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Waast of Arras B (2/6)
Walaricus of Leucone, Abbot (4/1)
Walbert of Hainault (5/11)
Walbert of Luxeuil, OSB Abbot (5/2)
Walburga, OSB Abbess (2/25)

Waldebert of Luxeuil, OSB Abbot (5/2)
Waldef of Melrose, OSB Cist. Abbot (8/3)
Waldef of Northampton (8/31)
Walden of Melrose, OSB Cist. Abbot (8/3)
Walderic of Murrhardt, OSB Abbot (11/29)

Waldetrudis of Mons, OSB Widow (4/9)
Waldrada of Metz, Abbess (5/5)
Walembert (Blessed) of Cambrai, OSA (12/31)
Walène of Melrose, OSB Cist. Abbot (8/3)
Walericus of Leucone, Abbot (4/1)

Walfrid della Gheradesca, OSB, Abbot (2/15)
Walfridus, OSB, Monk and Bishop (10/12)
Walhere of Dinant M (6/23)
Wall, John OFM Priests M (8/22)
Wallabonso, Sabinianus, Wistremundus, & Companions (6/7)

Wallevus of Melrose, OSB Cist. Abbot (8/3)
Walpole, Henry SJ M (4/7)
Walpurga, OSB Abbess (2/25)
Walpurgis, OSB Abbess (2/25)
Walstan of Norfolk (5/30)

Walter (Blessed) of Aulne, OSB Cist.
Walter (Blessed) of Bergamo, OP B (9/3)
Walter (Blessed) of Brescia, OP B (9/3)
Walter (Blessed) of Himmerode, OSB Cist. (1/22)
Walter (Blessed) of Mondsee, OSB Abbot (4/21)

Walter of Aureil, OSA Abbot (4/9)
Walter of Fontenelle, OSB Abbot (6/4)
Walter of L'Esterp, OSA Abbot (5/11)
Walter of Pontoise, OSB Abbot (4/8)
Walter of Serviliano, OSB Abbot (6/4)

Walthen of Melrose, OSB Cist. Abbot (8/3)
Waltheof of Melrose, OSB Cist. Abbot (8/3)
Waltheof of Northampton (8/31)
Waltmann (Blessed) of Cambrai, O. Praem., Abbot (4/11)
Walto (Blessed) of Wessobrünn, OSB, Abbot (12/27)

Waltram, Lantfrid, and Elilantus, OSB (7/10)
Waltrude of Mons, OSB Widow (4/9)
Walworth, James (Blessed) O. Cart. M (5/11)
Wando of Fontenelle, OSB Abbot (4/17)
Wandregisilus, OSB Abbot (7/22)

Wandrille, OSB Abbot (7/22)
Wang, Laurence (Blessed) M (1/28)
Wang, Martha (Blessed) M (7/29)
Waningus of Fécamp, OSB, Abbot (1/9)
Warcop, Thomas (Blessed) M (7/4)

Ward, Margaret M (8/30)
Ward, William (Blessed) M (7/26)
Wardon of Brittany B (11/29)
Wastrada of Utrecht, Matron (7/21)
Waterson, Edward (Blessed) M (1/7)

Watkinson, Robert (Blessed) M (4/20)
Waudru of Mons, OSB Widow (4/9)
Webster, Augustine O. Cart. M (5/4)
Webster, William (Blessed) M (7/26)
Weerden, Jerome OFM M (7/9)
Weert, Antony van OFM M (7/9)

Wegel, Leonard M (7/9)
Weibrath of St. Gall, OSB VM (5/2)
Wendel of Tholey (10/21)
Wendelin of Tholey (10/21)
Wendolinus of Tholey (10/21)

Wenedoc (3/7)
Wenefrida VM (11/3)
Wenn of Wales (10/18)
Wenog (1/3)
Weomadus of Trèves, OSB B (11/8)

Werburg of Chester, OSB V (2/3)
Werburg of Mercia, OSB, Matron (2/3)
Werburga of Chester, OSB V (2/3)
Werbyrgh of Chester, OSB V (2/3)
Werebrurge of Chester, OSB V (2/3)

Werenfrid of Arnheim, OSB (8/14)
Werinus of Arras M (10/2)
Werner the Glass-Blower M (4/19)
Wernher the Glass-Blower M (4/19)
Whitbread, Thomas (Blessed) and Companions, SJ MM (6/20)

White (6/1)
Whiting, Richard (Blessed) OSB MM (11/15)
Whyte (6/1)
Wiaux, Louis Joseph (1/30)
Wiaux, Mucian Mary (1/30)

