preils of Clermont BM (1/25)
Priamus, Emilius, Felix, and Lucian MM (5/28)

Priest of Clermont BM (1/25)
Prilidian, Epolonius, Urban, MM & Babylas BM (1/24)
Primael of Quimper, Hermit (5/16)
Primaldi, Antony (Blessed) and Comp. MM (8/14)
Primian, Lybosus, & Companions MM (12/29)

Primitia of Rome VM (7/23)
Primitiva M (2/24)
Primitiva of Rome VM (7/23)
Primitivus and Facundus MM (11/27)
Primitivus, Apodemius, & four named Saturninus MM (4/16)

Primitivus, Getulius, Caerealis, & Amantius MM (6/10)
Primus and Donatus MM, Deacons (2/9)
Primus and Felician MM (6/9)
Primus, Cyrinus, and Theogenes MM (1/3)
Primus M (10/2)

Principia of Rome V (5/11)
Prior of Egypt, Hermit (6/17)
Prisca and Aquila (7/8)
Prisca, Matron (1/16)
Prisca of Rome VM (1/18)

Prisca of Rome VM (1/30)
Priscian, Carponius, and Everistus MM (10/14)
Priscian, Evagrius, and Companions MM (10/12)
Priscilla and Aquila (7/8)
Priscilla, Matron (1/16)

Priscilla of Rome VM (1/18)
Priscillianus, Priscus, and Benedicta MM (1/4)
Priscus and Companions MM (5/26)
Priscus M (10/1)
Priscus, Malchus, and Alexander MM (3/28)

Priscus, Priscillianus, and Benedicta MM (1/4)
Privata of Rome VM (7/23)
Prix and Companions MM (5/26)
Prix of Clermont BM (1/25)
Prix of Rouen (2/24)

Pro, Miguel Agustin (Blessed), Priest M (11/23)
Probe and Germaine VV MM (4/28)
Probus and Grace of Cornwall (7/5)
Probus and Grace (4/5)
Probus, Arcadius, Paschasius, Eutychian & Paulillus MM (11/13)

Probus of Ravenna B (11/10)
Probus of Rieti B (3/15)
Probus of Verona B (1/12)
Probus, Tarachus (Tharacus), and Andronicus MM (10/11)
Prochorus of Nicomedia BM (4/9)

Proclus and Hilarion MM (7/12)
Proclus of Constantinople B (10/24)
Procopius of Sazaba, OSB Abbot (7/14)
Procopius of Scythopolis M (7/8)
Proculus, Ephebus, and Apollonius MM (2/14)

Proculus of Autun BM (11/4)
Proculus of Bologna BM (6/1)
Proculus of Bologna BM (7/12)
Proculus of Narni BM (12/1)
Proculus of Terni BM (4/14)

Proculus of Verona B (12/8)
Proculus the Soldier M (6/1)
Projectus and Thyrsus MM (1/24)
Projectus of Clermont BM (1/25)
Prosdecimus of Padua B (11/7)

Prosdoce M (10/4)
Prosdocimus of Padua B (11/7)
Prosper of Aquitaine (6/25)
Prosper of Orléans B (7/29)
Prosper of Reggio B (6/25)

Protagius of Bescancon B (2/10)
Protase and Gervase MM (6/19)
Protasius of Cologne M (8/4)
Protasius of Milan B (11/24)
Prothadius of Bescancon B (2/10)

Protogenes of Syria B (5/6)
Protolicus, Antony, & Bassus MM (2/14)
Protus and Januarius MM (10/25)
Protus, Cantianius, Cantianella, & Cantius MM (5/31)
Provinus B of Como (3/8)

Prudentia (Blessed) Castori, OSA V (5/6)
Prudentius Galindo B (4/6)
Prudentius Galindo of Troyes B (4/6)
Prudentius of Tarazona B (4/28)
Prudentius of Troyes B (4/6)

