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Sabas and Companions MM (4/24)
Sabas, Gorazd, Nahum, & Angelarius (7/17)
Sabas, Isaias, &Companions MM (1/14)
Sabas of Serbia B (1/14)
Sabas, Sembeeth, Mares, & Comp. MM (3/27)

Sabas the Goth M and Companions MM (4/12)
Sabbas the Goth M and Companions MM (4/12)
Sabbatia, Innocent, & Companions MM (7/4)
Sabel, Manuel, and Ismael MM (6/17)
Sabina of Rome M (8/29)

Sabina of Troyes V (8/29)
Sabina, Vincent, & Christeta MM (10/27)
Sabinian and Potentian MM (12/31)
Sabinian, Arontius (Orontius) & Fortunatus MM (8/27)
Sabinian of Ménat, OSB Abbot (11/22)

Sabinian of Troyes M (1/29)
Sabinianus, Wistremundus, Habentius, & Companions (6/7)
Sabinus, Donatus, & Agape MM (1/25)
Sabinus, Exuperantius, & Companions MM (12/30)
Sabinus, Julian, Maximus, & Companions MM (7/20)

Sabinus of Canosa B (2/9)
Sabinus of Catania B (10/15)
Sabinus of Egypt M (3/13)
Sabinus of Piacenza B (1/17)
Saccachibara, Joachim M (2/6)

Sacerdos of Limoges, OSB B (5/4)
Sacerdos of Lyons B (9/12)
Sacerdos of Saguntum B (5/5)
Sadoc (Blessed) and Companions MM (6/2)
Sadoth BM and Comp. MM (2/20)

Sadroc of Limoges, OSB B (5/4)
Sadwen of Wales, Hermit (11/29)
Sadwrn of Wales, Hermit (11/29)
Saëns of Saint-Saëns, OSB Abbot (11/14)
Saethryth, OSB Abbess V (7/7)

Sagar of Laodicea BM (10/6)
Sagrario, Maria (Bl.) OC VM (8/15)
Sahak I the Great B (9/9)
Saint-Bertin, Lambert (Blessed) OSB Abbot (6/22)
Sainte-Marthe (Blessed), O. Carm. M (7/17)

Saire of Normandy, Hermit (10/28)
Sakakibara, Joachim M (2/6)
Salaun of Brittany (11/1)
Sales, Francis de, B, Doctor (1/24)
Salès, James (Blessed) SJ M (2/7)

Salle, John-Baptist de la, Priest (4/7)
Sallustia and Caerealis MM (9/14)
Sallustian of Sardinia (6/8)
Salmon, Patrick (Blessed) M (7/4)
Salome (10/22)

Salomea (Blessed) of Poland, Poor Clare Widow (11/17)
Salomon and Rudericus (Roderic, Rodriguez) MM (3/13)
Salomon of Brittany (11/1)
Salomone, James (Blessed) OP (5/31)
Salve of Amiens B (1/11)

Salviati, Elisabeth (Blessed) OSB Cam. (2/11)
Salvinus of Verona B (10/12)
Salvius and Superius MM (6/26)
Salvius of Albelda, OSB Abbot (2/10)
Salvius of Amiens B (1/11)

Salvius of Normandy, Hermit (10/28)
Salvius (6/26)
Sambin of Nantes B (6/16)
Samonas the Faithful M (11/15)
Sampson of Brittany B (7/28)

Sampson the Hospitable (6/27)
Sampson Xenodochius (6/27)
Samson of Brittany B (7/28)
Samson the Hospitable (6/27)
Samson Xenodochius (6/27)

Samthana of Meath V (12/19)
Samthann of Clonbroney V (12/18)
Samuel, Daniel, Angelus (Angeluccio), and Companions, OFM MM (10/10)
Samuel, Elias, Jeremy, Isaias, and Daniel MM (2/16)
Sancho of Cordova M (6/5)

Sancius of Cordova M (6/5)
Sanctan of Kill-da-Les B (5/9)
Sanctes (Blessed) Brancasino, OFM (8/14)
Sanctian, Augustine, and Beata MM (9/6)
Sanctius, Epagathus, Maturus, and Companions MM (6/2)

