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Tabitha, Widow (10/25)
Tachegia, Cosmas, OFM Tert. M (2/6)
Tadhg (Blessed) MacCarthy B (10/24)
Tadhg, Colman, and Kilian MM (7/8)

Tadwinus of Canterbury, OSB B (7/30)
Taigi, Anna Maria (Blessed) Matron (6/9)
Takewitha, Kateri (Blessed) (7/14)
Takexita, Michael (Blessed) and Companions MM (11/27)
Takeya, Cosmas, OFM Tert. M (2/6)

Talarica of Scotland B (10/30)
Talarican of Scotland B (10/30)
Talida of Antinoë V (1/5)
Talmach (3/14)
Tanca of Troyes VM (10/10)

Tancha of Troyes VM (10/10)
Tancho of Werden, OSB, BM (2/15)
Tanco of Werden, OSB, BM (2/15)
Tanglen of Scotland B (11/3)
Taparelli, Aimo (Blessed) OP (8/18)

Tarachus, Andronicus, and Probus MM (10/11)
Tarasius of Constantinople B (2/25)
Tarba of Persia VM (4/22)
Tarbo of Persia VM (4/22)
Tarbula of Persia VM (4/22)

Tarcisius, Zoticus, Cyriacus, and Comp. MM (1/31)
Tarsicia of Rodez V (1/15)
Tarsicius of Rome M (8/15)
Tarsilla of Rome V (12/24)
Tarsitia of Rodez V (1/15)

Taso, Tato, and Paldo, OSB, Abbots (1/11)
Tassach of Elphin B (4/27)
Tassach of Raholp B (4/14)
Tathaeus of Wales, Hermit (12/26)
Tathai of Wales, Hermit (12/26)

Tathan of Wales, Hermit (12/26)
Tathar of Wales, Hermit (12/26)
Tatian B (1/16)
Tatian, Hilary, Felix, Largus, and Denis MM (3/16)
Tatian of Cilicia M (6/15)

Tatian, Theodulus and Macedonius MM (9/12)
Tatiana of Rome M (1/12)
Tatiana of Rome VM (1/30)
Tation of Claudiopolis M (8/24)
Tato, Paldo, and Taso, OSB, Abbots (1/11)

Tatta of Werden, OSB, BM (2/15)
Tatto of Werden, OSB, BM (2/15)
Tatuini of Canterbury, OSB B (7/30)
Tatwin of Canterbury, OSB B (7/30)
Taurin Dufresse, Gabriel-John (Blessed) M (9/14)

Taurion, Auctus, and Thessalonica MM (11/7)
Tavalli, John (Blessed) (7/24)
Tavelic, Nicholas O. Praem (11/13)
Teavneck of Caithness B (11/13)
Tecla of England, OSB Abbess (10/15)

Tegla of Denbighshire V (6/1)
Tegwin of Landevennec, Abbot (5/9)
Teilan of Llandaff B (2/9)
Teilio of Llandaff B (2/9)
Teilo of Llandaff B (2/9)

Teilou of Llandaff B (2/9)
Teilus of Llandaff B (2/9)
Telemachus, Hermit M (1/1)
Telesphorus, Pope M (1/5)
Telmo Gonzalez, OP (4/14)

Tempier, William (Blessed) B (3/27)
Ten Martyrs of Antioch (11/6)
Tenenan of Léon B (7/16)
Terence, Africanus, Pompeius, & Comp. MM (4/10)
Terence of Iconium BM (6/21)

Terence of Metz B (10/29)
Teresa (Blessed) Soiron, O. Carm. M (7/17)
Teresa Margaret Redi, OCD V (3/11)
Teresa Maria (Blessed) Cavestany y Anduaga M (7/20)
Teresa of Ávila, OCD Doctor V (10/15)

Teresa of Jesus Jornet e Ibars (Ihars) V (8/26)
Teresa of Jesus, OCD Doctor V (10/15)
Téresa of Liseaux V (10/1)
Teresa of the Child Jesus V (10/1)
Ternan of Culross B (6/12)
Terrebotti, Santuccia (Blessed) OSB Widow (3/21)

Tertullia, Antonia, and Companions MM (4/29)
Tertullian of Bologna B (4/27)
Tertullinus of Rome M (8/4)
Tetricus of Auxerre, OSB BM (4/12)
Tetricus of Langres B (3/20)

Tewdric, Hermit (4/1)
Thaddeus (Blessed) McCarthy B (10/24)
Thalassius and Limnaeus, Hermits (2/22)
Thalelaeus and Companions MM (5/20)
Thalus and Trophimus MM (3/11)

Thaney of Glasgow, Widow (7/18)
Tharacus, Andronicus, and Probus MM (10/11)
Tharasius of Constantinople B (2/25)
Tharba, Azadanes, Azades, and Companions MM (4/22)
Tharsilla of Rome V (12/24)

Thauh, John (Blessed) Baptist M (4/28)
Thea and Meuris VV MM (12/19)
Theau of Solignac, OSB, Abbot (1/7)
Thecla and Boniface MM (8/30)
Thecla, Archelais, and Susanna VV MM (1/18)

Thecla, Cassian, Peter, & Comp. MM (3/26)
Thecla of Denbighshire V (6/1)
Thecla of Kitzingen, OSB Abbess (10/15)
Thecusa, Theodotus, and Companions MM (5/18)
Thelian of Llandaff B (2/9)

Themistocles of Lycia M and Dioscorus (12/21)
Thenaw of Glasgow, Widow (7/18)
Theneva of Glasgow, Widow (7/18)
Thenog of Glasgow, Widow (7/18)
Thenova of Glasgow, Widow (7/18)