Psalmet of Limoges, Hermit (6/14)
Psalmodius of Limoges, Hermit (6/14)
Ptolemaeus and Lucius MM (10/19)
Ptolemy and Lucius MM (10/19)
Ptolemy of Nepi BM (8/24)

Ptolemy, Theophilus, Zeno, Ingen, and Ammon MM (12/20)
Publia of Antioch, Widow Abbess (10/9)
Publicius of Wales (7/3)
Publius and Aurelius BM (11/12)
Publius, Julian, Marcellus and Companions MM (2/19)

Publius, Lupercus, Successus, & Companions MM (4/16)
Publius of Malta BM (1/21)
Publius of Zeugma, Abbot (1/25)
Publius, Victor, Hermas, & Papias MM (11/2)
Pucci, Antony Mary, Priest (1/12)
Pucci-Franceschi, Bartholomew (Blessed) OFM (5/23)

Pudens M (5/19)
Pudentiana of Rome VM (5/19)
Pujalte Sanchez, Rita Dolores (Blessed) M (7/20)
Pulcherius of Leamokevoge, Abbot (3/13)
Puricelli, Juliana (Blessed) OSA (8/14)
Pusicius, Simeon, Abdechalas, & Companions MM (4/21)

Quadragesimus of Policastro (10/26)
Quadratus of Africa M (5/26)
Quadratus of Herbipolis M (5/7)
Quadratus the Apologist B (5/26)
Quadratus, Theodosius, Emmanuel & Comp. MM (3/26)

Quadrelli, Albert B (7/4)
Quartilla, Quintus, Quintilla, Mark & Comp. MM (3/19)
Quartus and Quintus MM (5/10)
Quartus, Victurus, Victor, Victorinus, Adjutor, & Comp. MM (12/18)
Quartus, Vincent, & Companions MM (8/7)

Quartus (11/3)
Quay B (11/5)
Quay of Damleag B (11/24)
Quenburga of Wimborne (9/3)
Quentigerna of Loch Lomand, Widow (1/7)

Quentin of Amiens M (10/31)
Queran of Clonmacnoise, Abbot (9/9)
Queran of Cluain Mocca Nois, Abbot (9/9)
Queran the Younger, Abbot (9/9)
Qui, Peter (Blessed) M (7/31)

Quidic, Abbot (4/27)
Quieta and Hilary MM (11/28)
Quinh-Nam, Antony (Blessed) M (11/24)
Quinidius of Vaison B (2/15)
Quinta of Alexandria VM (2/8)

Quinta of Alexandria VM (2/9)
Quintain of Rodez B (11/13)
Quintian and Irenaeus MM (4/1)
Quintian B (6/14)
Quintian, Lucius and Julian MM (5/23)

Quintian, Minervinus, & Companions MM (12/31)
Quintilian, Publius, Julia & Companions MM (4/16)
Quintilianus, Maximus, and Dadas MM (4/13)
Quintilis of Nicomedia BM (3/8)
Quintilla, Quartilla, Mark, Quintus, & Comp. MM (3/19)

Quintinus of Amiens M (10/31)
Quintius, Arcontius, and Donatus MM (9/4)
Quintus and Quartus MM (5/10)
Quintus, Hyacinth, Felician & Lucius MM (10/29)
Quintus of Tours M (10/4)

Quintus, Quintilla, Quartilla, Mark & Comp. MM (3/19)
Quintus, Simplicius & Companions MM (12/18)
Quintus, Theodotus, Tryphon & Companions MM (1/4)
Quinzanis, Blessed Stephana (Stephanie) de OP V (1/2)
Quiriac and Julitta (Giulietta) MM (6/16)

Quiriacus of Ancona BM (5/4)
Quiricus and Julitta (Giulietta) MM (6/16)
Quirinus, King M (3/25)
Quirinus, King M (3/25)
Quirinus, Marcellinus, Claudius, & Antoninus MM (10/25)

Quirinus of Croatia BM (6/4)
Quirinus of Rome M (3/25)
Quirinus of Tivoli M (6/4)
Quirinus, Scubiculus (Egobille), and Pientia MM (10/11)
Quirinus the Jailer M (3/30)