Sanctius of Cordova M (6/5)
Sanctus, Vetius, Epagathus, and Companions MM (6/2)
Sandradus (Blessed) of Gladbach, OSB Abbot (8/24)
Sandratus (Blessed) of Gladbach, OSB Abbot (8/24)
Sansedoni, Ambrose (Blessed) OP (3/20)

Santuccia (Blessed) Terrebotti, OSB Widow (3/21)
Sanz, Peter (Blessed) OP BM (5/26)
Sapor, Isaac and Companions BM (11/30)
Saragossa, Eighteen Martyrs of (4/16)
Saragossa Martyrs (11/3)

Sarapion of Thmuis B (3/21)
Sarapion the Scholastic B (3/21)
Sarbellius and Barbea (Bebaia) MM (1/29)
Sardot of Limoges, OSB B (5/4)
Sardou of Limoges, OSB B (5/4)

Sarkander, John SJ M (3/17)
Sarmata the Hermit M (10/11)
Sassedoni, Ambrose (Blessed) OP (3/20)
Sator, Vitalis, and Repositus MM (8/29)
Saturian, Maxima, Martinian, and Companions MM (10/16)

Saturnin of Toulouse BM (11/29)
Saturnina of Arras VM (6/4)
Saturninus and Companions MM (3/22)
Saturninus and Lupus MM (10/14)
Saturninus and Sisinius MM (11/29)

Saturninus, Auxilius, and Basileus MM (11/27)
Saturninus, Castulus, & Magnus (2/15)
Saturninus, Crescentius, & Companions MM (12/29)
Saturninus, Dativus, Felix, and Companions MM (2/11)
Saturninus, Euporus, & Companions MM (12/23)

Saturninus, Fronto, Felix, and Companions MM (4/16)
Saturninus, Germanus, Astius, & Companions MM (7/7)
Saturninus, Inischolus, & Companions MM (4/29)
Saturninus M (10/6)
Saturninus, Martial, and Companions MM (8/22)

Saturninus, Neopolus, Germanus & Celestine MM (5/2)
Saturninus, Nereus and Companions MM (10/16)
Saturninus of Cagliari M (10/30)
Saturninus of Toulouse BM (11/29)
Saturninus of Verona B (4/7)

Saturninus of Wales, Hermit (11/29)
Saturninus, Successus, & Companions MM (1/19)
Saturninus, Theophilus & Revocata MM (2/6)
Saturninus, Thyrsus & Victor MM (1/31)
Saturus, Archinimus, and Armogastes MM (3/29)

Satyrus M (1/12)
Saula, Martha, and Companions VV MM (10/20)
Sauli, Alexander B (10/11)
Saulte-mouche, William (Blessed) SJ M (2/7)
Sauman of Limoges, Hermit (6/14)

Saumay of Limoges, Hermit (6/14)
Sauve of Amiens B (1/11)
Sauvre and Superius MM (6/26)
Sauvre of Amiens B (1/11)
Sava of Serbia B (1/14)

Savin of Lavedan, OSB Hermit (10/9)
Savina, Matron (1/30)
Savinian, Arontius (Orontius) & Fortunatus MM (8/27)
Savinian of Ménat, OSB Abbot (11/22)
Savinus (Blessed) and Bellatanus, OSB Cam. Hermits (5/19)

Savinus, Egdred, Ulrick, and Companions, OSB MM (4/9)
Savinus of Lavedan, OSB Hermit (10/9)
Savio, Dominic (3/9)
Sawl (1/15)
Sazan M (10/1)

Scacceri, Rainier OSB Hermit (6/17)
Scammacca, Bernard (Blessed) OP (2/16)
Scannal (5/3)
Scarthin (1/6)
Scelpiodotus, Maximus, and Theodore MM (9/15)

Schöffler, Augustine (Blessed) M (5/1)
Schadost BM and Comp. MM (2/20)
Scharies B (2/3)
Schetzel, Hermit (8/6)
Schetzelon, Hermit (8/6)