Theobald (Blessed) of Alba (6/1)
Theobald (Blessed) of Vico (6/1)
Theobald (Blessed) Roggeri (6/1)
Theobald (Blessed) Visconti (1/10)
Theobald of Marly, OSB Cist. Abbot (7/27)

Theobald of Provins, OSB Cam. Hermit (6/30)
Theobald of Vienne B (5/21)
Theoctista of Lesbos V (11/10)
Theoctiste of Lesbos V (11/10)
Theodard of Narbonne, OSB (5/1)

Theodolus, Anesius, Felix, & Comp. MM (3/31)
Theodolus of Antioch (3/23)
Theodora (Blessed) Gambacorta, OP Widow (4/17)
Theodora (Blessed) of Pisa, OP Widow (4/17)
Theodora and Didymus MM (4/28)

Theodora, Empress (2/11)
Theodora, Euphrosyna, & Flavia Domitilla VV MM (5/7)
Theodora, Nymphora, & Arabia MM (3/13)
Theodora of Rome M (4/1)
Theodore (Blessed) Guénot M (11/4)

Theodore, Ammonius, Phileas, Hesychius, Pachomius, & Companions. MM (11/26)
Theodore and Alexander MM (3/17)
Theodore and Pausilipus MM (4/15)
Theodore, Antony, & Comp. MM (7/29)
Theodore, Askega, Swethin, and Companions, OSB MM (4/9)

Theodore, Irenaeus, Serapion, and Armonius MM (3/26)
Theodore Kolyshov BM (1/9)
Theodore M and Theophanes B (12/27)
Theodore, Maximus, and Scelpiodotus MM (9/15)
Theodore of Antioch M (10/23)

Theodore of Antioch (3/23)
Theodore of Bologna B (5/5)
Theodore of Cyrene BM (7/4)
Theodore of Egypt, Hermit (1/7)
Theodore of Heraclea M (2/7)

Theodore of Marseilles B (2/3)
Theodore of Pavia B (5/20)
Theodore of Sykeon (Sikion) B (4/22)
Theodore of Tabenna, Abbot (4/27)
Theodore of Vienne, Abbot (10/29)

Theodore Stratelates M (2/7)
Theodore the Recruit (11/9)
Theodore the Sacristan (12/26)
Theodore the Sanctified, Abbot (4/27)
Theodore the Studite, Abbot (11/11)

Theodore Tiro (11/9)
Theodore Trichinas, Hermit (4/20)
Theodore, Urban, and Companions MM (9/4)
Theodore van der Eem, OFM M (7/9)
Theodoret of Antioch M (10/23)

Theodoric (Blessed) of St. Herbert, OSB Abbot (10/25)
Theodoric, Hermit (4/1)
Theodoric II of Orléans, OSB B (1/27)
Theodoric of Cambrai B (8/5)
Theodoricus of Antioch (3/23)

Theodosia, Euphemia, Derphuta, and Companions MM (3/20)
Theodosia of Constantinople VM (5/29)
Theodosia of Tyre VM (4/2)
Theodosia, Pelagia, Eparchius & Aquila MM (3/23)
Theodosia VM and Companions M (5/29)

Theodosius, Lucius, Mark & Peter MM
Theodosius of Auxerre B (7/17)
Theodosius of Vaison B (2/14)
Theodosius, Quadratus (Codratus), Emmanuel & Comp. MM (3/26)
Theodosius the Cenobiarch, Abbot (1/11)

Theodota and Her Three Sons MM (8/2)
Theodota, Hermogenes, Evodius, and Callista MM (8/2)
Theodota of Constantinople M (7/17)
Theodotus, Clementinus, and Philomenus MM (11/14)
Theodotus, Marinus, and Sedolpha MM (7/5)

Theodotus of Cyprus B (5/6)
Theodotus of Laodicea B (11/2)
Theodotus, Rufina, and Ammia MM (8/31)
Theodotus, Thecusa and Companions MM (5/18)
Theodotus, Tryphon & Companions MM (1/4)

Theodulphus of Lobbes, OSB B (6/24)
Theodulus and Agathopus (Agathopedes) MM (4/4)
Theodulus and Eventius MM (5/3)
Theodulus and Julian of Caesarea MM (2/17)
Theodulus, Hypatius (Ipazio), and Leontius MM (6/18)

Theodulus, Macedonius, and Tatian MM (9/12)
Theodulus, Saturninus, & Companions MM (12/23)
Theodulus, Zoe, Cyriacus, & Exuperius MM (5/2)
Theofrid of Carmery OSB, Abbot (10/19)
Theofrid of Corbie, OSB B (1/26)

Theofroy of Carmery OSB, Abbot (10/19)
Theofroy of Corbie, OSB B (1/26)
Theogar (Blessed) of Metz, OSB B (4/29)
Theogenes & Companions MM (1/26)
Theogenes, Primus, and Cyrinus MM (1/3)

Theoger (Blessed) of Metz, OSB B (4/29)
Theonas and Theopemptus MM (1/3)
Theonestus of Altino BM (10/30)
Theopemptus and Theonas MM (1/3)
Theophane Vénard M (2/2)

Theophanes B and Theodore M (12/27)
Theophanes of Mt. Sigriana, Abbot (3/12)
Theophanes the Chronicler, Abbot (3/12)
Theophila, Domna, Agapes and Indes MM (12/28)
Theophilus, Ammon, Neoterius & Companions MM (9/8)