Quiteria VM (5/22)
Quivoca of Kyle V (5/1)
Quivoca (3/13)
Quodvultdeus of Carthage B (2/26)

Rabanus (Blessed) Maurus, OSB B (2/4)
Rabata, Aloysius (Blessed) OC (5/11)
Rachildis of Saint-Gall, OSB Hermit (11/23)
Racho of Autun B (1/25)
Radbertus, Paschasius OSB Abbot (4/26)

Radbod of Utrecht, OSB B (11/29)
Radulf of Bourges, OSB B (6/21)
Rafka (Blessed) Shabaq al-Rayes V (3/23)
Rafqa (Blessed) Shabaq al-Rayes (3/23)

Ragnebert M (6/13)
Ragnobert M (6/13)
Ragnobert of Autun B (1/25)
Ragnulf of Arras M (5/27)

Rainald, OSB, M (1/7)
Raineld VM (7/16)
Raineldis VM (7/16)
Rainerius Scacceri of Pisa, OSB Hermit (6/17)

Raingardis (Blessed) of Marcingy, OSB Widow (6/24)
Rainier Scacceri of Pisa, OSB Hermit (6/17)
Rainieri Scacceri of Pisa, OSB Hermit (6/17)

Rainuzzi, John (Blessed) OSB (6/8)
Raithu, Martyrs of (1/14)
Ralph (Blessed) Ashley, SJ M (4/7)
Ralph (Blessed) Corby (Corbington), SJ MM (9/7)
Ralph (Blessed) de la Futaye (de Flageio), OSB Abbot (8/16)

Ralph (Blessed) Milner M (7/7)
Ralph (Blessed) of Sisteron, OSB Cist. B (4/14)
Ralph (Blessed) of Vaucelles, OSB Cist. Abbot (12/30)
Ralph Crockett (Blessed) M (10/1)
Ralph of Bourges, OSB B (6/21)
Ralph Sherwin M (12/1)

Rambert M (6/13)
Rambold of Ratisbon, OSB Abbot (6/17)
Ramirus and Companions MM (3/13)
Ramnold of Ratisbon, OSB Abbot (6/17)
Ramon of Penyafort (Peñafort), OP (1/7)

Ramota, Pacificus (Blessed) OFM (6/8)
Rancald & Germanus (Germain), OSB MM (2/21)
Randaut & Germanus (Germain), OSB MM (2/21)
Randoald & Germanus (Germain), OSB MM (2/21)
Ranieri Scacceri of Pisa, OSB Hermit (6/17)

Raniero Mariani, OFM (11/3)
Raniero Scacceri of Pisa, OSB Hermit (6/17)
Ranulphus of Arras M (5/27)
Ranus, Abbot (3/8)
Raoul of Bourges, OSB B (6/21)

Raphaela Maria of the Sacred Heart of Jesus V (1/6)
Raphaela Maria Porras V (1/6)
Rasini (Blessed) of Arezzo, OFM (11/3)
Rasyphus and Ravennus MM (7/23)
Rasyphus of Rome M (7/23)

Ravennus and Rasyphus MM (7/23)
Raverianus of Séez, OSB B (11/7)
Raverranus of Séez B (11/17)
Raverranus of Séez, OSB B (11/7)
Rawlins, Alexander (Blessed) M (4/7)

Raymond Nonnatus, O.Merc. Cardinal (8/31)
Raymond of Penyafort (Peñafort), OP (1/7)
Raymund of Barbastro, OSA B (6/21)
Raymund of Fitero, OSB Cist. Abbot (3/15)
Raymund of Toulouse (7/8)

Raynald (Blessed) of Ravenna B (8/18)
Raynald of Nocera, OSB B (2/9)
Raynerius (Blessed) (Rasini) of Arezzo, OFM (11/3)
Raynerius (Blessed) Inclusus, Hermit (4/11)
Raynerius (Blessed) of Todi, OFM Cap. (11/5)