Schiadustes BM and Comp. MM (2/20)
Scholastica and Injuriosus (5/25)
Scholastica, OSB V (2/10)
Schotin (1/6)
Schottin (1/6)

Scillitan Martyrs (7/17)
Scledog of Wales (10/23)
Scocelin, Hermit (8/6)
Scopelli, Jane (Blessed) OC V (7/9)
Scotivoli, Benevenuto (Benvenutus) OFM B (3/22)

Scott, Maurus (William) (Blessed) OSB, M (5/30)
Scotus, Marianus (Blessed) OSB Hermit (12/22)
Scotus, Marianus (Blessed), OSB Abbot (2/9)
Scryven, Thomas (Blessed) O.Cart. (6/15)
Scubiculus, Nicasius, and Pientia MM (10/11)

Seachnall of Dunshauglin B (11/27)
Seadhal (2/12)
Sebastia, Innocent, & Companions MM (7/4)
Sebastian (Blessed) Aparicio, OFM (2/25)
Sebastian (Blessed) Maggi, OP (12/16)

Sebastian (Blessed) Velfré (Valfré), Orat. (1/30)
Sebastian, Aemilian, & Dionysus MM (2/8)
Sebastian, Anatolius, Photius, and Companions MM (3/20)
Sebastian M (1/20>
Sebba, OSB King (8/29)

Sebbi, OSB King (8/29)
Sebbi, OSB King (8/29)
Sebuggwago, Denis (Dionysius) M (6/3)
Sebuggwawo, Denis (Dionysius) M (6/3)
Sechnall of Dunshauglin B (11/27)

Secunda and Rufina VV MM (7/10)
Secunda, Donatilla, and Maxima VV MM (7/30)
Secunda, Vestina, Donata, & Companions MM (7/17)
Secundarius M (10/2)
Secundian, Romulus, Donatus, & Comp. MM (2/17)

Secundina VM (1/15)
Secundinus, Fructuosus, & Maximus MM (2/18)
Secundinus of Cordova M (5/21)
Secundinus of Dunshauglin B (11/27)
Secundinus, Tertullia, and Companions MM (4/29)

Secundinus, Verulus, and Companions (2/21)
Secundius, Indaletius, and Companions MM (5/15)
Secundulus and Romulus MM (3/24)
Secundus and Companions MM (5/21)
Secundus and Romulus MM (3/24)

Secundus, Cyriacus, Paulillus, Anastasius, Syndimius, and Companions MM (12/19)
Secundus, Darius, Paul, and Zosimus MM (12/19)
Secundus, Democritus, and Dionysius MM (7/31)
Secundus, Fidentian, & Varicus (Valericus) MM (11/15)
Secundus, Honoratus, & Companions MM (12/29)

Secundus, Licinius, Severinus, & Companions MM (8/7)
Secundus of Amelia M (6/1)
Secundus of Asti M (3/29)
Secundus of Asti M (3/29)
Secundus of Ventimiglia M (8/26)

Secundus, Vitalis, & Companions MM (1/9)
Sedolpha, Theodotus, and Marinus MM (7/5)
Sedulius (2/12)
Seemirookie of Montpellier (8/16)
Segnorin of Basto, OSB V (4/22)

Segolena of Troclar, OSB Abbess (7/24)
Segoulème of Troclar, OSB Abbess (7/24)
Seiriol (1/2)
Selesius, Valerian, & Companions (9/12)
Seleucius and Porphyrius MM (2/16)

Seleucus, Valerian, & Companions (9/12)
Seleucus (3/24)
Selyf III M (6/25)
Sembeeth, Mares, Sabas, & Comp. MM (3/27)
Sen-Patrick, Abbot (8/24)

Senach of Clonard B (8/3)
Senames of Inis Cathaigh (3/8)
Senames of Scattery (3/8)
Senan of Inis Cathaigh (3/8)
Senan of North Wales, Hermit (4/29)

Senan of Scattery (3/8)
Senator of Milan B (5/28)
Senator of Pavia B (5/28)
Sendou of Reims, Hermit (10/20)
Sennen and Abdon MM (7/30)