Theophilus and Helladius MM (1/8)
Theophilus and Trophimus MM (7/23)
Theophilus, Germanus, Caesareus, & Vitalis MM (11/3)
Theophilus of Antioch B (10/13)
Theophilus of Brescia B (4/27)

Theophilus of Bulgaria, OSB (10/2)
Theophilus of Caesarea M (2/6)
Theophilus of Corte, OFM (5/21)
Theophilus of Cyprus M (7/22)
Theophilus of Gnesen, OSB Cam. B (6/10)

Theophilus, Saturninus & Revocata MM (2/6)
Theophilus the Penitent (2/4)
Theophilus, Zeno, Ptolemy, Ingen, and Ammon MM (12/20)
Theophylact of Nicomedia B (3/7)
Theoprepides, Amphilochius, & Comps. MM (3/27)

Theoprepius, Amphilochius, & Comps. MM (3/27)
Theorigitha, OSB (1/26)
Theoticus, Arianus, and Companions MM (3/8)
Theotimus and Basilian MM (12/18)
Theotimus, Domninus, Philotheus, Sylvanus & Comp. MM (11/5)

Theotimus, Drusus, & Companions MM (12/24)
Theotimus of Tomi B (4/20)
Theotonius of Coimbra, OSA, Abbot (2/18)
Therèse de Saint Augustine (Blessed), O. Carm. M (7/17)
Therèse de Saint-Ignace (Blessed), O. Carm. M (7/17)

Therèse du Coeur de Marie (Blessed), O. Carm. M (7/17)
Thérèse of Liseaux V (10/1)
Thérèse of the Child Jesus V (10/1)
Theristus, John Monk (2/24)
Thespesius, Eustace, and Anatolius MM (11/20)

Thespesius of Cappadocia M (6/1)
Thessalonica, Auctus, and Taurion MM (11/7)
Thetgo of Landevennec, Abbot (5/9)
Theudar of Vienne, Abbot (10/29)
Theuderius of Vienne, Abbot (10/29)

Theusitas, Horres, & Arabia MM (3/13)
Theutger, OSB Abbot (6/7)
Thi, Peter (Blessed) M (12/20)
Thiarmail of Brittany, Abbot (8/16)
Thibaud of Provins, OSB Cam. Hermit (6/30)

Thibaud of Vienne B (5/21)
Thibaut of Marly, OSB Cist. Abbot (7/27)
Thielman of Solignac, OSB, Abbot (1/7)
Thiento and Companions, OSB MM (8/10)
Thillo of Solignac, OSB, Abbot (1/7)

Thiou of Lobbes, OSB B (6/24)
Thirkeld, Richard (Blessed) M (5/29)
Thirkild, Richard (Blessed) M (5/29)
Tho, Blessed Martin MM (11/8)
Thomais of Alexandria M (4/14)

Thomas (Blessed) Abel M (7/30)
Thomas (Blessed) Alfield M (7/6)
Thomas (Blessed) Bellaci, OFM (10/31)
Thomas (Blessed) Bosgrave M (7/4)
Thomas (Blessed) Corsini, OSM (6/23)

Thomas (Blessed) Cotenda and Companions MM (11/27)
Thomas (Blessed) Cottam M (5/30)
Thomas (Blessed) De and Companions, OP Tert. MM (12/19)
Thomas (Blessed) Du M, OP Tert. (5/31)
Thomas (Blessed) Ford M (5/28)

Thomas (Blessed) Green, O.Cart. (6/15)
Thomas (Blessed) Hélye (10/19)
Thomas (Blessed) Hemerford M (2/12)
Thomas (Blessed) Marshall, OSB, Abbot M (12/1)
Thomas (Blessed) Netter, OC (11/2)

Thomas (Blessed) of Cori, OFM (1/19)
Thomas (Blessed) of Costacciaro, OSB Cam. Hermit (3/25)
Thomas (Blessed) of Saint Hyacinth, OP (9/8)
Thomas (Blessed) of Tolentino and Comp., OFM MM (4/9)
Thomas (Blessed) of Walden, OC (11/2)

Thomas (Blessed) Percy M (8/26)
Thomas (Blessed) Pickering, OSB M (5/9)
Thomas (Blessed) Plumtree M (1/4)
Thomas (Blessed) Reding, O.Cart. (6/15)
Thomas (Blessed) Reynolds (Green) M (1/21)

Thomas (Blessed) Scryven, O.Cart. (6/15)
Thomas (Blessed) Sherwood M (2/7)
Thomas (Blessed) Thweng M (10/23)
Thomas (Blessed) Thwing M (10/23)
Thomas (Blessed) Toan M (6/27)

Thomas (Blessed) Tzughi, SJ M (9/6)
Thomas (Blessed) Warcop M (7/4)
Thomas (Blessed) Whitbread and Companions, SJ MM (6/20)
Thomas (Blessed) Woodhouse, SJ M (6/19)
Thomas (Blessed) Zumárraga, OP MM (9/12)

Thomas Aquinas, OP Priest, Doctor (1/28)
Thomas Becket (of Canterbury) BM (12/29)
Thomas, Catherine OSA V (4/1)
Thomas Cozaki M (2/6)
Thomas Dauki, OFM Tert. M (2/6)

Thomas Didymus, Apostle (7/3)
Thomas Garnet, SJ Priest M (6/23)
Thomas Hales of Dover, OSB M (8/2)
Thomas Kasaki M (2/6)
Thomas More M (6/22)

Thomas of Armagh B (1/10)
Thomas of Canterbury BM (12/29)
Thomas, Peter OC BM (1/28)
Thomas Xico, OFM Tert. M (2/6)
Thomasius (Blessed) of Costacciaro, OSB Cam. Hermit (3/25)