Raynerius of Aquila B (12/30)
Raynerius of Beaulieu, OSB Monk (2/22)
Raynerius of Spalatro, OSB BM (8/4)
Raynerius Scacceri of Pisa, OSB Hermit (6/17)
Raynier of Beaulieu, OSB Monk (2/22)

Realino, Bernardino SJ (7/3)
Reatrus, Datius, & Companions MM (1/27)
Rebecca (Blessed) Shabaq al-Rayes V (3/23)
Redempta, Romula, and Herundo VV (7/23)
Redemptus of Ferentino B (4/8)

Redemptus of the Cross (Blessed) and Dionysius, OCD M (11/29)
Redi, Anna Maria OCD V (3/11)
Redi, Teresa Margaret OCD V (3/11)
Reding, Thomas (Blessed) O.Cart. (6/15)
Regalado, Peter OFM (5/13)

Regalatus, Peter OFM (5/13)
Regie, Jean-François SJ (6/16)
Regimbald of Speyer, OSB B (10/13)
Regimbaut of Speyer, OSB B (10/13)
Regina of Autun VM (9/7)

Reginald (Blessed) Montesmarti, OP (4/9)
Reginald (Blessed) of Orlèans, OP (2/1)
Reginald (Blessed) of Saint-Gilles, OP (2/1)
Reginbald of Speyer, OSB B (10/13)
Reginobaldus of Speyer, OSB B (10/13)

Regintrudis (Blessed) of Nonnberg, OSB Abbess (5/26)
Regis, John Francis SJ (6/16)
Regnia of Autun VM (9/7)
Regnier Scacceri of Pisa, OSB Hermit (6/17)
Regulus of Rheims, OSB B (9/3)

Regulus of Scotland (of St. Andrews), Abbot (3/30)
Regulus of Senlis B (3/30)
Reinaldes VM (7/16)
Reine of Autun VM (9/7)
Reineldis VM (7/16)

Reinhard (Blessed) of Reinhausen, OSB Abbot (3/7)
Reinold, OSB, M (1/7)
Relindis and Herlindis, OSB Abbbesses (10/12)
Relindis of Eyck, OSB, Abbess (2/6)
Rembert of Bremen B (2/4)

Remedius and Tigrides BB (2/3)
Remigius (Blessed) of Strasburg, OSB B (3/20)
Remigius of Lyons B (PC) (10/28)
Remigius of Reims B (10/1)
Remigius of Rouen B (1/19)

Rémy of Reims B (10/1)
René d'Anjou B (11/12)
Renatus Goupil M (10/19)
Renatus of Angers (René d'Anjou) B (11/12)
René Goupil M (10/19)

Reneldis VM (7/16)
Renildis of Eyck, OSB, Abbess (2/6)
Renula of Eyck, OSB, Abbess (2/6)
Renule of Eyck, OSB, Abbess (2/6)
Reol of Rheims, OSB B (9/3)

Repositus, Sator, and Vitalis MM (8/29)
Respicius, Tryphon, and Nympha MM (11/10)
Restituta of Sora VM and Companions MM (5/27)
Restitutus and Crispulus MM (6/10)
Restitutus of Rome M (5/29)

Restius, Datius, & Companions MM (1/27)
Revelli, Benedict OSB B (2/12)
Reverianus, Paul, and Companions MM (6/1)
Revocata, Saturninus, & Theophilus MM (2/6)
Revocatus, Vitalis, and Fortunatus MM (1/9)

Reynold, OSB, M (1/7)
Reynolds, Richard Priest M (5/4)
Reynolds, Thomas (Blessed) M (1/21)
Rhedius of Wales (11/11)
Rhediw of Wales (11/11)

Rhetice of Autun B (7/20)
Rheticius of Autun B (7/20)
Rheticus of Autun B (7/20)
Rhian, Abbot (3/8)
Rhodopianus and Diodorus, Deacons MM (5/3)