Senoch, Abbot (10/24)
Senorina of Basto, OSB V (4/22)
Septimus, Audactus, Januarius, Fortunatus, & Felix MM (10/24)
Serafino of Ascoli-Piceno, OFM Cap. (10/17)
Seramis, Martyrs of (3/17)

Seraphim of Sarov, Mystic (1/2)
Seraphina (Blessed) Sforza, Poor Clare V (9/9)
Seraphina of San Gimignano V (3/12)
Seraphina (7/29)
Seraphino of Ascoli-Piceno, OFM Cap. (10/17)

Seraphinus (Serafino) of Ascoli-Piceno, OFM Cap. (10/12)
Seraphinus of Ascoli-Piceno, OFM Cap. (10/17)
Serapia of Syria VM (7/29)
Serapion, Constantine, & Companions MM (7/27)
Serapion, Hermas (Hermes), and Polyaenus MM (8/18)

Serapion of Alexandria M (11/14)
Serapion of Alexandria VM (2/9)
Serapion of Algiers, O. Merc. M (11/14)
Serapion of Antioch B (10/30)
Serapion of Arsinoe, Abbot (3/21)

Serapion of Thmuis B (3/21)
Serapion, Seleucus, & Companions (9/12)
Serapion the Scholastic B (3/21)
Serapion the Sindonite (5/21)
Serapion, Theodore, Irenaeus, and Armonius MM (3/26)

Serdon of Limoges, OSB B (5/4)
Serdot of Limoges, OSB B (5/4)
Serena of Rome (8/16)
Serenicus and Serenus, OSB (5/7)
Serenus and Serenicus, OSB (5/7)

Serenus the Gardener M (2/23)
Sergius and Bacchus MM (10/7)
Sergius I, Pope (9/8)
Sergius of Cappadocia M (2/24)
Sergius, Pantaleemon, and Maurus MM (7/27)

Sernin of Toulouse BM (11/29)
Serotina, Hilaria, & Companions MM (12/31)
Serrano, Francis (Blessed) OP M (10/20)
Servais of Tongres B (5/13)
Servandus and Germanus MM (10/23)

Servatus of Tongres B (5/13)
Servilian and Sulpicius MM (4/20)
Servilius, Felix, Sylvanus, Zoëllus, & Diocles MM (5/24)
Servite Martyrs (Blessed) (8/31)
Servites, Seven Founders of the Order of (2/17)

Servulus of Rome (12/23)
Servusdei and Gumersindus MM (1/13)
Sethrida, OSB Abbess V (7/7)
Seton, Elizabeth Ann Bayley (1/4)
Settesoli, Jacoba (Jacqueline) de OFM Tert. (2/8)

Seurin of Bordeaux B (10/23)
Seven Apostles of Bulgaria (7/17)
Seven Brothers MM (7/10)
Seven Holy Thieves (4/29)
Seven Sleepers of Ephesus MM (7/27)

Severa of Öhren, OSB Abbess (7/20)
Severa of Villeneuve, Abbess (7/20)
Sevère of Villeneuve, Abbess (7/20)
Severian and Aquila MM (1/23)
Severian of Scythopolis BM (2/21)

Severian of Sebaste M (9/9)
Severianus, Severus, Victorinus, Carpophorus, and Simplicius (11/8)
Severin of Cologne BM (10/23)
Severinus Boëthius M (10/23)
Severinus of Agaunum, Abbot (2/11)

Severinus of Bordeaux B (10/23)
Severinus of Cologne BM (10/23)
Severinus of Naples B (1/8)
Severinus of Noricum, Hermit (1/8)
Severinus of Paris, Hermit (11/27)

Severinus of Sanseverino B (6/8)
Severinus of Septempeda B (1/8)
Severinus of Tivoli, OSB Hermit (11/1)
Severinus of Trèves B (12/21)
Severinus, Secundus, Licinius & Companions MM (8/7)