Thomian of Armagh B (1/10)
Thompson, James (Blessed) M (11/28)
Thora (Blessed) Gambacorta, OP Widow (4/17)
Thora (Blessed) of Pisa, OP Widow (4/17)
Thorctgyd, OSB (1/26)

Thordgith, OSB (1/26)
Thorfinn B (1/8)
Thorhallsson, Thorlac OSA B (12/23)
Thorlac Thornalli (Thorhallsson), OSA B (12/23)
Thornalli, Thorlac, OSA B (12/23)

Thorne, John (Blessed) OSB MM (11/15)
Thouret, Anne Mary (Blessed) O. Carm. M (7/17)
Three Wise Men (7/23)
Thweng, Thomas (Blessed) M (10/23)
Thwing, John OSA (10/11)

Thwing, John OSA (10/21)
Thwing, Thomas (Blessed) M (10/23)
Thyrsus and Projectus MM (1/24)
Thyrsus, Leucius, & Callinicus MM (1/28)
Thyrsus, Saturninus, & Victor MM (1/31)

Tibba, Cyneswide, & Cyneburga (3/6)
Tibba, Kuneswide, & Kyneburga (3/6)
Tiberius of Agde, Modestus, and Florence MM (11/10)
Tiburtius, Valerius and Maximus MM (4/14)
Tiburtus, Alexander, and Hyacinth MM (9/9)

Tierney of Clogher B (4/4)
Tierry of Clogher B (4/4)
Tigernach of Clogher B (4/4)
Tigernake of Clogher B (4/4)
Tigirius and Eutropius MM (1/12)

Tigrides and Remedius BB (2/3)
Tigridia of Oña, OSB Abbess (11/22)
Tikhon of Amathus B (6/16)
Tikhon of Cyprus B (6/16)
Tilbert of Hexham, OSB B (9/7)

Tileberht of Hexham, OSB B (9/7)
Tillo of Solignac, OSB, Abbot (1/7)
Tilloine of Solignac, OSB, Abbot (1/7)
Tillon of Solignac, OSB, Abbot (1/7)
Tilman of Solignac, OSB, Abbot (1/7)

Timolaus, Dionysius, Agapius, and Comp. MM (3/24)
Timon the Deacon M (4/19)
Timotheus BM (1/26)
Timothy (Blessed) of Montecchio, OFM (8/26)
Timothy and Diogenes MM (4/6)

Timothy and Faustus MM (9/8)
Timothy and Mark MM (3/24)
Timothy and Maura MM (5/3)
Timothy BM (1/26)
Timothy, Faustinus, and Venustus MM (5/22)

Timothy of Africa M (12/19)
Timothy of Prusa BM (6/10)
Timothy of Rome M (8/22)
Timothy, Polius and Eutychius MM (5/21)
Tinh, Blessed Martin MM (11/8)

Tinh, Paul (Blessed) M (4/6)
Tininor of Léon B (7/16)
Titelmans, Francis (Blessed), OFM Cap. (10/4)
Titian B (1/16)
Titian of Brescia B (3/3)

Titus B (1/26)
Titus of Rome, Deacon M (8/16)
Toan, Thomas (Blessed) M (6/27)
Tobias, Carterius, Styriacus, Eudoxius, Agapius & Comp. MM (11/2)
Tochumra of Kilmore V (6/11)

Tochumra of Tuam V (6/11)
Toel of Wales (6/14)
Toimen of Armagh B (1/10)
Tola B (3/30)
Tola of Norway, King M (7/29)

Tolomei, Bonaventure (Blessed) OP (12/27)
Tomaki, John (Blessed) OP Tert. M (9/8)
Tomaki, Michael (Blessed) M (9/8)
Tomaki, Paul (Blessed) M (9/8)
Tomas, Catherine OSA V (4/1)

Tomasso (Blessed) of Costacciaro, OSB Cam. Hermit (3/25)
Tommasi, Joseph Mary Cardinal (1/1)
Tooley of Norway, King M (7/29)
Torello (Blessed) of Poppi, OSB Vall. Hermit (3/16)
Toribio Mongrovejo B (3/23)

Toribio of Lima B (3/23)
Tornielli, Bonaventure (Blessed) OSM (3/31)
Torpes of Pisa M (4/29)
Torquatus, Caecilius, Ctesiphon, and Companions MM (5/15)
Torres Acosta, Emmanuela V (10/11)

Torres Acosta, Maria-Desolata V (10/11)
Tortgith, OSB (1/26)
Totnan, Colman, and Kilian MM (7/8)
Totto of Ratisbon, OSB B (5/14)
Touche, Louis Barreau de la OSB M (8/31)

Tour, Bernard (Blessed) de la, O. Cart. (10/30)
Trésain of Mareuil (2/7)
Trésel, Mary (Blessed) O. Carm. M (7/17)
Tranca of Troyes VM (10/10)
Tranquillinus of Rome M (7/6)

Traversari, Ambrose (Blessed) OSB Cam. Abbot (11/20)
Trea of Ardtree V (8/3)
Tremeur of Brittany M (11/7)
Tremorus of Brittany M (11/7)
Tressan of Mareuil (2/7)

Treves, Martyrs of (10/6)
Trien of Killelga, Abbot (3/22)
Trienan of Killelga, Abbot (3/22)
Trier, Martyrs of (10/6)
Trigidia of Oña, OSB Abbess (11/22)