Riaghail of Scotland (of St. Andrews), Abbot (3/30)
Rian, Abbot (3/8)
Ribarius of Saint-Oyend, OSB Abbot (12/19)
Ribert of Saint-Oyend, OSB Abbot (12/19)
Ribert of Saint-Valèry, OSB Abbot (9/15)

Ricasoli, Benedict (Blessed) OSB Vall., Hermit (1/20>
Ricci, Catherine OP V (2/13)
Rich, Alice (Blessed) OSB V (8/24)
Rich, Edmund B (11/16)
Richard (Blessed) Bere M (8/31)

Richard (Blessed) Featherstone M (7/30)
Richard (Blessed) Herst (Hurst, Hayhurst) M (8/29)
Richard (Blessed) Kirkman M (8/22)
Richard (Blessed) Langhorne M (7/14)
Richard (Blessed) Langley M (12/1)

Richard (Blessed) Leigh M (8/30)
Richard (Blessed) Martin M (8/30)
Richard (Blessed) Newport M (5/30)
Richard (Blessed) of Saint Vannes, OSB Abbot (6/14)
Richard (Blessed) the Sacrist, OSB Cist., Monk (1/28)

Richard (Blessed) Thirkeld (Thirkild) M (5/29)
Richard (Blessed) Whiting, OSB MM (11/15)
Richard Backedine B (4/3)
Richard Gwyn M (10/17)
Richard, King (2/7)

Richard of Andria B (6/9)
Richard of Burford B (4/3)
Richard of Chichester B (4/3)
Richard of Droitwich B (4/3)
Richard of Vaucelles, OSB Cist., Abbot (1/28)

Richard of Wyche B (4/3)
Richard Reynolds, Priest M (5/4)
Richardson, Laurence (Blessed) M (5/30)
Richardson, William (Blessed) M (2/17)
Richarius, Abbot (4/26)

Richerius (Blessed), OFM (2/7)
Richimir, OSB, Abbot (1/17)
Richimirus, OSB, Abbot (1/17)
Rictiovarus M (7/6)
Rieul of Rheims, OSB B (9/3)

Rieul of Senlis B (3/30)
Rigby, John M (6/21)
Righi, John (Blessed) OFM (3/11)
Rigo (Blessed) of Treviso (6/10)
Rigobert of Rheims, OSB B (1/4)

Rinalducci, Simon (Blessed) OSA (4/20)
Rinold, OSB, M (1/7)
Riquier, Abbot (4/26)
Rita Dolores (Blessed) Pujalte Sanchez M (7/20)
Rita of Cascia, OSA Widow (5/22)

Ritbert of Varennes, OSB Abbot (9/15)
Rixius Varus M (7/6)
Rizzerio (Blessed) OFM (2/7)
Robert (Blessed) Anderton M (4/25)
Robert (Blessed) Dalby MM (3/16)

Robert (Blessed) Gruthuysen, OSB Cist. Abbot (4/29)
Robert (Blessed) Johnson M (5/28)
Robert (Blessed) of Arbrissel, OSB Abbot (2/24)
Robert (Blessed) of Bruges, OSB Cist. Abbot (4/29)
Robert (Blessed) of Salentino, OSB Cel. Abbot (7/18)

Robert (Blessed) Watkinson M (4/20)
Robert de Turlande, OSB Abbot (4/17)
Robert Lawrence, Priest M (5/4)
Robert of Bury Saint Edmunds M (3/25)
Robert of Chaise-Dieu, OSB Abbot (4/17)

Robert of Frassinoro, OSB Abbot (6/8)
Robert of Molesme, OSB Cist. Abbot (4/29)
Robert of Newminster, OSB Cist. Abbot (6/7)
Robert of Salzburg, OSB B (3/29)
Robert of Syracuse, OSB Abbot (4/25)

Robert Southwell, SJ M (2/21)
Robert Widmerpool M (Blessed) (10/1)
Robert Wilcox M (Blessed) (10/1)
Robinson, Blessed John M (10/1)
Robustian and Mark MM (8/31)