Severus, Appian, & Companions MM (12/30)
Severus, Eusebius, Hermes, & Philip of Heraclea MM (10/22)
Severus of Androcca Lucius MM (2/15)
Severus of Avranches B (2/1)
Severus of Barcelona BM (11/6)

Severus of Naples B (4/29)
Severus of Ravenna B (2/1)
Severus of Ravenna B (2/1)
Severus of Rome BM (11/6)
Severus of Trèves B (10/15)

Severus, Peter, and Leucius MM (1/11)
Severus, Victorinus, Severianus, Carpophorus, and Simplicius (11/8)
Sexburga of Ely, Widow Abbess (7/6)
Sezin of Guic-Sezni B (3/6)
Sezni (8/4)

Sforza, Seraphina (Blessed) Poor Clare V (9/9)
Shabaq al-Rayes, Rafqa (Rafka) (Blessed) (3/23)
Shabaq al-Rayes, Rebecca (Pierina Boutrosiya) (Blessed) V (3/23)
Shahdost BM and Comp. MM (2/20)
Shapur, Isaac and Companions BM (11/30)

Sharbel and Barbea (Bebaia) MM (1/29)
Sharbel Makhlouf the Maronite, Hermit (12/24)
Shelley, Edward (Blessed) M (8/30)
Shert, John (Blessed) M (5/28)
Sherwin, Ralph M (12/1)

Sherwood, Thomas (Blessed) M (2/7)
Siacre of Autun B (8/27)
Siacre of Nice, OSB B (5/23)
Siadal (2/12)
Sibyllina (Blessed) Biscossi, OP Tert. (3/23)

Sidonius of Saint-Saëns, OSB Abbot (11/14)
Siffred of Carpentras B (11/27)
Siffrein of Carpentras B (11/27)
Sigebert III of Austrasia, King (2/1)
Sigfrid of Växjö, OSB B (2/15)

Sigfrid of Wearmouth, OSB Abbot (8/22)
Sigfrid of Wexlow, OSB B (2/15)
Sighardus (Blessed) of Bonlieu, OSB Cist. Abbot (4/5)
Sighelm of Stavelot, OSB Abbot (10/29)
Sigibald of Metz B (10/26)

Sigismund of Burgundy, King M (5/1)
Sigolena of Troclar, OSB Abbess (7/24)
Sigolinus of Stavelot, OSB Abbot (10/29)
Silanus of Lucca B (5/17)
Silaus of Lucca B (5/17)

Silave of Lucca B (5/17)
Silin (7/29)
Silvanus, Alexander, Januarius, & Companions MM (7/10)
Silvanus and Companions MM (5/4)
Silvanus, Arsenius, and Pelagius MM (8/30)

Silvanus, Luke, and Mucius MM (2/6)
Silvanus of Rome M (5/5)
Silvanus of Tabennisi, Hermit (5/15)
Silvanus of Terracina B (2/10)
Silvanus, Tutilus, & Maximus MM (2/18)

Silverius, Pope M (6/20)
Silvester (Blessed) Ventura, OSB Cam. (6/9)
Silvester Gozzolini, OSB Abbot (11/26)
Silvester I, Pope (12/31)
Silvester of Châlons-sur-Saône B (11/20)

Silvester of Réome, Abbot (4/15)
Silvia of Rome, Widow (11/3)
Silvin of Auchy, OSB B (2/17)
Silvinus of Auchy, OSB B (2/17)
Silvinus of Verona B (9/12)

Silvius, Vitalis & Companions MM (4/21)
Simbert of Augsburg, OSB B (10/13)
Simeon (Blessed) of Cava, OSB Abbot (11/16)
Simeon, Abdechalas, Ananias, & Companions MM (4/21)
Simeon Barsabae BM (4/21)

Simeon Metaphrastes (11/28)
Simeon of Jerusalem BM (2/18)
Simeon of Padolirone (7/26)
Simeon of Syracuse, OSB (6/1)
Simeon of Trèves, OSB (6/1)

Simeon of Trent M (3/24)
Simeon Stylites the Elder, Hermit (1/5)
Simeon the Armenian (7/26)
Simeon the Logothete (11/28)
Simeon the New Theologian (3/12)