Trillo of Wales (6/15)
Triphenes of Cyzicus, Matron M (1/31)
Triphina and Agatho MM (7/5)
Triphina of Brittany, Widow (1/29)
Triphyllius of Cyprus B (6/13)

Tripos, Mandal, Basilides, & Companions MM (6/10)
Triverius, Hermit (1/16)
Troadius of Pontus M (12/28)
Trojan of Tréguier B (11/30)
Tron, OSB Abbot (11/23)

Trond, OSB Abbot (11/23)
Trophimus and Thalus MM (3/11)
Trophimus and Theophilus MM (7/23)
Trophimus of Arles B (12/29)
Troyen of Tréguier B (11/30)

Truat, Peter M (12/18)
Trudbert of Münstethal, Abbot (4/26)
Trudjen, OSB Abbot (11/23)
Trudo, OSB Abbot (11/23)
Trudon, OSB Abbot (11/23)

Trudpert of Münstethal, Abbot (4/26)
Trumma of Whitby, OSB B (2/10)
Trumwin of Whitby, OSB B (2/10)
Trung, Francis (Blessed) M (10/6)
Truyen, OSB Abbot (11/23)

Tryphaena of Cyzicus, Matron M (1/31)
Tryphenna and Tryphosa (11/10)
Tryphon and Companions MM (7/3)
Tryphon, Quintus, & Companions MM (1/4)
Tryphon, Respicius and Nympha MM (11/10)

Tryphonia of Rome, Widow M (10/18)
Tryphosa and Tryphenna (11/10)
Tshang, Joseph (Blessed) M (7/29)
Tshang-Ta-Pong, Joseph (Blessed) M (3/12)
Tu, Peter (Blessed) M (7/10)

Tual B (12/1)
Tual of Tréguier, Abbot B (11/30)
Tuan, Peter (Blessed) M (7/15)
Tuda of Lindisfarne B (10/21)
Tudclyd V (1/30)

Tude of Besançon BM (6/17)
Tudec of Landevennec, Abbot (5/9)
Tudgualus B (12/1)
Tudinus of Landevennec, Abbot (5/9)
Tudno of Caernarvon (6/5)

Tudwal B (12/1)
Tudy of Landevennec, Abbot (5/9)
Tudy V (1/30)
Tugdual B (12/1)
Tugdualus B (12/1)

Tuoc, Dominic (Blessed) M, OP Tert. (4/2)
Turibius Mongrovejo B (3/23)
Turibius of Astorga B (4/16)
Turibius of Lima B (3/23)
Turibius of Palencia, Abbot (4/16)

Turlande, Robert de, OSB Abbot (4/17)
Turninus of Antwerp (7/17)
Turriani, Antony (Blessed) OSA (7/24)
Turriano, Antony (Blessed) OSA (7/24)
Turribius Mongrovejo B (3/23)

Turribius of Lima B (3/23)
Tutalo, Dmitry B (10/28)
Tutilo of Saint-Gall, OSB (3/28)
Tutilus, Classicus, & Maximus MM (2/18)
Tuto of Ratisbon, OSB B (5/14)

Tuy, Peter (Blessed) M (10/11)
Tuzinde, Mbanga (Mbaga) M (6/3)
Tybie V (1/30)
Tychicus of Paphos B (4/29)
Tychon of Amathus B (6/16)

Tychon of Cyprus B (6/16)
Tygride of Oña, OSB Abbess (11/22)
Tyrannio, Zenobius, and Martyrs of Tyre MM (2/20)
Tyre, Martyrs of (2/20)
Tysilio of Wales, Abbot (11/8)

Tyssel of Wales, Abbot (11/8)
Tyssilo of Wales, Abbot (11/8)
Tzughi, Thomas (Blessed) SJ M (9/6)

ua Morgair, Maolmhaodhog B (11/3)
Ubald (Blessed) Adimari, OSM (4/9)
Ubaldo (Blessed), OFM Tert. (5/11)
Ubaldus Baldassini B (5/16)
Uberti, Bernardo degli OSB Val. Card. B (12/4)

Udalric of Augsburg B (7/4)
Ugandan Martyrs MM (6/3)
Uguzo of Carvagna M (8/16)
Ulchad (4/6)
Ulched (4/6)

Uldaricus of Augsburg B (7/4)
Ulfrick of Haselbury, Hermit (2/20)
Ulfrid M (1/18)
Ulfstan of Worcester, OSB B (1/19)
Ulmar of Samer, OSB Abbot (7/20)

Ulphia of Amiens V (1/31)
Ulpian of Tyre M (4/3)
Ulric (Blessed) of Einsiedeln, OSB (5/29)
Ulric of Augsburg B (7/4)
Ulric of Cluny, OSB Abbot (7/14)

Ulric of Haselbury, Hermit (2/20)
Ulric of Zell, OSB Abbot (7/14)
Ulrick, Grimkeld, Agamund (Argamund), and Companions, OSB MM (4/9)
Ultan of Ardbraccan B (9/4)
Ultan of Peronne, OSB Abbot B (5/2)

Ulumbijski, Michael (5/7)
Unaman, Winaman, and Sunaman, OSB Monks MM (2/15)
Uncumber (7/20)
Urban (Blessed) II, OSB Pope (7/29)
Urban (Blessed) V OSB, Pope (12/19)

Urban, Ampliatus, & Narcissus MM (10/31)
Urban, Crescens, Eustace, & Companions BB (11/28)
Urban, Epolonius, Prilidian MM & Babylas BM (1/24)
Urban I, Pope M (5/25)
Urban, Julia, Quintilian, & Companions MM (4/16)