Robustian M (5/24)
Rocco of Montpellier (8/16)
Roch Gonzalez, SJ M (11/17)
Roch of Montpellier (8/16)
Roche, Alanus (Alain, Alan) (Blessed), OP (9/8)
Roche, John (Blessed) M (8/30)

Roche of Montpellier (8/16)
Rochefoucauld, Francis de la BM (8/31)
Rochefoucauld, Louis de la BM (8/31)
Rochester, John (Blessed) O. Cart. M (5/11)
Rochus of Montpellier (8/16)

Rock of Montpellier (8/16)
Rodan of Lothra (Lorrha), Abbot (4/15)
Roderic and Solomon (Salomon) MM (3/13)
Rodriguez, Alphonsus (Alonso) SJ (10/30)
Rodriguez and Solomon (Salomon) MM (3/13)

Rodriguez, Peter (Blessed) & Companions MM (6/11)
Roe, Alban Bartholomew OSB, Priest M (1/21)
Rogatian and Donatian MM (5/24)
Rogatian and Felicissimus MM (10/26)
Rogatian, Victor, and Castor MM (12/28)

Rogatus, Aresius, & Companions MM (6/10)
Rogatus, Felix, Rogatus, & Companions
Rogatus, Herenia, Felicitas, & Companions
Rogatus, Lucius, Cassian & Candida MM (RM) (12/1)
Rogatus, Modestus, Castulus, Zoticus, & Comp. MM (1/12)

Rogatus, Successus and Comp. MM (3/28)
Roger (Blessed) Dickenson M (7/7)
Roger (Blessed) James, OSB MM (11/15)
Roger (Blessed) of Ellant, OSB Cist., Abbot (1/4)
Roger (Blessed) of Todi, OFM (1/28)

Roggeri, Theobald (Blessed) (6/1)
Rojas, Alphonsus (Blessed) de OFM (3/21)
Roland (Blessed) de'Medici, Hermit (9/15)
Rollock of Montpellier (8/16)
Rollox of Montpellier (8/16)

Romaeus (Blessed) of Limoges, OC (3/4)
Romain of Rouen B (10/23)
Roman Captives (4/9)
Roman Martyrs under Nero (6/24)
Roman Martyrs (4/10)

Romana of Todi V (2/23)
Romanus and Glev (David, Gleb) MM (7/24)
Romanus of Auxerre BM (10/6)
Romanus of Le Mans B (11/24)
Romanus of Nepi BM (8/24)

Romanus of Rouen B (10/23)
Romanus of Subiaco, OSB Abbot (5/22)
Romanus the Melodist (10/1)
Rombauld, OSB BM (7/3)
Rombaut, OSB BM (7/3)

Rome, Forty Soldiers Martyred at (1/13)
Rome, Forty-Seven Martyrs (3/14)
Rome, Many Martyrs Who Suffered in (1/2)
Rome, Thirty Soldiers Martyred at (1/1)
Rome, Two Hundred Sixty-Two Martyrs (3/25)

Romeo (Blessed) of Limoges, OC (3/4)
Romuald, OSB, Abbot Founder (6/19)
Romula, Redempta, and Herundo VV (7/23)
Romulus and Conindrus BB (12/28)
Romulus and Secundus (Secundulus) MM (3/24)

Romulus, Donatus, Secundian, & Comp. MM (2/17)
Romulus of Fiesole BM, Carissimus, and Companions MM (7/6)
Romulus of Genoa B (10/13)
Romulus of Nîmes, OSB Abbot (3/27)
Romulus, Pausis, Agapius, and Comp. MM (3/24)

Romulus the Courtier M (9/4)
Ronan of Cornwall (of Quimper) B (6/1)
Ronan of Kilmaronen B (2/7)
Ronci, Francis (Blessed) OSB Cel. (6/4)
Ronconi, Amatus (Blessed) OSB (5/8)