Similian of Nantes B (6/16)
Simitrius and Companions MM (5/26)
Simon (Blessed) Acosta, SJ M (7/15)
Simon (Blessed) Ballachi, OP (11/3)
Simon (Blessed) Fidati, OSA (2/3)

Simon (Blessed) Lopez, SJ M (7/15)
Simon (Blessed) of Aulne, OSB Cist. (11/6)
Simon (Blessed) of Cascia, OSA (2/3)
Simon (Blessed) of Lipnicza, OFM (7/30)
Simon (Blessed) of St.-Bertin, OSB, Abbot (2/4)

Simon (Blessed) Rinalducci, OSA (4/20)
Simon of Jerusalem BM (2/18)
Simon of Trent M (3/24)
Simon Stock, OC (5/16)
Simon the Cananaean, Apostle (10/28)

Simon the Zealot, Apostle (10/28)
Simpert of Augsburg, OSB B (10/13)
Simplician, Minervinus, & Companions MM (12/31)
Simplician of Milan B (8/16)
Simplicius, Claudius, Nicostratus, Castorius, and Simpronian (11/8)

Simplicius, Constantius & Victorian MM (8/26)
Simplicius, Faustinus & Beatrice (Viatrix) MM (7/29)
Simplicius, Felix, Blanda, & Companions M (5/10)
Simplicius of Autun B (6/24)
Simplicius of Bourges B (6/16)

Simplicius of Monte Cassino OSB, Abbot (10/22)
Simplicius of Sardinia M (5/15)
Simplicius of Verona B (11/20)
Simplicius, Pope (3/10)
Simplicius, Quintus, & Companions MM (12/18)

Simplicius, Severus, Severianus, Carpophorus, and Victorinus (11/8)
Simpronian, Claudius, Nicostratus, Castorius, and Simplicius (11/8)
Sinach MacDara (7/16)
Sincheall of Killeigh (Killeagh), Abbot (3/26)
Sindulphus of Reims, Hermit (10/20)

Sinell of Cleenish (11/12)
Sinell of Killeigh (Killeagh), Abbot (3/26)
Sinesio, Angelus (Blessed) OSB Abbot (11/27)
Sintbert of Augsburg, OSB B (10/13)
Sirenus of Billom M (2/23)

Siricius, Pope (11/26)
Siridion B (1/2)
Sirmium, Martyrs of (2/23)
Sirmium Martyrs (4/9)
Sisebutus of Cardena, OSB Abbot (3/15)

Sisenandus of Cordova M (7/16)
Sisinius and Saturninus MM (11/29)
Sisinius, Diocletius, & Florentius MM (5/11)
Sisinius of Cyzicus B (11/23)
Sisinnius, Martyrius, and Alexander MM (5/29)

Sisoes of Egypt, Hermit (7/6)
Sitha of Lucca V (4/27)
Sithney (8/4)
Sixtus (Xystus) II, Pope M, Felicissimus, & Companions MM (8/7)
Sixtus I, Pope M (4/3)

Slade, John (Blessed) M (10/30)
Slovensky, Clement (Blessed) (7/17)
Snach of Clonard B (8/3)
Soan de Gotto, John Soan SJ M (2/6)
Sobel, Cantidian, and Cantidius MM (8/5)

Socrates and Dionysius MM (4/19)
Soiron, Catherine (Blessed) O. Carm. M (7/17)
Soiron, Teresa (Blessed) O. Carm. M (7/17)
Solange of Bourges VM (5/10)
Solangia of Bourges VM (5/10)

Solina of Gascony VM (10/17)
Solomon and Rudericus (Roderic, Rodriguez) MM (3/13)
Solomon III M (6/25)
Solomon of Brittany M (6/25)
Solutor, Octavius, and Adventor MM (11/20)

Solutor, Valentine, & Victor MM (11/13)
Sopater (6/25)
Sopatra and Eustolia VV (11/9)
Sophia of Fermo VM (4/30)
Sophronius of Jerusalem B (3/11)