Urban of Langres B (4/2)
Urban of Peñalba, OSB Abbot (4/6)
Urban, Theodore and Companions MM (9/4)
Urbanus, Felicitas, Sylvanus, & Companions
Urbicius, Abbot (6/3)

Urbitius of Metz B (3/20)
Urciscenus of Pavia B (6/21)
Urith of Chittlehampton V (7/8)
Urith of Cornwall (10/31)
Urith of Slane (10/31)

Ursacius of Nicomedia (8/16)
Urseolus, Peter OSB, Hermit (1/10)
Ursicinus II of Chur, OSB B (10/2)
Ursicinus of Brescia B (12/1)
Ursicinus of Cahors, Abbot (12/20)

Ursicinus of Ravenna M (6/19)
Ursicinus of Sens B (7/24)
Ursicinus of St-Ursanne, Abbot (12/20)
Ursicius of Nicomedia M (8/14)
Ursin of Bourges B (11/9)

Ursinus of Bourges B (11/9)
Ursmar of Lobbes, OSB Abbot B (4/19)
Ursmer of Lobbes, OSB Abbot B (4/19)
Ursula and the 11,000 Virgins of Cologne (10/21)
Ursulina (Blessed) of Bologna V (4/7)

Ursuline Nuns (Blessed) MM (10/17)
Ursus of Aosta, Archdeacon (2/1)
Ursus of Auxerre B (7/30)
Ursus of Ravenna B (4/13)
Usthazanes, Simeon, Abdechalas, & Companions MM (4/21)
Utica Martyrs MM (8/24)

Vénard, Theophane M (2/2)
Vaast of Arras B (2/6)
Vaena, Alphonsus (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)
Vaise M (4/16)

Vaize M (4/16)
Valbebertus (Blessed) of St-Bertin, OSB (11/30)
Valbebertus Roseus (Blessed), OSB (11/30)
Valens and Companions MM (5/21)

Valentine and Hilary MM (11/3)
Valentine B (1/7)
Valentine Berrio-Ochoa, OP M (11/1)
Valentine, Concordius, Navalis & Agricola MM (12/16)
Valentine, Felician & Victorinus MM (11/11)

Valentine, Frutos, and Engratia HH (10/25)
Valentine of Genoa B (5/2)
Valentine of Rome M (2/14)
Valentine of Strasbourg B (8/31)
Valentine of Terni BM (2/14)

Valentine of Trèves BM (7/16)
Valentine, Solutor & Victor MM (11/13)
Valentini, Helen (Blessed) Widow (4/23)
Valentinian of Salerno B (11/3)
Valentio, Pasicrates, and Comp. MM (5/25)

Valeria, Martyrs (3/14)
Valeria of Milan M (4/28)
Valeria, Zenais, Cyria, & Marcia MM (6/5)
Valerian of Aquileia B (11/27)
Valerian of Auxerre B (5/13)

Valerian of Cimiez B (7/23)
Valerian of Lyons M (9/15)
Valerian, Straton, & Companions (9/12)
Valerian, Urban, Crescens, & Companions BB (11/28)
Valericus, Secundus, & Fidentian MM (11/15)

Valerius and Lambert, OSB (10/9)
Valerius and Rufinus MM (6/14)
Valerius of Antibes B (2/19)
Valerius of Astorga, OSB Abbot (2/21)
Valerius of Conserans B (2/20)

Valerius of Saragossa (1/22)
Valerius of Sorrento B (1/16)
Valerius of Trèves B (1/29)
Valerius, Rufinus, Mark, and Companions MM (11/16)
Valerius, Tiburtius, and Maximus MM (4/14)
Valéry of Leucone, Abbot (4/1)

Valfré, Sebastian (Blessed) Orat. (1/30)
Vallarina, Marina (Blessed) V (6/18)
van der Eem, Theodore OFM M (7/9)
van Duynsen, Godrey M (7/9)
van Heeze, Nicholas OFM M (7/9)

van Hilvarenbeek, Adrian M (7/9)
van Hoornaer, Antony OFM M (7/9)
van Hoornaer, John OFM M (7/9)
van Oosterwyk, John OSA M (7/9)
van Weert, Antony OFM M (7/9)

van Willehad, Antony OFM M (7/9)
van Wyk, Cornelius OFM M (7/9)
Van, Peter (Blessed) M (5/25)
Vando of Fontenelle, OSB Abbot (4/17)
Vandrille, OSB Abbot (7/22)

Vaneng of Fécamp, OSB, Abbot (1/9)
Vanna (Blessed) of Orvieto, OP Tert. V (7/23)
Vanne of Verdun B (11/9)
Varani, Camilla (Blessed) Poor Clare Abbess (5/31)
Vareide of Ghent V (1/4)

Varicus, Secundus, & Fidentian MM (11/15)
Variglia, Landulf OSB B (6/7)
Varus of Upper Egypt M (10/19)
Vasius M (4/16)
Vat of Arras B (2/6)

Vaubert of Hainault (5/11)
Vaubourg, OSB Abbess (2/25)
Vaudru of Mons, OSB Widow (4/9)
Vauge (6/15)
Vaune of Verdun B (11/9)
Vaz, Damian (Blessed) & Companions MM (6/11)

Vechel, Leonard M (7/9)
Vedast of Arras B (2/6)
Vedruna de Mas, Joaquina Widow Foundress (5/19)
Veehel, , Leonard M (7/9)

Veerle of Ghent V (1/4)
Veho of Lesneven B (6/15)
Veit, Modestus, & Crescentia MM (6/15)
Velfré, Sebastian (Blessed) Orat. (1/30)
Velleicus of Kaiserswerth, OSB Abbot (8/29)