Wiborada of St. Gall, OSB VM (5/2)
Wichel, Leonard M (7/9)
Wicho of Augsburg B (4/18)
Wicterp of Augsburg B (4/18)
Widmerpool, Blessed Robert M (10/1)

Wido of Pomposa, OSB Abbot M (3/31)
Wigbert of Friesland (4/12)
Wigstan of Evesham M (6/1)
Wiho of Augsburg B (4/18)
Wilcox, Blessed Robert M (10/1)

Wilfetrudis of Nivelle, OSB Abbess (11/23)
Wilfrid M (1/18)
Wilfrid, OSB, Monk and Bishop (10/12)
Wilfrid the Younger, OSB B (4/29)
Wilfrida of Wilton, OSB Abbess (9/9)

Wilgefortis (7/20)
Willa (Blessed) of Nonnberg, OSB Hermit (10/15)
Willebald of Eichstätt B (6/7)
Willehad, Antony van OFM M (7/9)
Willehad of Bremen, OSB B (11/8)

Willeic of Kaiserswerth, OSB Abbot (8/29)
Willferder of York, OSB B (10/12)
William (Bl.) of Naurose, OSA Erem. (5/18)
William (Blessed) Andleby M (7/4)
William (Blessed) Browne M (9/4)

William (Blessed) Cufitella, OFM Tert., Hermit (4/7)
William (Blessed) de Paulo, OSB Abbot (11/30)
William (Blessed) Filby MM (5/30)
William (Blessed) Gnoffi, Hermit (4/16)
William (Blessed) Harrington M (2/18)
William (Blessed) Hart M (3/15)

William (Blessed) Horne and Companions, O.Cart. MM (8/4)
William (Blessed) Howard M (12/29)
William (Blessed) Iremonger, SJ M (1/24)
William (Blessed) Lacey M (8/22)
William (Blessed) Marsden M (4/25)

William (Blessed) of Bergamo, OP B (9/3)
William (Blessed) of Brescia, OP B (9/3)
William (Blessed) of Dongelberg, OSB Cist. (5/24)
William (Blessed) of Fenoli, O. Cart. (12/19)
William (Blessed) of Hirsau, OSB Abbot (7/4)

William (Blessed) of Ireland, SJ M (1/24)
William (Blessed) of Savigny OSB, Monk
William (Blessed) Patenson M (1/22)
William (Blessed) Richardson M (2/17)
William (Blessed) Saulte-mouche, SJ M (2/7)

William (Blessed) Scott, OSB, M (5/30)
William (Blessed) Tempier B (3/27)
William (Blessed) Ward (Webster) M (7/26)
William and Acheric, OSB (11/3)
William Firmatus, Hermit (4/24)

William Fitzherbert B (6/8)
William John Plessington, Priest M (7/19)
William of Aebelholt, OSA Abbot (4/6)
William of Bourges, OSB Cist. B (1/10)
William of Breteuil, OSB Abbot (7/14)

William of Dijon, OSB, Abbot (1/1)
William of Eskhill, OSA Abbot (4/6)
William of Eskilsoë, OSA Abbot (4/6)
William of Gellone, OSB (5/28)
William of Maleval, OSB Hermit (2/10)

William of Malval, OSB Hermit (2/10)
William of Malvalla, OSB Hermit (2/10)
William of Monte Vergine, Abbot (6/25)
William of Norwich M (3/24)
William of Peñacorada, OSB Hermit (3/20)

William of Perth M (5/23)
William of Pontoise (5/10)
William of Rochester M (5/23)
William of Roskilde B (8/31)
William of Saint Benignus, OSB, Abbot (1/1)

William of Saint-Brieuc B (7/29)
William of Thwayt B (6/8)
William of Vercelli, Abbot (6/25)
William of York B (6/8)
William Pinchon B (7/29)

William, Stephen, Raymund, and Companions MM (5/29)
Willibald of Eichstätt B (6/7)
Willibald (6/6)
Willibrord of Echternach, OSB B (11/7)
Willigis of Mainz B (2/23)

Wiltrudis of Bergen, OSB, Widow (1/6)
Winaman, Unaman and Sunaman, OSB Monks MM (2/15)
Winebald of Beverley, OSB Abbot (4/27)
Winebald of Heidenheim, OSB, Abbot (12/18)
Winebald of Troyes, OSB Abbot (4/6)
Winefride VM (11/3)