Sophronius the Sophist B (3/11)
Sordi, John (Blessed) OSB BM (3/16)
Soreth, John (Blessed) OC (7/30)
Sosipater (6/25)
Sossius, Laurentinus (Blessed) M (4/15)

Sosthenes (11/28)
Soter, Pope (4/22)
Soteris of Rome VM (2/10)
Soubiran, Mary-Teresa V (10/20)
Soubirous, Bernadette (Mary Bernarda) V (4/16)

Sour (2/1)
Southwell, Robert SJ M (2/21)
Sozon of Cilicia M (9/7)
Space M (11/10)
Spagnuolo, Baptista (Blessed) OC (3/20)

Spagnuolo, John Baptist (Blessed) OC (3/20)
Speciosus of Terracina, OSB (3/15)
Speed, John (Blessed) (2/4)
Spellucci, Ventura (Blessed) OSB Abbess (5/3)
Spence, John (Blessed) (2/4)

Speratus and Companions (7/17)
Spes M (11/10)
Spes of Campi, Abbot (3/28)
Speusippus, Eleusippus, Meleusippus & Leonilla MM (1/17)
Spin of Moyen-moutier, OSB Abbot (11/5)

Spinula of Moyen-moutier, OSB Abbot (11/5)
Spinulus of Moyen-moutier, OSB Abbot (11/5)
Stachys of Byzantius B (10/31)
Stanislaus Kostka, SJ (11/13)
Stanislaus of Cracow BM (4/11)

Stanislaus Szczepanowsky BM (4/11)
Stephana (Blessed) de Quinzanis, OP V (1/2)
Stephanie (Blessed) de Quinzanis, OP V (1/2)
Stephen (Bl.) of Narbonne and Companions MM (5/28)
Stephen (Blessed) Bandelli, OP (6/12)

Stephen (Blessed) Bellesini, OSA (2/3)
Stephen (Blessed) Cuénot BM (2/8)
Stephen (Blessed) de Zudaira, SJ M (7/15)
Stephen (Blessed) of Liège, OSB Abbot (1/13)
Stephen (Blessed) of Palestrina, OSB Cist. B (3/17)

Stephen (Blesseds) and Hilderbrand, OSB Cist. MM (4/11)
Stephen and Castor MM (4/27)
Stephen and Mark of Antioch MM (11/22)
Stephen and Victor MM (4/1)
Stephen du Bourg, O. Cart. (1/4)

Stephen Harding, OSB Cist. Abbot (4/17)
Stephen, Honorius, and Eutychius MM (11/21)
Stephen I, Pope M (8/2)
Stephen Martyr (12/26)
Stephen of Antioch BM (4/25)

Stephen of Apt B (PC) (11/6)
Stephen of Caiazzo, OSB B (10/29)
Stephen of Cajazzo, OSB B (10/29)
Stephen of Cardeña and Companions, OSB MM (8/6)
Stephen of Châtillon, O.Cart. B (9/7)

Stephen of Corvey, OSB BM (6/2)
Stephen of Cueno, O. Praem (11/13)
Stephen of Grandmont, OSB, Abbot (2/8)
Stephen of Hungary, King (8/16)
Stephen of Lupo, OSB Abbot (7/19)

Stephen of Lyons B (2/13)
Stephen of Mariengaarden, O. Praem (11/13)
Stephen of Muret, OSB, Abbot (2/8)
Stephen of Obazine, OSB Cist. Abbot (3/8)
Stephen of Perm B (4/26)

Stephen of Reggio BM (7/5)
Stephen of Rieti, Abbot (2/13)
Stephen of Sweden, OSB BM (6/2)
Stephen Pongracz, SJ M (9/4)
Stephen, Pontian, & Companions MM (12/31)

Stephen, Raymund, William, and Companions MM (5/29)
Stephen the Deacon, Protomartyr (12/26)
Stephen the Younger M & Companions (11/28)
Stephen, Vincent, Quartus, & Companions MM (8/7)
Stephen, William, Raymund, and Companions MM (5/29)