Venantius Fortunatus B (12/14)
Venantius of Camerino M (5/18)
Venantius of Lérins, Hermit (5/30)
Venantius of Spalato BM (4/1)
Venantius of Tours, Abbot (10/13)

Venantius of Viviers B (8/5)
Venerand and Maximus (Mauxe) MM (5/25)
Veneranda of Gaul VM (11/14)
Venerandus of Clermont B (12/24)
Venerandus of Troyes M (11/14)

Venerius of Milan B (5/4)
Venimbene, Francis (Blessed) OFM (4/22)
Ventura (Blessed) Spellucci, OSB Abbess (5/3)
Ventura M (2/6)
Ventura, Silvester (Blessed) OSB Cam. (6/9)

Venustian, Marcellus, & Companions MM (12/30)
Venustus, Heliodorus, & Comp. MM (5/6)
Venustus, Timothy and Faustinus MM (5/22)
Veranus of Cavaillon B (10/19)
Veranus of Lyons B (11/11)

Verda and Daniel MM (2/21)
Verecundus of Verona B (10/22)
Veremund(us) of Hirache, OSB, Abbot (3/8)
Veridiana, OSB Vall., Hermit (2/1)
Verissimus M (10/1)

Vernagalli, Dominic (Blessed) OSB Cam. (4/20)
Verolot, Juliette (Blessed), O. Carm. M (7/17)
Veronica Giuliani, OFM Cap. Abbess (7/9)
Veronica of Binasco, OSA V (1/13)
Veronica (7/12)

Veronicus, Pelagia, and Comp. MM (10/19)
Verulus, Secundinus, and Companions (2/21)
Verus of Salerno B (10/23)
Verylde of Ghent V (1/4)
Vestina, Donata, Secunda, & Companions MM (7/17)

Vetius, Sanctus, Epagathus, and Companions MM (6/2)
Veturius, Cythinus, Felix, & Companions MM (7/17)
Veuster, Joseph de (4/15)
Vial of Moirmoutier, OSB Hermit (10/16)
Vialar, Emily V (6/17)

Viance, Hermit (1/2)
Vianney, John Baptist Priest (8/4)
Viants, Hermit (1/2)
Viator of Bergamo B (12/14)
Viator of Lyons, Hermit (10/21)

Viatrix, Simplicius, & Faustinus MM (7/29)
Victor (Blessed) of Saint Gall, OSB (2/25)
Victor and Companions MM (10/10)
Victor and Corona MM (5/14)
Victor and Stephen MM (4/1)

Victor, Castor, and Rogatian MM (12/28)
Victor, Domninus, and Companions MM (3/30)
Victor I, Pope (7/28)
Victor M (3/10)
Victor Maurus M (5/8)

Victor of Braga M (4/12)
Victor of Capua B (10/17)
Victor of Cerezo (Caesarea) M (8/26)
Victor of Marseilles, Alexander, & Companions MM (7/21)
Victor of Piacenza B (12/7)

Victor, Orontius, and Vincent MM (1/22)
Victor, Primian, & Companions MM (12/29)
Victor, Publius, Hermas, & Papias MM (11/2)
Victor, Rosula, and Generalis MM (9/14)
Victor, Sebastian, Anatolius, and Companions MM (3/20)

Victor, Solutor & Valentine MM (11/13)
Victor, Stercatius and Antinogenes MM (7/24)
Victor the Hermit (2/26)
Victor the Moor M (5/8)
Victor, Thyrsus & Saturninus, MM (1/31)

Victor, Victorinus, Claudian & Bassa MM (3/6)
Victor, Victurus, Victorinus, Adjutor, Quartus, & Comp. MM (12/18)
Victor, Zoticus, Zeno, Acindynus, & Comp. MM (4/20)
Victoria (and Anatolia) VV MM (12/23)
Victoria and Acisclus (Ascylus, Ocysellus) MM (11/17)

Victorian and Aquilinus MM (5/16)
Victorian, Frumentius and Companions MM (3/23)
Victorian of Asan, Abbot (1/12)
Victorian, Simplicius, & Constantius MM (8/26)
Victorinus and Companions MM (2/25)

Victorinus and Maximus (Mauxe) MM (5/25)
Victorinus B (6/8)
Victorinus BM (9/4)
Victorinus, Cassius, Maximus, & Companions MM (5/15)
Victorinus, Eutyches, and Maro MM (4/15)

Victorinus, Felician & Valentine MM (11/11)
Victorinus of Como B (9/4)
Victorinus of Pettau BM (11/2)
Victorinus, Pastor, and Comp. MM (3/29)
Victorinus, Severus, Severianus, Carpophorus, and Simplicius (11/8)

Victorinus, Symphorina, & Companions MM (7/7)
Victorinus, Victor, Claudian & Bassa MM (3/6)
Victorinus, Victurus, Victor, Adjutor, Quartus, & Comp. MM (12/18)
Victorius, Lupercus, & Claudius MM (10/30)
Victorius, Polyeuctus, and Donatus MM (5/21)

Victricius of Rouen B (8/7)
Victurus, Victor, Victorinus, Adjutor, Quartus, & Comp. MM (12/18)
Vicuña, Vincenza Maria (12/26)
Vietnamese Martyrs (1838) (12/18)
Vigean of Fobhar (Fore), Abbot (1/20>

Vigilius of Auxerre BM (3/11)
Vigilius of Trent BM (6/26)
Vignotelli, Guy (Guido) (Blessed) OFM Tert. (6/16)
Vigor of Bayeux B (11/1)
Vigri, Catherine de, Poor Clare V (0309)