Winewald of Beverley, OSB Abbot (4/27)
Winfrid, OSB M (6/5)
Winifred VM (11/3)
Winnibald of Heidenheim, OSB, Abbot (12/18)
Winnoc of Wormhoult, OSB Abbot (11/6)

Winnow, Mancus and Myrbad (5/31)
Winoc of Wormhoult, OSB Abbot (11/6)
Wiomad of Trèves, OSB B (11/8)
Wiomagus of Trèves, OSB B (11/8)
Wirnto (Blessed) of Göttweig, OSB Abbot (10/29)

Wiro & Otger (Odger, Oteger), OSB MM (5/8)
Wisinto (Blessed) of Kremsmünster, OSB (12/31)
Wistan of Evesham M (6/1)
Wistremundus, Habentius, Jeremias, & Companions (6/7)
Wit of Pomposa, OSB Abbot M (3/31)

Witburh of Dereham, OSB V (7/8)
Wite (6/1)
Witen of Pomposa, OSB Abbot M (3/31)
Withburga of Dereham, OSB V (7/8)
Withburge of Dereham, OSB V (7/8)

Witta of Buraburg (of Fritzlar), OSB B (10/26)
Witta (6/1)
Wittan of Buraburg (of Fritzlar), OSB B (10/26)
Wittikund (Blessed) of Westphalia (1/7)
Wolfgang of Ratisbon (Regensburg), OSB B (10/31)

Wolfhard, OSB Cam. Hermit (4/30)
Wolfhelm (Blessed) of Brauweiler, OSB Abbot (4/22)
Wolfia of Amiens V (1/31)
Wolfram of Fontenelle, OSB B (3/20)
Wolfred M (1/18)

Wolfrid (Blessed) of Hohentwiel, OSB Abbot (6/21)
Woodhouse, Thomas (Blessed) SJ M (6/19)
Woollos, Hermit (3/29)
Woolo, Hermit (3/29)
Woranus (4/7)

Wouters, Andrew OFM M (7/9)
Wright, Peter (Blessed) SJ M (5/19)
Wulfalgius of Abbeville, Hermit (6/7)
Wulfe of Amiens V (1/31)
Wulfhade and Ruffinus MM (7/24)

Wulfhilda of Barking, OSB Abbess (9/9)
Wulfia of Amiens V (1/31)
Wulfram of Fontenelle, OSB B (3/20)
Wulfrannus of Fontenelle, OSB B (3/20)
Wulfric of Haselbury, Hermit (2/20)

Wulfrid M (1/18)
Wulfritha of Wilton, OSB Abbess (9/9)
Wulfsige of Sherborne, OSB B (1/8)
Wulfsin of Sherborne, OSB B (1/8)
Wulfstan of Worcester, OSB B (1/19)

Wulfthryth of Wilton, OSB Abbess (9/9)
Wulganius of Arras, OSB Hermit (11/3)
Wulmar of Samer, OSB Abbot (7/20)
Wulphy of Abbeville, Hermit (6/7)
Wulsin of Sherborne, OSB B (1/8)
Wulstan of Worcester, OSB B (1/19)

Wunibald of Heidenheim, OSB, Abbot (12/18)
Wye of Anderlecht (of Laeken) (9/12)
Wyk, Cornelius van OFM M (7/9)
Wynbald of Heidenheim, OSB, Abbot (12/18)
Wynfrith, OSB M (6/5)

Wynnin of Holywood B (1/21)
Wystan of Evesham M (6/1)

Xeki, Bartholomew (Blessed) and Companions MM (11/27)
Xenia the Merciful & Companions MM (1/24)
Xico, Thomas OFM Tert. M (2/6)
Xukexico, Peter OFM Tert. M (2/6)
Xuyen, Dominic (Blessed), OP M (AC) (10/26)
Xystus I, Pope M (4/3)

Ybus Hélory, OFM Tert. (5/19)
Yeun Joseph (Blessed) OP M (6/27)
Ylched (4/6)
Ymar of Reculver, OSB M (11/12)
Yrchard of Scotland B (8/24)

Ysfael B (6/16)
Ytha of Limerick V (1/15)
Ythamar of Rochester B (6/10)
Yuaniqui, Louis M (2/6)
Yuaniqui, Paul M (2/6)

Yuanki, Paul M (2/6)
Yvo Hélory, OFM Tert. (5/19)
Yvo of Chartres, OSA B (5/23)
Yvo of Huntingdonshire, Hermit B (4/24)