Stepinac, Alojzije (Blessed) Cardinal M
Stepinac, Aloysius (Blessed) Cardinal M
Stepinac, Louis (Blessed) Cardinal M
Stercatius, Victor, and Antinogenes MM (7/24)
Stilla (Blessed) of Abenberg V (7/19)

Stock, Simon OC (5/16)
Stone, John OSA Priest M (12/27)
Storey, John (Blessed) M (6/1)
Stransham, Edward (Blessed) M (1/21)
Strata, Mary Victoria (Blessed) Foundress (9/12)

Straton M (9/9)
Straton, Valerian, & Companions (9/12)
Stratonicus and Hermylus MM (1/13)
Stremoine of Clermont B (11/1)
Sturm of Fulda, OSB, Abbot (12/17)

Sturmi of Fulda, OSB, Abbot (12/17)
Sturmius of Fulda, OSB, Abbot (12/17)
Stylianus of Adrianopolis, Hermit (11/26)
Styriacus, Carterius, Tobias, Eudoxius, Agapius & Comp. MM (11/2)
Suairlech of Fore B (3/27)

Suarez, Antony (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)
Successus, Julius, & Companions MM (1/19)
Successus, Martial, Urban, & Companions MM (4/16)
Successus, Rogatus, and Comp. MM (3/28)
Suffredus of Carpentras B (11/27)

Sukejiro, Peter OFM Tert. M (2/6)
Sulian (7/29)
Suliau of Wales, Abbot (11/8)
Sulpice Pius B (1/17)
Sulpicius 'Severus,' B (1/29)

Sulpicius and Servilian MM (4/20)
Sulpicius II Pius B (1/17)
Sulpicius Le Debonnaire B (1/17)
Sunaman, Winaman, and Unaman, OSB Monks MM (2/15)
Sunnifa of Bergen & Comp. (7/8)

Sunnifa of Norway & Comp. (7/8)
Sunniva of Bergen & Comp. (7/8)
Sunniva of Norway & Comp. (7/8)
Superius and Salvius (Sauvre) MM (6/26)
Suranus of Sora, Abbot (1/24)

Susanna, Archelais, and Thecla VV MM (1/18)
Susanna, Marciana, Palladia, & Companions MM (5/24)
Susanna of Constantinople V Hermit (7/23)
Susanne-Agatha de Loye, OSB M (7/6)
Suzanni, Philip (Blessed) OSA (5/24)

Suzuki, Paul M (2/6)
Swallowell, George (Blessed) M (7/26)
Swethin, Elfgete, Savinus, and Companions, OSB MM (4/9)
Swithbert the Younger B (4/30)
Swithin of Winchester, OSB B (7/15)

Swithun of Winchester, OSB B (7/15)
Syagrius of Autun B (8/27)
Syagrius of Nice, OSB B (5/23)
Sybillina (Blessed) Biscossi, OP Tert. (3/23)
Sycus and Palatinus MM (5/30)

Syffroy of Carpentras B (11/27)
Sylvanus and Bianor MM (7/10)
Sylvanus, Felicitas, Urbanus, & Companions
Sylvanus, Theotimus, Domninus, Philotheus, & Comp. MM (11/5)
Sylvanus, Zoëllus, Servilius, Felix, & Diocles MM (5/24)

Sylvester I, Pope (12/31)
Sylvia of Rome, Widow (11/3)
Symmachus, Pope (7/19)
Symphonius, Hippolytus, Felix, and Companions MM (2/3)
Symphorian(us) of Autun M (8/22)

Symphorina, Claudius, & Companions MM (7/7)
Symphorosa and Companions MM (7/18)
Syncletica V (1/5)
Syndimius, Anastasius, Paulillus, Secundus, Cyriacus, and Companions MM (12/19)
Synnöve of Bergen & Comp. (7/8)

Synnöve of Norway & Comp. (7/8)
Syntyche of Philippi (7/22)
Syra of Faremoutiers, OSB V (10/23)
Syra of Troyes V (6/8)
Syria of Troyes V (6/8)

Syrus of Pavia BM (12/8)
Szczepanowsky, Stanislaus BM (4/11)

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