Villanus of Gubbio, OSB B (5/7)
Villeneuve, Roseline (Blessed) O. Cart. V (1/17)
Villicus of Metz B (4/7)
Vilmer of Samer, OSB Abbot (7/20)
Vimin of Holywood B (1/21)

Vimius, Marinus, and Zimius, OSB (6/12)
Vincent (Blessed) Carvalho, OSA M (9/3)
Vincent (Blessed) da Cunha & Companions, SJ MM (1/12)
Vincent (Blessed) Diem MM (11/24)
Vincent (Blessed) Liem and Companions, OP MM (11/7)

Vincent (Blessed) of Aquila, OFM (8/7)
Vincent (Blessed) of Siena, OFM (2/14)
Vincent, Datius, Julian, & 27 companions MM (1/27)
Vincent de Paul, Priest (9/27)
Vincent Ferrer, OP Priest (4/5)

Vincent, John OSB B (12/21)
Vincent Kadlubeck, OSB Cist. B (3/8)
Vincent, Marcellinus, & Domninus MM (4/20)
Vincent of Agen, Deacon M (6/9)
Vincent of Collioure M (4/19)

Vincent of Digne B (1/22)
Vincent of Lérins (5/24)
Vincent of Montes, OSB Abbot (5/9)
Vincent of Porto M (5/24)
Vincent of Rome M (7/24)

Vincent of Saragossa, Deacon M (1/22)
Vincent of Soignies) M (9/20)
Vincent of Troyes B (2/4)
Vincent or Aragon, Deacon M (1/22)
Vincent, Orontius, and Victor MM (1/22)

Vincent Pallotti, Priest (1/22)
Vincent, Quartus, & Companions MM (8/7)
Vincent, Sabina, & Christeta MM (10/27)
Vincentia Gerosa V (6/4)
Vincentia Lopez y Vicuña (12/26)

Vincentian, Hermit (1/2)
Vincenza Gerosa V (6/4)
Vincenza Maria Lopez y Vicuña (12/26)
Vincioli, Alexander (Blessed) OFM B (5/3)
Vindemialis, Eugene & Longinus MM (5/2)

Vindician of Cambrai B (3/11)
Vinebaud of Troyes, OSB Abbot (4/6)
Vintila of Orensee, OSB, Hermit (12/23)
Vir, Bartholomew (Blessed) OSB Cist. B (6/26)
Virgil of Salzburg, OSB B (11/27)

Virgilius of Salzburg, OSB B (11/27)
Virgin of Fobhar (Fore), Abbot (1/20>
Viridiana, OSB Vall., Hermit (2/1)
Virila of Leyre, OSB Abbot (10/1)
Visalta, Franca OSB Cist. Abbess (4/26)

Visconti, Theobald (Blessed) (1/10)
Visdomini, Benignus OSB Vall. Abbot (7/17)
Vissia of Fermo VM (4/12)
Vitalian of Capua B (7/16)
Vitalian of Osimo B (7/16)

Vitalian, Pope (1/27)
Vitalis and Agricola MM (11/4)
Vitalis, Arator, Fortunatus, & Companions MM (4/21)
Vitalis, Felicula and Zeno MM (2/14)
Vitalis, Felix & Companions MM (1/9)

Vitalis of Gaza, Hermit (1/11)
Vitalis of Milan M (4/28)
Vitalis of Moirmoutier, OSB Hermit (10/16)
Vitalis of Monte Subasio, OSB Hermit (5/31)
Vitalis of Salzburg OSB B (10/20)

Vitalis, Revocatus, and Fortunatus MM (1/9)
Vitalis, Sator, and Repositus MM (8/29)
Vitalis, Theophilus, Caesareus, & Germanus MM (11/3)
Vitonus of Verdun B (11/9)
Vitores of Cerezo (Caesarea) M (8/26)

Vittre the Hermit (2/26)
Vitus, Modestus, & Crescentia MM (6/15)
Vitus of Pontida, OSB (9/4)
Vivaldus (Blessed), OFM Tert. (5/11)
Viventiolus of Lyons B (7/12)

Viventius, Hermit (1/13)
Vivian of Holywood B (1/21)
Vladimir of Kiev, King (7/15)
Vladimir of Russia, King (7/15)
Vodalus, Hermit (2/5)

Vodoaldus, Hermit (2/5)
Voel, Hermit (2/5)
Voglia, Claritus (Chiarito) (Blessed) (5/25)
Voitech of Prague, OSB BM (4/23)
Volker (Blessed) of Siegburg, OSB Monk (3/7)

Voloc B (1/29)
Volusian of Tours BM (1/18)
von Bruck, Louis (Ludwig) M (4/30)
Vorech (6/15)
Votus, Felix, and John, Hermits (5/29)

Vouga of Lesneven B (6/15)
Vougar of Lesneven B (6/15)
Voytiekh of Prague, OSB BM (4/23)
Vulcanius of Leamokevoge, Abbot (3/13)
Vulflagius of Abbeville, Hermit (6/7)

Vulganius of Arras, OSB Hermit (11/3)
Vulgis of Lobbes, OSB B (2/4)
Vulmar of Arras, OSB Hermit (11/3)
Vulmar of Samer, OSB Abbot (7/20)
Vulphy of Abbeville, Hermit (6/7)

Vulpian of Tyre M (4/3)
Vyen, Joseph Peter (Blessed) OP Tert. M (7/3)
Vyevain (Blessed) of York B (8/26)

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