Zabdas of Jerusalem B (2/19)
Zaccaria, Anthony Mary, Priest (7/5)
Zachaeus and Alphaeus MM (11/17)
Zacharias I, Pope (3/15)
Zacharias, Prophet (11/5)

Zacharius, Prophet (11/5)
Zachary I, Pope (3/15)
Zachary of Nicomedia M (6/10)
Zachary of Vienne BM (5/26)
Zachary, Prophet (11/5)

Zachary, Prophet (9/6)
Zafra, John (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)
Zakoly, John (Blessed) B (2/3)
Zama of Bologna B (1/24)
Zambdas of Jerusalem B (2/19)

Zanitas, Lazarus, Marotas, & Comp. MM (3/27)
Zaquira, Cosmas, OFM Tert. M (2/6)
Zdik, Henry (Blessed) O. Praem. B (6/25)
Zdislava Berka, OP, Matron (1/1)
Zebinas, Antoninus, Germanus & Ennatha MM (11/13)

Zebinus of Syria, Hermit (2/23)
Zechariah, Prophet (9/6)
Zedazneli, John Abbot, and Companions (11/4)
Zedislava Berka, OP, Matron (1/1)
Zefferini, Hugolinus (Blessed) OSA (3/22)

Zefirino (Bl.) Agostini (4/6)
Zenaida and Philonilla MM (10/11)
Zenais and Philonilla MM (10/11)
Zenais, Cyria, Valeria, & Marcia MM (6/5)
Zenas and Zeno MM (6/23)

Zeno, Acindynus, Victor, Zoticus, & Comp. MM (4/20)
Zeno, Ammon, Ptolemy, Ingen, and Theophilus MM (12/20)
Zeno and Chariton MM (9/3)
Zeno and Companions MM (7/9)
Zeno and Zenas MM (6/23)

Zeno, Eudoxius, Macarius, & Companions MM (9/4)
Zeno, Eusebius, Nestabus, and Nestor MM (9/8)
Zeno, Felicula and Vitalis MM (2/14)
Zeno M (4/5)
Zeno of Gaza B (12/26)

Zeno of Nicomedia M (12/22)
Zeno of Verona B (4/12)
Zeno, Philip, Narseus, & Companions MM (7/15)
Zenobia and Zenobius MM (10/30)
Zenobius and Zenobia MM (10/30)

Zenobius of Antioch M (10/29)
Zenobius of Florence B (5/25)
Zenobius, Theotimus, Drusus, & Companions MM (12/24)
Zenobius, Tyrannio, and Martyrs of Tyre MM (2/20)
Zenone of Verona B (4/12)

Zephyrinus, Pope M (8/26)
Zeticus, Cleomenes, & Companions MM (12/23)
Zimius, Vimius, and Marinus, OSB (6/12)
Zinga of Poland, OFM Tert. V (7/24)
Zita of Lucca V (4/27)

Zita of Lucca V (4/27)
Zoë of Rome M (7/5)
Zoëllus, Servilius, Felix, Sylvanus & Diocles MM (5/24)
Zoa of Rome M (7/5)
Zoe, Exuperius, Cyriacus, & Theodulus MM (5/2)

Zoilus and Companions MM (6/27)
Zorard, Andrew M (7/17)
Zosima, Eutropius, & Nonosa MM (7/15)
Zosimus and Athanasius MM (1/3)
Zosimus and Heraclius MM (3/11)

Zosimus and Rufus MM (12/18)
Zosimus, Darius, Paul, and Secundus MM (12/19)
Zosimus of Palestine, Hermit (4/4)
Zosimus of Spoleto M (6/19)
Zosimus of Syracuse B (3/30)

Zosimus, Pope (12/26)
Zosimus the Wonder-Worker, Hermit (11/30)
Zoticus, Agathonicus, and Companions MM (8/22)
Zoticus, Caius, Dasius, and Companions MM (10/21)
Zoticus, Cyriacus, Tarcisius, and Comp. MM (1/31)

Zoticus, Irenaeus, Hyacinth, Amantius & Comp. MM (2/10)
Zoticus of Cappadocia BM (7/21)
Zoticus of Constantinople (12/31)
Zoticus, Rogatus, Modestus, Castulus & Comp. MM (1/12)
Zoticus, Zeno, Acindynus, Victor, & Comp. MM (4/20)

Zozimus of Syracuse B (3/30)
Zozimus, Pope (12/26)
Zudaira, Stephen (Blessed) SJ M (7/15)
Zudaire Galdeano, Maria Iñes (Blessed) M (7/20)
Zumárraga, Thomas (Blessed) OP MM (9/12)

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