Roque Gonzalez, SJ M (11/17)
Roque of Montpellier (8/16)
Rosa, Maria Crocifisa di V (12/14)
Rosalia of Palermo V (9/4)
Rosanna of Faenza, OSB Vall. Widow (5/22)
Rose of Lima (8/23)
Rose (Blessed) Chrétien, O. Carm. M (7/17)
Rose-Philippine Duchesne, ISH V (11/17)
Roseline (Blessed) de Villeneuve, O. Cart. V (1/17)
Rossi, John Baptist (5/23)
Rosula, Crescentian, and Generalis MM (9/14)

Rotrudis of Saint-Omer V (6/22)
Roussel, Antoinette (Blessed) O. Carm. M (7/17)
Royo, Joachim (Blessed) OP M (10/28)
Ruadan of Cornwall (of Quimper) B (6/1)
Ruadan of Kilmaronen B (2/7)

Ruadan of Lothra (Lorrha), Abbot (4/15)
Ruadhan of Cornwall (of Quimper) B (6/1)
Ruadhan of Kilmaronen B (2/7)
Ruadhan of Lothra (Lorrha), Abbot (4/15)
Ruan of Cornwall (of Quimper) B (6/1)

Ruan (8/30)
Rudericus and Solomon (Salomon) MM (3/13)
Rudolph (Blessed) Acquaviva, &amo Four Comps., SJ (7/27)
Rudolph of Bourges, OSB B (6/21)
Rudolph of Gubbio, OSB B (10/17)

Ruffi, Peter (Blessed) OP M (2/2)
Ruffinus and Wulfhade MM (7/24)
Rufilius of Forlimpopoli B (7/18)
Rufillus of Forlimpopoli B (7/18)
Rufin of Glendalough, Hermit (4/22)

Rufina and Justa (Justus) VV MM (7/19)
Rufina and Secunda VV MM (7/10)
Rufina, Theodotus, and Ammia MM (8/31)
Rufinian and Rufinus MM (9/9)
Rufinus and Martia MM (6/21)

Rufinus and Rufinian MM (9/9)
Rufinus and Valerius MM (6/14)
Rufinus, Epiphanius, Donatus, & Comp. MM (4/7)
Rufinus, Mark, Valerius and Companions MM (11/16)
Rufinus of Assisi M (7/30)

Rufinus of Capua B (8/26)
Rufinus of Capua BM (8/27)
Rufus and Carpophorus (Carpone) MM (8/27)
Rufus and Companions MM (11/28)
Rufus and Zosimus MM (12/18)

Rufus, Aristonicus, Galata, & Companions MM (4/19)
Rufus, Aristonicus, Galata, and Companions MM (4/9)
Rufus of Avignon B (11/12)
Rufus of Capua BM (8/27)
Rufus of Glendalough, Hermit (4/22)

Rufus of Metz B (11/7)
Rufus of Rome B (11/21)
Rugg, John (Blessed) OSB M (11/15)
Ruggiero (Blessed) of Todi, OFM (1/28)
Rule of Scotland (of St. Andrews), Abbot (3/30)

Rumbald of Brackley (11/3)
Rumbald of Buckingham (11/3)
Rumbold, OSB BM (7/3)
Rumold(us), OSB BM (7/3)
Rumon of Cornwall (of Quimper) B (6/1)

Rumon (8/30)
Rumwald of Brackley (11/3)
Rumwald of Buckingham (11/3)
Rumwold of Brackley (11/3)
Rumwold of Buckingham (11/3)

Rupe, Alanus (Alain, Alan) (Blessed), OP (9/8)
Rupert and Bertha (5/15)
Rupert of Ottobeuren, OSB Abbot (8/15)
Rupert of Salzburg, OSB B (3/29)
Rupprecht of Salzburg, OSB B (3/29)

Rustica, Nominanda, & Companions MM (12/31)
Rusticus (Blessed) of Vallumbrosa, OSB Vall., Abbot (3/12)
Rusticus and Firmus MM (8/9)
Rusticus of Narbonne B (10/26)
Rusticus of Paris, Priest M (10/9)

Rusticus of Trèves B (10/14)
Rutilius of Africa M (8/2)
Rutilus and Companions MM (6/4)

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